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  1. 1. 1125 US Highway Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext.313, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: nilesh@cyberthinkinc.com Contact: Nilesh Adani www.cyberthinkinc.com Resume of CHIRAG SHAH(ref # 3334) SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION: • Over EIGHT years of experience in IT in developing various Object Oriented Systems. • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform Examination • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect For J2EE Technology • Developed Internet/Intranet based and varied Network mgt., component-based enterprise-level N-Tier middleware applications using J2EE and CORBA as distributed technologies. • Experience involves architecting and developing middle tiers and front ends using cutting edge Java technologies and CORBA Services. • Proficient in Rational Rose as designing tool and CVS, PVCS as software configuration mgt. tool. • Proficiency in developing middleware systems using EJB, JMS, JSP, XML based on J2EE design patterns. • Experience in J2EE Connector Architecture JCA 1.0 for connection to Back-End Systems. • Experience in Web Services Description Language (WSDL). • Experience in development of messages based on SOAP protocol 1.1 and ebXML 1.0 on top of SOAP. • Experience in Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.2 EA2 (with XML Schema support). • Experience in Java API for XML-Based RPC (Remote Procedure Call) (JAX-RPC) 1.0 EA2. • Experience in Java API for XML Messaging (JAXM) 1.0.1 EA2. • Experience in Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) 1.0 EA2 • Experience in SSL and its SUN implementation Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE). • Experience in developing customized MVC architecture with Swing Single Thread mechanism. • Experience in designing application architecture based on Struts (Model 2 Architecture). • Proficiency in developing Model 2 Architecture based presentation tiers using Struts Framework. • Experience in developing Custom Tag libraries for JSP Pages. • Extensive experience in handling complex Multi-Thread mechanism. • Proficient in Data Modeling (Entity Relationship Diagram –ERD) and relational Databases. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Languages : Java (jdk1.3), IDL, C, C++ Middle Ware : EJB1.1/2.0, RMI-IIOP, Java Sockets, JMS, MQ Series, CORBA 2.3, JDBC ORBs’ : Orbix 2000 v1.2.1/OrbixWeb 3.2, VisiBorker 4.5 CORBA Services : Naming, Trading, Notification, Event, Transaction (OpenFusion v2.0.4) Application Server: Weblogic 6.1, WebSphere 4.0 Databases : ORACLE 8.0/8i Mark-up Language : XML, SOAP 2.1 GUI : JSP-Servlets-Beans (Struts), Swing, Visual Age 4.0, Visual Cafe 4.0, JBuilder 5 Modeling Language : UML 1.2/1.3, Rational Rose 2002 Software Mgt. : Perforce, CVS 1.1, MS VSS 6.0, PVCS Dimensions 7.0 PROFFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Dec ’01 - Till Date Verisign, VA Software Architect/Developer- OOAD Page 1of 5
  2. 2. Resume of CHIRAG SHAH Development of Managed Domain Name Services - DNS Verisign Managed DNS Services (MDNS) is a suite of products designed to assist customers and resellers in the management of their DNS data. Verisign will offer customers the ability to outsource a part of or their entire Internet facing DNS infrastructure and operations. One of the three MDNS products is DNS High Availability. Verisign hosts and manages only the secondary DNS for the customer. Responsibilities: • Captured and described all the requirements of the system in co-operation with the end user in preparing Functional Specifications of the system through Use Case Diagrams. • Prepared Architectural Design and Detail Design Document of the system using UML (Rational Rose) with Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Package Diagrams. • Designed, coded and tested multi-threaded J2EE blueprint based middle tier and front end of the project exploiting various J2EE Design Patterns. (Business Delegate, Session Facade, Value Object). • Design and developed the business logic tier consists of multiple EJBs - Entity beans and Session Beans running under the hood of WebLogic container/server. • Wrote database logic and XML based deployment descriptors. • Used various J2EE front-end design patterns in implementing Struts (Model 2 Architecture) framework for developing front end using Servlets-JSP-Java Beans. • Designed and coded Custom JSP Tags for the presentation tier of the system. Environment: jdk1.3, Weblogic 6.1, Tomcat 4.1, PVCS 7.0, JBuilder 5, Rational Rose 2000, Junit 2.0, Log4j, J2EE, UML, JSP-Servlets-Beans (Struts), XML, EJB 2.0, RMI, JFC, Oracle 8i May ’01 - Nov ‘01 Lumos Technologies Inc., CA Software Designer-Developer Development of EJB Enhancements to RLEAP-a Network Management System Architect and design a facade of EJB Cache and Session Beans for services (specifically Provisioning, FM, and PM) included in the Lumos TMS (Telecom Mgt. Server) TMS is a highly customizable and extensible all-Java, protocol- neutral, object-oriented, high performance Element Management System (EMS) to build EMS. Perform key role in designing and developing the Web Services based module of the product. Responsibilities: • Designed and implemented various interfaces of the system for catering point-to-point RPC- based web services for the SOAP 1.1 client request and returns the response via SOAP 1.1 protocol. • Defined Web Services using XML-based Web Services Description Language (WSDL) • Develop complex asynchronous messaging system between SOAP Client and SOAP Server using JAXM provider over ebXML 1.0 profile for exchanging SOAP Messages. • Configure and used Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registry server as a permanent repository for storing WSDL documents containing pertinent information about the web services. • Extensively used Java API for XML Processing with XML Parsers SAX 2.0 and DOM level2 • Designed normalized database of the system and wrote Stored Procedures using PL/SQL for data manipulation. Software : jdk1.3, WebLogic 5.1, Rational Rose, CVS1.2, Tomcat 4.1 Technology : J2EE, UML, Swing, XML, EJB2.0, RMI-IIOP, SNMP V2c, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. Resume of CHIRAG SHAH Web Service Tech : JAXP 1.2, JAXM 1.0.1, JAX-RPC 1.0, JAXR 1.0, Java WSDP Registry Server 1.0 Jan ’00 - May ’01 Info-Objects Inc., California, USA Software Architect – OOAD Development of Omnitor- a Network Management System (Aug ’00 to May ’01) Designed Fault Management module of the system. Omnitor FM provides network administrators with sophisticated asynchronous event mgt. functions, including alerting, automated actions, event correlation, and filtering and end-to-end fault mgt. Responsibilities: • As an Enterprise Architect, perform user requirement analysis, functional and application design, application development, unit testing of the system using UML and Rational Rose as a case tool. • Coded multi -threaded business tier of the system that primarily made of EJBs-Session and Entity beans and complex java transaction, collection objects using various java/j2ee design patterns. • Wrote various XML and DTD Schema files as a prime technology for configuring the system parameters as well as configuring Web Container (Web.xml) and Application Server Container (Deployment Descriptor) • Developed web based presentation tier using Servlets and JSP, responsible for interacting with the end user and makes invocations to the business tier's EJBs through Business Delegate objects. • Developed complex customized Swing Components like JTable, JTree for the Swing/AWT based standalone client of the system interacting with server through RMI over IIOP • Involved in preparing Data Model (Entity Relationship Diagram -ERD) of the system. Environment: jdk 1.3, Weblogic 6.0, CVS 1.2, Visual Café 4.0, J2EE, UML, Swing, XML, EJB 1.1, RMI, JSP-Servlets, SNMP V1/V2c, Oracle 8i, Tomcat Client: Prism Tech., HP and Iona (May ’00 to Aug ’00) Chief Middleware Architect Development of TMF IF Catalyst for North Bound Interfaces This TMF project will realize a number of NGOSS (New Generation Operations Support Systems) concepts that are implemented in a variety of ways within current IF Catalysts. The intention is to allow future Catalysts to adopt the IF Catalyst Manager and thereby remove this burden of implementation from, primarily, application providers (i.e., ISVs) and to allow them to focus on application development rather than on NGOSS infrastructure services. Responsibilities: • Involved in architecting i.e., designing, coding and testing of administrative module. • Designed and coded CORBA Server having objects with interfaces defined in CORBA IDL These objects interact with client beans on the front end and SQL database on the back end using JDBC • Developed Messaging Middleware of the system using JMS 1.0.1 and XML as messaging payload. This asynchronous messaging system receives and processes messages from other modules of the system using advanced reliability and transaction mechanism. • Used OrbixWeb3.2 as ORB with CORBA Naming Service from OpenFusion for binding and look-up operations of the server objects in the COS Naming Server. • Designed CORBA Event/Notification service for handling complex events from other sub-systems. • Wrote PL/SQL Stored Procedures for interacting with the database. Environment: jdk 1.2.1, Weblogic 5.1, OrbixWeb 3.2, OpenFusion 2.0.4, CVS 1.2, J2EE, Servlets / Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. Resume of CHIRAG SHAH JSP, UML, XML, CORBA 2.3, JMS-MQ Series, PL/SQL, Oracle 7.3, JDBC 2.0 Client – Optimight Communications, CA (Jan ’00 to May ’00) Development of Network Management System (EMS) Involved in development of the Fault management & Upload-Download management modules of an Element Management System for Network based Service Provisioning System using differentiated service MIB. The EMS is having CM, FM, PM, Planning and Provisioning Mgmt, as major modules. Responsibilities: • Primary responsibility was to develop complex GUI using AWT and Swing Components. • Developed customized MVC architecture with Swing Single Thread Mechanism through complex Runnable objects for Event Dispatch Thread. Environment: jdk1.3, JSP, AdventNet WebNMS 2.2.1, RMI, Swing, MIMIC Simulator 4.4, Java Install Shield 3.5, SNMP, Oracle-8, Rational Rose, BugZilla June ’95 – Dec ’99 Wipro Technologies Architect/Mentor/ Team Leader / Lead Designer Client: Nippon Electrical Corporation (NEC), Japan (Feb ’98 to Dec ’99) Development of middle-ware product for networks Mgt. Open DIOSA/OPBASE, a middle-ware product for distributed network management from NEC, is an Operating Base for the multi-vendor Open System. This product is used for the business application management and forming the base for the user application monitoring and controlling the applications using different mechanisms. Responsibilities: • Mainly responsible for designing and coding the prime technology used in this system i.e., Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) over Internet-Inter-ORB protocol using Callback Mechanism to make the system CORBA compliant. • Designed and coded complex Callback Mechanism of the System. • Developed complex multithreaded system for this project using Java Thread Mechanism using separate classes to avoid keeping threads waiting for mutually no infringing data access. • Perform Unit Testing and locale specific Internationalization-Integration of the system Environment: jdk1.3, RMI over IIOP, Servlets/JSP, Swing, UML, Rational Rose, Visual Age 3.0 Client: Nippon Electrical Corporation (NEC), Japan (July ’97 to Jan ’98) Development of E-Commerce Object Model using EJB This web based object model is a commercial n-tier system developed for lowering the cost of doing business by selling the stuffs directly to the end customer, through an e-commerce web-based sales model developed using cutting-edge Java technologies. Responsibilities: • Involved in Functional Design and Detailed Design of the project • Wrote Entity and Session Beans, deployment descriptors and transaction mechanism of the System. • Coded and configured Servlets as Web components for presentation tier. • Wrote Stored procedures for sorting the queries Environment: jdk1.2.1, Oracle 7.x, EJB 1.0, Servlets/JSP, JDBC, Visual Age, UML, Rational Rose Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. Resume of CHIRAG SHAH Client: National Tours and Travels, India (Nov ’96 to Jun ’97) Reservation System using CORBA architecture This is an online reservation system for a nation-wide package tour organizer integrating all commercial functionality of the business and gives the client a chance to select the optimum package for him, considering all permutations and combinations. Responsibilities: • Involved in system’s architecture which was basically a 3-tier client/server application, where client beans invokes operations on CORBA middle-tier server objects via an IIOP ORB Developed server objects that provides the business logic and store their persistent data in a JDBC-compliant SQL database. • Wrote Stored Procedures for sorting the queries by date. Environment: jdk1.1, OrbixWeb 3.2, Oracle 7.x, Visual Age 3.0, CORBA 2.0, Swing, JDBC Client: Asian Paints, India Development of online system using Object Web Tech Environment: jdk1.1, ORACLE 7.x, Java Beans, PL/SQL Client: DOT (Dept. of Telecom, Govt. of India) Cost Management System Environment: C++, ORACLE 7.x, and Unix Client: Apex Electricals, India Purchase Order Management System Environment: C++, ORACLE 7.x, Unix Client: Metrochem Corporation, Atlanta Development of InfraDesk Solution Environment: C++ Client: FAG India Development Employee Management System Environment: C, FoxBASE EDUCATION: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) Master of Business Management (IT/Finance) Page 5 of 5