Case Study Ro Construction


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Case Study Ro Construction

  1. 1. CUSTOMER PROFILE Client: R&O Construction avg anti-virus Network Industry: Construction Edition Delivers Rock Solid, Country: USA Easy to Manage Protection Location: Ogden, Utah Users: 150+ for US Construction Firm Web site: AVG solution: AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition BUSINESS PROFILE Founded in 1980, R&O Construction is one of the top five general construction contractors in the state of Utah, and one of the top ranked contractors nationally. IT ENvIRONMENT Eight HP BladeSystem, servers, 20 desktops and workstations, approximately 130 laptops and other mobile computing devices; Cisco switches and routers; Cisco VOIP lines; VMware’s server virtualization solutions. THE CHaLLENgE AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition is • Large number of laptops and mobile devices in use remotely. a great product. If you are looking • Increase in the number of security threats infecting the company’s IT infrastructure. for a dependable, full featured • Existing solution overtaxing both system and human resources. anti-virus solution, with centralized management, that is easy to configure, THE SOLUTION AVG is a great option. You can have it AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition installed and up and running across • Ease of configuration, deployment, and management. your domain in just a few hours. • Single solution for protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malware. Jim Sisco, Network Administrator, R&O Construction. • Unique real-time protection against poisoned websites and infected IM file transfers. • Central management and monitoring makes ongoing administration simple. • Updates can be performed centrally on all clients and scheduled according according to specific requirements. CONSTRUCTION
  2. 2. The Situation Symantec’s Norton Anti-Virus had been the Why avg? company’s anti-virus solution of choice for Founded in 1980, R&O Construction is • 110 million business and many years but, over time, Sisco had grown one of the top five general construction home users worldwide increasingly frustrated with the product. As contractors in the state of Utah and a top- half of a two-person team, he was acutely • 1 million more users every ranked contractor nationally. The company is aware of the amount of time IT had to devote month headquartered in Ogden, Utah, has a regional to ensuring that the company’s anti-virus • Trusted by the world’s most office in Las Vegas, Nevada and operates protection was working effectively. demanding businesses throughout the Western United States. “Symantec’s product was getting more • Comprehensive business R&O employs 150 people, of whom 100 bloated with every version, which was causing protection – file server, are based at the company’s headquarters a growing number of performance problems email server, workstation in Ogden. A further 10 are based in the Las for client systems and it became more and • Multi-award winning Vegas office, and 40 are working remotely at more time-consuming to upgrade. These performance client construction projects at any given time. problems began to impact our estimating system, getting in the way of our ability to • Engineered for no- All of the company’s IT needs are supported by compromise protection that network administrator Jim Sisco and one other respond to clients with new and updated is easy to live with IT professional operating out of the Ogden project estimates in a timely manner.” offices. The IT team is responsible for the smooth • Unique LinkScanner® Not surprisingly, Sisco decided it was time for technology delivers real- operation of eight servers, 20 desktops used a change, and so he began to lay out plans for time protection primarily by administrative staff , and around a replacement to the Symantec installation. 130 laptops used by the project managers, • Comprehensive support estimators, marketing and sales teams, and The Solution and service. individuals operating on site at client projects. With just two people supporting the IT The network infrastructure of Cisco switches needs of 150 employees, R&O’s new security and routers and Cisco VoIP lines also need to solution needed to be low-maintenance, be running smoothly at all times. In the last two manageable remotely, and non-intrusive for years, the IT team has deployed VMware’s server users. And, of course, Sisco had to be able virtualization solutions to enable a leaner and to depend on the product to catch viruses more flexible IT infrastructure. before they became a problem that required R&O’s software applications include project significant manual intervention. management, construction imaging, The first product put to the test was Kaspersky archiving, compliance, the full Microsoft Anti-Virus, a solution with a great reputation suite including Exchange Server, and Citrix for catching viruses. But the administrative Metaframe for external access. The company interface appeared overly complex. also operates a secure web server which hosts “The admin console interface in the Kaspersky customer specific microsites containing up- product was far from intuitive, and was to-date job-site photographs, catalogs known going to require a high degree of handson safety issues, and keeps customers informed configuration. We simply did not have time to on project progress. manage that level of complexity in a product.” The Challenge Then Sisco learned from a colleague that AVG Security and intrusion protection have always had a network product. Sisco had been using been a top priority for R&O, particularly given AVG’s Internet Security at home for some the large number of laptops and mobile time, but he was not aware the company had devices in use. Sisco, who has been with R&O a business version. Given his familiarity and since 1997, has been closely involved with existing level of trust for AVG security software, the evolution and growth of the company’s IT he went ahead and downloaded a 30-day trial infrastructure, and in recent years has seen a version of AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition from rapid increase in the number of threats to the the company’s website. Sisco was so impressed security of the company’s IT infrastructure. that, within an hour, he was pushing the trial product out to R&O’s client systems.
  3. 3. “During our evaluation of AVG Anti-Virus To keep the protection at a high level, updates about avg Network Edition, I was hugely impressed with can be performed centrally on all clients and its ease of configuration, and the smooth conveniently scheduled according to R&O’s Technologies deployment to my client desktops,” says Sisco. specific requirements. AVG also enables full Since 1991 AVG has championed the cause of “I could get a lot of information about the support for automatic updates for remote internet security for all. Its security status of my client desktops through staff, even when they are disconnected from team includes many of the the remote administration console, and fix the network. Sisco can even run control tests leading experts in software anything I needed to fix without having to on remote workstations if there is a potential development, threat visit any individual machine. Clearly AVG problem, and target a virus update to a detection and prevention and could bring us significant economies of time.” specific machine or group of machines. Sisco risk analysis. The business solutions this team delivers also likes the graphical reports AVG Anti- The Experience Virus Network Edition generates that show a are always innovative, effective and comprehensive. Today, AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition provides summary of the clients’ security status, clients Critically for smaller R&O with a robust solution for protection exhibiting the highest potential infection businesses they deliver this against viruses, spyware, rootkits, and other rates – indicating that additional training may uncompromising protection in malware. Its WebShield and LinkScanner be required – and other reports that can help the fastest, lightest and most user-friendly way possible. modules also protect against online threats to justify the software to management. from infected instant-message file exchanges A strategy of closely matching In the two months following the initial and malicious websites – scanning for threats product and support to deployment of AVG Anti-Virus Network the real world needs of before they can be inadvertently downloaded Edition, R&O has not had a single infection both business and home onto a user’s PC and spread across the network. problem and Sisco has not had to place a has rewarded AVG with This capability was particularly important with single call to AVG support. more than 110 million the large number of staff R&O had working active users worldwide. A remotely on construction sites as they were Download avg Software Today multitude of awards and the spending more time on the Internet than office- recommendation of experts Try AVG software for 30 days with free support based users in the course of their work. in business protection bear – with no obligation to buy. During the trial testament to the benefits of But it was AVG’s unified administration period, you have full access to all program the AVG approach. console that was the key for Sisco. It provides functionality as well as free, round-the-clock AVG Business Edition centralized management and monitoring, Technical Support. products support all the making monitoring and maintenance a simple major operating systems Visit to background task. The console enables Sisco and and platforms and cover download today. his colleague to remotely deploy, update, and email, file servers and configure AVG across the network without the workstations. This range is need to visit individual desktops. With access to distributed globally through a carefully selected reseller base a continuous overview of the security status of and directly via the web. all client machines, Sisco can centrally control and modify AVG client settings as needed. AVG is already the world’s fourth largest vendor of anti-virus software and is continuing to grow rapidly. Nearly 6,000 resellers, partners and distributors – including, CNET, Cisco, Ingram Micro – team with AVG. These partners recognise the need for the faster, lighter business-class protection that defines the AVG experience. For more information visit