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Fox Hunting :)
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Fox Hunting :)


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Foxes
  • 2. Fox Hunting
    • Traditionally people hunt red foxes.
    • The activity includes chasing the foxes and tracking them.
    • Fox hunting originated in the united kingdom in the 16 th century.
    • It’s known all over the world.
    • Most of the Greek and Roman countries have traditions of fox hunting using hounds.
  • 3. Why fox hunting shouldn’t be banned?
    • Because hunters only kill about 3% population of the foxes.
    • When Foxes are killed by humans, more foxes are produced so it doesn’t affect the population much.
    • Studies in Europe shows that population levels are restored in the same year fully.
  • 4. Why Fox hunting should be banned?
    • Money can be saved on Horses because Fox Hunting horses require more money spent on them to keep them at a good health.
    • Fox hunting damages people’s property.
  • 5. Argument from a site:- For
  • 6. Argument from a site:- Against
  • 7. People's view I'd be happy if fox hunting was banned. I like to see foxes. They only kill and take chickens and lambs because they're hungry. If people in the countryside left out food for them to eat, they wouldn't take the farm animals. They can also help control other pests such as rabbits who eat crops grown in the countryside, but I do feel sorry for the people who would lose their job if it is banned here as well as in Scotland.     Natasha, 12, Liverpool I'm not sure what to say because it's cruel, but foxes eat chickens and ruin people's businesses.     Nicki, 12, Hemel Hempstead I live on a farm and I think that foxhunting is fine. Over the summer holidays me and my family went away and when we came back we found that all our chickens had been killed by a fox and their bodies all over the chicken run which shows that foxes only kill for fun.     Sam, 12, Banbury I think fox hunting should not be banned I believe that many members of the public have a very stereotypical and one-sided view on hunting and think that just because a fox is being killed it is cruel, yet when it comes to killing chickens or cows for meat it is fine.     Joe,13, Winchester I think fox hunting should be banned because foxes have a right to live just like humans and its not fair on just killing foxes for fun!     Briony, 12, Milton Keynes I think fox hunting should continue because foxes kill farmers livestock and are a nuisance.     Beck, 12, Inverness I think it is cruel and sometimes not.. people in the town say it is, but they are not living the county to see what the foxes do to the chickens and other wildlife.     Roy, 14, London
  • 8. MY Opinion Fox Hunting shouldn't be banned because Fox hunters help farmers save money on chickens and other animals and they could give the animals more space
  • 9.  
  • 10. Sources