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  1. 1. ' ) % ) ) , / 0 * & ) " 1& ) %% * % " ) )) % 1% / % % ) / 0 " ) * ) " 2 ) ) & ) /1 * % 1& " ) )- ) " % % ) )- " ) ) ) ) % , / % % , % / 0 / 0 &3 ) , % , / ) ) 1% , / , / % " ) /* Level 0: No Level 1: Initial Level 2 Under Level 3: Level 4: Level 5: Extended Development Defined Managed Optimized Enterprise Architecture No awareness of Initial alignment First activities to Formal alignment Frequently Business – aligning business of business align business of business reconsideration of Technology cost strategies, strategies, strategies, drivers strategy, drivers, business / benefits business drivers business drivers & principles and IT principles & strategy, drivers, validation & principles and & principles and strategies, drivers functional / non- principles & metrics for end- Business IT strategies, IT strategies, & principles. functional functional / non- to-end value &Technology drivers & drivers & requirements and functional chain Strategy principles. principles. IT strategies, requirements and examination. Alignment drivers, principles IT strategies, [E2-Grid] and functional / drivers, principles non-functional and functional / requirements. non-functional requirements. No involvement of Incidental Awareness of Extended parties Extended Measurement Extended parties; involvement of collaboration with involved in E2A Enterprise structure in place No collaboration Extended parties. extended parties. program. management & to manage Extended agreements. First initiatives to Definition of governance Extended Enterprise involve extended collaboration structure in place. Enterprise Involvement parties in the E2A levels and environment. program information exchange standards E2A is not for us. What is Extended Little awareness by Executive Executive Executive We do not need Enterprise management of management management management to be involved. Architecture Extended aware of evaluates participating in We know how to about? Enterprise Extended periodic the the E2A do our job. Don’t I have heard Architecture Enterprise Extended optimization tell me about. something about possibilities. Architecture Enterprise process. Executive- E2A Spread skepticism benefits. Architecture Management to adopt Extended Executive program and Involvement Enterprise management results. Architecture. supports pro- active Extended Enterprise Architectural program. ! " # # $ % &' ( )* ++, , , * - * % - %. - * %
  2. 2. Extended Some Business Identification that it Identification that Enterprise wide Extended Enterprise Units support the is hard to maintain an Extended business units Enterprise Architecture is not Extended too many different Enterprise are actively Architecture is recognized by Enterprise business Architecture involved in the established in all any business unit. Architecture processes and program can Extended business units program and will supporting reduce Enterprise and part of their deliver some technologies in n complexity and Architecture decision making Business Units added value to dynamic business can enhance program. process. Involvement the Business – IT world. business alignment flexibility. process Adaptive Business – IT alignment is the answer to business dynamics. E2A program First cut of E2A E2A program being E2A program Extended Continuously does not exist. program in place. actively defined. established. E2A Enterprise measurement of E2A architects E2A program office program office Architecture E2A program identified. established. actively working program office is activities and Extended together with involved in the results. Enterprise business and IT line of business E2A Architecture units in defining and the measurement, Program Office E2A value. Enterprise budget process of the process. overall Enterprise improvement activities. No Extended Some Extended Extended Extended Extended Extended Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture recognition. activities are program is set up. program program program office started. Business and IT established. managed by E2A manages Recognition strategy and Business & IT steering projects portfolio about focusing on standards are principles, drivers committee. landscape and business value developed and and strategies are Reference aligns Extended and IT standards linked. EA defined and models are rolled continuously the Enterprise + cost reduction framework and communicated. out and accepted overall activities Architecture activities. Ad hoc methodology are Extended by business units. and initiatives. Developments alignment of chosen but not yet Enterprise E2A program Business and IT. widely spread. Architecture and office involved in Solution the definition of Architecture new projects. areas are defined Extended and aligned. Enterprise Architecture reflects current and future state. ! " # # $ % &' ( )* ++, , , * - * % - %. - * %
  3. 3. None. E2A results are E2A results are Extended Extended E2A results are documented in a shared with others. Enterprise Enterprise mandatory used single way. Most results are Architecture Architecture in the Enterprise No access to the documented using results are results are wide strategic results for others. traditional office updated controlled and planning and tools. Access to frequently. managed governance Extended the results is Standards, regularly. activities. Enterprise limited. Sharing of modeling Business units Continuous Architecture information in a methods and are using the E2A improvement of Results traditional way. visualization results in their strategic Modeling and techniques are planning planning and visualization used. E2A business. E2A decision making techniques are repository is set- results are cycle based on developed. up. accessible in an E2A results. electronic way for all participants. Strategic Strategic E2A results are Strategic decision Formalized Value Governance in Governance is in part of the making and strategic measurement not in place. place and the first Strategic governance are governance of all techniques are activities are set Governance based on the E2A business & IT adopted to up to link the E2A process. The results. The E2A investments continuously program and Enterprise program office is based on E2A measure the Strategic Strategic Program involved in the results. business and IT Governance Governance. management office formal value of and the Extended governance investments Enterprise processes. based on the Architecture office E2A results and are working in line with the together on an governance incident base. strategy. Enterprise Project Enterprise Enterprise Project and Enterprise Program management Program Program program Program management not upgraded to management and management initiatives under Management recognized. program Extended office and auspices of the Office and management. Enterprise Extended Enterprise Extended Recognition of Architecture linked Enterprise Program Enterprise the added value together. Architecture management Architecture of Enterprise Enterprise office, officially office with Office are Program Program working together. participation of participating in Enterprise management. management office Program the Extended the enterprise Program Program responsible for the management Enterprise strategic Management management transformation approach and Architecture planning executed almost part, Extended E2A program office. process. in isolation. Enterprise aligned. Procedures, Measurement Architecture office Accountability en standards and techniques are in responsible for the responsibility of methods are place to Content part. activities defined. aligned. determine the added value to the business of all initiatives. Awareness of Awareness of Activities are set Extended Every project or The holistic E2A aligning business aligning business up to continuously Enterprise program initiative approach is part and technology and technology align business and Architecture is measured of the not present. present. First technology framework is against the added organizations Holistic initiatives set up initiatives. used to define the value to the culture. Business Extended to align business Alignment of business IT business and the initiatives are Enterprise and technology business and alignment areas. cost of continuously Architecture activities, based information Results of investments. The reflected to the on the Enterprise modeling methods business and IT current and future technology its mission, vision with the technology modeling state Extended impact and IT strategies and modeling methods. methods are Enterprise possibilities are business drivers. stored in a Architectures are driving new ! " # # $ % &' ( )* ++, , , * - * % - %. - * %
  4. 4. repository. used as a business Traceability of management tool activities. business and IT to plan alignment. transformation initiatives. Business and Technology are operating on the same level of maturity. Separated Almost no First awareness The extended The future state All investment Business & IT awareness about about the Enterprise Extended plans and budget & aligning and alignment and Architecture office Enterprise initiatives are procurement managing the management of the is participating in Architecture acts related to the strategy. Enterprise Enterprise the enterprise as a blueprint for Extended business & IT business & IT budget and investments, is Enterprise Enterprise budget and budget and procurement formalized and Architecture Budget & procurement procurement strategy. part of the results, the Procurement strategies. processes. Request for enterprise budget budgets and Strategy information or process. procurement proposals are strategy. defined in co- operation with the enterprise architecture office. % " & )1 ) ) " / ) / / * " / / ) / 0 ) " 1 " 1% / " " *' " ) " " ) /1 * ) 4 * & /) ) / /) % / 0 / ) / / /" ) /1 % % % / 0 *' 1 ) ) % ) ) / , / 0 / ) & ), 5 ) 2 % 1* ! " # $ % &% ' % ($ ( ! " # # $ % &' ( )* ++, , , * - * % - %. - * %