Inglés on line cursos profesionales 2013


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Inglés on line cursos profesionales 2013

  1. 1. Desarrollamos personas, fortalecemos organizacionesINGLÉS PARA EL PUESTO DE TRABAJOCURSOS DE CONTENIDO PROFESIONAL
  2. 2. Desarrollamos personas, fortalecemos organizaciones 2 ÍNDICE Presentación Cursos Profesionales de Inglés Programas de Formación: Objetivos y contenidos Anexo Contenidos
  3. 3. Desarrollamos personas, fortalecemos organizaciones 3Presentación Cursos Profesionales de InglésCursos compactos y altamente efectivos de Inglés para elPuesto de Trabajo.30 horas de estudio y están disponibles en dos niveles:Intermedio Bajo (B1) e Intermedio Alto (B2).Cada módulo se centra en la comunicación en inglés sobretemas y aspectos específicos del entorno profesional.
  4. 4. Desarrollamos personas, fortalecemos organizaciones 4Presentación Cursos Profesionales de Inglés Los módulos del nivel Los módulos del nivel Intermedio Alto (B2) son: Intermedio Bajo (B1) son: Solicitar un puesto de trabajo, Solicitar un puesto de trabajo, Banca y Finanzas, Tratar con el Banca y Finanzas, Tratar con el público, Reuniones, Negociación y público, Reuniones, Ventas, Presentaciones, Llamadas Negociación y Ventas, Presenta telefónicas, Viajes, y Redacción. tu trabajo, Llamadas Puedes elegir cualquier telefónicas, Viajes y Redacción. combinación de módulos dentro del mismo nivel según tus necesidades.
  5. 5. Desarrollamos personas, fortalecemos organizaciones 5Presentación Cursos Profesionales de Inglés Usuario: demoavanzaingles1 Contraseña: demoavanzaingles1
  6. 6. Desarrollamos personas, fortalecemos organizaciones 6 ContenidosModule Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6Applying for a Job Describing jobs Job advertisements CV and cover letter Arranging an interview Preparing for an interview During the interview ● Learn useful vocabulary to ● Read job advertisements ● Study useful language ● Practise language used to ● Practise talking about recent and ● Watch a video of a job describe jobs, responsibilities ● Practise useful language to ● Practise writing an email arrange and have a job training past experiences interview and requirements describe positions & job cover letter interview ● Prepare to answer interview ● Practise answering interview requirements questions questionsBanking and Finance In a bank The history of inflation Changing currency Euro accounts Banking in shops Phoning a customer ● Watch a video of a bank ● Read an article about the ● Listen to a conversation in a ● Read an article about euro ● Read an article about banking in ● Listen to a phone conversation transaction history of inflation bank accounts supermarkets with a customer ● Practise useful language for ● Practise describing changes ● Practise numbers and ● Study vocabulary of banking ● Practise expressing ability ● Practise making a phone call to dealing with customers currency words transactions a customerMeetings Arranging a meeting Progress report and action Stages of a meeting Referring to time Speculating and planning A business trip ● Practise arranging a meeting points ● Listen to different stages of a ● Read an email ● Practise language used to ● Practise describing a business ● Watch a video of people ● Study "meetings" vocabulary meeting ● Practise different ways of speculate trip having a meeting ● Practise reporting progress and ● Practise language for staging referring to time ● Practise making plans and ● Practise reporting what listing action points a meeting describing what you have done happened in a meetingNegotiating and Words that sell Sales talk Salespeople and company Comparing products and A sales conversation and small talk Advertising textsSelling ● Study advertising vocabulary ● Listen to sales talk in an organisation services ● Watch a video of a sales ● Read different advertisements ● Practise using words and advertisement ● Learn to talk about people ● Practise the language of presentation ● Study persuasive language and expressions that sell ● Practise a sales phone call and responsibilities making comparisons ● Practise making small talk the structure of a persuasive text ● Practise describing the ● Study adverbs, adjectives and structure of a company or an making predictions organisation
  7. 7. Desarrollamos personas, fortalecemos organizaciones 7 ContenidosModule Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6Presenting your Work Company types A company description A tour of your workplace Commercial activities Professional or company history Presenting your work ● Practise describing ● Read a detailed description of a ● Study vocabulary of places in ● Practise vocabulary describing ● Practise describing your work ● Study different company companies company a company building organisations or professional history descriptions ● Watch a video of someone ● Study questions asking about ● Listen to a guided tour of a ● Practise describing commercial ● Study language describing the ● Practise writing about your presenting their organisation what a company does workplace activities past and present company or organisationTelephoning Phone basics Phone calls Taking messages and orders Making and receiving calls Making decisions Getting out of trouble ● Listen to different calls ● Study useful phone language ● Listen to different phone ● Practise useful phone ● Listen to different calls ● Practise ways of dealing with ● Practise vocabulary and ● Watch videos of different calls expressions ● Study language of making calls that are difficult to numbers phone calls ● Practise taking messages and ● Practise pronunciation and decisions understand orders over the phone spelling words over the phone ● Study phrasal verbs and prepositionsTravelling Meeting people Organising a trip Travel conversations To and from the airport Travel questions Social conversation ● Practise travel vocabulary ● Practise reading and writing ● Listen to different travel ● Study more travel vocabulary ● Practise asking for travel ● Practise making social ● Practise introductions when emails conversations ● Practise asking for and information conversation when travelling on on a business trip ● Study language used to ● Practise useful travel understanding directions ● Study questions to use in social business organise a business trip language situations ● Study questions and reactionsWriting Text types Taking messages Formal vs. informal writing Email update Reporting back Profile writing ● Learn vocabulary of text ● Listen to different messages ● Compare different writing ● Study ways of introducing and ● Watch a video of a ● Read a social network profile types ● Practise writing a message styles connecting ideas in an email or a conversation ● Practise writing a profile ● Practise short messages and ● Practise formal and informal letter ● Practise reporting a abbreviations writing ● Review verb forms conversationDealing with the Welcoming & Introductions Explaining where to go and what Giving information Giving instructions Explaining rules and describing Planning and arrangingPublic Practise greetings and to do Practise talking about dates, Practise expressing intentions, problems Practise talking about times, introductions Practise describing bureaucratic prices and conditions possibilities, necessity Practise explaining rules and arrangements & schedules Practise language of asking for procedures Learn expressions to describe Practise explaining what to do describing problems Talk about precautions, purposes and giving help Practise explaining where to go features of a service Study obligation, prohibition, and reasons and what to do permission
  8. 8. Contacto 8Contacta con nosotros para más información y precios Tfno.: 91 758 92 23 Mail: