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2013 FAQ TFA and TNTP Academy
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2013 FAQ TFA and TNTP Academy


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  • 1. Frequently Asked Questions: TNTP Academy and Teach For AmericaWhy did Teach For America choose to work with TNTP Academy?Cant I get the same training through a university?Once I earn my teaching certification, will I be able to teach outside of Arizona?Once I earn my teaching certification, will I be able to teach in districts outside of the one Im teaching in?Who are the Seminar Leaders? What type of support do they provide?What is required of me to start earning my certification?How much does it cost?Q: Why did Teach For America choose to work with TNTP Academy?A: Both Teach For America and TNTP Academy share the common mission of closing the achievement gapand eliminating educational inequity. TNTP Academy-­Arizona is designed explicitly to provide corpsmembers with the training they need to be successful in high-­poverty and high-­minority Arizona schools.TNTP Academy is fully accredited by the Arizona Department of Education and has a strong track record ofeffective teacher preparation. As TNTP Academy is the national certification program of TNTP (founded byTeach For America alumna Michelle Rhee) and draws upon more than a decade of teacher preparationexperience and proven models for rigorous teacher training.Research shows that TNTP Academy’s model of preparation – pairing relevant coursework and classroompractice –produces effective teachers. In a 2009 state-­wide study by the Louisiana Department of Education,teachers certified by TNTP were compared to graduates of 16 university certification programs across the state.Using value-­added measures, the study confirmed that graduates of our program in Louisiana outperformedgraduates of every other program in the study and outperformed even experienced teachers in raising studentachievement in the core content areas of math and reading.Q: Can’t I get the same training through a university?A: The TNTP Academy curriculum, like that of TFA, is designed explicitly to ensure your success as a newteacher in a high-­need school. Our year-­long curriculum and support, together with your preparation throughTFA, is a powerful combination.In a national survey of education school alumni, 6 in 10 said education schools fail to prepare graduates tocope with classroom reality. Nearly 7 in 10 said they wanted a better balance between subject matterpreparation and field experience.
  • 2. Our curriculum addresses the shortcomings of many traditional teacher training programs by providingrigorous and relevant preparation that is tightly connected with actual classroom practice. Your TNTPAcademy instructors will work in collaboration with your TFA MTLDs to streamline the support that youreceive.Q: Once I earn my teaching certification, will I be able to teach outside of Arizona?A: Yes, although different states have different reciprocity agreements with the state of Arizona. All teachers,regardless of which certification program they attended, are subject to the same rules of reciprocity from onestate to another. Once you successfully complete the TNTP Academy certification process, you will receive aninstitutional recommendation to be issued an Arizona Provisional Teaching Certificate. The ProvisionalTeaching Certificate will enable you to teach throughout the state of Arizona. Certification reciprocity fromone state to another is determined by individual departments of education. You may find additionalinformation on the Arizona Department of Education website:­certification/Q: Once I earn my teaching certification, will I be able to teach in districts outside of the one I am currentlyteaching in?A: Yes – Though our hope is you will continue to serve the students of our partner districts, your ProvisionalTeaching Certificate enables you to teach in any district in Arizona.Q: Who are the Seminar Leaders? What type of support do they provide?A: Seminar Leaders are experienced, fully certified teachers who have taught in our partner districts and havea record of success in the classroom – and many are also TFA alumni. Our process for hiring Seminar Leadersis highly selective, including multiple interviews, an involved project and a teaching sample. Seminar Leadersare then given full training in the Teaching for Results™ curriculum and ongoing support to ensure that theyare prepared to guide new corps members successfully through their first year of teaching – and beyond.Seminar Leaders will be your instructors throughout the first year of teaching. They lead the Teaching forResults™ content seminars, provide feedback to corps members on assignments and assessments, and answerquestions about the curriculum and best practices for ensuring student success in the classroom.In 2011 91% of TFA participants indicated that their Seminar Leader was a significant factor in making them amore effective teacher.Q: What is required of me to start earning my certification?A: When you enroll with Teach For America, you will receive information about next steps for enrollmentthrough TNTP Academy. After enrolling with TNTP Academy, corps members will attend summer trainingthrough Teach For America.Q: How much does it cost?TNTP Academy-­Arizona tuition is $6,500 and payment plans are available.