AZBio Membership Brochure


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AZBio Membership Brochure

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AZBio Membership Brochure

  1. 1. we are AZBioAZBio is comprised of Member organizationsin business, research and education,economic development, government, andother professions involved in the biosciences.Arizona’s only statewide bioscience contact usassociation, AZBio is the unified voice of thebioscience industry in Arizona. Togetherwith our Members, we strive to make Arizonaa place where bioscience organizations can Arizona BioIndustry Associationgrow and succeed. 480.779.8101 advancingbio@azbio.orgWe accomplish this by creating a forum for www.azbio.orgthe bioscience community to join together,educating policy makers and the public, For current news and information join:and advancing the economic interests ofindividual organizations as well as the sector LinkedInas a whole. Arizona BioIndustry Association (group)An integral component Arizona’s BioScience FacebookRoad Map, AZBio is helping to move’s BioScience Industry forward …faster. Twitter @AZBio @AZBioCEOAZBio is the State Affiliate of theBiotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Mand a member of AdvaMed. embership B rochure
  2. 2. Business + BioScience for a Better Arizonaour mission How to Make the Most of Your AZBio Investment. The best way to increase your return on investment you and your team with networking opportunities, educational opportunities, and the ability toTo serve our Members, both as organizations and to move your company and our bioscience branch out at a statewide level. AZBio events andand as individuals, by providing access to the industry forward faster is to get engaged. education may be just what you are looking for.key resources, connections, and information AZBio offers a broad range of opportunities for Communications: Stay in touch via In The Loopthat support their ability to Connect, Member Organizations and their teams to Connect, the AZBio email newsletter, the AZBIO Blog, SocialCollaborate, Innovate and Succeed thus Collaborate, Innovate and Succeed. These include: Media communities and the Events Calendar forsupporting the growth of a thriving economic your opportunities to get engaged. Send us yourecosystem for Arizona’s Bioscience Industry. Committees: Work groups made up of AZBio breaking news and big announcements so we can Leadership and Members who roll up their sleeves share them with our industry and the world.AZBio objectives to work together to enable cross communication, provide networking and educational opportunities Purchasing Power: Through AZBio negotiated• Advance the common goals and concerns and drive positive change. AZBio committees purchasing agreements and our affiliation with of our members. include: Member Outreach, Marketing and BIO, Members take advantage of group purchasing Communications, Events and Education, and relationships. AZBio Purchasing Power has saved• Provide an infrastructure for joint activities Government Affairs. our members many times the cost of membership; that serve the needs of the bioscience one member saved over $45,000 in just 12 months! industry through programs, events, Councils: Focus groups that bring together advocacy and services. Members to share ideas and address the key issues Support AZBio: AZBio is a community and functions that will move us forward faster. organization that relies on community support to• Create a favorable business climate in AZBio Councils are focusing on Human Resources achieve its mission and provide an ever increasing which the regulatory, legislative and public and Workforce Development, Supply Chain Best value proposition to its members and our state. sectors recognize and support the social Practices, Access to Capital, as well as Regional AZBio supporters provide infrastructure and and economic benefits of the biosciences in Leadership and Statewide Initiatives. financial resources at many levels. In return, Arizona. supporters have the ability to convert their Events and Education: AZBio’s Annual Awards annual support commitments into a wide array of• Educate, inform and aid local, state and and Expo brings together industry thought leaders, benefits including event sponsorships, marketing federal officials and the general public in investors, government, and our BioScience opportunities, exclusive leadership roundtables making informed decisions about issues community. Signature and regional events provide and more. concerning the biosciences.• Promote science education at all levels and workforce development.• Persuade investors that Arizona bioscience companies are a good investment.• Connect Arizona’s institutional assets and our bioscience industry locally and globally.