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Desktopvirtualisatie met VM Horizon
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Desktopvirtualisatie met VM Horizon


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AXI Infosessie - De uitbouw van een performante VDI oplossing - do 15/05/2014

AXI Infosessie - De uitbouw van een performante VDI oplossing - do 15/05/2014

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. VMware Horizon 6 Desktopvirtualisatie met VMware Horizon Stefan Verbist SE BeLux VMware
  • 2. Agenda • End User Computing Vision • Horizon 6- Extending the Power of Desktop and Application Virtualization • Our Portfolio 2
  • 3. From Client/Server to Mobile Cloud 3 The changing IT landscape DataApps
  • 4. Software-Defined Data Center Management & Automation VMware is Enabling the Mobile Cloud Era: From Data Center to Devices 4 End-User Computing Desktop Mobile Social Hybrid Cloud Computing Virtualized Infrastructure
  • 5. Tablets, Smartphones Desktop Laptop Tablet Phone Machine Mission: Secure Virtual Workspace for Work at Speed of Life End-User Computing Vision 5 PCs, Laptops Thin Clients Desktop and Workspace Services Enterprise Mobility Management and Security
  • 6. MobileDesktop IdentitySocial Data VMware is Uniquely Positioned to Deliver on this Vision 6 End-User Computing
  • 7. Desktop and Workspace Services
  • 8. Produce Deliver Consume Personalization Apps 2 OS Apps 1 Virtual Desktops & Apps Remoted Anywhere Image Synced to Laptop Managed Container on Personal Laptop Agile and Low Cost Flexible Engaging and Consistent
  • 9. Introducing Horizon 6 9 PERSONA APP OS Central Image Management for Physical, Virtual and BYO Devices Unified Workspace with Blast Performance Desktops & From a Single Platform Optimized for the Software Defined Datacenter Hybrid Brokering Closed Loop Management and Automation
  • 10. Deliver Virtualized or Remoted Desktops and Applications Through a Single Platform 10 Single, Secure Platform RDS Hosted Apps RDS Session-Based Desktops Virtual Desktops Packaged ThinApps 10
  • 11. Hosted Apps in Workspace • Entitle users and groups through AD • Launch View Hosted Apps from VMware Workspace • Available across web, iOS and Android • Single Sign On using Horizon Auth • Support for View 6.0 and above • Requires Horizon Client 11 RDS Farms Connection Broker VMware Workspace Horizon Client
  • 12. XenApp in Workspace • Entitle users and groups based on XenApp farm entitlements • Launch XenApps from VMware Workspace • Available across web, iOS and Android • Single Sign On using Horizon Auth • Support for XenApp 5.0 and above • Requires Citrix Receiver to be installed on client Citrix XenApp Farms ) Integration Broker VMware Workspace Citrix Receiver
  • 13. ThinApps in Workspace • HTTP delivery to non-domain member endpoints (Windows) – Not HTTP streaming – Anywhere access • Windows DFS support for app distribution • ThinApp 5.0 packages with 32-bit/64-bit apps 13 Robust delivery of ThinApps to all Windows™ devices
  • 14. MS Office 365 Integration 14 Expanded App Access for Most Popular Mainstream SaaS • SSO from Workspace to Office 365, SharePoint and Outlook 365 Web Applications • Leverages WS-Fed authentication • Outlook native client Active Profile auth is supported through Workspace generated password in User Portal Benefits • Seamless integration Office 365 with other SaaS and Windows Apps • Simplicity and SSO for end users Overview
  • 15. Windows Server 2008 Desktop Support Enable more affordable VDI deployments Overview  Support for Windows Server 2008 R2 as a desktop OS in Horizon View  Enabled for both Public and Private cloud and deployments  Majority of capabilities expected for Windows 7 based desktops available Benefits  Reduces costs/complexity for some prospective public Desktop as a Service (DaaS) customers  Enables DaaS service providers to share server hardware between tenants, and directly offer Windows licensing choices  Greater choice for private-cloud VDI customers grappling with cost/complexity of Microsoft Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) subscription fees
  • 16. GPU Support 16
  • 17. Anytime, Anywhere Access Through a Unified Workspace 17 One login | One experience | Any device
  • 18. Easy Access to All Windows and Online Resources 18 One login | One experience | Any device App Awaiting Approval Customizable Branding Singular App Catalog Horizon Hosted Apps Packaged ThinApps SaaS Apps Citrix XenApp Office 365 Google Apps Virtual Desktops
  • 19. Blast Performance for Great User Experience 19 Blast with HTML Access PCoIP Desktops and Applications Blast 3D Blast Multi-media Blast Unity Touch Blast Live Communications Blast Local Access Horizon Clients with Blast
  • 20. IT manages a single image centrally Business as usual for users Horizon Mirage™: Uniquely addresses multiple use-cases Automated Win7 Deploy. Endpoint Backup & DR PC Refresh $ Savings Break/Fix $ Savings Centralized Image Mgmt. Highly efficient de-duplication & synchronization (even over WAN)
  • 21. VMware Mirage simplifies the things you already do IT Manages a logical copy (CVD) Users run their normal hardware Highly efficient synchronization
  • 22. Mirage Technology: How It Works  Single-image management • BI changes are optimally downloaded to the endpoints  Flexible user customization • BI updated without impacting user data or personalization • Users can install their own local apps without affecting BI integrity Reference Machine Reference CVD Base Image CVD2 CVD1 Laptops w/ Wanova Client Reference CVD created from a reference PC Base Image is captured from reference CVD Base Image is applied to designated CVD collections BI is downloaded optimally & merged with endpoint UIAMerged CVD is uploadedCVD’s are created
  • 23. Introducing Layered Image Management with Horizon Mirage Horizon Mirage splits desktop image into logical layers – All layers are stored in the data center – Personalized orange layers continuously backed up – Single image (OS) – Hardware independent base-image Desktop Layers Machine Identity User Personalization Layer (user data & profile, installed apps) Core Image layer HW Layer (Drivers & OEM) Application layer n Application layer 2 Application layer 1 • Support multiple layers, each layer consists of a set of apps • Traditional Windows apps and ThinApps • Capture and deliver application layer only without the base-image • Use same offline merge technology, end up with single composite image • Reduced number of managed golden images Managed by IT
  • 24. Options: Multiple Applications per Layer and Multiple Layers End User PC Machine Identity Layer User Personalization Layer Base Layer Driver Library Application Layer MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Google Chrome End User PC Machine Identity Layer Base Layer Driver Library Application Layer 1: MS Office Application Layer 2: Adobe Acrobat Application Layer 3: GoogleChrome User Personalization Layer
  • 25. Single Image Management with Base and App Layers Finance Apps HR Apps IT Apps Finance Desktops HR Desktops IT Desktops Single Base Layer Windows 7 Antivirus Common Apps
  • 26. Data Center to Devices Dashboard Capacity Planning Automation Self-Service Workflows Centralized Image Management Closed Loop Management and Automation
  • 27. Move to the Software Defined Datacenter 27 Reduce costs, streamline infrastructure management and deliver great user experience CONFIDENTIAL Virtual Storage Virtual Compute Leverage low-cost storage with streamlined management Leverage virtual compute for 3D and storage optimization Get granular policy setting with vCNS Virtual Networking 27
  • 28. Horizon 6 Drives Business Value 28 Technology BusinessValue Virtual Desktops And Applications Physical, Virtual and BYO Image Management Closed-Loop Management Optimized for the Software Defined Datacenter Hybrid Brokering Windows Services on Demand Lower TCO User Experience Self Service Streamlined Desktop Set Up Improved TCO Simple Management
  • 29. Horizon 6 Reduces CAPEX and OPEX for Better TCO 29 CAPEX • Optimized for the software defined datacenter OPEX • Simplified image management with Mirage • Managed directly through vCenter • Automated desktop provisioning • Analytics for quick remediation and troubleshooting As Low as $629 per desktop* 2X Lower OpEx Up to 50% TCO Reduction
  • 30. DaaS; $360 $200 $169 $88 $128 $348 $218 $167 $140 $75 $140 $50 $50 $267 $240 $113 $216 $806 $542 Competition VMware View Today VMware DaaS VMware View with SDDC (Horizon 6) Physical Laptop Physical Desktop CONFIDENTIAL 30 Hardware Server, storage, network switches, access device, maintenance Software Windows OS, VDI license, maintenance Labor Help desk (tier 1,2,3), security, desktop management, administration $627 $546 $636 $487 $1,238 $845 Source: Analyst & VMware estimates GOAL: Drive VDI TCO Below Laptop/Desktop Cost
  • 31. Desktops, Applications and Data Across ANY Cloud Horizon Editions 31 Horizon Editions Horizon Enterprise Horizon View Standard Horizon Advanced On Premise Simple powerful VDI with great user experience Low cost high-performance desktops and applications for physical and virtual machine Highest level of automation and management for private cloud deliver Includes • View Desktop Virtualization • ThinApp Packaged Apps • vSphere • vCenter • Application Virtualization • Unified Worksapce • Mirage Image Management • vCenter Ops for View • vCO Plug in
  • 32. Broad Partner Ecosystem Support for Horizon 6 32
  • 33. Thank You