AZBio Prospectus 2012


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Facts, FIgures and ways to engage with AZBio in 2012

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AZBio Prospectus 2012

  1. 1. Gaining MomentumSupport Prospectus 2012
  2. 2. Our Membership Our IndustryAZBio is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 6 trade Arizona’s Bioindustry is gaining momentum.association. Together with our Members wedrive the Arizona bioscience industry’s growth 2012 marks year 10 in Arizona’s Bioscienceat the state, national, and international na- Industry Road Map. In an initiative led bytional level. the Flinn Foundation, leaders from across the state have partnered to create aAZBio is Arizona’s statewide Bio advocate vibrant industry that is adding diversity andand the unified voice of the bioscience depth to Arizona’s economic landscape.industry in Arizona. From 2002 until today, bioscience jobs inAZBio strives to make Arizona a place where Arizona grew 32%, the number of biosci-bioscience organizations can grow and suc- ence firms including research, manufactur-ceed through its Members and Partners in ing, testing, medical labs, and healthcarethe fields of: delivery systems grew 28% and research partnerships with the National Institutes for• Agriculture Heath increased 65%. Arizona bioscience• Business and Finance organizations now generate $21 Billion in• Construction annual revenues and $765 Million in state• Community Development and local taxes. Community investments• Distribution statewide include 8 new bioscience• Education incubators and accelerators, 14 new re-• Economic Development search institutes, 16 new bioscience• Energy schools/educational programs and the• Government attraction of investments from global• Healthcare leaders in healthcare and the biosciences• Information Technology who have elected to locate or expand• Law operations here.• Manufacturing• Natural Resource Management and 90,000 bioscience workers now call Arizona Conservation “home.”• Professional and Workforce Development• Research Arizona’s impressive progress is not the• Testing result of short term thinking, one-time• Other Professions Involved In and investments, or partisan politics. It is the Supporting the Biosciences result a community committed to working together to build a world-class researchWe also welcome students at discounted base, support commercialization efforts,rates encouraging them to get involved and and migrate the latest discoveries from thestay involved throughout their careers. bench to the bedside and the field to the shelf in a manner that is both translationalAZBio is the exclusive state affiliate in Arizona and transformational not just for ourof the Biotechnology Industry Organization industry but for our community as a whole.(BIO), the national association for biotechnol-ogy companies, a member of Advamed, the We are AZBio and together with ourlargest association representing medical de- members and supporters we are buildingvices, diagnostic products, and medical infor- Arizona’s future and gaining momentum.mation systems manufacturers, and PhRMA,the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufac-turers of America.
  3. 3. AZBio is actively engaged and working for our Arizona BioindustryInside Arizona Outside Arizona♦ Advocating for the bioscience industry ♦ Advocating for the bioscience industry at at the State Capital and within local the Congressional level and with our communities. Federal Agencies.♦ Sharing Arizona’s Bioscience stories with ♦ Sharing member achievements globally the media and shining a spotlight on via press releases, the Internet, and with local achievements and advancements. EmpowHER Media’s 47 million readers.♦ Partnering with Arizona’s state and ♦ Partnering with world class leaders to regional economic development teams educate and inform on bioscience issues and technology organizations. with BIO, AdvaMed, and PhRMA.♦ Connecting our community with Angels, ♦ Connecting with bioscience organizations Venture Funds. Banks and alternative regionally across the Rocky Mountain and funding sources. Southwest to increase access to capital.♦ Showcasing our community through ♦ Showcasing our community nationally at month regional activities and statewide the BIO International Convention and signature events. other industry conferences.♦ Supporting our future by partnering with ♦ Supporting our growth by working with the Arizona educators from K-12 through our Council of State Bioscience Associations community college & university systems. to bring proven programs to Arizona.
  4. 4. Value of Membership Membership Categories & Dues• Connection to your community Bioscience Company Members: Organizations whose activity substantially• A Unified Voice locally and nationally involves research, development or• Engage in committees: manufacture of Biologically active molecules Government Affairs, Workforce/ and materials, Devices that employ or affect Education, Outreach, Resources and biological processes, Biological information Events resources; Devices that monitor, characterize• Showcase your company via or identify biological materials, properties or, AZBio Signature Events, and characteristics; or Software designed AZBio Media Relationships specifically for biological applications. This• Educational Events category of membership also includes• Executive Leadership Roundtables consulting firms offering specialized bioscience expertise, e.g., regulatory affairs• Discounts and Savings on the or GLP/GMP. products and services your business needs Associate Members: All for-profit entities that do not meet the above definition of a Bioscience Company. Institutional Members: Universities, colleges, research institutes, state/local government agencies and non- profit organizations. Affiliate Members: Students who are not employed full-time and full-time teachers. Number of Bioscience Associate Institutional Affiliate Employees Company Members Members Members Members 1 $125 $250 $125 $25 2 – 10 $315 $625 $315 N/A 11 – 50 $625 $1,250 $625 N/A 51 – 100 $1,250 $1,875 $1,250 N/A 101 – 200 $2,500 $3,125 $1,250 N/A 201 + $3,125 $3,750 $1,250 N/A
  5. 5. Developing Resources Creating PartnershipsSince its inception in 2003, AZBio has received At AZBio, we value our partners. You’vegenerous support through support from told us how we can continue to improvecorporations and community partners. and we are listening and acting on it.Now in its ninth year of operation, AZBio has One of the things we have learned fromaggressive goals to reach in delivering value to you is that you want to help us succeedthe bioindustry that is gaining momentum in and that you need a return on your invest-our state. To achieve these goals we must ment of financial support, affiliate pro-continue to garner community support in the grams and/or in-kind services. Our AZBioform of grants, fee for service contracts, Support Levels are based on YOUR annualsponsorship, and active participation from our support of AZBIO including your Member-Members. The more resources AZBio earns and ship Dues. We will work with your team toreceives from committed partners, the more then craft the package of benefits thatwe can reinvest in our community through make sense for you and for your business.AZBio benefits and services. Craft your 2012 Support Benefit PackageIn 2011, AZBio reinvested your support in ♦ Tables/Tickets at AZBio Signature Events♦ New and improved marketing and web- throughout the year based resources ♦ Higher levels of visibility through ads,♦ Executive and administrative support so videos, and on stage presentations. that we are accessible when YOU need us. ♦ Active leadership engagement in♦ Expanded resources for advocacy at the roundtables and committees state and national level ♦ Branding your organization as a leader♦ Regional and state-wide events to connect in the Arizona Biosciences community and engage our community on Annual Level of Aggregate Commitment Support including Membership dues Legacy $50,000 and above Chairman $25,000 to $49,999 Leadership $15,000 to $24,999 Gold $10,000 to $14,999 Silver $ 5,000 to $ 9,999 Copper $ 2,500 to $ 4,999 Community Organizations with an approved in-kind agreement Partners
  6. 6. Signature Events AZBIO EXPO FORE AZBIO Spring 2012 April 20, 2012 10 AM to 5 PM Stone Creek Golf Club Southern Arizona Phoenix, ArizonaJoin leaders from across Arizona’s BioIndustry You know what they say about all work andas they connect, share ideas, engage in dis- no play. Get linked up with the Arizonacussion and move us forward. bioscience community this Spring.♦ Showcase your research, products, and ♦ Showcase your products and services on services as an Exhibitor the course as a Tee Sponsor♦ Gather information in Keynote and ♦ Form deeper relationships as you spend Breakout sessions the day together in this beautiful setting♦ Connect and engage with Arizona’s ♦ Connect and engage as you make your bioscience community, the media, and way around the course and then joins potential partners and investors back at the 19th hole! AZBIO AWARDS Trailblazer Awards Fall 2012 December, 2011 4 PM to 9 PM 11AM to 1 PM Central Arizona Phoenix, ArizonaIt’s Arizona BioIndustry’s big night when we Meet the legislators, and elected officialscelebrate success, preview new ideas, and who made the biggest impact on behalf ofshowcase great companies. Arizona’s BioIndustry in 2012.Join leaders from across Arizona’s BioIndustry We’ll be watching throughout the year,as they recognize 2012’s best and brightest tracking progress, and sharing the our statewide industry gala and Join us as we shine the spotlight and saybiotechnology showcase. thank you at this Member appreciation luncheon and event. Connect with:♦ Fast Lane Awards for Growth ♦ Bioscience Company Leaders♦ Educator of the Year ♦ AZ Legislators♦ Researcher of the Year ♦ Mayors and leaders from Arizona Cities♦ Bioscience Leader of the Year and Towns♦ Bioscience Company of the Year
  7. 7. Connect—Engage—LearnThroughout the year, AZBio holds and sup-ports regional events in Northern, Central, andSouthern Arizona.Contact AZBio to learn more about support-ing these great opportunities to connect, en-gage, and learn.• Member Open Houses and Beer & Bio• Educational Sessions• Executive Round Tables• Student Outreach EventsSupport of AZBio regional events applies to-wards your Annual Support Level. Advertise With AZBio Advocate for AZBio Be Seen—Be Remembered—Be Engaged Help others get involved with AZBio.Showcase your organization or your products Tell your friends about AZBio and help themand services in AZBio programs at the AZBio get involved. Bring in a new member and/orSignature Events throughout the year. supporter and get 25% of their investment in AZBio credited towards your Annual Sup-It’s a great way to congratulate your team, port Level.share information, generate leads, and addto your Annual Support Level. It’s a Win—Win. They get connected to Ari- zona’s bioscience community and you getAdvertising opportunities are available in our extra visibility for your company.programs for the♦ Fore AZBio Golf Outing♦ AZBio Expo♦ AZBio Awards♦ Trailblazer Awards Inside Front Cover $2,000 Inside Back Cover $2,000 Back Cover $2,500 Full Page $1.500 Half Page $1,000
  8. 8. Choose Your Benefit Options Event/Benefit Benefit Description Benefit ValueLogo and Link on Your logo and weblink designating your Determined by level of annual support on the home annual commitment page of and any additional support in 2012FORE AZBio Title Sponsorship and opportunity to $8,000Presenting Sponsor make a short presentation at closing reception and award prize winnersFORE AZBio Includes 3 foursomes $3,000Lunch Sponsor (1)FORE AZBio Provides Automobile as prize for a Hole Prize Provided byHole in One Sponsor in One—includes 2 foursomes Sponsor if required.FORE AZBio Includes 3 foursomes $3,000Reception Sponsor Host Post Play Cocktail HourFORE AZBio Includes 2 Foursomes and $1,500Gold Package Tee SponsorFORE AZBio Includes 1 Foursome and Tee Sponsor $1,200Silver PackageFORE AZBio Display table at the Tee $750Tee Sponsor (18)FORE AZBio Table Top Exhibits during Welcome $200 per table top /Exhibitor Lunch and Closing Reception $300 for 2 table topsFORE AZBio Brand the gift bags with YOUR logo $500Gift Bag Sponsor (Sponsor provides bags)Trailblazer Introduce Luncheon Keynote $5,000Presenting Sponsor 2 Tables w/ 9 tickets + LegislatorTrailblazer On Stage Welcome and signage $2,500Buffet Sponsor 1 Table w/ 9 tickets + LegislatorTrailblazer On Stage Award Presentation $1,500Awards Sponsors 1 Table w/ 9 tickets + LegislatorTrailblazer 1 Table w/ 9 tickets + Legislator $500Table Host
  9. 9. Event/Benefit Benefit Description Benefit ValueAZBio EXPO 2012 AZBIO Expo presented by ______ $20,000Presenting Sponsor(1) Includes exhibit, opportunity for video, and on- stage welcome and 20 ticketsAZBio EXPO 2012 Introduce luncheon keynote, exhibit, 10 tickets $10,000Luncheon SponsorAZBio EXPO 2012 Includes 10 tickets and opportunity to introduce $5,000Gold Sponsor science showcase presenterAZBio EXPO 2012 Includes 5 EXPO tickets $2,500Silver SponsorAZBio EXPO 2012 Cocktail Reception host and 5 EXPO tickets $5,000Reception SponsorAZBio EXPO 2012 Tabletop exhibit/display and tickets $1,000ExhibitorAZBio EXPO 2012 Back Cover / Inside Cover $2,500 / $2,000Program Ads Full Page / Half Page $1,500 / $1,000AZBio EXPO Includes option of exhibit or poster, 15 minute on $1,500Science Showcase stage scientific /discovery presentation, and vid- eo of your presentationAZBio Awards 2012 AZBIO Expo presented by ______ $20,000Presenting Sponsor(1) Includes exhibit, opportunity for video and on- stage welcome and 20 tickets and Full Page AdAZBio Awards 2012 Introduce dinner keynote, exhibit, 10 tickets, and $10,000Dinner Sponsor Full Page AdAZBio Awards 2012 Includes 10 tickets, opportunity to introduce sci- $5,000Gold Sponsor ence showcase presenter, and Full Page AdAZBio Awards 2012 Includes 5 tickets, Half Page Ad $2,500Silver SponsorAZBio EXPO 2012 Reception host,10 tickets, and Full Page Ad $5,000Cocktail ReceptionSponsorAZBio EXPO 2012 Tabletop exhibit/display and tickets $1,000ExhibitorDiscovery Showcase Sponsor Student Presentation session $1,500AZBio EXPO 2012 Back Cover / Inside Cover $2,500 / $2,000Program Ads Full Page / Half Page $1,500 / $1,000
  10. 10. Sharing Your 2012 Commitment is easy. Simply complete this form and return it to AZBio via mail, email, or fax and we will reserve your benefits. AZBio will invoice you and update your Support Status on to recognize your commitment. Arizona BioIndustry Association 107 S. Southgate Drive, Chandler, AZ 85226 Phone: 480-779-8101 Fax:480-893-7775 Member Company: ____________________________________________________ Company Contact: ____________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________ Phone: _____________________________ Membership Dues: _____________________________________________________ Support Commitments: FORE AZBio Benefits Selected: __________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Value: ____________ AZBio EXPO Benefits Selected: __________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Value: ____________ AZBio AWARDS Benefits Selected: _______________________________________ __________________________________________________ Value: ____________ Trailblazer Benefits Selected: ____________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Value: ____________ ******************************************************************************* Total Annual Commitment Value: $ | | 480.779.8101 | | | @AZBio @AZBioCEO