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  • 1. Cost of Diabetes Alexander Khodenko
  • 2. Prologue
  • 3. Diabetes• What is diabetes? Autoimmune disorder• What is insulin? Hormone• Insulin deficiency or over abundance heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, lower extremity amputations.
  • 4. Types of Diabetes• Type 1 – insulin dependent  body destroys pancreatic beta cells which are responsible for insulin production• Type 2 – non-insulin dependent frequently occurring non-insulin dependent and the most common type• Gestational – glucose intolerance during pregnancy• Other types due to specific genetic conditions, pancreatic disease, surgery, meds, other illnesses
  • 5. Diabetes Trends
  • 6. Diabetes • Seventh leading cause of death in the US • Prevalence of death for people with diabetes is twice higher than prevalence of death for people without diabetes By 2025, the total number of people with diabetes will surpass 26 millionBy 2050, the projected number of people with diabetes will rise to 129 million (165% increase over the 2000 level)
  • 7. Diabetes Costs $ 91.8$100 $90 $80 $70 $60 Total(direct & indirect) $ 45.2 $ 46.4 Direct medical costs $50 Indirect costs $40 $30 $ 20 $20 $ 12 $8 $10 $0 1980s 1990s
  • 8. Diabetes Costs $ 174$180$160 $132$140 $ 116$120 $92 Total (direct & indirect)$100 Direct medical costs Indirect Costs$80 $ 58$60 $ 40$40$20 2002 2007 $0
  • 9. Diabetes Costs2002-2007 increase adjusted for inflation = $21billion Due to:1. Growth in diabetes prevalence2. Rising medical costs surpass inflation3. Improvements in data collection methods & data sources used to estimate the cost of diabetes.
  • 10. Other Costs of DiabetesPain & suffering (people & families)Reduced Quality of life
  • 11. Projections• Do not assume a possibility of TX in the nearest future• Do not assume advances in DM prevention in the nearest future• Expected increase in the number of people diagnosed with diabetes And Increase in the illness related costs
  • 12. Prevention is Crucial• Life style interventions  cost effective (proper diet, physical activity, maintenance of healthy weight, regular check ups)• Diabetes education  cost efficient & cost effective
  • 13. Health Care System NowFramework of the health care system is a problem! Financing Reimbursement
  • 14. Health Care System Needed Financing Reimbursement
  • 15. Modifiable Factors Limited Access to Health Care Ethnical Disparities Poverty
  • 16. Summary• Expect increase in the number of people diagnosed with diabetes• Expect increase in diabetes related costs• Prevention is crucial• Prevention is cost efficient & cost effective• Social policy is the key to the disease control. Changes in social policies are needed.