Digital Ecosystem Brochure


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Learn more about the digital ecosystem and tools that create it.

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Digital Ecosystem Brochure

  1. 1. Using Digital ContentTo Reach Your Customers
  2. 2. Today, customers are constantly exposed to digital marketing messages from all sides. Content is everywhere and comes from a multitude of channels at increasing frequency. With over 50 billion connected devices, users are consuming an amazing amount of content every moment. With all the noise out there, how can you reach a prospect or customer in a meaningful way? Surround the customer with what they need, when they need it. Many companies are using the latest digital marketing tools such as Content Management Systems, CRM Systems, Social Marketing Tools, Analytic Platforms and Marketing Automation Systems (MAS) to engage audiences, track online behavior, score leads and review results. As these platforms become part of the marketing sphere they provide powerful new ways to build relationships with prospects and customers. To receive the maximum benefit from using all of these systems, they must be integrated to create a cohesive experience for audiences and provide holistic measurement to marketers. 51% of the time users spend online, they are consuming content. The lack of integration prevents the marketing team from targeting and segmenting audience members - AOL/Nielsen, 2011 to create personalized experiences across multiple devices, campaigns, channels and measure audience interaction throughout. How can a marketer leverage all of the technology available, engage customers and prospects, measure results and reach their marketing goals? The answer is a digital marketing ecosystem.2
  3. 3. What is a digital marketing ecosystem?It is an integrated, holistic system that enables digital marketers to get the rightmessage to the right audience at the right time.It works by segmenting and targeting audience members then deliveringpersonalized content in the channels and on the devices that the audiencechooses. The system then provides measurement across all of the differentaudience touch points to optimize your content, improve engagement,increase the number of inbound leads and develop more profitablerelationships with your targets and customers. A digital marketing ecosystem brings all the pieces together into a holistic, integrated, digital marketing system. CRMA digital marketing ecosystem enables marketers to:Manage content and Identify visitors and gather data and enhance audiencepublish widely personalize score leads profilesManage content in the CMS, By utilizing tools for IP Marketing automation enables Entice your customers withthen reuse it for specific address look-up, your web behavioral data tracking and relevant content downloadsdevices and in multiple site can deliver relevant, lead scoring, sending the and increase your knowledgechannels, including web, personalized content from the most qualified prospects to about them at the same and social media. very first visit. the sales team.cross-sell with build a connected smoothly managecustomer insights community eventsUse previously gathered Market using social channels Registration, mobile sites,information to refine your and build a strong social surveys and post-eventcampaigns and promote community to create follow up can all be managedcontent about additional evangelists for your brand. from one location, makingproducts and services. everything more efficient for your marketing team. 3
  4. 4. For More InformationThomas M. FontVP Business DevelopmentAlphaZeta Interactive325 W Huron St., Suite 506Chicago, IL 60654Phone: (312) 263-7028Email: tfont@alphazeta.comAlphaZeta Interactive bridges digital know-how and savvy marketing. We help clients realize themarketing promise of the interactive channel. Powered by creative inspiration and technology insight, wedesign and execute engaging experiences that connect with people, build strong relationships, and drivethe right results.