David J. Jones Sun Certified J2EE Enterprise Architect ...


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David J. Jones Sun Certified J2EE Enterprise Architect ...

  1. 1. David J. Jones Sun Certified J2EE Enterprise Architect Development Manager davidbrummy@yahoo.com http://david.blog-city.com Personal Objective As a hands on agile application architect research and build enterprise scale architectures using Java technology. Also take an active role in providing leadership with regards working with multiple clients both internal and external. Technical Experience • Τwelve years experience in Architecture, O.O. Design and Programming using J2EE and C++. • Languages: Seven years Java (J2EE and J2SDK). Five Years C++. • Middleware: Weblogic (4.5.1, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1 and 8.1), JBoss (3.2.6 and 4.0), iPlanet Directory Server (LDAP) and Siebel CRM. • Platforms: Redhat/Fedora Linux, Windows XP, 2000 and UNIX. • Databases: Oracle 9i. MySQL and SQLServer 2000. • Configuration Management: Subversion, Clearcase, CVS and VSS. • Web Servers: Apache, Weblogic and IIS, • Design Tools: Rational Rose, TogetherJ, Enterprise Architect, Visio, ERWIN and ERStudio. • XML/Web Services: JAXP, SOAP (Axis), WSDL, UDDI, Java binding (Castor), XLST and UDDI. • Remote Communication: RMI and CORBA (Visibroker for Java). • Open Source: Struts, Axis, Spring, Hibernate, Ant, Cactus/JUnit and XDoclet. • Methodologies: Rational Unified Process and Extreme Programming (XP). • Content Management: Interwoven TeamSite. Professional Experience 2005- J2EE Architect/Engineering Development Manager, Visage Mobile, San Francisco, CA, USA (Independent Contractor). Working as the Lead Development Architect on the design and development of the Visage Mobile J2EE Integration platform. The platform has been used in the successful launch of several MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in the USA. The current MVNOs launched on the Visage Mobile Integration platform include Disney Mobile and ESPN Mobile. As well as successfully providing functional releases of the integration platform every two months the development team is currently migrating the platform onto more light weight J2EE architectures (Spring, Hibernate). The integration platform is developed on top of the BEA Weblogic 8.1 Application Server. Also currently acting as the lead Engineering Development Manager for the J2EE development teams This involves leading a team of ten on shore J2EE engineers and fifteen off shore J2EE engineers located in Hyderabad India.
  2. 2. 2004-2005: Architect, Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA, USA Worked on the design and development of the Keystone internet banking project. The aim of Keystone was to migrate the existing legacy C on-line banking application to J2EE. 2004: J2EE Contractor (Part time), Virgin Mobile USA, Walnut Creek, CA, USA Migrated Virgin Mobile USA’s retailer point of sale application from BEA Weblogic 8.1 to JBoss 3.2.6. The retailer application handles over 50,000 transactions a day. Its migration is part of Virgin Mobiles ongoing commitment to deploying proven open source technology into the production environment. 2002-2004: Chief J2EE Architect, Virgin Mobile USA, Walnut Creek, CA, USA (Hired as permanent employee). Designed and developed the architecture for Virgin Mobile’s USA MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) J2EE platform. The platform supports a pre-paid cellular subscriber base of three million subscribers and is growing on average by 10,000 subscribers a day. The role also consisted of being the lead for the 15 member J2EE development team. The platform was initially developed on top of the BEA Weblogic 6.1 Server and then migrated over to BEA Weblogic 8.1. Recently some parts of the platform have been migrated over to JBoss 3.2.6. The platform provides an integration point for over 40 systems as well as supporting an on-line ecommerce site. The systems integrated range from retailer supplier chains and point of sale operations (Walmart, Target) to incorporating applications like Siebel CRM. Technologies used to implement the integration included SOAP, CORBA and EDI. Major achievements have been the implementation of Virgin Mobile USA 3G service which went live in December 2004, migration of the Virgin Mobile USA web site to Struts 1.1, migration of the Virgin Mobile platform from Weblogic 6.1 to Weblogic 8.1, production deployment of the Virgin Mobile J2EE application on Redhat Linux, implementation of a business domain model and implementation of a continuous integration/testing strategy. These achievements have been achieved on top of providing monthly business functionality releases and on going 24x7 production support. 2001-2002: J2EE Contractor, Virgin Mobile USA, San Francisco, CA, USA Retailer Project - Designed and help build Virgin Mobile USA’s retailer integration architecture. Virgin Mobile USA launched pre-paid cellular service in conjunction with Sprint PCS on July 1st 2002. Integration of several large retailers (Best Buy, Target, 7-11) was required to support its strategy of pre-pay. Application was built using J2EE technologies on top of BEA Weblogic 6.1 application server. 2000-2001: Application Architect, Lante Corporation, San Francisco, CA, USA Lante was a rapidly expanding J2EE/Lotus Notes consultancy firm based out of Chicago. It is now part of SBI and Company. Broadlane Project (Lead Architect) – Led an architecture team that modeled an application based on the U.S. health care industries general purchasing organization concept. Team consisted of ten engineers who where building the application using J2EE technologies on top of the BEA Weblogic 6.1 application server, Webcrossing and SQLServer 2000.
  3. 3. AON Insurance Services “Wired For Growth” Project (ArchitectTeam Leader) – Modeled a content based web site that enabled the integration of some of AON’s core risk services on to one platform. Was also the head of the team of four engineers who built the application on top of the IPlanet web container and the Interwoven Team Site content management product. The projects development phase was run under the Extreme Programming methodology. Lante Internal Software Wireless Platform (Architect) - Modeled a content delivery platform for enabling content from multiple sources to be displayed on multiple platforms. Architecture involved HTML content scraping from web sites and the use of XML transformations to provide device independence. Outcome External Integration Engine (Architect) – Led the architecture and development team working on an engine to combine customer’s financial data. The combining of financial data across the internet was achieved by either using HTML scraping or when available XML/RPC communication. The application was developed on top of the Weblogic 5.1 application server. Catapulse (Rational) Community Project (ArchitectTeam Leader) - Led the architecture and development team working on Grady Booch’s community project. The vision of the project was to develop the use of community over the internet. The application was developed on top of the Weblogic 4.5.1 application server. 1998-2000: Senior Java Software Engineer, Well Engaged, Sausalito, CA, USA As a member of a five person Java engineering team helped develop the “Well Engaged” on line community message board. The project was initially a port of the existing “Well” community message board that had developed in C. Initially the application was deployed on top of the Gemstone application server and then ported over to the Weblogic 4.5.1 application server. Well Engaged is now part of the Prospero group. 1997-1998: C++ Software Consultant, Bell South Atlanta, GA, USA As a member of a group contractors brought over from the UK helped designed and build the Overture telephone service order application. Overture was designed to be as a replacement for the existing mainframe based telephone service order system. Overture went into functional testing in December 1998 was successfully deployed into production across Bell South in 1999. 1994-1997: C++ Technical Team Leader, Mobile Systems International, London, UK As a C++ engineer led a small group of software engineers as part of the development team on Mobile System’s “PLANeT” application. The “PLANeT” application was used in the field of modeling GSM and CDMA mobile phone signal reception over geographical areas. This information model allows clients of “PLANeT” to decide at what locations to build both their macro and micro mobile base stations.
  4. 4. 1993-1994: Grade II Engineer, NEC Technologies, Telford, Shropshire, UK Designed and built testing software for GSM mobile phones. Professional Education/Achievements July 2005: Finisher in the San Francisco Marathon. May 2004: Attended http://www.theserverside.com symposium. February 2004: Finisher in the Napa Valley Marathon. July 2003: Sun Certified Architect for J2EE. July 2002: The “Wired For Growth” web site which I developed during my time at Lante won the 2002 “Insurance Innovators Award” recognizing outstanding use of Internet technologies to improve business relationships. July 2002: Published article in The Java(tm) Specialists' Newsletter which is sent to almost 4000 Java experts in 84 countries. November 2000: Sun Certified Java Programmer. June 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003: Java One Developers Conference. October 2002: Finisher in the LaSalle Chicago Marathon. Academic Education 1993: B.Sc. (Hons’) in Computer Science via Mathematics, Class II, Division I. 1990-1993: University of Kent at Canterbury, Canterbury, Kent, U.K.