Send Out Cards Retail Brochure


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A brochure showing you a great way to send a card.. To a family member, a business client or any one you care about.

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Send Out Cards Retail Brochure

  1. 1. T h e y A r e J u s t S i l h o u e t t e s o f P e o p l e Yo u K n o w U n t i l Yo u T u r n T h e m I n t o R e l a t i o n s h i p s S I M P L I F I E D R E L A T I O N S H I P B U I L D I N G THE SOLUTION FOR CREATING STRONGER, LASTING CONNECTIONS TO FAMILY, FRIENDS AND CLIENTS
  2. 2. UNIQUE Keeping in touch today with friends, family and prospects is tougher. There is so much noise, so many other things to do and then there is the expense. Most people would throw their hands in the air with the resignation that it is just too hard. But is it really? No. Take a brief tour over the next few pages to discover how we can help you build your personal and professional relationships very easily and personally.
  3. 3. There is a lot of ways to keep in touch with people today . Most of them use some sort of power. This is where the opportunity lies. Imagine if in the day to day noise of emails. phone calls, instant messages and instant blogging if there was a truly simple way to reach people easily and personally using a format they are already familiar with.
  4. 4. A communication delivered here, in your mailbox. A refreshing island of personal communication that tells the person to put the bills aside and open your note first. It’s a greeting card or postcard that tells your recipient that you care about them.
  5. 5. What says Happy Birthday Better? QUICK QUESTION
  6. 6. Dear Jim, Happy Birthday …. Love Susie! :) THIS……?
  7. 7. Hi Jim, Wow – 33 years! I am glad you were born this day, I can’t imagine being on this planet with anyone but you! Love, Susie Wishing You the happiest of Birthdays. …OR THIS! • Glossy Professional Artwork on Front • Custom font in YOUR handwriting • Your scanned signature in your choice of color • Choice of color of ink inside
  8. 8. SIMPLE. Cards are the Memorable Choice when it comes to expressing your gratitude or celebrations with someone you care about. People often remember who sent them a card to commemorate an occasion.
  9. 9. Did you know that cards can significantly improve your business as well?
  10. 10. F O R BU S I N E S S I’m Here to Help! When a situation arises where a prospect or client can use your services, who will they remember ? Studies have show that it is the often the person that last communicated with them in most cases. Sometimes, its just a matter of taking a moment to recognize an event or express thanks with a client. When your client is thinking about renewing that contract , will they ask what happened to you after the sale? S TA N D O U T I N T H E C R O W D
  11. 11. F O R F R I E N D S H I P B E T H E R E Your friend just got a new car - one the have wanted for a long time. Imagine if they got a card from you congratulating them? Bet no one else sent one! Imagine if you NEVER missed another Birthday again! Mom would be so happy if every year she got a card a day before her birthday. The reality is you can do it today.
  13. 13. • For Personal and Business. Enter your Birthdays, Pick a Card Design and Write a Note (or use some we already have) months or even years in advance. The system knows when to send the card and it will arrive on time! • For Business. Run a campaign for your clients over weeks, months or years. All messaging is in your campaign files and all you do is – Pick the client – Choose the campaign – That’s all! • For Business. Automate note sending. Keep your name in front of clients. Let them know that you have new service or new customer service rep or just say “thank you” on occasion. Be the remembered supplier and do it without additional time investment • For Business. Send automated thank you notes to people you meet networking. Want to know how the successful people do it – they remember you with a note! Just enter the new name and pick our pre- authored message and maybe customize with something you learned from the contact. Takes about 45 seconds – is that worth a new potential partner. YES!
  14. 14. • D o c t o r s • B a n k e r s • A t t o r n e y s • S a l e s p e o p l e • Tr a v e l A g e n t s • I n s u r a n c e A g e n t s • M o r t g a g e B r o k e r s • R e a l E s t a t e A g e n t s • N e t w o r k M a r k e t e r s Campaign Libraries To Help You Build Long Term Relationships
  15. 15. I can learn this in just Seven Minutes? That’s faster than mom bakes a muffin! But wait – I am a little technology challenged. Is this for me? ABSOLUTELY! We set up the account for you, provide training (online and live) and provide other tools. The fact is though, the average person can be shown how to use this process in less than 7 minutes.
  16. 16. First…Let’s Compare Cost
  17. 17. Well. If we didn’t get your attention on cost…look at this! R E TA I L S TO R E S E N D O U T C A R D S
  18. 18. Drive to Store to Park, Choose Card, Stand In Line to Purchase Write Card, Address Envelope and Affix Postage Drive to Mailbox and Mail What you get with a store bought card It becomes clearer why people tend to send few cards – it’s a hassle and costly
  19. 19. O p e n We b s i t e , C h o o s e Re c i p i e n t N a m e , C h o o s e C a rd , C h o o s e M e s s a g e , C l i c k S e n d What you get with a Send Out Card™ Total time investment – about 5 minutes total – cost for card and mailing under $1.50 . This is the why people will do a better job at recognition and relationship building! George Smith
  20. 20. C U S T O M I Z E Y O U R C A R D W I T H A P I C T U R E A N D YO U R O W N S AY I N G I N S I D E N o t h i n g d o c u m e n t s g r e a t t i m e s l i k e a p i c t u r e f r o m t h e e v e n t t o r e m e m b e r i t . S e n d i t o n a c a r d !
  21. 21. Postcard Format Tri Fold Format FOR EVERY MARKETING OR GIFT OBJECTIVE
  22. 22. GIFT CARD Send a Card and a Gift To Friends Family and Clients
  23. 23. Send Brownies & Cookies With Your Cards!
  24. 24. Simple Huh? Now, consider the automation of cards being sent while you sleep and do other things. Your family, friends and clients are well taken care of and you can focus on other things while building better relationships! Saving money is one thing, making money is another. Few solutions offer an easier product that both saves money and makes money. What is the Cost for Not Building Them? Simplify The Card and Build Better Relationships.
  25. 25. SEND A CARD FREE TRY IT NOW! Click on The Link Below To Send a Card To A friend, Family or Colleague
  26. 26. Want More Information or Have Questions? We Want to Hear From YOU! Know of a Great Story of Someone Building Relationships with Send Out Cards? We want to hear from YOU! _________________________ Email Phone 408.717.4553
  27. 27. D O YO U WA N T A S TA N D O U T B U S I N E S S O P P O R T U N I T Y ? Now that you know what it does, how it can give you a business advantage and help build personal relationships, wouldn’t this seem like the kind of business you might like to build full or part time? Maybe you have the passion for this business because you want to help yourself meet certain goals or help others meet theirs. We are looking to expand the opportunity with a few talented people. We are not sure that this is the right business for you, but it might be and you won’t know until you drop us a note or a line so we can follow-up with you.
  28. 28. w w w . c a s h f l o w p o t e n t i a l s . c o m All Material © Copyright 2008 Cash Flow Potentials. Cash Flow Potentials is a trademark of Cash Flow Potentials. Send Out Cards is a trademark of Send Out Cards, LLC. This material may not be used or copied without the written consent of Cash Flow Potentials BUILD YOUR BUSINESS WITH PASSION G E T Y O U R F R E E PA S S I O N B O O K