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Fina ljay promotion_1

  1. 1. Promotions Prof. Jayashree Vispute
  2. 2. 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 2
  3. 3. Session Objectives • Definition of all the elements of the Promotion Mix • Understanding in brief the elements of the Promotion Mix • Innovative use of Media for Promotion – Example of BMW Films • Evaluation • If time permits a “toofani” ad : ) 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 3
  4. 4. 9/21/2013 4Prof Jayashree Vispute
  5. 5. What is promotion? • Any form of communication a business or organization uses to inform, persuade, or remind people about its products. 9/21/2013 5Prof Jayashree Vispute
  6. 6. Promotional Mix
  7. 7. Promotional Mix Key elements: • Advertising • Sales Promotion • Public Relations • Personal Selling 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 7
  8. 8. The Promotional Mix is a combination of the different types of promotion.
  9. 9. Two types of promotion • Product Promotion – Type of promotion that a business uses to convince potential customers to buy products from them and not their competitors. • Institutional Promotion – Type of promotion that a business uses to create a favorable image for itself. 9/21/2013 9Prof Jayashree Vispute
  10. 10. 15-10 • Promotion: function of informing, persuading, and influencing the consumer’s purchase decision 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute
  11. 11. Basic types of promotion…. • Personal selling • Advertising • Sales promotion • Public relations • Direct Marketing • Events & Experiences 9/21/2013 11Prof Jayashree Vispute
  12. 12. 15-12 Objectives of Promotion • Provide Information – Inform the market about the availability of a particular good or service • Increase Demand – Some promotions are aimed at increasing primary demand, the desire for a general product category – More promotions are aimed at increasing selective demand, the desire for a specific brand 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute
  13. 13. Advertising…. • Any paid form of non- personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. 9/21/2013 13Prof Jayashree Vispute
  14. 14. • All marketing activities, other than personal selling, advertising, and public relations is called…. Sales Promotion 9/21/2013 14Prof Jayashree Vispute
  15. 15. • Sales Promotion – Marketing activities that stimulates consumer purchasing (includes: displays, trade shows, coupons, premiums, contests, produ ct demonstrations, and various nonrecurrent selling efforts) 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute
  16. 16. Public Relations • Any activity designed to create a favorable image toward a business, its products or its policies. 9/21/2013 16Prof Jayashree Vispute
  17. 17. • A specific kind of public relations that involves placing positive and newsworthy information about a business, its products, or its policies in the media is called….. Publicity 9/21/2013 17Prof Jayashree Vispute
  18. 18. Publicity Stimulation of demand for good, service, place, idea, person, or organization by unpaid placement of commercially significant news or favorable media presentations 9/21/2013 18Prof Jayashree Vispute
  19. 19. Publicity • Advantage… –It is free! • Disadvantage….. –Its contents cannot be controlled by the business 9/21/2013 19Prof Jayashree Vispute
  20. 20. Events and Experiences • Company-sponsored activities and programs designed to create daily or special brand- related interactions. 9/21/2013 20Prof Jayashree Vispute
  21. 21. • NEXT BOM LECTURE IS GOING TO BE VERY EXCITING…….. DON’T MISS!!! 9/21/2013 21Prof Jayashree Vispute
  22. 22. Push Policy • Promotion policy used only with the next partner in the distribution channel. Manufacturers PUSH a product to the retailers for sale…. 9/21/2013 22Prof Jayashree Vispute
  23. 23. Pull Policy • Promotion policy designed to create consumer interest When a product is consumer driven 9/21/2013 23Prof Jayashree Vispute
  24. 24. 18 - 24 Push or Pull Strategy • a push strategy directs communication efforts at channel members; a pull strategy directs promotion at the end consumer • many products, such as business products, are promoted with a push strategy, involving personal selling and use of trade promotions • most consumer products would rely more heavily on a pull strategy where promotion is directed at the consumer to stimulate demand
  25. 25. Evaluation • ______________ is a paid form of non- personal presentation of goods or services by an identified sponsor. a. Sales Promotion b. Publicity c. Public Relations d. Advertising 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 25
  26. 26. Evaluation • Which of the following is not a type of non- personal communication? a. Newspaper b. Magazines c. Journals d. E-Mail 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 26
  27. 27. Evaluation • The promotion mix comprises of four elements. Which of the following is not one of them. a. Marketing Research b. Publicity c. Public Relations d. Advertising 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 27
  28. 28. Evaluation • Which of the following involves giving short- term incentives/offers to encourage customer to purchase a product or service? a. Sales Promotion b. Personal Selling c. Public Relations d. Advertising 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 28
  29. 29. Evaluation • Sales promotion can be directed either at end consumers (consumer sales promotion) or at distribution channels (trade sales promotion). Trade sales promotion are a type of: a. Selling into the trade b. Push-pull strategy c. Push strategy d. Pull strategy 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 29
  30. 30. • 3 definitions • Types • Advantages • Disadvantages 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 30
  31. 31. • AD ..........JUNE 2012 - DECEMBER 2012BOM Sem I 12_13TutorialPepsi ICC World T20 Film - Ranbir, Dhoni, Virat & Raina.flv • AD1..........JUNE 2012 - DECEMBER 2012BOM Sem I 12_13TutorialRanbeer Kapoor's new Pepsi ad for T20 World Cup 2012.flv 9/21/2013 Prof Jayashree Vispute 31