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Service Learning in a Deaf Classroom
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Service Learning in a Deaf Classroom


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Amanda Whittemore
    November 28, 2010
    EEX 3241
    Service-Learning in a Deaf classroom
  • 2. 231 Rinehart Road
    Lake Mary, Florida 32746
    (407) 871-8150
    “The Crystal Lake Elementary community will uphold an enthusiastic learning community where teachers and students are dedicated and motivated to work beyond what they believe can be achieved.”
  • 3. Mrs. Bocceciamp’s classroom
    10 students (grades ranging from 3rd-5th )
    The students are considered to have disabilities based on the I.D.E.A
    All students have varying levels of deafness (Profound, Moderate, Hard-of-Hearing)
    Students ethnic/linguistic backgrounds:
    Spanish, English
  • 4. Engagement Activities
    I went to the classroom once a week for a few hours each time. I went a total of 6 days.
    The main service-learning activities that I was involved with was tutoring/mentoring in the following areas:
  • 5. Math Tutoring
    I worked one-on-one with the students and also in small groups.
    Helped students with math worksheets
    ESE strategy for multiplication: using pictures
    For example: 3x2=6
    ESE strategy for adding/subtracting: using blocks
    For example: 2+1=3
  • 6. Reading/Spelling Tutoring
    In addition to tutoring in math, I also helped the students with reading and spelling.
    Worked with small groups reading stories
    ESE strategies: reading aloud, going over definitions of unfamiliar words, using sign language
  • 7. Service in Action
    Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of my service-learning because of the classroom rules. In order to take pictures with the students I would have to contact all the parents and go through lots of permission forms.
  • 8. Perceptions of Differences
    Initial thoughts
    Thoughts now
    Most impactful experiences
  • 9. Connections to Your Course
    I completed the Community Connections service-learning project for EEX 3241. All of these connections I made while in the classroom will help me in my future classroom.
    Reciprocal Teaching (RT) (Ch 6;pg 174; 4th edition)
    Teach students to self-evaluate (Ch 4; pg 126; 4th edition)
    Independent Practice (Ch 4; pg 124; 4th edition)
  • 10. Civic Engagement
    I have always been an advocate for civic engagement and volunteerism. I feel that it is our duty as citizens to help those in need.
    I would most definitely encourage other students and teachers to participate in service-learning. It is a wonderful experience.
  • 11. Final Thoughts
    I think that service-learning is a wonderful experience. I for one had a fantastic time helping the students in the Deaf classroom I volunteered in. It motivated me to become more involved in many different volunteering opportunities. I will recruit all my friends and family as well 