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Rear ViewSystem Diagram                          HD-SDI                Cam1                          HD-SDI               ...
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Datavideo HS-2000L


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Datavideo HS-2000L

  1. 1. S h a r i n g t h e V a l u e HS-2000L HD Mobile Video Studio www.datavideo.info
  2. 2. HS-2000L DVIHS-2000L SDI 5The HS-2000L is a broadcast HD-SDI mobilevid eo stu dio is d es igned wit h im pr ov ed por t abi l -it y in min d. The HS- 2000L is ideal as hand lug -gage when travelling (fits into airline overheadlug ga ge ba ys).The HS-2000L is a five channel 10-bit 1920 x1080i or 1280 x 720p HD-SDI and DVI-D video& a u d i o s w i t c h e r, w i t h a d v a n c e d f e a t u r e s s u c has a 1 7-in ch mu lt i im age v ideo m onit or dis play -ing each source, together with preview andpr o gra m, a comp let e eight way int er c om s y s t e msupplied with four belt packs, 14 pre-stored log-o s , d i g i t a l c l o c k d i s p l a y, f i v e u s e r s e t u p , t i t l eov erla y an d DVI- D c onnec t ion ideal f or us e wi t hpr e se nta tion so ft war e.The integrated audio mixer with balancedXL R c o n n e cto r s a l l o w s u p t o f o u rchannels microphone orlin e a ud io in pu ts.To a v o i d t h e m e s s a n dincon ve nie nce of indiv id-ual po wer su pp lies , Dat av ideoH S-2 00 0L come s wit h an int egr at edpowe r distribu tion c ent r e, pr ov iding a s im ple an d s e c u r e s o l u t i o n f o r c o n n e c t i n gall th e in teg rate d equipm ent f r om a s ingle s oc k e t .W he the r yo u’re wor k ing in wor s hip, educ at ion, c o n d u c t i n g a l i v e o u t s i d e b r o a d c a s t o r s h o o t i n g i n s i d e a pr o -duction stud io, the Dat av ideo HS- 2000L HD m o b i l e s t u d i o e n a b l e s y o u t o s w i t c h s e a m l e s s l y b e t w e e n v i de oand a ud io so urces and blend high- qualit y digita l c o n t e n t o n t h e f l y, e v e n w i t h o u t e x t e r n a l g e n l o c k , t h a n k s toth e bu ilt in time bas e c or r ec t or.Specifications• 19 20 x 1 08 0i a nd 1280 x 720p • B u i l t i n 8 c h a n n e l s d u a l c h a n n e l I n t e r c o m s y s t e m w i th• Inp uts: 4 x HD- SDI & 1 x DVI - D or 3 x HD- SD I & four cameraman belt packs with dual colour tally light2 x DVI-D indicator• Outp uts: 2 x HD- SDI • S e a m l e s s l y s w i t c h b e t w e e n a l l s o u r c e s , t h a n k s to th e• 17 -inch mu lti-im age v ideo m onit or dis play ing e a c h b u i l t i n T B C & f r a m e s y n c h r o n i z e r t h a t s y n c h r o n i ze s a l lso urce, p review and pr ogr am i n p u t s w i t h o u t t h e n e e d f o r e x t e r n a l g e n l o c k o f t h e ca m -• Built in dig ital cloc k and 5 logo s t or e eras• Lu makey fun cti on f or t ex t ov er lay • Integrated power distribution centre providing a• 4 XL R micro ph one or line audio input simple and secure solution for connecting all the inte-• Pictu re in Pictu r e f unc t ion grated equipment from a single socket
  3. 3. Rear ViewSystem Diagram HD-SDI Cam1 HD-SDI 1 2 3 4 EXT.MIC Cam2 XLR XLR XLR XLR HD-SDI HD-SDI Cam3 VGA DAC-60 DAC-60 PROJECTOR HD-SDI or DVI-D (OPTION) Cam4 INTERCOM HS-2000L PC +TALLY HD-SDI ITC-100SL AUDIO XLR AUDIO CG DVI AUDIO DELAY BOX HD RECORDER AD-100 WITH MONITOR HRS-10HD CG-350Supplied Accessories ITC -10 0SL x4 x4 x4 x4 x4 TD -1 HP-1 CB -3 CB -7 MC -2Intercom Belt Pack Dual Colour Tally Indicator High Quality Head 20 meter Intercom cable Tally Light cabling Producer Microphone box phone & MicrophoneDimensions Size: 355 x 455 x 34mm 134 357.44 Power: 100 - 240V AC 355.59 60 Hz / 50Hz 3A - 36W Max 454.99 Weight: 9KG
  4. 4. S h a r i n g t h e Va l u e Datavideo Worldwide OfficesDatavideo Technologies Co. Ltd Datavideo Corporation Datavideo Technologies Europe BV10F. No. 176, Jian 1st Rd.,Chung Ho City 7048 Elmer Avenue. Floridadreef 106Taipei Hsien 235, Taiwan, Whittier, CA 90602, 3565 AM Utrecht,R.O.C. U.S.A. The NetherlandsTel: +886-2-8227-2888 Tel:+1-562-696 2324 Tel:+31-30-261 96 56Fax: +886-2-8227-2777 Fax:+1-562-698 6930 Fax:+31-30-261 96 57E-mail:service@datavideo.com.tw E-mail:contactus@datavideo.us E-mail:info@datavideo.nlDatavideo Technologies China Co Datavideo Technologies (S) PTE Ltd Datavideo UK Limited102, No.1301,Gonghexin Rd, No. 178 Paya Lebar Road #06-03 Units1 & 2 Waterside Business ParkZhabei District,Shanghai ,China Singapore 409030 Hadfield, Glossop, Derbyshire Tel:+65-6749 6866 SK13 1BE, UKTel: +86 21-5603 6599 Fax:+65-6749 3266 Tel:+44-1457 851000Fax: +86 21-5603 6770 E-mail:sales@datavideo.sg Fax:+44-1457 850964E-mail:service@datavideo.cn E-mail:sales@datavideo.co.ukDatavideo Hong Kong Ltd Datavideo Technologies India Pvt Ltd Datavideo France s.a.r.lG/F.,26 Cross Lane A-132, Sec-63,Noida-201307, Cit é Descartes 1,rue Albert Einstein INDIA Champs sur MarneWanchai, Hong Kong 774477-Marne la Vallée cedex 2Tel: +852-2833-1981 Tel:+91-120-2471023Fax: +852-2833-9916 Fax:+91-120-2406143 Tel:+33-1-60370246E-mail:info@datavideo.com.hk E-mail: sales@datavideo.in E-mail: info@datavideo.fr Datavideo Distributor / Reseller: www.datavideo.info