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OSU student organization semester town hall
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OSU student organization semester town hall


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • Non-discrimination policy changes only affect organizations with sincerely held religious beliefs.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome to the Student Organization Semester Town Hall Meeting
    • 2. Outline
      • Registration
      • Funding
      • Line of Credit
      • Events & Scheduling
      • Constitutions
      • Elections and Transitions
      • Application Deadlines
      • Final Thoughts
      • Questions
    • 3. Registration
      • New Registration Process
        • Two registration windows
          • Spring Window: February 15 – April 30 (June 1 this year)
          • Fall Window: August 1 – October 15
        • Organizations will self select which Window to register in and which registration deadline to follow
        • Some trainings will be offered outside of Window dates, but mostly focused on new student organizations
        • All requirements must be completed during the Window or the organization will be Inactive
    • 4. Registration
      • Registration Requirements Reminder
        • President Training
        • Treasurer Training
        • Advisor Training
        • Online registration forms
          • General Info, Roster, Constitution, Goals
        • Advisor Approvals
          • Registration
          • Goals
    • 5. Funding Deadlines
      • Operating Funds
        • June 1, 2012: Audits due for 2011-12 year
        • July 1, 2012: Requests Open for the upcoming year
        • May 1, 2013: Audits due for 2012-13 year
      • Programming Funds
        • April 15: Deadline for events occurring June 1 - August 15
        • July 1: Deadline for events occurring August 16 - October 15
        • September 1: Deadline for events occurring October 16 - December 31
        • November 15: Deadline for events occurring January 1 - March 15
        • February 1: Deadline for events occurring March 16 - May 31
    • 6. Line of Credit
      • You will spend your Line of Credit from the previous year through the end of your registration Window
      • Lines of Credit will reset on the day of the registration deadline of each Window for organizations in that Window
      • It will either reset to $250 if Active, and $0 if Inactive
      • New organizations will still receive a $25 Line of Credit for their first 60 days of Pending status
    • 7. Event Dates and Times
      • BEN requests can be submitted at any time
        • Construction will limit some outdoor space availability
        • Races, runs, marches, and walks should all be submitted
        • Weather considerations – August events will be warm; no classes in May or June for outside events (April could be chilly!)
      • Ohio Union reservations are expected to still be made one semester in advance for weekly/reoccurring meetings
        • June 18 is the 1 st day to book reservations for Autumn Semester 2012
      • Classroom scheduling deadlines are still being finalized, but anticipated to be set up similar to the current process
    • 8. Scheduling Tips
      • Longer academic day = less classroom evening availability for meetings
      • Morning and afternoon meetings should be considered
      • More accurate attendance estimates will lead to more room availability (fewer large rooms)
      • Poll your organization as Autumn semester classes are being scheduled to determine if your meeting time might need to change
    • 9. Constitutions
      • Constitutions
        • Must have
          • Purpose Statement
          • Non-discrimination policy consistent with CSA Guidelines
          • Member selection requirements and removal process
          • Officer titles, duties, selection, and removal process
        • Update dates/quarters, “SOURCE” references, any outdated statements, specific names of individuals, formatting inconsistencies
    • 10.
      • Consider new member recruitment timelines
      • Officer elections should ideally allow for overlap between incoming and outgoing officers
      • Holding elections just before or at the beginning of a registration Window will allow for maximum effectiveness
      Elections & Transitions
    • 11. Office Space & Lockers
      • Applications for office space and storage lockers in the Center will be available on March 1 and be due April 30.
      • Applications will be online and can only be filled out by the organization President.
      • All current tenants must also fill out an application to retain their space.
    • 12. Involvement Fair Registration
      • Registration for the Fall Involvement Fair during Welcome Week will open on April 1.
      • The registration deadline is July 20.
      • There will be a stand alone application on the Ohio Union website – it will no longer be included as part of the organization registration process.
      • A Spring Window organization must have Active status to participate in the Fall Involvement Fair.
      • A Fall Window organization must have been Active on July 20 to participate in the Fall Involvement Fair.
    • 13.
    • 14.
    • 15.
      • Semesters will impact your student organization
        • Collection of dues, financial reports
        • National Organization affiliations
        • Registration
        • Funding
        • Line of Credit
        • Events & Scheduling
        • Constitutions
        • Elections and Transitions
        • Application Deadlines
      Final Thoughts
    • 16.
      • Take the time to inform your student organization!
      • If you found this helpful, please encourage others to register and attend
        • January 24, 10:00am, Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room
        • February 1, 4:00pm, Ohio Staters Traditions Room
        • February 6, 5:00pm, Cartoon Meeting Room 1
      Final Thoughts
    • 17. Questions/Comments?