Business essentials creating a successful culture


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Business Essentials: Creating a business culture

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Business essentials creating a successful culture

  1. 1. Owner Manager TrackSponsored by:
  2. 2. Creating Progressive Corporate Culture Part I Presented by:Marcel Newell & Jody Culbertson
  3. 3. Creating Progressive Corporate CultureProgressive = Achieving, Inspired,Future-focused
  4. 4. About Your Presenter Jody Culbertson• 18 years Visions Electronics• 10 years installer/sales• Past Experience with Visions Electronics - 30 stores in Western Canada, Vice President of Category Development, along with Home/Car/Install Product Manager• Experience in Buying, Marketing, Management, Training• New venture Absolute Training - designed to work with any aspect of your business to make you better!• Email or call 1-414-326-7162
  5. 5. About Your Presenter Marcel Newell• Electronic Technologist• 21 years old wire-puller at Exciter Sound• 27 years old vice president & co-owner• 28 years old created BASSWORX, now $96M• 29 years old & $20 founded AVIDWORX• 500 Stores with minimum 20% revenue increase• Wide perspective• 18 years building small businesses “Pracademic” “Simple”
  6. 6. Our VisionDrive Positive Change
  7. 7. Our Mission Transform the independent mobileelectronic retail industry with affordable, world-class solutions.
  8. 8. Let’s get to Know You…Who is here today?• Owners• Managers• Sales Teams Year in• Install Teams Business?• Sales Reps• Manufacturers
  9. 9. Why are we here today?• If you hit your Goals, everyone else can meet theirs• It starts first with YOU!• When you win, the industry wins…
  10. 10. Session Outline• Creating Culture (Heart & Soul) – Create a Vision Statement – Create a Mission Statement – Outline corporate Core Values• Business Plan Made Easy Tools to Stay On Track:
  11. 11. The Right Tools for the JobHow many here have one of these? Value? Belongs to the Technician
  12. 12. The Right Tools for the JobHow many here have one of these? Time for a new TOOL BOX! For the: Entrepreneur Manager CEO
  13. 13. Tool Box No Longer the CEO’s Tool BoxEntrepreneur – Manager – Technician
  14. 14. Book Reference: E-Myth
  15. 15. Book Reference: E-Myth Entrepreneur – Manager – Technician A Business Is Systems Dependent, NOT People Dependent People do not Fail, Systems Do Work ON, not IN your business ON vs. IN: Building a Quality TeamYou cannot do it all yourself!
  16. 16. Book reference: E-Myth Tells a story about us… How the technician in the business branched out on her own and became the entrepreneurEntrepreneur - Manager - TechnicianMyth about owning your own business
  17. 17. CultureWhat you need: Helps the• Vision Board entrepreneur• Vision Statement chart a course• Mission Statement Helps the• Core Values Team stay on track
  18. 18. PeopleSo much of our success is about people. With all of our amazing technologicaladvances, people still do the work of the organization and are ultimately responsible for its success.
  19. 19. PeopleUnfortunately, most organizations largeand small, fail to provide leadership that engages the hearts of their people!
  20. 20. PeopleFact – 75% of people feel negativelytowards their work, based on survey of 1.5 million employees
  21. 21. Pay or Recognition?• Study in 1970 on…• What employees wanted…• What employers thought employees wanted…
  22. 22. PeopleFact – Out of the 75%, 72% of employees in the US are either emotionallydisconnected from their work or actively undermining their organizations
  23. 23. Pay or Recognition?• What do you think employees wanted?• What do you think employers thought they wanted? Pay or Recognition?
  24. 24. Pay or Recognition?The same study was done again in 200030 Years later do you think the results werethe same or different? Same Results!
  25. 25. People want Recognition!Employees wanted RecognitionEmployers thought they wanted +moneyBottom line:Employees want to be thanked when they do a good job!More than they want a raise! This costs you nothing!
  26. 26. Top 3 Motivators Herzberg Study
  27. 27. People want Recognition!Lead by ExampleTreat Employees well, and they will treat yourcustomers well.This works both ways…. Nordstrom example This costs you nothing!
  28. 28. VisionHow many here know where they are going? ?
  29. 29. Vision“You will never know if you got there, if you do not know where you are going.” So where are you going? Exercise…
  30. 30. Vision Future Destination• 3 years? • Revenue ($)• 5 years? • # of Staff• 10 years? • # of locations• 15 years? • Hours worked • Profit ($) • Products/Services • Markets
  31. 31. Vision Future Destination• 3 years? Can your staff answer the• 5 years? same questions?• 10 years? And give the same• 15 years? answers?
  32. 32. Vision We need a clearly defined Destination/FutureWe need to create Alignment
  33. 33. Building Progressive CultureEveryone wants to WIN!Needs to know what GAME they are playingNeeds to know the RULES of the gameNeeds to make it EASY to win the game All on the same PAGE TEAMWORK!
  34. 34. Teamwork Need to know the RULES of the gamePeople will makeup their own rules
  35. 35. VisionStart Destination Quickest Way Save Time & Money
  36. 36. VisionWhat you need:• Vision Board• Vision Statement• Mission Statement• Core Values Heart & Soul
  37. 37. VisionWhat you need:• Vision Board 1st• Vision Statement• Mission Statement• Core Values Heart & Soul
  38. 38. VisionWhat you need:• Vision Board• Vision Statement 2nd• Mission Statement• Core Values Heart & Soul
  39. 39. VisionWhat is a Vision Board? Blank Canvas Your Dream Painted Picture
  40. 40. VisionBlank Canvas Everyone has one……blank for some time now
  41. 41. VisionWhat is a Vision Board? Painted Picture Inspirational
  42. 42. VisionWhat you need to start: =
  43. 43. VisionWhat you need to start: Bonus: FacilitatorTime: One Day (6-8 hrs)Location: Off site (No interruptions)Tools: Scissors Glue Sticks Each bring 4-10 (anything Magazines important to them) Poster Board Core Value Sheet
  44. 44. VisionStarts with vision from each team member
  45. 45. VisionStarts with Team Vision
  46. 46. VisionAsk your team: How does your Vision address…PeopleProductsCustomersGlobal Market
  47. 47. VisionA picture is worth…… What story is your team telling you?
  48. 48. VisionA picture is worth…… What does your team see you do not?
  49. 49. Vision Buy inTeam Building Vision StatementInsights Right People on your BUS “Drive Positive Change”
  50. 50. VisionA picture is worth…… What is YOUR TEAM telling you? Do you have the right people on the bus?
  51. 51. VisionReal Examples3M – To solve unsolved problems innovativelyWal-Mart – To give ordinary folks the chance tobuy the same things as rich peopleAVIDWORX – Drive Positive ChangeWalt Disney – To make people happy Examples in the Room?
  52. 52. VisionThings to think about:Why you get up in the morning?When have you been fully fulfilled?Why are you in this business?Why do you like most about the industry?
  53. 53. VisionBus? Right people on your bus?
  54. 54. Book Reference: Good to GREAT
  55. 55. CultureRight people on your busIn the Right SeatsThen decide where you are going...Fire fast and hire slow……. (my experience)
  56. 56. CultureWhat you need:• Vision Board• Vision Statement• Mission Statement 3rd• Core Values
  57. 57. CultureMission Statement What is it?
  58. 58. MissionWhat is a Mission Statement?• An organization’s reason for existence• Vision is what it wants to be• Mission should guide the actions of the business• Makes it clear what the overall goals are• Provides a sense of direction which will help guide decision making
  59. 59. MissionHow Specific Should You Be?• This statement should represent the broadest perspective of your business’s mission• Here are some examples from real enterprises:
  60. 60. MissionReal Examples:3M – 3M is committed to actively contributing tosustainable development through environmentalprotection, social responsibility and economic progress."AVIDWORX – Transform the independent mobile electronic retail industry with affordable, world-class solutions.
  61. 61. MissionReal Examples:Walt Disney – “The mission of The Walt Disney Companyis to be one of the worlds leading producers andproviders of entertainment and information. Using ourportfolio of brands to differentiate our content, servicesand consumer products, we seek to develop the mostcreative, innovative and profitable entertainmentexperiences and related products in the world.”
  62. 62. MissionFinal facts to consider in Mission Statement• Moral/ethical position of the business• A desired public image• Vision of growth and profitability• What is your target market?• Description of products and services• Key important influence for the business
  63. 63. MissionYou can’t create a statement overnight!This will take time, so when you are constructingyour mission statement remember to make itclear and concise. Incorporate sociallymeaningful and measurable criteria andconsider approaching it from a grand scale.
  64. 64. MissionExamples in the Room?Shiny Object Test!Transparent to the Entire Team (alignment)
  65. 65. CultureWhat you need:• Vision Board• Vision Statement• Mission Statement• Core Values 4th
  66. 66. CultureCore Values:1) Handful of rules that remain constant over time2) Fire someone for violating3) Take significant financial hit Examples:
  67. 67. CultureSample Core Values: Find a Better Way, Admire our People, Wow our Customers, Passionate about Making a Difference P.I.P.E – Passion, Integrity, Professionalism, Empathy Open & Honest, Loyalty, Efficiency, Accuracy,AVIDWORX Reputation, Growth, Communication
  68. 68. ValuesCore Values: Where to start?
  69. 69. ValuesCore Values: Sheet/List – 15 – 20 mins Discuss as a Group, choose top 5 to 10, narrow to less than 5 One sheet for each team member, circle top 5 to 10.
  70. 70. CultureWHAT? • Vision StatementHOW? • Mission StatementWHY? • Core Values
  71. 71. Culture YOURWHAT? LOGO VISION Drive Positive ChangeHOW? MISSION Transform the independentWHY? mobile retail industry with affordable, world-class solutions. CORE VALUES Open & Honest, Loyalty, Efficiency, Accuracy, Reputation, Growth Post everywhere!
  72. 72. Culture Out of Sight, Out of MindTakes 17-27 times to build a habit…When is the best time to start?
  73. 73. CultureA business is systems dependant, not people dependent Making Accountability Easy…
  74. 74. Culture A business is systems dependant, not people dependent Making Accountability Easy…What to do when mistakes happen?
  75. 75. CultureType of Mistake?Process Mistake?Culture Mistake?
  76. 76. ProcessTake the people out of it.Focus on ProcessExamples?Do not play the blame game?
  77. 77. ProcessLeadership, shared responsibilityWhat did I do to lead to this outcome? Working ON your business Be a Leader, be a Coach
  78. 78. FollowMission?
  79. 79. FollowVision?
  80. 80. FollowCore Values?
  81. 81. FIRE Follow Core Values? SLOWFAST! HIRE!
  82. 82. FIRE Follow Core Values? SLOWFAST! HIRE!
  83. 83. FIRE Follow Core Values? SLOWFAST! HIRE!
  84. 84. FIRE Follow Do onFAST! Core Values? Your Terms
  85. 85. Business Plan What is a business?“Makes commitments and fulfills them.”
  86. 86. Business PlanWhat is your job in your business? “Makes commitments and fulfills them.”
  87. 87. Business PlanYour Job? Answer: Guess???
  88. 88. Business Plan S: ScientificGuess??? S.W.A.G it! W: Wild A: Ass G: Guess 3 to 10 year journey Start Destination
  89. 89. Business PlanSet a course…Guess: where will we end up?Measure: where we areAdjust: adjust/stay course to stay on track Sound Familiar?
  90. 90. Business PlanHow can you stay on course without... Map/Plan?
  91. 91. Business PlanHow can you stay on course without… Map & Instruments?
  92. 92. Business Plan Vision of…Start Destination
  93. 93. Business PlanHow many would set sail?
  94. 94. Business Plan How many would set sail?Knew 60mins would be like this?
  95. 95. Business Plan How many would set sail?Knew 120mins would be like this?
  96. 96. Business PlanHow many would set sail? Small Business
  97. 97. Business PlanIn a small ship/business, it does not take much to take you out
  98. 98. Business Plan Need a map/plan & instruments for trackingVision of this… Started here… Finished here… How many would have done things differently? Failing to Plan is planning to FAIL!
  99. 99. Business Plan• Business Plan• Budget• Financial Statements How often in business do we set out without a destination, map and instruments? Failing to Plan is planning to FAIL!
  100. 100. Business Plan• Business Plan Map• Budget• Financial Statements Instruments Right tools prevent this outcome
  101. 101. Business PlanToday we have… …Technology has made it easier
  102. 102. Business PlanWe will discover the GPS for business… …Technology has made it easier
  103. 103. Business PlanHow many people here have a business plan?
  104. 104. Business Plan How often do you look at it?When was the last time you looked at it? How long ago was it written?
  105. 105. Business PlanWho here has never written one?
  106. 106. Business PlanCan be overwhelming.
  107. 107. Business Plan 100+ Pages1,000+ Pages < 20 pages Many forms
  108. 108. Business Plan Most look like this….Failing to Plan is planning to FAIL!
  109. 109. Business Plan Thought of it…
  110. 110. Business Plan Without it…Failing to Plan is planning to FAIL!
  111. 111. Business Plan Very busy… Work very hard Where is the money? Without it…
  112. 112. Business PlanShould be as simple as this…
  113. 113. Book Reference: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits
  114. 114. Business PlanVerne gave us: 1 Page Business Plan
  115. 115. Business Plan1 Page Business Plan Traditional Plan
  116. 116. Business Plan Tradition Business Plan Need for… Start up • Think it all through • Prove Model Funding< 20 pages • Bank loans • Raising money
  117. 117. Business PlanTradition Business Plan Ends up here…
  118. 118. Business PlanWhere to get it:
  119. 119. Business Plan 1Year Quarterly Plan
  120. 120. Business Plan How to use it: can see it!Look at it Daily Hint: It helps if you read the book
  121. 121. Good News Words of encouragement…You are NOT going to get this RIGHT the first time! It takes years to get it RIGHT It takes years of getting it WRONG
  122. 122. Good News…A PLAN will always CHANGE, but abusiness with a future-focused plan will GO THE DISTANCE.
  123. 123. Session OutlineCreating Culture•Vision, Mission, Core Values –It is a guide if you doing it the right way –All rowing in the same direction –Know who belongs on the BUS –Spot mistakes, cultural misfits•Business Plan –Chart a course
  124. 124. Remember
  125. 125. Please Remember to Thank ourOwner Manager Track Sponsors: