2007 Hysteresis


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The 2007 Annual Adelaide University Engineering Society (AUES) Magazine

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2007 Hysteresis

  1. 1. HYSTERESIS 06/07The Annual Journal of the Adelaide University Engineering Society
  2. 2. 1 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07hys·ter·e·sis n. 1. The lagging of an effect behind its cause, as when the change in magnetism of a body lags behind changes in the magnetic field. 2. The annual publication of the Adelaide University Engineering Society, documenting the most vital parts of the greatest faculty on campus. THE ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY ENGINEERING SOCIETY Publisher Adelaide University Engineering Society Editors Alexander Jenner-O’Shea and Tom Vincent Published October 2007 1
  3. 3. 2 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 EDITORS’ MESSAGES THANKS The Editorial Committee would like to thank everyone who had input in the making of this magazine. A special thanks goes to the sponsors, who without, we simply wouldn’t be able to print and supply this magazine to engineering students for free. When/if you have the chance to support them please do. If you have any queries about this current edition or suggestions for up and coming magazine please visit aues.org.au and contact the current AUES president. Hysteresis 06/07 was written and edited in September/October of 2007. Thanks to Hantie for being so awesome and beautiful. AUES LOVES AND HATES People we love People we HateTooheys FREE BEER Charlie For giving people food poisoning at BBQs.Charlie Wearing a dress Med Fucks Still owe us for the tug-of-war ropeJen For being wonderful Charlie For stealing AUES alcoholChuck Norris Does he really need a reason Joel Not managing to arrive to a BBQ beforeNina Cause she jiggles Comment 12 when being in possession of the main removed by Womens Officer payment cheque due at 10am.Charlie For being a scapegoat James Lovell Wearing a dress (and loving it a bit too much)Sandy For DJing The Union For being allergic to funMarky Mark For dressing up like a girl Law Society For being too cool for the AUESBuck’s room entertainment 07 Levitating candle Charlie International Womens DayBBQ Punters Especially those who turn up Brendan Lim Wanky, immature emails to help turn sausages Med Fucks Wouldn’t give us the skulldug cup whenSkye For putting in more effort than we beat them half of the committee each year. Bodz and Babez “Models”???Mason For creating our Pubcrawl designs Joel Dropping the BallThe Hoff Doesn’t everyone James Lovell Spilling beer on a laptopTom Best President Ever Charlie For thinking he’s part of the AUESSunni Best President Ever (not counting Tom) Union Room Hire Charged us a cleanup fee when we redecoratedBigger & Better Helping sell shirts in O’Week their room for free.The Duck from Quiz night What a trooper Coopers (except Helen) Wouldn’t give us free beerJules and Alvin 05 hysteresis was awesome Tom Worst President EverYoutube PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! Sunni Worst President EverOur Vending Machines They work Joel For seriously thinking that he helped the AUES Quiz night guy 06 He knows what he did Human Movement For being so fit and taking the tug seriously. Leaders Guernseys Who leave early (piss-weak) – I’m looking at you Nick B Our Vending Machine Only gives back 20c In case you don’t realise, or you are reading this in the year 2020, each student was allocated 100mb per semester. The above values are huge, very huge – go sapac01 you good thing! 2
  4. 4. 3 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 CONTENTS: Page AUES Committee 2006 4 AUES Committee 2007 5 Prez Says 6 VPs write up 7 Treasurer’s write up 8 Women’s Officer’s write up 8 Editorials 9 AUES Events 10 Vox Pop 18 Faculty of Engineering Staff 20 Executive reports 22 Head of School of Australian School of Petroleum 24 Head of School of Chemical Engineering 25 Head of School of Civil Engineering 26 Concrete Canoe Challenge 27 Head of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 28 Head of School of Mechanical Engineering 29 AIAA 30 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 31 History-sis 32 Where are they now? 36 Dear Editor 39 AUES in numbers 43 2006 The year in review 44 2007 The year in review 46 The full Adelaide Uni Experience 48 Pics of 2006 Pics of 2007 3
  5. 5. 4 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 COMMITTEE 2006 Thomas Vincent Craig Browett Michael Quince Laura Brooks Zuhra Sadri Crystal Forrester Nina Hydbom Matt Newcombe Ben Duivesteyn Joel Stanley Richard Kohler Michael Fischer Sunil D’Souza Daniel Ali Michael Newman Kevin Chan Alexander Jenner-O’SheaExecutive Committee General CommitteePresident – Thomas Vincent Richard KohlerVP (Activities) – Craig Browett Michael FischerVP (Education) – Michael Quince Sunil D’SouzaTreasurer – Laura Brooks / Zuhra Sadri Daniel AliSecretary - Crystal Forrester Michael NewmanWomens Officer – Nina Hydbom Kevin ChanPublicity Officer – Matt Newcombe Alexander Jenner-O’SheaIT Support - Ben Duivesteyn / Joel Stanley 4
  6. 6. 5 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 Committee 2007 Alexander Jenner O’Shea Rachel Eriksen Rebecca Tennant VP of f#cking Awesomeness,Actual Women’s Officer Becski Jeremy Mellor Megaphone Man *cough nina cough* Fanta Pants Kevin Chan Sunil D’Souza Kristina Noicos K Dawg Zuhra Sadri Worst Pres Ever Tits McGee Cash Nazi Ryan Faulkner Pinhead and GeneralChris Schwarz Drunkard Schwatta, Your next Prez Tom Vincent Best Pres ever, Colour coordination award Absent at group photo Dan Ali Michael Richard Crystal Yasmin James Ben Dan tha Newman Kohler Forrester Freschi Lovell Duivesteyn Man Clip Art Dicko Not so IT “bigger” I’m a dick Bendy King support Executive Committee General Committee President - Sunil D’Souza Richard Kohler VP (Activities) - Alexander Jenner O’Shea Daniel Ali VP (Education) - Chris Schwarz Kevin Chan Treasurer - Zuhra Sadri James Lovell Secretary - Crystal Forrester / Rebbeca Tennant Ryan Faulkner Womens Officer - Rachel Eriksen Jeremy Mellor Publicity Officer - Michael Newman Yasmin Freschi Hysteresis Editor – Alexander Jenner O’Shea Kristina Noicos Thomas Vincent IT Support - Ben Duivesteyn Ex President – Thomas Vincent 5
  7. 7. 66 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 PREZ SAYS Prez 06 – Tom Vincent Prez 07 – Sunil D’Souza 2006 and 2007 have been two very strong years for the sugary snacks and caffeine became easily accessible in the CATSAUES. Total number of members and event attendance has making 24hr efforts that little bit easier.continued to soar, even with the introduction of VSU which hasseen many clubs (and sections of the union) fold. Each year In 2007 the biggest area of growth for our club was thecontained record numbers for the pubcrawl, which now sees 2008 size of our BBQs. In early 2007 the AUES put a lot of effort intoready to break the 1500 mark in t-shirt sales. Go the Engies! planning events efficiently and catering for larger numbers which, throughout the year, saw us comfortably knock back 6-8 kegs in an It’s our strongest belief that the AUES is the best thing afternoon, even when it’s pouring with rain, like in Term 1. Theabout university life at Adelaide. Engies are the biggest faculty on increasing number of kegs is aided by a new sponsorshipcampus and as such we feel it’s the responsibility of the Engineering arrangement with Toohey’s this year. Their continuing supportsociety to throw the biggest and the best events. helps us run large events on campus, most of which are completely free for members. As always the year is best kicked off with the pubcrawl;continuing our run of sodomizing your favourite childhood images. A welcome addition to our club in 2007 was the2007’s theme is a great example - “Teenage Mutant Binja Turtles” introduction of an electronic membership list, programmed by Ben,and was a great success. The t-shirt sales count was up to 1200, our IT guru. This system makes it easy to sign off members at BBQmaking it the largest, most reputable pubcrawl in Adelaide, and and eliminates long signup lists, which help to make the line upunofficially the world (many move a bit quicker (to the delight of all the punters). The clubpeople have asked us to make it now boasts over 800 members, making us one of, if not, theofficial, the reality is; we would largest most active social clubs on campus.need officials from Guinnessrecording and monitoring every The club also received a financial sponsorship fromdrink which would simply kill The Office on Pirie. They offered fantastic drink specials on thethe fun). Numbers have pubcrawl, and throughout the year for members. Both Toohey’sincreased so much that we now and The Office look to beoccupy three venues at a time, long term sponsors, whichculminating at St Pauls will only help the club toNightclub. It was amazing to see grow in the coming years.the Adelaide streets floodedwith well over a thousand engie pubcrawl tshirts. The Hens & Bucks event was a new event in 2006 2006 saw the inclusion of the AUES website and after a few issues in 2006(aues.org.au) which quickly became very popular and *cough* modelling companyunfortunately also became very hard to monitor, hence it has *cough* the event in 2007grown a history of crashing. After many complaints to hosts and proved to be one of the bestchasing of gremlins we now seem to have a more sturdy website on the AUES calendar.which contains photos from all our events and helpful engie links. Around 200 guys and girls attended this event, the beer and slushies were flowing, the games were fun, and the entertainment was The AUES bought a new vending machine in 2006, which enjoyed by all. Apologies go to all those in the crowd who saw tooto the delight of the vending manchine stocker (who was previously much of Xan.stocking the machine up to 5 times a day) meant that precious 6
  8. 8. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 Due to the incompetency of last year’s Union Board, the Both of us would like to thank all of the 2006 and 2007Party Party took a different turn this year, and decided to nominate 3 AUES Committee for all your efforts during the two years. You’veAUES members to the board. We figured that the Union needed all helped to develop and maintain the AUES as a hugely successfulsome engineers to put things straight and Xan was successful at club on campus, and we’d like to think that both years are amongstgaining a position on the AUU board. Congrats Xan. the most successful years of the club. We’d both also like to thank previous AUES crew, AUES survives on maintaining reputation so The student union has withdrawn its funding from clubs, without previous reputation we couldn’t be holding the biggest kickhowever, the AUES is still as strong as ever, able to float itself on ass events on campus today.its popular pubcrawl and strong reputation for looking after its Tom Vincent and Sunil D’Souzamembers. aues.org.au VP’s write up VP Education – Relatively speaking, first years’ statics has to be one of student’s questions about uni life in general in an unbiased fashion.toughest subjects in any engineering degree – parallel axis theorems There were twelve sessions in total with up to class sizes of fifteen.and centroids by integration? WTF? Fortunately for most first year I would like to thank ‘The Mechs’ – Kev and Dan, andengineers, the AUES provides a tutoring service to help students ‘The Civils’ – Zuc, Richard and Bec. Thankyou also to Kirby fromundertake this problematic subject. As our constitution dictates the ECMS for booking rooms, and Dr Craig Willis – the statics lecturer.Vice President of Education (Michael Q in 06 and me in 07) Finally, thankyou to all the students who attended our tutes and Iorganises these sessions in cooperation with the statics lecturer. hope you guys passed statics and are cruising through dynamics : ) This year it seemed advantageous for everyone involved if Thanks goes to Michael Quince, VP ed of 06, for doing asix AUES members take alternating weekly sessions in fortnightly great effort of the tutoring scheme last year. He proved that it wasteams of three. This way ensured fairness on AUES members giving an AUES service worth repeating, which it was, and worth doingup their time but also providing students with two timeslots in again in 08 to help out the freshers.which they could attend our sessions. Our tutorials ran verysmoothly and students were able to ask us statics questions which Chris Schwarzwe completed on the white board. We were also able to answer VP (Ed) 2007 VP Activities – In 2006, the activities VP was filled exceptionally well by effort required to maintain the momentum of the Tug-o-war, whichCraig, who put in a big early effort, putting together the whole 1st was recently reintroduced in 2005. It has been my privilege to serveterm BBQ and was always helping out. He left some big shoes to the Engies of Adelaide Uni, who are the most pro-fun people onfill and I was proud to take over the reins from him. 06 and 07 were campus, and plan to keep strong in 08.two big years for activities, starting a brand-new event (Hens and XAN RULZ!!!!Bucks) and running some truly kick-arse BBQ’s. There was also the VP (Activities 2007) 7
  9. 9. 88 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 Treasurer’s write up approximately $1000 - $1500. So running four of these a year as well as other dirt cheap events such as Buck’s and Hen’s nights and quiz night ends up costing us approximately $10,000. To make up this loss each year we usually pimp out the president and women’s officer on Hindley street…no hang on that’s not what happens, I’ll try again - to make up this loss we use our pubcrawl as our major money spinner. Tshirts sell for $20 (possibly $25 in the future because they are becoming so damn popular) we scout around and find places that can do us a deal and we usually end up buying shirts on average for $8.50 to $10.00. So if we sell about 1000 shirts – there’s the $10,000 that we can spend on cheap BBQ’s for everyone. Unlike other dodgy clubs *cough* Med’s Laura Brooks and Zuhra Sadri *cough* the AUES has never, and will never spend its money on its own committee. We simply want to supply Engie students with Many of you are probably wondering “why the hell did damn good BBQ’s and with that attitude it’s no wonder they areBritney shave her head?” others are probably wondering “How damn good.does the AUES manage to run so many cheap events without Other means of raising money include the writing of thisgoing bankrupt?”. The first question I can’t answer, the second magazine and rent that we charge the person running the vendingquestion however…… machine. Rent of the vending machine is usually only about $2000 a The AUES has a great reputation for running “All you year and this magazine doesn’t raise anymore than that either. So ascan eat, All you can drink” BBQ’s, with alcohol provided. With can be seen the majority of the AUES money comes from creating apunters paying only a measly $5 to gain access to these glorious huge successful reputation for the mighty pubcrawl.BBQ’s you’d be correct in thinking that we couldn’t run these Tom Vincentevents at a profit. In fact we usually run these BBQ’s at a loss of Women’s Officer’s write up and combat the issue of minority. In previous years, female specific events such as movie nights for female engineers unfortunately lacked interest. In 2006 the introduction of the Bucks and Hens night proved to be a great source of unity for females studying engineering and I think it’s safe to say that the Hen’s room’s success, rivalled the Buck’s room. 2007 continued this success and hopefully this new popular event helps to maintain a female friendly environment for years to come. 2007 was the Year of Women in Engineering, to help recognise this the Engineering Faculty hosted the Women in Rachel Eriksen and Nina Hydbom Technology Challenge where the AUES Women’s Officer helped many young women realise their potential in the world of The position of Women’s Officer on the AUES is engineering without be blown away by the distraction of arroganceprobably one of the most difficult jobs to have. Let’s be honest and testosterone.who would want to be a minority in such an immature,testosterone driven blokey degree. The job of the AUES Tom VincentWomen’s Officer’s is simply to help unite females in engineering 8
  10. 10. 99 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 Editorials Writing a yearbook for the AUES has proven to be a rather Many highlights stand out in this magazine to us, the editinglarge task for the editing committee. Not only because Jules set such committee. One such glorious moment can be found in the Vox Popa great standard in 2005, but because Joel set such a low standard in section. For those who are unfamiliar with Vox Pop it simply involves2006 (nothing….like absolutely nothing) which meant we had to the editing committee writing a few questions and then walking aroundsomehow pick up his piss poor effort and somehow try to produce the engie buildings asking these questions and hopefully we receivesomething half as good as Jules did. So for a couple of blokes who some funny answers. Well not only did we receive some funny answers,had ¼ of the time to report on twice the amount of events with no but we received one particular funny answer in less than half a second,material to work on at all, I which, although is rather funny at first,think we did a passable job. it’s also rather disturbing as well. This Creating hysteresis answer we talk of, is Costa’s answer toinvolves many contacts, many the last question.hours of writing and many Writing hysteresis involvededitorial fuck ups along the many many hours in the CATS typing,way. Some of these fuck ups editing, bugging people to submit, etcare just plain irritating, some of and frequent trips to obtain caffeine andthem are rather funny. A couple sugar were required…..actually I thinkof the rather funny moments I need a break now….might go getinvolved our approach to myself a coffee fromadvertising. In the months prior CATS…………fuck, damn coffeeto the creation of hysteresis we machine’s out of order…..AGAIN,sent out many emails seeking sponsorship from engineering does that machine ever work?!?!companies and recruitment companies etc. At one moment we were Oh, by the way I don’t think anyone realises just how damnsearching google for a company contact and somehow stumbled hard it is to write up hysteresis when you have the sapac01, c0mputeracross an internal document listing many personal contacts within log on and unlimited youtube.many hundreds of advertising companies. After the initial shock and The Editorshumour of stumbling across this settled in, we quickly added each ofthe personal contacts to our advertising list and sent them our To be honest, I haven’t even read what Tom wrote for theadvertising prospectus, which quite easily quadrupled the size of the editorial, as it tends to be complete waffle. I feel as though I should laynet we were casting. Evidently none of those companies seemed it on the line and say what a remarkable contributor to the AUES Tomwilling to advertise with us. Vincent has been. I should say how he has given 4+ exceptional years Another humourous advertising moment occurred early on, service to the AUES, sometimes at the expense of his Masters and howas we pondered the potential for multiple companies wanting to he was the hardest worker in 06 and kept it right up in 07, putting soadvertise on the back cover. The possibility of printing multiple runs many unappreciated hours in, including compiling hysteresis. I shouldwith differing back covers whilst pocketing the extra money was say many things about this great man…. I won’t. Despite the fact thatrather funny to us. So funny in fact we got drunk at the 3rd Term BBQ all of the above is true and Tom deserves more credit than anyone elseand told many people this. One of the first year punters at our BBQ on the AUES, it would go against what I’ve been saying for the last twoalso thought it was rather humourous, went home and told his older years (Worst President ever). So without further ado, let me introducebrother (a graduated engie) about it, who also thought it was rather the real Tom Vincent, the one that he doesn’t want people to see, orhumourous……until we approached him about a week later for know about. They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words so here issponsorship of said back cover. I still don’t know how we managed Tom, in a better description than words could possibly provide:to talk our way out of that one…..but as you can guess, he didn’t Xanrequest sponsorship of the back cover. Before anyone rants and raves and tries to label us as sexist and wrong, let us just explain that although this pic looks damn terrible, everyone involved had a great night (evident in other pics at the end of mag). Everyone has drunken photos that look worse than they really are. In fact, Helen submitted this pic herself in the pro-fun way that Helen is. Cheers Helen……and I’ll be forever sorry for how bad this photo looks. Tom. A special mention must be made from the hysteresis editorial committee that actually did something to the 06 editor (Joel). It wasn’t that he did absolutely stuff all for 2 years, it was that he continually promised that hysteresis would be created and everything was on track, even after the whole committee jumped on his back. I’m sure everyone can sympathise, that when doing a group project and be stuck with one of those people that promise oh so much and deliver oh so little. Recently the AUES has grown allergic to these types of people, if you are one of these people please do not have anything to do with the AUES …….subtle…..like a sledge hammer. 9
  11. 11. 1010 AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 AUES EVENTS where we put together perhaps one of the greatest drinking EVENTS 2006 teams ever assembled. On the night, we demolished the med f*cks, winning 4-0. It was terrific to stick it up those dirty east- side-of-frome-road wankers. Although they didn’t give us theO’WEEK cup that we rightfully won, we took everlasting glory from that night and shouts of Engie, Engie, Engie filled the air. The first event for the AUES every year is O’Week.This involves setting up our table and selling as manymemberships/pubcrawl shirts as possible. All clubs are offered This was also the fateful year that one of the mosta table in the designated ‘clubs’ region. The AUES arrogantly cherished members of the AUES joined the team. The AUESturns its back on this offer and chooses instead to snaffle the megaphone, that source of hours and hours of amusement mademost prime piece of real estate that we can at 7am Monday its O’Week debut in style, heckling anyone who dared to walkmorning. past our tent. Lines like “bring those on the pub-crawl” to any large-breasted female got us told off a few times, notably by an This was also the first event Tom was responsible for irate mother who informed usas president. On the Monday the AUES runs a barbie for all that this was inappropriate as herfirst year students to meet and see who the coolest kids on daughter was only 16. “Put thatcampus are (Us, naturally). Tom, having had no support from sh*t on lay-by” was the reply, ashis committee (worst committee ever) had to put this barbecue soon as they were out of earshot.together by himself at the last moment. The rest of us started This negative publicity onlycooking sausages while the first years waited and waited for drew more attention to us, withTom to show up with the bread. Finally arriving, 20 minutes record T-shirt sales and recordlate to a hail of boos, mostly from his own committee, it memberships. All-in-all, a verywasn’t a great start to the year. Tom, later, more than made up successful O’Week.for this with a sterling effort on the pubcrawl. Pub Crawl As anyone who was a first year knows, it can be a The 2006 pubcrawldaunting experience to start engineering. The AUES helps this theme was a shameless piss-takeby publishing a freshers guide, filled with helpful advice, such of the fringe festival which wasas location of the Unibar, subject guide, how to get around, on at the time, with the themeetc. A notable inclusion was an explanation of how the student ‘re-generation’. Deciding that it’s okay to steal recycled ideas,pigeonholes work: the Binge pub-crawl was born.Each Student has his or her own pigeonhole; its placementdepends upon which department With our mascot a red paper crane, ityou are with. You must collect your was decided to put our engineering skills topigeon from the student centre work constructing a 20x scale model to helpbefore the end of week 1, otherwise promote the cause. Two trips to Bunnings anda $15 fee will be charged per Spotlight and we had the raw materials withpigeon, per day. Pigeons can be which to construct the beast. Using the fineused to send important documents engineering skills which Adelaide Uni hadsuch as assignments to your equipped us, with we set about joining 6 m oflecturers, as well as be made into 2-by-4, 12 m of dowel and 15-odd squarepie. metres of red fabric using a variety of nails, bolts, liquid nails, fresher’s blood, string, Needless to say, we were glue, and perseverance. Our hard efforts werenot popular people with the student rewarded when we finally unveiled thecentre when dozens of freshers magnificent creation. Far too big to fit(rightly concerned about being through any doors, it did succeed in bringingfined a pigeon levy) started asking attention to us, if only for blocking theabout their pigeon. walkway. One of the highlights of O’Week is of course The pub crawl in 06 was a momentous occasion,Skullduggery. The mighty engies decided that it was about marking the first time that the Crown and Anchor (Cranker) hastime we proved what everyone already knows: That Engies are allowed the AUES to return since an “incident” in the latethe biggest drinkers in the Uni. With some help from a couple nineties (cough, cough, water heater, cough). It was also a recordof random Engie guys, we comfortably sailed into the finals year for T-shirts with 1050 shirts printed, easily the biggest pub- crawl in Adelaide, and undoubtedly the best. 10
  12. 12. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 Even at pubs not on the list, many an engineer could be found. The line-up The crane also made its way from pub to pub, even getting started at the UniBar inside the Exchange and up to the front bar. Sadly though, it was (an engie favourite) lost shortly after, last seen outside of Church nightclub, a great with the skull-offs for loss for the AUES. the Leaders Guernsey. The AUES was The trouble with being so fantastically popular (as the represented in the girls AUES is) is that at the end of the night, no pub can hold 1000+ skull by a woman of people. To counter this, we booked St. Pauls function center.dubious appearance, “Mar(k)tina”, who, despite skulling well, This was a great success, being at almost full capacity for mostfailed the gender test and was subsequently disqualified. The of the night. Thanks to the Red Bull guys who came along tomens leaders shirt was where the real prop up everyone’s saggingcompetition was and one true champion energy with Red Bull vodkas andemerged. Big Nic, recent graduate of Jaeger bombs.Adelaide Uni Engineering travelled backfrom Roxby for the pub crawl and despite All in all a great nightpromising his mum that he wouldn’t, set was had by all, expect perhapsabout winning the Leaders Guernsey. He those eating at mansions, todemolished the jug skull, and was the whom we should apologise, andonly competitor to walk up on stage with a big thank you to all those whoa pint for a chaser. He managed to hold organised the pubcrawl, Tomthe shirt for the whole night, right up to Vincent, Michael Quince,the last pub, a mighty effort. A cost-effective, even if a messy, Michael Fischer, Sunil D’Souza, Shannon Mason, everyone atstrategy for the night. We salute you Big Nic. the door at St. Pauls and everyone else involved. We should mention how difficult it is to convincepubs that the AUES is a responsible organisation and that HENS AND BUCKShaving 1000+ people through on a pub crawl is a good idea for A new event for the AUES was run in 2006, Engiethe pubs. Especially when our reputation precedes us (cough, Hens and Bucks night. This one was dreamed up by Michaelwater heater, cough, EFTPOS machine, cough), some pubs Quince, who organised most of the night. For the uninitiated, thetake quite a bit of convincing that nothing will go wrong. idea was to separate the guys and girls into two groups and haveMansions especially, were concerned that our pub-crawl their own Hen’s and Buck’s night before meeting up afterwardswould possibly interfere with their serving of meals. We at the Unibar.assured them that it wouldn’t and that everyone would be ontheir best behaviour. That promise lasted until about 8 p.m. For entertainment we decided to book a couple ofwhen the president, Tom Vincent, stumbled down the stairs ‘hosts’ and ‘hostesses’ to ensure that guys didn’t have to spendand thought to himself “Why the FUCK are these people all night looking at other guys, and vice-versa. Please don’t askeating?”. He then realised, after a small pause, that his brain us about the entertainment for the boy’s room, we’re definitelywas connected to his mouth and had quickly become the not dealing with that model company again and will make sure centre of attention, and had several the same mistake will never happen again, ever. bouncers heading towards him. He then ducked out to the bar and The Boys room: proceeded to skull a jug of For a warm-up, a ‘cocktail’, take off and then wear a series of ice-breaker mini- girls bra, molest a female pub- games were played. From crawler friend (thanks for not here we had our pool of pressing charges Helen) and potential bucks. With generally offend everyone in the dollar beers, many patrons building. Needless to say, when the warmed up quite quickly, time came to plan the 2007 pub and $5 Jaeger bombs crawl, Mansions politely declined. didn’t hurt. The field was When questioned about his actions then narrowed by a full-body contact game of musical chairs as later Tom Vincent innocently well as the drunkest dance-off seen in years. The joke contest replied, “No I didn’t, I only drank yielded only poor-taste baby jokes, while the pick-up line four beers and drove home”. Until contest delivered the classic “Can you be my derivative? So Ithe photos of him at Mansions surfaced, I think he believed can be the area under your curves”, Thanks Ben. The boys alsothis lie himself. showed their skills, or lack thereof removing bras, and putting them on. The next game was to be a jelly eating contest. For this The pub crawl virtually took over the entire East-End we had prepared breast-shaped moulds, each holding roughly 4of Adelaide with a sea of sky blue as far as the eye could see. litres of jelly. With their hands behind their back, the contestants 11
  13. 13. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07had to eat their way through a pair of jiggling, wobblingboobs. They all started strongly, but jelly is filling, especially Proving us women are ain the quantities that they were eating it in and before long little inexperienced with strap-ons,progress had slowed to a crawl. This brought on jeers from the the Cock in a Bottle game was a littlecrowd and several contestants retaliated by throwing lumps of awkward as the ladies tried all sortsjelly at them. The bystanders retaliated, like faeces throwing of positions to achieve a speedymonkeys at the zoo, scooping handfuls of jelly and throwing it penetration. Positions one can onlyat anyone nearby. By the end, there was no jelly left on the assume they discovered from manytable. The same could not be said of every other surface in the hours of studying the Karma Sutra.room. The several promising candidates for the Queen Hen competed in a final Finally, the competition had been narrowed down to game to construct the ultimate penis.a mere final four, the drunkest four in the room, it should be Although, many created weddingmentioned. It was announced that the winner would be the tackle that look more fun thanperson who got naked the fastest. This had been jokingly anything I’ve got at home, it was somewhat surprising that thediscussed beforehand, and it was decided that no-one would most modest of the penis’ was heavily applauded, deciding ourbe willing to do it. On the night however, four extremely Queen Hen. Thus, proving that the ladies really do believe thatwilling contestants could be found and within seconds of the it is not the size of the ship, but rather the motion of the ocean.words being uttered, four naked men emerged. This somewhatkilled the mood as half the audience decided that the boys Inspection of the rooms by the stewards afterwards wasroom got “a bit too gay” and left. The final winner was then not a friendly experience. The boys’ room was literally cakeddecided through a Super-Troopers classic: Maple-Syrup with Jelly on nearly every surface, while the girls room had aSkulling. The manliest of the couple of discreet piles of vomit in the corners. Under threatsmen was crowned king of “You’ll never book a room in Union house again”, we wereBuck. charged a $1000 clean-up fee. A big thank you to everyone A special mention who pissed on the floor, vomited in the corner, or threw jellyis due for the AUES’s at the projector screen.Buck’s room favorite: theone and only Party Borgas.Why? He got damn loose – BBQ’senjoying the bra game, table The AUES is famous (some would say world-diving through a beer-amid renowned) for how kick-arse our barbecues are. The standardand getting pelted by cups deal of all-you-can eat snags and all-you-can-drink Tooheys isfor his effort. a favourite of many an Engineer. In 2006, we delivered, as-The Girls room: promised, four fantastic barbies. The girls room started with a little too much decorum Traditionally, the 1st term barbie isfor an AUES event. However, these polite and reserved ladies held in O’Week, but with liquorpresent at the beginning of the night were nowhere to be found licensing issues, it was pushed following a couple of hours free back to week 3. This definitely champagne. The evening really got to helped us out and we sold a lot a kick start when James Lovell dared more pub-crawl shirts because of enter the ladies room. After being it. Our very own Worst Pres ever attacked by a swarm of ladies armed bailed on this one with with make-up, hideous dresses and “conjunctivitis”, or as I’m wax, James left embarrassingly attired convinced, “fakeritis” and left the and with smooth, yet patchy legs. whole thing up to activities VP, Photo evidence in fact proves that Craig. Good job Craig, and thanks James for your Lovell work all loved this year. It was a scenario great barbie and may and set theindeed fit more into that room scene for a good year.than the other. The freechampagne idea turned for the The 2nd term barbie was theworst, as a few ladies failed to second time (in recent years) that we heldmake it through the night and the Trans-Torrens Tug. To celebrate theregurgitated their champagne glorious 1 year anniversary of crushing theonto the union carpet. Med team, a bouncy castle was booked, as 12
  14. 14. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 own and then walked around “helping” Friezy try to find them. The 3rd term BBQ was once again held in election week, and pollies felt the need to try and harass our members. The anti-pollie brigade was in full-force, headed up by Charlie Aust, packing a super soaker Triple-Aggressor. Pollie games were held, with cream pie-off, and shrink-wrap smack-down. Red Bull made an appearance, handing out free cans, but we’re not sure that they appreciated us shrink-wrapping Clarkey to their RedBull- mobile. Clarkey was the star performer of the drinking, setting up by the tap and drank so hard that he was spewing up against the wall of the Maths building. It wasn’t the fact that he spewed, or the fact it was in full view of everyone, it was the fact that it was at 2:20pm that was really impressive. Full marks for drinking like a trooper Clarkey, but no thanks for getting naked in the UniBar afterwards. The final barbie of 2006 was decided to be a beach-themed celebration. Of course we had no ideawere many kegs. After the previous years hassle of running it whether the weather would back this plan up or not. In the end itwith med (tight-arses), we decided to compete against a more didn’t, but that didn’t put a dampener on us, filling up our kiddieworthy opponent. We invited UniSA Human movement, as pool and playing beach cricket. Not out biggest, but still a greatwell as the Commerce Students Association, for a three-way time was had by all. After being told that we had had our musicbattle. Human movement definitely came to tug (rumours on for long enough and that this would be our last song, Sandywere floating around that they actually trained), while the took full liberty and cranked the PA right up to max andengies, as per usual, were there to drink. The engies, despite dedicated it to everyone in the maths building and the lecture inrapidly becoming tipsy, trounced Commerce on the lawns and Union Hall.got to challenge Human Movement across the Torrens. Thiswas to be a single tug, winner takes all. The Engies started onthe less-preferred southern bank, and never looked like they QUIZ NIGHThad a chance. One by one, they dropped off as they An AUES staple, ourapproached the rivers edge, until only Xan and Friezy last major event for the year is aremained. These two gallant souls refused to drop the line and quiz night. For the uninitiated,were promptly pulled into the murky depths. Not the Engies the quiz night has two majorfinest hour. Before long the beer was flowing and no one components: the question half,cared about our inglorious loss. Friezy certainly didn’t seem to which the smartest tablesbe any worse after his swim, and was up on the bouncy castle, compete on; and the beer tallywhere he somehow managed to lose his pants. Coming off the half, where each schooner isbouncy castle, he couldn’t seem to find them, even with the marked down against the tablehelp of a quick thinker who had put Friezy’s pants on over his number. For many engies, the 13
  15. 15. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07beer tally is where the real competition is. In 06, the questions quite classy or well-behaved enough for their establishment andwere prepared by a self-proclaimed “quiz-master” whose therefore didn’t let us back up our 2006 antics (thanks a lotsense of humour was dry as a nun’s gusset. This meant that Tom), although neglected to tell us that they wouldn’t be lettingmore and more tables were focussed on winning the beer tally, us in until after theand any semblance of a real quiz night was abandoned soon shirts were printed.after. As you can imagine engies are fairly intolerant of This didn’t bothersomeone making a mess of their night and questions such as several pub-crawlers“Is this country in the Southern or Northern hemisphere” were from sneaking downanswered with “You’re the worst quiz master ever, eat shit and on the night anddie, from table number Fuck You”. The scavenger hunt was having a forbiddenwell attempted, with the final item being a phone call to the pint.winners mum. The winner then had to say over the PA “I’mhappy that you and Dad had sex to create me”. Amazingly this The nightwas done without a moment’s hesitation. Despite the quiz kicked off in usualnight part of the night being a bit of a downer, a good time fashion, by starting atwas had by everyone who drank a lot. the classic Uni student favourite, the UniBar. The leaders Guernsey was decided on by a jug skull up on stage. This was one of the worst displays of drinking ever seen by an AUES pub EVENTS 2007 crawl as not one of the competitors came close to setting a reasonable time. The first competitor to finish, Alan, promptly threw up, straight back into his jug. The leaders Guernsey wasO’WEEK then handed to the next top finisher. Evidently however, one jug was too much for this crawler, and the leaders Guernsey was not O’Week preparation began early in 07. To make surethat everyone knew we were the most pro-fun group on seen again. Taking the leaders Guernsey home before the end ofcampus, we decided to organise a couple of body-painted the night is surely one of the weakest moves in AUES pub crawlmodels to stand around and look attractive while we did our history. The Oath was recited and with high spirits, we set offthing. Again we promoted the club heavily, insisting to first for the night.years that joining the AUES was a compulsory part of anengineering degree. With fantastic weather, the AUES water pistols madean appearance. The offer to sell dry t-shirts immediately afterdrenching passers-by was not appreciated by many. Thetempting offer of “buy a free shirt, get a suck of goon” alsofell short as a promotional tool. The one tactic which did seemto work was the offer of “free t shirt to any attractive girl whotakes her top off” (thanks Bigger and Better, or shall we sayMrs Y and Mrs H). This brought in a couple of takers, anddefinitely didn’t hurt the sale of men’s shirts either.PUBCRAWL In 2007, the AUES continued to butcher childhoodicons, this time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of course The rest of the pub crawl was a good night all round.having decided on the theme, a clever twist was added, the Skulling imperials at the Elephant and PJ’s definitely gave thechanging of Ninja to Binja; no doubt pub- The Pubcrawl Pledgecrawlers and observers alike would be in Beer ye, beer ye!awe of our wit and creativity. With the Honourable engies, it is time to commit yourselves wholeheartedly to thisrelease of the latest incarnation of TMNT year’s Legless pubcrawl by joining with me in spouting the traditional AUEShappening the night before, we ‘procured’ pubcrawl oath! Please all raise your right hands and repeat after me.several copies and had these playing at I, state your name, do solemnly swear to uphold the fine traditions of thevarious pubs over the night. engie pubcrawl, to drink as much as I might without falling down, and should I be caught by the long arm of the law, I will proudly pronounce at the top of my lungs The next stage in planning was to “I am an Adelaide Uni Med Student!”go around to pubs and assure them thatwhat we had in mind was a quiet drinksevening for a small group of responsible university students night a quick boost, while 90 cent beers at Church definitelyand would they mind having us pop in for a couple of helped many a thirsty crawler (and their wallet). Following thebeverages. Once again, they fell for our tricks and we had a success of booking St Pauls last year, we did the same in 07 andreasonable list of pubs. Mansions decided that we weren’t this worked brilliantly. We’re not sure if there was something in 14
  16. 16. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07the drinks at St. Pauls, or the full moon, but there seemed to be bit more ‘adult’ than last year and Red was tasked with bookinga lot of picking up. Not sure how many entertainment for the lads. Herelationships blossomed after that night, performed his duties fantastically,given this exchange: “So did you get her and everyone was mightilynumber?” “Fuck, I knew I forgot impressed with just how talented asomething!” “But you got her name?” performer this girl was. In true“Fuck! No, I remember. Her name was Engie style the guys wrotedefinitely a month”. We needed to have a themselves off, but no one more socouple of sensible AUES representatives than Alan. After having a powerstanding at the door, checking people in chuck off the balcony, weand this responsibility fell to the newest convinced him that it would becommittee members, including the then fucking hilarious to streak through17-year old, Yasmin (Cheers, Yas and the girls’ room, butt-naked. HeKevin for doing this for most of the night). really didn’t take much convincing, and did a lap of the room, willie proudly on full display. The girls really didn’t seem to notice, and partying resumed. After a number of elimination rounds, the buck was decided by a skull. We’re pretty sure that the guy who won only snuck into the top four and didn’t earn his place, but well done to him, especially once he was claiming his “prize”. Girls Room: The ladies’ room started in a slightly tamer manner than the blokes, with a friendly game of Musical Chairs in the subtle ambience of blaring pornography. With the addition of a fewHENS AND BUCKS frozen daiquiris the girls warmed up and started trying to tune Building on the success of the inaugural 2006 Hens the somewhat sleazy male models with their best pick-up lines.and Bucks night, the event was run again in 2007. Due to Although one of the models was overly pleased by this attentionturnover of union staff, we were able to book the same two and a room full of excitable ladies, the other was a few too manyrooms as last year. The AUES decided that it would be in our spliffs into the night to really know what the hell was going on.best interests to no have any Jelly or male nudity at this year Nonetheless, later in the evening our stoner model redeemedHens and Bucks night. himself, by getting close to the girls on the dance-floor and showing us a little more thanBoys Room: we had paid for. Kudos to The boys room again started with an icebreaker both of these gentlemen still,games, although letting Charlie decide what was a harmless for trying to simultaneouslybit of fun may have been a bit of a mistake. Shotting Tabasco promote their side jobs atsauce, taking off your pants and doing a lap of the room, Madame Josephine’s whilstskulling against Trev Zank and getting a nipple cripple were laying all efforts intoonly the warm-ups for picking-up anywhat was to be an eventful obliging and possiblynight. The best was saved intoxicated ladies.from James Lovell – Awedgie so bad it needed to No Hen’s night wouldbe cut out (it did too!). have been completeThe night started off with without a little toiletsome big screen porn, and paper, a few lady-boy was it brutal. depends diapers and a lot of novelty penis It was decided to paraphernalia. Themake the entertainment a evening’s games 15
  17. 17. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07concluded with the most competitive Hens releasing their The second term barbie was again our annual Trans-pent-up frustration on the Penis Pinata and a quick scramble to Torrens Tug.find the honoured and sought after Cock Bracelet, deciding the Deciding that “peopleevenings Queen Hen. Finally, once suitably stripped of their who aren’t engies areinhibitions, all the girls headed for the bar to meet with the shit” we decided weprimed bucks. A slightly more vomit-free evening that the wouldn’t go upprevious year, and therefore, a successful night! against another faculty, but rather have an under-gradBBQ’s versus post-grad tug- In 2007, the committee was off to a great start in off. We also had other O’Week, having events, such as the signed up a keg toss, in which record number of Langers demolished everyone else’s best efforts without members. Not breaking a sweat. The shrink wrap races were mostly a surprisingly, this competition of who didn’t fall over (the post-grads didn’t) and meant that our the boat races were comfortably won by an all-star undergrad first barbie was team (thanks to Boschy choking half-way through his beer). The also a record- main event, though, was the Tug. After a preliminary warm-up smashing effort. on the lawns, the under-grads were looking good, but drew the Despite drizzly treacherous southern bank. Confirming the fact that it’s the weather, we had northern bank on which winners stand, the post-grads cruised to a record turn-out a reasonable win. Well-done to all those tuggers, keeping aand managed to get through 8 kegs in just over 2 hours. proud AUES tradition alive.Tooheys showed up and plastered the place in Tooheyspropaganda, gently encouraging everyone to drink and The 3rd term barbie was another solid keg drinkingnaturally engineers love to drink, so the 8 keg mark was event, this time the AUES’ reputation was getting a little out ofpassed without too much difficulty. hand. The barbie was going great until it was abruptly interrupted when a member of the maths department unplugged 16
  18. 18. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07our power. The Ex-Pres did not take this lightly and felt he number of games were distributed, including Sudoku, Adelaidewas justified in arguing that it should be plugged back in.We Streets, Triangles, Spoilers and a dubious list of Scavenger huntdidn’t make too many friends that day, as said maths rep rang items (1. A live animal bigger than a shoe box; 5. A Photo ofAdelaide Uni security saying that we were out of control. you standing in Victoria Square Fountain). Amazingly people They came down and told us to had a real dip (literally), and collected damn-near everything on shut down the party the list. Only one table managed number one, Frenchie, who immediately… This confused us went down to the Torrens and collected a duck. This has to be somewhat, as it isn’t easy to shut one of my favourite AUES moments of all-time, seeing him down a party with no music, and walk in carrying a bewildered duck. “What do we do with it our beer and food had run out. now” “I dunno, feed it beer”. And from a table that didn’t We told them manage to score an animal “Give me two that it was pretty minutes, I’ll make it smaller than a shoe- much was shut box” accompanied by smashing his handdown, but they then told us that we had to get down on the table. The questions wereeveryone to leave. “Well can we turn on the well answered, except from theAdelaidePA to tell everyone to leave?” “No you can’t Uni round “How many Sexualhave the PA on after 2”. We tried our hardest, Harassment complaints have been madebut sometimes the whole world is against you. against Gareth Bridges?” which we’re notAll-in-all, it was a very successful year for exactly sure of ourselves, but gave marksbarbies (with the final term barbie after we go to anything over 10. Quiz night puntersto print). also got to demonstrate their co- ordination, with Hungry Hungry Hippos, which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no skill is involved. The beer tally wasQUIZ NIGHT not as well attempted as last year, perhaps due to between roundAfter the piss-poor effort of last years quiz-master, the reins Jaeger-bombs, or perhaps the better quiz-master. The scoreswere handed to someone much more capable (and funny and were tight, and everyone seemed to have a great time.handsome too), the AUES’ hostess with the mostess, Xan. A 17
  19. 19. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 VOX POP (Yes it’s blatantly stolen from On Dit) 1) Longest time spent in CATS? 2) Fondest moment of Engineering? 3) Worst Lecturer – why? 4) Worst Exam moment 5) Who would you turn gay for? 6) What superpower would you like to have?NAME – SKYE SCRUTTON 1. Easily in excess of 24 hours. I blame HYSYS 2. Winning skullduggery boat races with the Engie Team or blasting Charlie Aust for being a bad bloke. 3. Dr Kenneth Davey. Theres only so many times you can hear about the French Foreign Legion. Plus he set a rude exam for Separation Processes. 4. Probably riding in an Ambulance following some slightly overly enthusiastic post-exam celebrations. With sitting a DEFS exam coming a close second. 5. My ex-girlfriend, Jess! 6. Immunity to hangovers.NAME – ALEXANDER JENNER-O’SHEA 1. 12 hours 2. There’s nothing like a good dose of Megaphone abuse on a fine sunny O’week morning full of freshers. 3. Gareth Bridges – he knows what he did. 4. Forgetting to bring a pen 5. The Australian Cricket Team. 6. Instant raincoat – In case we all get caught in Costa’s superpower. NAME – COSTA CASIOU 1. Two nights without sleeping (2 full days – final year prelim report, and I’ll be doing it again this sem) 2. Sleeping with Leon Gagliardi on the Formulae SAE trip in Melbourne last year and knoodling with Luke Garnaut whilst everyone else slept. 3. Lei Chen 4. VACA last semester – had diarrhoea, went to the toilet and fell asleep. Woke up an hour later. 5. Angelo Catalano – his body makes me erupt like a volcano. 6. Unlimited cum. NAME – STUART WILDY 1. Tend to avoid them. 2. Beer 3. Worst Dressed – Mike Teubner 4. Getting Tonsilitis in the first 10 mins of Statics Exam 5. Sprusey Bruce Davis 6. Orgasmo Powers NAME – RED 1. 8 hrs spent the night there 2. Xan in the Torrens 3. That hippy guy from E & E, he looked like John Buttler. Why? He wouldn’t sing “Zebra”. 4. Forgetting Pants (but I remembered a pen) 5. Xan in a heartbeat, I mean, in a car. 6. Make chicks clothes fall off with my mind. They could pick them back up but it would be too late. I’d see everything. 18
  20. 20. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 NAME – SANDY BIAR 1. I’ve never really been into those kinds of relationships with animals….. 2. Getting threatened by Uni Security with being arrested for kranking out the tunes on the maths lawns….helping with the demolishing of the Maths building. 3. Shane Maddigan from Uni Property Services. Got a lecture every Engie BBQ. 4. When I got cosine mixed up with cuisine and brought a recipe to the exam instead of formulas. 5. Xan, what a whole lot of lovin’. 6. To turn half of the engie men into women so that there’s actually a gender balance and someone to get friendly with….dropping the soap in the Engie toilets just doesn’t cut it.NAME – HANTIE BARRIE NAME – HANTIE BARRIE 1. 7. 6 hrshrs and then the fricken computer crashed, don’t trust 6 and then the fricken computer crashed, don’t trust CATS computers, ever. CATS computers, ever. 2. 8. Being pro fun in in O’week with Yasmin and taking my shirt Being pro fun O’week with Yasmin and taking my shirt offoff forfree Engie Pubcrawl shirt. for a a free Engie Pubcrawl shirt. 3. 9. Chalky aka Chalk Monster (1st year Maths lecturer)…..bad Chalky aka Chalk Monster (1st year Maths lecturer)…..bad explanations…and nono Chalky it’s not “obvious”. explanations…and Chalky it’s not “obvious”. 4. 10. Bag pipes playing throughout my yr 12 Chem exam. Bag pipes playing throughout my yr 12 Chem exam. 5. 11. Angelina Jolieshe’s hot. Angelina Jolie – – she’s hot. 6. 12. Invisibility. Invisibility. NAME – STEVE BELL 1. 8 hours continuous. 2. Hens and Bucks I and II 3. Wahab / Bassam 4. Seeing Xan put socks on during reading time to keep his feet warm. 5. The Hoff 6. Is gaydar a superpower? NAME – MATTY B 1. 24 hours 2. Seeing the Vice Chancellors plumber’s butt at the Honours exhibition 3. None 4. James B’s stinky farts in a warm November’s day exam. 5. Taylor Hanson or Bob Neil. 6. The power to turn into David Hasselhoff. NAME – BLORCH THE ALMIGHTY 1. 18 hours 2. Drunk, eating schnitzels in Mecha-1 lecture. 3. Gareth Bridges, possibly Old Bruce but he never really did much besides attract paper air-planes with his awesome socks. I want me a pair of them socks. 4. Arriving and being told I’m too late, then convincing coordinator to let me sit it, only to fail an exam AND academic supp. 5. Myself, and maybe Xan’s rough good looks 6. Turn people into beer-serving strippers NAME – ANDREW HEATH 1. 1 hour including tutes 2. AUES BBQs 3. Ray Chen + Gareth Bridges. Both boring as buggery and as useful as an oral sex guide book in a monastery. 4. Dropped a text book on my nuts. 5. Drew Barrymore 6. Turn into a monkey. 19
  21. 21. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 Faculty of Engineering Staff (Current staff at mid 2007)Australian School of Petroleum Chemical EngineeringName Position (Continued)Ainsworth, Bruce Associate Professor Name PositionBegg, Steve Professor Nordestgaard, Simon Research FellowDaniel, Ric Research Fellow ONeill, Brian Associate ProfessorEdwards, Sally CO2CRC researcher Peak, Jason Research FellowGibson-Poole, Catherine Research Assoc Q. Dzuy Nguyen Associate ProfessorGoda, Hussam Lecturer Smith, Neil Post DocturateHillis, Richard Professor Tran, Sanh Research FellowHossain, Mofazzal Lecturer Whitworth, Terri Research FellowInkster, David Research Assoc Wright, Andrew Research FellowKaldi, John ProfessorKing, Rosalind Post DocturateKrapf, Carmen Post Docturate Civil EngineeringMelkoumian, Noune Post Docturate Name PositionMitchell, Andy Senior Lecturer Ali, Mohamed Research AssociatePayenberg, Tobi Assoc Professor Culver, Robert Research FellowRegan, Myles CO2CRC researcher Dandy, Graeme ProfessorSarma, Hemanta Professor Daniell, Trevor Associate ProfessorSchacht, Ulrike Post Docturate Fernando, Gayani Research AssociateTingate, Peter Lecturer Griffith, Michael Assoc. Prof, HeadVakarelov, Boyan Post Doctorate Jaksa, Mark Associate Professorvan Ruth, Peter Research Fellow Kaggwa, William Senior LecturerWatson, Max Research Assoc Kingston, Greer Research AssociateWelsh, Matthew Post Docturate Lambert, Martin Deputy HeadWerner, Mario Research Assoc Maier, Holger Associate ProfessorWest, Ian Computing Officer Moxham, Kenneth Research FellowYang, Qingjun Research Fellow Oehlers, Deric Professor Ozbakkaloglu, Togay Lecturer Plimer, Ian ProfessorChemical Engineering Seracino, Rudi Adjunct Assoc. Prof.Name Position Simpson, Angus ProfessorAgnew, John B. Professor Walker, David Associate ProfessorAlwahabi, Zeyad Post Docturate Warner, Robert Adjunct ProfessorAshman, Peter J Post Docturate Willis, Craig Postdoctoral FellowBarrow, Mary Research Fellow Wu, Chengqing Lecturer (B)Colby, Chris Post Docturate Xu, Chaoshui Senior LecturerCritchley, Jennifer Research FellowDavey, K R (Ken) Post DocturateKay, Peter Research Fellow Electrical and ElectronicKing, Keith D. ProfessorLewis, David Post Docturate EngineeringLiew, Jeffery Research Fellow Name Position Abbott, Derek ProfessorMinerds, Elaine Research Fellow Allison, Andrew G. LecturerMulcahy, Brian Research Fellow Al-Sarawi, Said F.K. LecturerMullinger, Peter James Associate ProfessorNgothai, Yung Post Docturate 20
  22. 22. AUES HYSTERESIS 06/07 Faculty of Engineering Staff (Current staff at mid 2007)Electrical and Electronic Mechanical EngineeringEngineering (continued)(continued) Name PositionName Position Doolan, Con Senior LecturerBates, Bevan Professor Hansen, Colin Professor, HeadBrydon, John Adj. Assoc. Professor Howard, Carl Senior LecturerChiera, Belinda A. Lecturer Kelso, Richard Assoc. ProfessorCole, Peter H. Professor Kestell, Colin Senior LecturerColeman, Chris Assoc. Professor Kotousov, Andrei LecturerErtugrul, Nesimi Assoc. Professor Linton, Valerie ProfessorFischer, Bernd M. Post Docturate Fellow Lu, Tien-fu LecturerFuss, Ian Adjunct Professor Luxton, R. E. (Sam) ProfessorGray, Douglas A. Professor Missingham, Dorothy Assoc. LecturerGreen, Charles A. Lecturer Munday, Kristin LecturerHansen, Hedley J. Adjunct Professor Nathan, Graham (Gus) ProfessorLiebelt, Michael J. Assoc. Professor Schneider, Gerald Senior LecturerLim, Cheng Chew Assoc. Professor Yong, Elizabeth LecturerMcdonnell, Mark D. Post Docturate Zander, Anthony Assoc. ProfessorMaletz, Noela LecturerMazumdar, Jag Adjunct ProfessorMcmichael, Daniel Adjunct LecturerNg, Brian W-H Lecturer CirclesParfitt, Andrew. J. Adjunct ProfessorPhillips, Braden J. LecturerPincombe, Adrian Adjunct LecturerRainsford, Tamath J. Lecturer Mohr CirclesRogers, Dr. Derek Adjunct LecturerSchroeder, Jim E. Adj. Assoc. ProfessorSinnott, Don Adjunct ProfessorSoong, Wen L. Senior Lecturer ECMS Executive Faculty StaffSorell, Matthew J. Lecturer Name PositionTrinkle, Matthew Lecturer Dowd, Peter Executive DeanWeste, Neil H.E. Adjunct Lecturer Cheng-Chew Lim Associate DeanWhite, Langford B. Professor (International)Yantchev, Jellio (Jay) Adjunct Professor David Munro Associate Dean (IT)Zivanovic, Rastko Lecturer Mark Jaksa Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) Valerie Linton Associate DeanMechanical Engineering (Research)Name Position Jackie Phillips Personal Assistant toAdams, Karen Lecturer Executive DeanArjomandi, Maziar LecturerBlazewicz, Antoni Lecturer Executive University StaffBridges, Gareth Lecturer Name PositionBrown, Ian Lecturer McWha, James Vice-Chancellor andCazzolato, Ben Assoc. Professor PresidentChen, Lei Lecturer McDougall, Fred Deputy Vice-ChancellorDally, Bassam Deputy Head & Vice-President (A) 21