Aztf seasonal instructor


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Aztf seasonal instructor

  1. 1. Summer Pre-Service Training InstructorsMultiple Locations, Summer 2013Across the country, TNTP’s Teaching Fellows programs recruit, select, and train high-achieving mid-career professionals and recent college graduates from all backgrounds to teach in high-need schools.Our staff shares your commitment to students in underserved communities. We work to increase studentachievement and secure positive life outcomes for students by increasing the concentration of effectiveteachers working in high need schools. By becoming a pre-service training team member, you can helpensure that Fellows are ready to increase student achievement as soon as they enter the classroom.The program is currently seeking experienced educators for the summer position of Instructor to helpprepare a new cohort of effective teachers who will begin teaching full time in the 2013-2014 school year.Role and ResponsibilitiesThe goal of TNTP’s pre-service training (PST) is that every Fellow is prepared to achieve immediate,measurable success with their students in the fall. Our training approach, called Fast Start, focuses on asmall number of foundational skills that we believe Fellows must master before the first day of school tohave a strong start to the school year and be prepared to master more advanced skills more quickly.During their pre-service training, Fellows will rehearse these four Fast Start skills, receive coaching onthem, and practice them with students. Through TNTP’s partnership with Uncommon Schools, Fellowsalso learn and practice Teach Like a Champion techniques aligned with the Fast Start skills. Fellows mustdemonstrate proficiency in these skills in order to successfully complete pre-service training and becomea teacher of record in the fall.Instructors are experienced and successful teachers who guide Fellows as they learn these foundationalFast Start skills that will set Fellows up for a successful school year. The Instructor plays an integral rolein the success of PST by leading skill-building sessions, in which Fellows learn and practice prioritizedTeach Like a Champion techniques, and by designing and facilitating sessions which support Fellows’ability to plan instruction.The responsibilities of the Instructor include, but are not limited to, the following:Pre-PST (Fellow Enrollment Period) activities: Monitor Fellow performance in introductory online course and provide feedback on Fellow assessments (in some sites) Deeply internalize Teach Like a Champion and the principles of effective practice with the techniquesPST Activities Plan and facilitate skill-building sessions for two groups of Fellows, including: o Planning and facilitating daily skill-building sessions based on Teach Like a Champion o Expertly modeling Teach Like a Champion techniques so that Fellows understand the essential components of the techniques, their alignment to the Fast Start skills, and their impact on student learning
  2. 2. o Leading Fellows in analyzing the Teach Like a Champion techniques o Providing targeted, actionable feedback to Fellows on their practice of the techniques o Maintaining high levels of session rigor through skillful facilitation Plan and facilitate collaborative planning sessions for two groups of Fellows, including: o Designing and leading weekly lesson planning sessions that support Fellows’ acquisition of instructional planning skills o Collaborating with Fellows’ coaches to ensure that planning sessions address performance trends in Fellows’ classrooms Identify and communicate trends in Fellow performance by: o Keeping accurate records of Fellow performance in skill-building cycles o Communicating performance trends to Teacher Development Coaches, who work with smaller groups of Fellows to develop launch skills in the Field Experience Contribute to the PST team by: o Implementing interventions and support structures to ensure all Fellows improve their teaching practice o Meeting with other PST team members to plan meaningful training activities and norm on Fellow performance standards o Facilitating additional sessions or workshops as needed Establish and reinforce a culture of achievement that drives Fellows to ensure that all students achieve at high levels through all interactions with Fellows and other PST team membersQualificationsSuccessful candidates for the Instructor position will have a proven record of academic success workingwith students in high-needs schools and high expectations for students and teachers. They will also havestrong organizational and communication skills. Ideal candidates will also have: Minimum of three years of successful teaching experience in high-need subject areas Demonstrated ability to motivate and inspire students and adults Experience and comfort providing direct, in-the-moment feedback to teachers, both written and verbal, that leads to immediate improvement Experience in facilitating effective training experiences for adult learners Readiness to work non-standard hours over the course of the pre-service training (35 hours per week) Exceptional skills in time management Demonstrated ability to balance multiple priorities in a fast-paced work environment A positive outlook, flexibility, and sense of possibility in stressful situations Demonstrated ability to connect with adult learners quickly and to build strong working and mentoring relationships Evidence of working successfully in teams or cooperative settings Strong analytical skills, including the ability to utilize quantitative and qualitative analysis to support decision-making Experience with Teach Like a Champion techniques (highly preferred) Experience with alternate teacher preparation and certification routes (preferred)CompensationSuccessful candidates will be paid a rate of $25/hour for their work, including training. Instructors willbegin their roles in the spring with up to 40 hours of training for their role, may work some hours inpreparation for the launch of pre-service training, and can anticipate a 35 hour per week commitmentduring the five week pre-service training. A typical Instructor can expect to earn between $4,813.50$5,375.00 over four months, including training.Instructors will be employees of TNTP, a non-profit working to end the injustice of educational inequalityby providing excellent teachers to the students who need them most and by advancing policies and
  3. 3. practices that ensure effective teaching in every classroom. For more information on TNTP, please ApplyTo apply for open roles in Atlanta, Augusta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Washington, DC, Fort Worth,Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, or Providence, RI, visitour website at to submit an online application. Priority deadline isJanuary 4, 2013; applications accepted until February 15, 2013.