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EA Management Tools

  1. 1. EA Management Tools Requirements, Design and Application of a comprehensive web-based solution (Archi/WebModeler) Graham McLeod Managing Partner INSPIRED I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 1
  2. 2. Introduction & Coverage Enterprise Architecture Management is vital to achieving agility, reducing risk, increasing effectiveness and efficiency in today's pressured organisations. Historically, support has been sought in ad-hoc tools (Word, Excel, Access, Visio) or CASE-derived modeling tools originally intended for software, process or data modeling. These lack some essential elements to effectively manage frameworks, document current architectures, develop future scenarios and manage initiatives towards achieving goals: especially when it comes to gaining buy in from non-technical executives and collaborating with sponsors, decision makers and "owners" of various architecture dimensions. This talk discusses the requirements for a successful EA tool; how these differ from previous approaches; the design of one such "new generation" web/repository based tool capable of supporting a variety of frameworks and user categories. The talk will conclude with a brief demonstration of some unique capabilities followed by questions and discussion (time permitting). EA Goals EA Support Tool Requirements EA Tool Design Features to Meet Criteria Archi/WebModeler Architecture Demonstration Contacts Inspired References I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 2
  3. 3. EA Goals EA Goals according to Schekkerman Managing Complexity Support Decision Making Roadmaps for Change Support Budgeting and Prioritisation Insight and Overview of Business and IT Support Systems Development Manage IT Portfolio Helpful for Mergers and Acquisitions CEO Requirements according to Spewak and Hill Business to IT Alignment Structural Strategic Inter-Domain Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 3
  4. 4. EA Requirements Zachman (Enterprise Architecture, the issue of the century) www.zifa.com Only first three levels of framework! Spewak agrees.... (top two layers..) Also see Zachman and Sowa "Extending and formalising the framework for information systems architecture" article for need for integration across the cells (figure 2) Systems Thinking (Checkland, Copeland, Avison.. ) Multiple Perspectives Iterative / Sense Making / Alteration Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 4
  5. 5. EA Requirements(from Literature and Experience) Comprehensive Coverage of Domains (Business, Process, Application, Information, Technical...) Currency/Accuracy Add Value Comprehensible to all participants Sharable Distributed Involvement of Stakeholders Service Oriented Architecture Governance (SOxley; COBIT; ITIL ...) Manage the EA process Secure Support Initiative/Transition Management Link to other concerns e.g. Risk, Quality Mgmt Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 5
  6. 6. User Communities/Roles Supported Enterprise Architects Business Architects Process Architects Applications Architects Information Architects Technical / Infrastructure Architects Integration Architects Strategic Planners Business IT Programme Managers EA Initiatives Project Office Risk Managers Methods Engineers Software Architects Vendors Sponsors Project Staff Inspired Quality Assurance I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 6
  7. 7. Repository, Knowledge Artefact Requirements Object/Semantic Model Rich Data Types Dates, Pictures, Documents, Templates, Hypertext, Hyperlinks Persistence on Relational (SQL/ODBC) Transactional Robust, traceable "Soft" Meta Model Runtime extension Managed Artefacts Various types (Documents, Presentations, Diagrams, Spreadsheets, Project Plans..) Date/Time Stamping HTTP upload/download Versioning Exposed Directories Inspired Previously or externally gathered I.T. Consulting Training Research information Copyright Inspired 2005 7
  8. 8. EA Tool Requirements (Shekkerman) Functionality Checklist Methodologies and Models Operational and Technical Fit Frameworks (agnostic) Platform Model Development Interface Performance and Availability Security/User Admin Tool Automation Software Distribution Import/Scanning Release Management Extendibility and Customisation Tool Architecture Meta Modeling Technical and operational Requirements Security User Interfaces/Programmability Vendor Support Analysis and Manipulation Functional Fit (Specific) Support Analysis Repository Support of EA Frameworks Collaboration Support of EA Program (time) Openness Simulation Deployment Architecture Repository Management Cost and Vendor Support Validation of Models Support of Standard Languages and Techniques Utility to Professionals Support for EA Review Management Ent Architect Functional Fit (General) Strategic Planners User Interface Customization Enterprise Programme Managers Import/Integration We can add: Project Managers; Reporting Implementors; Vendors; Domain Version Management specific architects; Process Document Management Architects; Risk Analysts etc. Help and Tutorials Libraries (Graphics) Code Generation?? Inspired Commercial and Credibility I.T. Consulting Training Research He comments that only the relevant level of detail should be attempted in models, otherwise the task becomes unachievable Copyright Inspired 2005 8
  9. 9. EA Tool Requirements (Spewak) Query Flexibility of output Analysis (integrity, level, affinity, Matrices ranking) Indented lists Methodology Hierarchy diagrams compatibility/adaptation Simple lists, cross reference lists Kinds of Objects (files, fields, Full description (formatted text) relationships) ER diagrams Gant charts and schedules Extensibility Dataflow diagrams Ease of learning, using and Presentation Graphics changing data Text (free form) Data entry forms Multiple or single access Performance/efficiency vs size of database (responsivenes) Toolset compatibility and integration - import/export Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 9
  10. 10. EA Tool Requirements (TOGAF) Functionality Architecture Framework Support - Customizable or own Repository central or distributed Deliverable Support Dynamic repository Glossary/Taxonomy Standard database or proprietary Non technical views Backwards compatibility Meta Modeling Integration and consolidation into one repository Multi User Collaboration Version control Drill Down / conceptual/Logical /Physical etc. Web Client Traceability Platforms? Security Life Cycle Support Report Generation Full lifecycle support? Common Language and Notation Basic required views "out of the box" Intuitiveness/Ease of Use Custom Views Process Map Modeling support Online Help Simulation Prebuilt models Executable output? Visual modeling/Drag and drop Interoperability Factors Customization Import/Export (including from other tools) Change tracking and auditing Integration with other tools Industry standard APIs Organizing Artefacts/Naming standards Support for industry standards (HTML, XML, UML) Viewing and relating artefacts Financial Considerations API available? Initial cost Organizational Factors TCO International/Multi Language Distributed operation Vendor Factors Tool Capacity/Scaling Size of Data/No of Files/Number of records/objects Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Upgrade path Copyright Inspired 2005 10
  11. 11. EA Tool Requirements (From RFPs) Meta Modeling capability Multiple Scenarios Types , relationships Non-redundant Aspects Auditability Extensibility Version Management Modeling capability Asset testing Coverage: Business, Applications, Process, Security Information, Technology, Risk, Cost... Rich content Shared, Collaborative various data types Ease of installation, deployment Directory exposure/monitoring Structured, Semi-structured, ad-hoc Meta data management, domains, audit trail knowledge Content analysis and status reporting Search Capabilities User customization Methods engineering/Program Management Open, interoperable support Multiple Perspectives/Frameworks Performance/response time Visual Modeling Standards encouragement Repository Management, evolution Easy data capture/import Reporting Available models (Zachman, TOGAF, Inspired, DODAF, COBIT etc. ) Analysis Reliability Inferencing (incl generation of visualization Support levels of abstraction from inferred rels) Affordable Time dimension Inspired Filters I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 11
  12. 12. Design Support Tool integration, API to support other tools Architecture Management Batch, XML, CSV Methods Engineering and Use Realtime, WEB Svc, XML, CSV, API Strategy and Programme Management Easy Loading Professional, knowledge intensive work Web forms, relating tools Distributed Teams Import Multiple Frameworks Visual Modeling Central shared, transactional repository External DB Access Hold structured, semi structured and unstructured data Spreadsheet Integration Support all "document types" client can handle Directory access / monitoring Object Oriented model, relational storage Support links to external content Runtime extensible Version management and audit trail Meta Model Edit via Browser, internal documentation Method templates Calculations Events Server based product - thin client Web Interface, X Browser Custom Views "Zero Deployment" Flexible Capture, Viewing, Navigation, Analysis and Central Installation and Administration (tho latter can be done thru Output of Data browser interface from anywhere) Provide all necessary management utilities (users, security, Easy Output performance, import, export, migration, error handling, support Report Generation etc.) Composite Documents Stateful, sessions, security, currency Portal Support Pattern Based Publishing - web site gen Visual Models Standards Compliant Status via picture HTML, HTTP XML, XMI Collaboration Support, Discussions CSV Customisation Relational Database Menus Standard web server Custom Views Inspired Events Settings I.T. Consulting Training Research Support automation, monitoring, collaboration Help Copyright Inspired 2005 12
  13. 13. Visual Modeling Tools e.g. Visio Architect Strategist Archi Architecture Program/ Modeler/ Web Web Web Web Project Client Knowledge Client Client Client DESKTOP Manager Engineer DESKTOP APPLIC. APPLIC. e.g. Word Lan or WWW Excel HTML/HTTP/TCPIP System Admininst. External External Web Server External Pages Pages Pages CGI Archi Requestor System Interface Archi KM Tool Process Parameters Directories Patterns Patterns Templates Models SQL Managed Managed Relational DBMS Meta Managed Model Documents Other XML Other ToolsOther Tools External Data Inspired CSV Tools Source I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 13
  14. 14. Input Mechanisms Collectors XML Import XML SQL CSV Capture Web Visual Tools Read from sources.. SQL Dir eMail With Attachments Directory Monitoring Repository Directory Exposure Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 14
  15. 15. Multiple Analysis Views Item Master/Detail List/Worksheet Hierarchy Matrix Calendar Context/Inferencing Computed values Filters... Visualization Search Capabilities Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 15
  16. 16. Content Organization frameworks Models Domains subject ontology Nested Non-exclusive Frameworks Visual On top of types Same Type Relationships Hierarchies Networks User Defined Relationships deal ee dealor i s part of i ncl udes parts relates to dealo r dealee D ea l Type quot e f or deale e M od el Item deal or ini tiat es s uppl ied by acq uired by s upports alt ers m emb er of w ork s for has a ss oc iat ions i s relat ed t o deal or is relat ed t o P artner Subject Ontology relat es to Bu sin ess G oal de alee c ompli es w it h Bu sin ess R u le Stakeh ol der Type is rela ted to is res pons ibili ty of is relat ed to is gov erned b y is part ly produc ed by trig gere d by is relat ed to af fec t s is relat ed to trig gered by A rch itecture S cenari o Ke y I ndi cator C OB I T I T R esou rce T ype relat es t o is respo nsi ble f or is res pons ible fo r inc ludes part s is respo nsi ble f or oc curs a t Bu sin ess F uncti on Lo catio n is part of CO B IT C on tr ol Ob jecti ve u ses re sourc e is afinc ludes p artac c om odates s c ont rol applic able to prone t o Searchable fec t ed ontrol s has c by governs s upport s o cc urs at is s upported by s upport s s upport s preced es oc c urs at gove rns has c ont rol is part of co ntrols is s upport ed by has cont rol is us ed by uses B usi ness Pro cess s upports R isk Typ e U ser T ype is s upport ed by foll ow s models ow ns System Fun cti on I TIL C o ntrol ow ns C OB I T I nform ati on C ri ter ion CO B IT D om ai n m onit ors sis part of c riteria ec ondary s uppli es ac quires uses out put s inputs out puted by i s us f ro tm input t o input o suppo rt s ow ned by is s upport edf by output rom c ontrols trigge rs res pons ible for c rite ri onary c rite ri on f or outp ed by inpututofrom is s g overns ec ondary prim f or input s inc ludes part s is us t produc es exh ibit ed rs m onito by inc ludes inc ludes part s moni tored by gov erns Pr odu ct-S ervi ce C ateg ory prim ary crit erion inc luded in ac c omodat es fol low s R esou rce Type i s part of as s is ts i n del iv eri ng c ategoris ed by ri ses c atego A ctiv ity T ype A ssessm ent Pro cess A cti vity prec edes is applquot e ic ation em ploy smem bers has A rti fact inc ludesed by is us parts al tered by relat es to impl ement ed by i s part of is s upport ed by is s upport ed by output input s s is s upport ed by i s resp onsi bilit y of Internal/Local/External Choice pref ers w rite s input t o inputs is related t o upports s be longs t o out puts B usi ness C om m uni catio n R eso urce U sage ow ns A pp li catio n S ystem outp ut from ha s s to relate re lates to A ctivi ty S eque nce Perso n is p art o f ow ns ususe s es f ulf illed by w ritt en b y M ode l is gov erned b y ha s mem bers in clu des parts ow ne d by em ploy s m onit ored by Extnl B usi ness Obj ect e mploy s Pers onR o le R ol e uses ow ns o wn ed by Extnl is as s oc iated w it h dealor gov erns is part of fulf ill s has mem bers w ork s res pons ibil ity of is f or ac c om odates is gov erned by dealee in clu des parts (partial ly) im pleme nts i s gov erned by D ata C ol lecti on gov erns is us ed by pons ibili ty of is res Extnl ow ne d by d ealor B u sin ess U n it is as s oc iat ed w it h s upports maps to dealee has as s oc iati ons i s s upported by triggerstrig gers Extnl is produc ed by is g overned by B usi ness Ob jectiv e ow ns relat es to t riggered by ow ned by parts inc lude s w ork s f or ow ned b y output s is part of is res pons ibili ty of C ustom er Typ e t riggered by Assets is res pons ible for B u sin ess E vent m ember of is as s oc iat ed w it h m em ber of Assets is pref erred by trigg ered by trig gers triggers A cti vity Outcom e h as as soc ia tions Assets Assets domains Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 16
  17. 17. Output Views Spatial Graphical Documentor Context Report Composite Doc Portal Website Visual Model Presentation Model Export XML CSV Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 17
  18. 18. Scenarios and Evolution Architecture Elements May satisfy requirement in a variety of scenarios OR may be used in one, but discontinued or under evaluation in another Need a view on the element per scenario... Architecture Scenarios Supported via relationships and filtering Allows considering any combination of scenarios No redundancy of shared elements Unique perspective on element within a scenario Visual Modeling Allows extracting a model, modifying, generating a new model While sharing all common elements Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 18
  19. 19. Inferencing, Computation Inferencing of Relationships supports supports Business Business Vendor System Process Unit uses supports owns Business Business Unit Unit uses owns Computation Business Declarative System Process No Repository Access Code required Can be recursive Immediately interpreted Full, rich object language Powerful API Support for recursion with control of cyclical problems Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 19
  20. 20. Visual Models, Transformation Model Type <XML> 0 0 0 0 Model 0 0 0 0 0 Type 0 0 0 0 0 <XML> 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Items can participate in multiple models with different representations Model Types provide a mapping between visual representation and internal meaning Model exchange occurs over HTTP links Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 20
  21. 21. Interoperation, Customization XML Instance Data Attached Assets and Graphics Meta Data aHTML nextPutAll: '<TABLE BORDER=0 WIDTH="100%" Custom Schemas ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT VALIGN=TOP>'. aHTML nextPutAll: '<IMG SRC="', (Archie2BusinessTransactionClass CSV getSetting: 'SystemImageURL'), 'ILogo5.gif" BORDER=0><', (Archie2BusinessTransactionClass getSetting: 'FontStyle2'), '><B>Simple Template generation Browser Home for User: ', (aSessionData value at: 'USERID'). aHTML nextPutAll: '<BR><BR><', (Archie2BusinessTransactionClass Import getSetting: 'FontStyle1'), '>Generated on ', (Date today printString), ' at ', (Time now printString). Generation aHTML nextPutAll: '</TR></TD>'. aHTML nextPutAll: '<TR><TD ALIGN=CENTER VALIGN=TOP><HR>'. Requestor aHTML nextPutAll: '<TABLE BORDER=1>'. (A2NodeTypeHome singleton allActiveInstances) Middleware do: [:each |(Archie2BusinessTransactionClass HasAccessLevel: 'V' nodeTypeId: (each id) dataDomain: 'INSTANCE' sessdionData: API (aSessionData value)) ifTrue: [aHTML nextPutAll: '<TR><TD>', each smallImageHTML, '</TD>'. Scripting aHTML nextPutAll: '<TD><', (Archie2BusinessTransactionClass getSetting: 'FontStyle2'), '><B>', each description, '</TD>'. Visio, Powerpoint, Word.... aHTML nextPutAll: '<TD><A HREF="Archie2CustomView-', aSessionData sessionKey, '?', ('<6809><6809><', each id printString, '>') sstUrlEncode Custom Menus ,'">List Items</A></TD></TR>']. ]. Custom Views aHTML nextPutAll: '</TABLE></TD></TR></TABLE>'. Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 21
  22. 22. Auditing, Evaluation of Progress, Management Delta Views Meta Audit Content Analysis Management Utilities Performance Users Logging Transactions ... Error Management Events Domains Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 22
  23. 23. Meta Modeling Easy web interface Define/Modify Types Relationships Properties Preferred spatial layout Internal Documentation Immediately Usable Patterns Customise User Interfaces and Business Logic Impact Analysis Supported Model Comparison Supported Change Auditing Visio Integration Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 23
  24. 24. Demonstration Meta Modeling Type Browser, Instant updates to UI Input, linking Atefact management Content view Matrices and Inferencing X Ref Spatial View Access Frameworks, Drill Down, Query Inferencing in hierarchies in Context Computation e.g. Gap Filtering/Scenarios/Gap Analysis By Scenario, Business Unit, Domain, State Calendar, Programme View Reporting, Composite View Visual Models Meta Instance: Process; Application Architecture Inspired Output: Portal, WebSite, Documentor I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 24
  25. 25. References Inspired - various internal documents, white papers and RFP materials Spewak, Steven H, 1993, Enterprise Architecture Planning Developing a Blueprint for Data, Applications and Technology, Wiley Schekkerman, Jan, 2005, Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Guidelines, IFEAD Schekkerman, Jan, 2004, Trends in Enterprise Architecture, IFEAD Sowa, JF & Zachman, John, 1992, Extending and formalising the framework for Information Systems Architecture, www.zifa.com The Open Group, TOGAF 8.1 Reference Model, www.opengroup.org Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 25
  26. 26. Contact Details Presenter Graham McLeod email: mcleod@iafrica.com phone: +27 21 531 5404 mobile: +27 82 578 1834 Inspired www.inspired.org Inspired I.T. Consulting Training Research Copyright Inspired 2005 26
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