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EA Communications plan doc

  1. 1. Sample Enterprise Architecture Communications Plan Month day, year Architecture Services
  2. 2. Table of Contents .............................................................................................................................................1
  3. 3. Preface Endorsement This document was approved by the Architecture Review Board (ARB) on xx xxx. Introduction The Enterprise architecture success requires an effective communications plan, which should be established early in the process. Several important benefits can be delivered by EA, and communicating this potential should be one of the EA team’s first steps. The communication program is not a one-time event. Keeping the various stakeholder audiences abreast of progress activities and results is a continuous process and the plan should be updated as the EA initiative evolves. The feedback collected as a part of the communication process can be used not only to improve the EA program, but the EA communications plan as well. This plan should remain a living document, and as such should be updated on a regular basis to reflect new stakeholder group, new information needs and new communication strategies. Intent and Objectives EA is the process of translating business vision and strategy into effective information technology services. The intent of the EA is to provide direction and regulation to change projects to ensure the reliability, interoperability and sustainability of systems used by THE ORGANIZATION. The value of the EA is realized through the creation and compliance with standards and guidelines Putting the technology in place without necessary communications and training on what it is and how to use it does not fulfill the purpose of having Enterprise Architecture. The mission of the architecture team is to facilitate business and IT alignment through the EA, furthering our organization's strategy. This means: • Align IT solutions to business strategy • Enable rapid IT solution delivery • Reduce system complexity In support of these goals, this comprehensive communication plan will be implemented to:
  4. 4. • Ensure a positive perception of EA • Facilitate collaboration in all EA-related efforts • Maximize awareness of and participation in EA-related efforts • Help individuals understand why EA is important to them in their job functions, as well as to the organization as a whole Communications Principles All communications developed in support of EA will follow a specific set of principles for maximum effectiveness. Regardless of the message, audience or delivery method, all communications will be: Accurate – All communications must be checked and reviewed by the EA core team to ensure that the facts are accurate before distributions. Focused – Each communiqué will have a singular, clear purpose. Every effort will be made to minimize distribution of unnecessary or irrelevant information. Concise – All communications will be brief and to the point. Of high value – The value of content will be evaluated before submission, with a focus on ensuring that all communications clearly add value to the EA process Tailored – Communications should be tailored based on the recipient – Know your audience Face-to-face - Favor face to face communications over remote, indirect or electronic communications when possible. Encourage Feedback – Encourage feedback and interaction; make sure every communication tool includes a feedback and contact mechanism Communications Tools, Channels and Artifacts While communications may be created by different EA teams members, all information will be managed and made available based on the rules in the communications plan. Communication Tools • Out bound E-mail distribution lists. Examples o Portfolio Group o All IT
  5. 5. • Intranet Website • Word Processing • Spreadsheets • Presentations • Project Plans • Flowcharts and Diagrams • In bound EA mailboxes: Examples o EACT – EASUPPORT@the organization.com o ARB – ITEAARB@the organization.com o EAC – ITEAC@the organization.com Communications Channels • Formal : Meetings, Interviews, Emails, All IT meeting, CIO Summit, External conference • Informal: o One-on-ones (Technology and Directors) and scheduled visits to relevant stakeholders o Road shows (DC monthly meeting, Regional weekly meeting, Technology and Director staff meeting) • Publishing: o Brochures (Tri fold) o Posters o White Papers o Intranet Website: RSS, Wiki, Videos, Pod Casts o Newsletter o Video o CDs • Training • Special Awards and Success Stories, Special events (EA sponsored breakfast or lunch) • EA Feedback Communications Artifacts
  6. 6. Content options: There are three types of Artifacts: • EA Context - Reference, what is: Documents such as Business Strategies, Common requirement vision, Charter, EA principles • EA Process – How to use it Deliverables such as Future state, Guidelines, How governance is set up and who is on it, how requests can be made, and general feedback guidance • EA news – What is happening Typical news, update announcements, events and success stories and benefit case studies, Monthly status update, List of possible Artifacts: • Companies’ strategic business goals and vision √ EA awareness message (Elevator Speech) √ EA awareness message (presentation) √ EA charter √ ARB Interim Charter √ EA communications plan • CRV • EA framework √ EA assurance process • EA guiding principles • EA standards and guidelines • EA metrics • Petition for appeal √ EA consulting document √ EA Solution review document • EACT list of project proposals √ EA Status report • EA approved technology products √ EA newsletters
  7. 7. Summary of artifacts deliverables can be also be found in the EA Charter Audiences and Stakeholders To ensure the success of the communication program in support of EA, the organization stakeholders have been identified. Stakeholder’s falls into two categories: Contributors and Consumers influence. • Contributors: o IT Executives o EA Council board o EA Review board o Executive steering committee o EA Core team o EA extended team and subject matter experts o Business area Department heads o Others • Consumers: o Portfolio management group o Program management office o IT Procurement office o IT Operations o Outsourced vendors o Development group o Others Point of Contact List Contact list of EACT can be found on the EA intranet site under EA Contacts Media and Document Management To continue too foster the communication and collaboration essential for success, all media and documentations will be managed and made available to the appropriate parties via a comprehensive, secure document management system. This system will be available via the intranet with appropriate level of access controlled via the EA group. Messages and Needs by audience
  8. 8. Target Initial Delivered Where Message Audience Method Frequency Materials by Stored Awareness message – Elevator speech All Verbal Ongoing Speech EACT EA site Executives, Business Leaders, Scheduled other meeting, Awareness business Road VP of message – units, show Architecture Presentation IT vendors Ongoing Presentation Services Website Business VP of Strategies and Scheduled Architecture Vision All meeting Annual Presentation Services Website Scheduled EA Charter All meeting Annual Presentation EACT Website Scheduled CRV All meeting Annual Presentation EACT TBD Scheduled Semi- EA Framework All meeting annual Presentation EACT Website EA EA Assurance IT and IT Scheduled Quarterly, Assurance Process Vendors meeting as needed Doc EACT Website EA Guiding principles and Scheduled policies All meeting Annual Presentation EACT Website EA Standards IT and IT Scheduled Quarterly, and guidelines Vendors meeting as needed Presentation EACT Website VP of Scheduled Semi- Architecture EA Metrics All meeting annual Report Services Website EA Approved Technology products All VP of EA Status Architecture Report Email Monthly Report Services Website VP of Architecture EA Newsletters All Email Quarterly Newsletter Services Website EA EA consulting IT and IT consulting document Vendors Intranet As needed document Intranet Website Email, Petition for Scheduled Responsible appeal ESC meeting As needed Appeal Doc PM Website
  9. 9. Other Communications Communications between Project Team and EA Team Refer to the IT delivery management program (SDLC) Communications between Project Team and ARB Refer to EA Assurance Process Communications between Project Team and ESC To be created Communications between Portfolio Group and EA Team Refer to the IT delivery management program (SDLC) Communications between IT procurement and EA Team To be created Training Training is an important aspect of the EA program. Artifacts and processes are not effective if the intended audience does not understand them. Many of the management and technical concepts associated with EA are new and unfamiliar to IT and the business. Led by an EA evangelist, training sessions can persuade, inform, and equip both business and IT to get involved with EA. The focus of the EA training will be to educate business and IT on what EA is, the benefit of EA and the use of the specialized areas of the architecture The training will cover topics such as: • Introduction to the Enterprise Architecture Site • Introduction to EA framework • EA Assurance process
  10. 10. • EA Consulting document Summary If we are to succeed, all participants in the organization EA will have to collaborate effectively. To that end, a consistent, clear flow of communication will be critical. Through the above communication strategies, we will set expectations, facilitate cooperation within and across business units and teams, ensure efficient process, and report and celebrate accomplishments. We will use internal, positive case studies to illustrate our successes with examples. We will also listen. Through ensuring that we gather feedback and suggestions as well as communicating the results, we will ensure that all of the organization takes a role in the process and success of the Enterprise Architecture. Glossary