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Student Organization President Training 2011-12
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Student Organization President Training 2011-12


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Student Organization President Training 2011-12

Student Organization President Training 2011-12

Published in: Education

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  • Non-discrimination policy changes only affect organizations with sincerely held religious beliefs.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome To Student Organization President Training 2011-2012 Adam Burden [email_address] 292-8763
    • 2. Training Outline
      • Introductions
      • Registration & Management
      • Resources for Operations
      • Resources for Events
      • Current Topics for Student Organizations
      • Semester Conversion
      • Ohio Union Website
      • Questions
    • 3.
      • Complete and manage registration for organization
      • Coordinate meetings and programs
      • Primary contact for, and face of, student organization
      • Corresponds on behalf of organization
      • Communicate with organization membership and advisor
      Role of the President
    • 4.
      • Provide vision and direction for the organization
      • Help manage conflicts
      • Recruit and groom future leaders
      • Ensure teambuilding and morale
      Role of the President
    • 5. Registration & Management
      • May 1 begins the student organization re-registration period
      • October 15 is the continuous registration deadline for organizations that have been previously registered to renew their registration each year to stay Active.
      • Brand new organizations may begin their registration at any time and must complete all requirements within 60 days or by October 15. New organizations m ay not duplicate the purpose of another existing organization
      • Only the Primary Leader has the ability to register an organization or log in and change/update information.
    • 6. Registration & Management
      • Annual Registration Requirements (May 1 – April 30)
        • Trainings (Pres, Treas, Adv)
        • Online Registration Form Updates (Pres)
          • General Information
          • Roster
          • Constitution
          • Goals
        • Online Registration Advisor Approval (Adv)
    • 7. Registration & Management
      • General Information
        • Purpose Statement
        • Anti-Hazing Agreement
        • Primary Type
        • Primary Demographic
        • Meeting Time & Location
        • Office Location/Mailing Address
        • Officer Transition Month
        • Open or Selective Membership
        • Dues
        • Website Address
    • 8. Registration & Management
      • Roster
        • Must have a minimum of 5 OSU students
          • Please list all members
          • At least 90% of roster must be OSU students
        • Primary Leader, Secondary Leader, Treasurer, & Advisor required
          • Can list other officer positions
        • Need first name, last name, OSUname.#, email
        • If you have co-Presidents, both people must complete President Training for both to have login access
    • 9. Registration & Management
      • Constitution
        • Must have
          • Purpose Statement
          • Non-discrimination policy consistent with CSA Guidelines
            • A student organization formed to foster or affirm the sincerely held religious beliefs of its members may adopt eligibility criteria for its student officers that are consistent with those beliefs
          • Member selection requirements and removal process
          • Officer names, duties, selection, and removal process
        • Can use previous year’s constitution if unchanged and contains the above information
    • 10. Registration & Management
      • Goals
        • Submit a minimum of 2 goals for the year
        • Mid-year progress update
        • End of Year Report
          • Philanthropy
          • Service
          • Awards/Recognition
          • Major Programs/Events
        • Advisor should review and approve all of these
    • 11. Registration & Management
      • Registration Statuses
        • Pending
        • Inactive
        • Active – New/Re-Established
        • Active – Established
      • All organizations switch to Pending each May 1
    • 12. Statuses
      • Pending : Brand new organizations or organizations in the process of completing registration requirements for a given year.
      • Inactive : Organizations that have not completed all registration requirements by the annual October 15 deadline. Inactive organizations are ineligible to use the free resources for student organizations.
    • 13. Statuses
      • Active - New/Re-Established : Organizations that have been registered for less than two (2) continuous years or organizations with less than 15 members; all registration requirements completed by the annual October 15 deadline.
      • Active - Established : Organizations that have been registered for at least two (2) continuous years; at least 15 members of the organization; all registration requirements completed by the annual October 15 deadline.
    • 14. Grades
      • The three listed officers must have a minimum GPA above 2.0 for undergraduates, 3.0 for graduate students, and 2.0 for professional students each grading term.
      • Officers must be enrolled in classes each term full time.
      • If organization officers are not enrolled, or have a below GPA during any term, that person will be notified and encouraged to improve their grades by the next academic term.
      • If after two consecutive terms an officer’s grades are still below the minimum, he/she will be asked to step down and find a replacement.
    • 15. Role of the Advisor
      • Primary resource for the organization
      • Meet with officers, give advice
      • Provide continuity and perspective
      • Approve organization’s registration, funding requests, and annual goals
      • Co-signer on organization bank account
    • 16. Advisors
      • All student organizations must have an OSU faculty or staff member as Primary Advisor. You may have more than one advisor.
      • All advisors must attend training at least every 2 years. The first advisor certification must be done in person, renewals may be completed either online or in person.
      • Graduate students and civil service employees are not eligible to serve as Primary Advisors
    • 17. Role of the Treasurer
      • Meet regularly with the advisor to discuss finances
      • Request all funds for the organization
      • Save receipts and complete all forms
      • Manage organization budget and bank account
      • Steward of student money
      • Set the example of financial wellness
    • 18. Competitive Sport Clubs
      • Sport Clubs register as student organizations with the Ohio Union (as well as registration with the RPAC Sport Club Office)
      • Same registration requirements and benefits as other student organizations, except…
        • No Ohio Union Treasurer Training required
        • No access to Operating or Programming Funds
      • Are you an aspiring Sport Club? Must still first register as an Active student organization for two quarters, then apply for Sport Club status from RPAC
    • 19.
      • Active status
      • No outstanding debt
      • EIN
      • External Checking account
        • US Bank located on 1 st Floor of Ohio Union
      Eligibility for Funding
    • 20. Funding Basics
      • Only the listed Treasurer has access to apply for CSA funding online.
      • All organizations are eligible for the same level of Operating Funds ($200 each year).
      • The Operating Funds application deadline is rolling anytime after June 15.
      • Your organization will receive the funds upfront.
      • Return any unspent funds, along with original itemized receipts, prior to June 1, 2012.
    • 21. Funding Basics
      • Your Active status determines your available levels of Programming Funding ($2,000 for New/Re-established or $3,000 for Established each year).
      • Programming Funds requests must be submitted by the 5 th Friday of the quarter before the event takes place.
      • Programming Funds are given out through a reimbursement process.
      • All receipts are due 30 days after the date of the event.
      • Certain categories of expenditures have percentage limits on how much you can spend.
    • 22. Fundraising and Sponsorship
      • Some good ideas are local restaurants, clean-ups, concessions, selling items, soliciting local business, partnering with campus departments, or writing organization alumni.
      • On campus credit card sales are not permitted.
      • Download the fundraising contact sheet from the Ohio Union website.
      • There are no Sponsorship restrictions except for direct Coke competitors or Barnes & Noble on campus.
    • 23. Additional Funding Resources
      • Ohio Union Activities Board Collaborative Events
      • Student Government Funding
      • Multicultural Center
      • RHAC, Hall Councils
    • 24. Resources for Operations
    • 25.
      • A student’s point of connection
      • for the full spectrum of involvement
      • at Ohio State.
      • Students can connect with leadership
      • and service initiatives, engage with
      • student organizations, advance learning,
      • and create lasting memories.
      Center for Student Leadership & Service
    • 26. Center for Student Leadership & Service
    • 27.
      • Existing and New Initiatives
        • Leadership Awards
        • Community Service Programs
        • Annual Conference on Leadership and Civic Engagement
        • Student Organization Summit
        • Skill Building Workshops
        • Leadership & Service Clearinghouse
        • Calendar of Events
        • Academic Courses & Leadership Minor
      Center for Student Leadership & Service
    • 28. Center for Student Leadership & Service
      • Workshops, Presentations, Guest Speakers
        • Over 30 different topics
      • Request support for your next organization retreat
        • Finding locations
        • Consultation/planning on activities and agendas
        • Games, equipment, low ropes course activities
        • Facilitation from Student Leadership Advocates
        • Coca Cola Retreat Package Funding
    • 29. Center for Student Leadership & Service
    • 30. Center for Student Leadership & Service
    • 31. Resource Room
      • Some resources have an associated cost. Items without cost are free. Each student organization receives a yearly $250 Line-of-Credit to spend on resources. You don’t have to pay it back!
      • Your Line of Credit is reset each year on June 15.
      • Your full Line of Credit is not available until your organization obtains Active status (only $25 while Pending).
      • Inactive status organizations cannot use their Line of Credit
      • Organizations may not transfer funds on their Line of Credit to another group.
    • 32. Resource Room
      • All members of an organization can use the organization’s Line-of-Credit. Only leaders may check out equipment.
      • When your Line of Credit runs out, or whenever you choose, you can purchase items at their cost from the Resource Room.
      • Individual students can purchase items from the Resource Room.
    • 33. Offices, Lockers, and Mailboxes
      • Student organizations have access
      • to office spaces, storage lockers,
      • and mailboxes.
      • Offices, lockers, and mailboxes have
      • already been assigned for the
      • upcoming year. Applications will
      • be next available in Spring 2012.
    • 34. Marketing Resources
      • A Graphic Design team is ready to help you design your next flyer, t-shirt, logo, letterhead, poster, or newsletter at no cost!
      • Photography & Videography
      • Finding vendors or promotional items
      • Virtual Bulletin Boards
        • PDF, JPEG or Word format
        • Email to Deb
      • Ohio Union website calendar
        • Email to Jen
    • 35. Coke Beverage Donation
      • Donations are for events, rather than for meetings.
      • The event must be on or near campus.
      • The request form must be filled out online at least 2 weeks prior to the event for which the beverages are needed.
      • Several pick-up locations, including the Ohio Union
      • Not able to serve or distribute non-Coca-Cola products on campus property, nor use university funds to purchase non-Coca-Cola products for events or programs on or off campus.
    • 36. Website Registration
      • Student organizations may use free website space hosted through the university.
      • To request a website, change webmasters, or request a new URL address, the President submits the information as part of the General Information online registration
      • Questions about log-in/technical issues with your website should be directed to 688-HELP or [email_address]
    • 37. Technology Resources
      • The Ohio Union IT staff can help your student organization create templates and design basic website features
        • Contact Nate [email_address] to set up an appointment
      • Organization specific listservs are managed by OIT.
      • Organization email addresses ( [email_address] ) are also managed by OIT.
    • 38. Carmen Pages
      • To create Student Organization Carmen page, send the following information to [email_address]
        • A course title (Your student organization name). This must be 30 characters or less, spaces included.
        • An instructor name.# (This should be your OSU faculty/staff advisor member, who can later give instructor access to other members and officers)
        • An OSU department the course will be placed under. (Student organizations use "Student Life“)
        • The quarter in which the course will be active. Ongoing is an available option.
      • Once the request is submitted, the instructor will automatically be given access and will be able to enroll other users.
    • 39. Student Organization Insider
      • The Student Organization Insider is a weekly email newsletter sent to all listed officers and advisors
        • Forward it to the rest of your members!
      • You are automatically signed up to receive it when you are listed as an officer of a student organization. Other members can sign up to the listserv on the Ohio Union website
      • Submit announcements for your events by Tuesdays at 5pm to [email_address]
    • 40. Spotlight Your Organization
      • Did your organization or member win an award or receive recognition?
      • Are you doing a cool event that everyone else should know about?
      • Do you want some free publicity in Buckeye Net News and OSU Weekly emails?
      • Do you have an advisor that goes above and beyond?
      • Submit information and suggestions to [email_address]
    • 41. Advisor SNAPS
    • 42. Resources for Events
    • 43. Meeting & Event Space
      • Ohio Union Meeting & Event Space
        • Over 30 options
        • Most rooms are free with Active status
        • Conference Meeting Rooms in the Center
      • Tabling in the Union
      • Ohio Union Catering – Student Organization Catering Menu & Policies
      • Additional campus locations – Selected classroom buildings across campus
      • Outdoor Events – Fill out an online BEN request
    • 44. Meeting & Event Space
    • 45. Meeting & Event Space
    • 46. Meeting & Event Space
      • VEMS screen shot – Plug Center Meeting Rooms
    • 47. Meeting & Event Space
    • 48. Risk Management
      • What is Risk Management?
        • Assessing, minimizing, and preventing accidental loss through the use of safety measures
      • Varying levels of risk with student organizations
        • Liability
        • Safety
        • Reputation
        • Emotional
        • Financial
    • 49. Using Trademarks
      • All items with any kind of OSU logo or images, etc. need approval by the Trademark and Licensing Office
      • The words “Ohio State” or “OSU” do not need approved if outside of your organization’s name
      • Only student organizations in the Active - Established level of registration may use “Ohio State” or “OSU” in their official organization name. “Ohio State” or “OSU” must appear at the end of the organization name.
    • 50. Showing a Movie
      • If you want to show a movie, most likely you need to rent/buy a licensed copy of the film if it is a “public performance.”
      • Visit MPAA website for more information.
      • Visit to browse movie titles
    • 51. Transportation
      • Students may drive each other to events, or other student organization related activities without signing a waiver
      • Organizations may rent cars, passenger vans, buses, and trucks through Transportation & Parking
      • Reservations must be made at least three business days in advance
    • 52. Working with Food
      • If you are not selling food, the general rule is “eater beware”
      • If you are selling food, the campus policy states:
        • Food items sold by student organizations should either be commercially prepackaged by a licensed vendor and handled in compliance with relevant health codes or grown, raised, or produced by members of a registered student organization as part of their academic program.
      • Download a copy of Food Safety Guidelines from the Ohio Union Resources webpage
    • 53. Organization Risk Management
      • Hazing
        • Ohio Revised Code Definition: “ ‘Hazing’ means doing any act or coercing another, including the victim, to do any act of initiation into any student or other organization that causes or creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm to any person.”
        • Civil Liability:
      • Alcohol
        • Follow State of Ohio Law
        • Cannot use in promotional materials for events
    • 54. Organization Risk Management
      • Games of Chance/Raffles
      • Cash box rental
      • Waivers
      • Controversial speakers, dangerous activities
      • Contracts
      • Responsibility for others
      • Code of Conduct
        • Off Campus Rules
        • Property Destruction (i.e. Car Bashes)
    • 55. Current Topics for Student Organizations
    • 56. Event Planning
      • What are your Best Practices?
    • 57. Event Planning
      • Why? Audience, Type of program, Intended Outcomes
      • Reserve Space
      • Budget
      • Travel and Contracts
      • Event Name, Branding, Marketing
      • Food and Beverages
      • Decorations, Supplies and A/V
      • Volunteers
      • Clean Up, Evaluation, Thank Yous
    • 58. Event Planning
      • Checklist:
        • Space reservation cancellations/rain sites
        • Parking
        • Permits
        • Large crowds/space defining equipment
        • ADA accessible
        • Trash removal
        • Late night/early morning security
        • Amplified sound, if outside
    • 59. Marketing
      • What are your Best Practices?
    • 60. Marketing
      • Social Media
      • Email listservs
      • Online calendars
      • Flyers (Residence Halls, Classrooms, CABS buses, outside, PAD pizza, Dining Commons, RPAC)
      • Ohio Union TV screens
      • Classroom announcements/Faculty/Departments
      • T-shirts
      • Chalking
      • Word of Mouth
    • 61. Recruitment & Retention
      • What are your Best Practices?
    • 62. Recruitment & Retention
      • Recruitment is a year round activity
      • Create a plan – calendar, goals, officer position
      • Demonstrate your organization’s value and benefit
      • Make sure people know your organization exists
      • Recognition, Appreciation and Awards
      • Participation – have a plan for each person to get involved
      • Keep it fun – social events, icebreakers
      • Consistency – meeting times & length
      • Create a welcoming environment
    • 63. Officer Transitions
      • What are your Best Practices?
    • 64. Officer Transitions
      • Face to Face meetings
        • Timelines, people who were resources, things you wish you would have known
      • Binders/Folders/CDs/Flashdrives/Discs/Stuff
      • A complete record of the organization’s structure, goals, documents, and synopsis of financial standing
      • A brief write-up with suggestions, recommendations, challenges, or insights
      • To Do
      • Switch names on bank account
      • Update the new officers in the Student Organization Management System
    • 65. Leadership Tips
      • What are your Best Practices?
    • 66. Leadership Tips
      • Lead by example
      • Delegate & empower others
      • Hold people accountable
      • Understand different styles and motivations
      • Over-communicate
      • Give and accept feedback
      • Set goals
      • Show your passion and enthusiasm
    • 67. Semester Conversion
    • 68. Semester Conversion
      • Organizational Changes
        • Constitution: review election dates, “SOURCE” references, any vague statements, outdated information
        • Elections and Transitions
        • Major Events and Programs:
          • Autumn Semester; Aug 20 – Dec 7
          • Spring Semester; Jan 7 – April 25
        • Financial reporting, dues collection
        • National Organization requirements
    • 69. Semester Conversion
      • New Registration Process for 2012-13
        • Two registration windows
          • Window I: February 15 – April 30
          • Window II: August 15 – October 31
        • Self select which Window your organization wants to register in and which registration deadline
        • All requirements must be completed during the Window or the organization will be Inactive
        • Only “New Organization” trainings will be offered outside of Window dates
    • 70. Ohio Union Website
    • 71. Union Homepage
    • 72. Scroll over to Student orgs
    • 73. Student orgs Homepage
    • 74. Student orgs Homepage
    • 75. Shibboleth
    • 76. Student orgs Management Homepage
    • 77. General Info Page
    • 78. Roster page
    • 79. Constitution page
    • 80. Goals/EOY Report page
    • 81. View Org info
    • 82. Wrap-Up
      • For future reference
      • Email with links and PPT slides
      • Handouts
      • Before you leave
      • Sign the Sign-in Sheet
      • Drop off Evaluation form
    • 83. Thanks for coming! Adam Burden [email_address] 292-8763