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Annual 2005 A

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2005 Hystersis

  1. 1. hys· ter· e· sis n. 1. The lagging of an effect behind its cause, as when the change in magnetism of a body lags behind changes in the magnetic field. 2. The annual publication of the Adelaide University Engineering Society, documenting the most vital parts of the greatest faculty on campus. Publisher Adelaide University Engineering Society Editors Julian O’Shea and Alvin Chan Cover Model Frank the Jellyfish Published October 2005
  2. 2. AUES Hysteresis 2005Michael Banning Ben baker Ben Ernst AUES President Lisa Moon Jakin ravalico Gen committee Education Vice- FINAL YEAR Gen Committee President Women’s Officer MECHANICAL FINAL YEAR CIVIL FINAL YEAR CIVIL & POSTGRAD CIVIL ENVICRONMENTAL FINAL YEAR CIVIL Julian O’Shea Nina HYDBOM Nic THOMSON Craig Tom Vincent Publicity Officer Gen committee Gen committee BROwETT gen committee FINAL YEAR THIRD YEAR FINAL YEAR Gen committee POSTGRAD ELECTRICAL CIVIL MECHANICAL FINAL YEAR CIVIL mechanical MICHAEL Alvin Chan Calvin fine Laura brooks Melissa QUINCE Publicity Officer deposed Prez treasurer Hamann Gen committee FINAL YEAR CIVIL & FINAL YEAR POSTGRAD Secretary THIRD YEAR CIVIL ENVICRONMENTAL Chemical MECHANICAL FINAL YEAR CIVIL Crystal STEPHanie Amelia Forrester Hadjinicoloau Alexander Stoeckel Hadjinicoloau Gen committee Gen committee Activities Vice- President Gen committee SECOND YEAR CHEMICAL CIVIL ENGINEER FINAL YEAR CIVIL Second year2
  3. 3. AUES Hysteresis 2005 CONTENTSFaculty Dean’s Report .........................................................................5The Origins of the AUES......................................................................6Ramblings of the AUES President .......................................................8Editorials ............................................................................................10O’Week Report...................................................................................11Building Blocks...................................................................................12Engineers Rock! (Paper and Scissors) ..............................................13Head of School of Chemical Engineering ..........................................15CHEMS Report ..................................................................................16Chem-E-Car .......................................................................................17Chemical Plant Tour ..........................................................................18Young Engineers Australia ................................................................19AUES Secretary’s Report ..................................................................20AUES Women’s Officer Report..........................................................21AUES Tutoring Scheme.....................................................................21Historysis............................................................................................22Head of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ..................25EEESAU Report.................................................................................26Final Year Electrical Engineering.......................................................28SPACED ............................................................................................30SABFA ...............................................................................................31AUES Pubcrawl ‘05............................................................................32Pubcrawl Shirt Design........................................................................36Pubcrawl Shirt History........................................................................37Where are they now? Wobbly............................................................38Head of School of Civil and Environmental Engineering ...................40Final Year Civil Students....................................................................43The Big Tug— the Engie vs. Med Trans-Torrens Tug-o-war ............44Head of School of Mechanical Engineering.......................................48Formula SAE......................................................................................50Jay Ron Wong: epitome of brains and brawn....................................52AIAA ...................................................................................................53The Party Party ..................................................................................54AUES Cocktail Night ..........................................................................56EngSki................................................................................................58Motoring Corner .................................................................................59Technical Article—How to Construct a Keg Fridge............................60Undergraduate Prizes and Scholarships ...........................................62AdeLAN Report ..................................................................................64The AUES in Numbers.......................................................................652005: the Year in Review...................................................................66The Full Adelaide Uni Experience......................................................68 This publication may or may not be endorsed by the University of Adelaide, but this publication certainly endorses the University of Adelaide. 3
  4. 4. AUES Hysteresis 2005 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING, COMPUTER AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES a double degree in Civil Engineering and Arts in 2004, EXECUTIVE DEAN’S REPORT and in March this year began a PhD in sustainable water resources research at the Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural des Eaux et des Forêts in France. Olivia graduated with a I am pleased to have been degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2002, asked to make a and has since completed her Masters at Cambridge contribution to this year’s University in the UK. She will return to Cambridge in AUES annual publication, October this year to study for her PhD, which is also in the which is now in its 60th year. field of sustainable water resources research, with a focus on the impact of climate change on the Australian water A continuous record of industry. publication over 60 years is a major achievement and At the August 2005 graduation ceremonies University this year’s editors are to be medals were awarded to David Roberts (PhD student in commended on their efforts. the School of Mathematical Sciences), David Baraglia Publications such as this (BMathCompSci/BMech student) and Simon Tuke (PhD provide an important record student in the School of Mathematical Sciences). Simon not only of the history of the Tuke also received the Honours Alumni Medal. SamFaculty but also of its activities and the achievements of Mickan received his PhD in the December 2004its staff and students. graduation ceremonies and was awarded the Postgraduate Alumni Medal for outstanding academicI have now been in my post as Executive Dean for just achievement. Sam graduated with a BEng in Electricalover a year having arrived here from the University of and Electronic Engineering in 1998 and is now a LecturerLeeds in the UK at the end of July 2004. I have enjoyed in Electrical and Electrical Engineering.my first year immensely and, although most of my day-to-day contacts have been with members of staff, I have met It is, of course, invidious to mention a few individuals and Imany student members of the Faculty socially and on do so solely to illustrate the range of achievements offormal occasions. I have attended the annual dinners student members of the Faculty. The achievements of ourhosted by the School of Civil and Environmental current students and of our graduates are not onlyEngineering and the School of Mechanical Engineering as personal milestones they also have far-reaching impactswell as a number of other events including the local heats on the wider society in which we live. The disciplinesof the Chem-E-Car competition, final year project represented in this Faculty underpin all developedpresentations and external functions at which our economies and enable the creation of all new wealth.students have received awards. Graduates can look forward to exciting and fulfilling careers and to making fundamental contributions toThe most recent example of the latter is the Australia national economies, to improvements in standards ofMalaysia Business Council annual Gala Dinner held on 20 living and to sustainable development.August at which the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs,the Honourable Alexander Downer, presented one of the To all student members of the Faculty who will graduateprestigious Merdeka awards to Jay Ron Wong, an this year I wish you well in your chosen careers and Ihonours year student in Mechanical Engineering. hope you will keep in contact with us through your School and through the University Alumni Association.Further examples of recipients of prestigious awardsinclude Katherine Daniell and Olivia Thorne, who are the To those who will continue their studies at the Universityfirst South Australians to receive a General Sir John of Adelaide I look forward to further involvement in theMonash Award. The awards are considered to be among student activities of the Faculty and being able to refer toAustralia’s most prestigious scholarships, and are up to equally impressive achievements in this publication nextthe value of $150,000 over three years. They are awarded year. !for academic excellence, leadership and communityservice, without any age barrier. Katherine graduated with Professor Peter Dowd 5
  5. 5. AUES Hysteresis 2005The origins of the AUES can be traced back to in this period, and owing to the growing popularity ofNeanderthal days. Unfortunately, caveman Engies were beer, were extremely large. These pubcrawlsseverely limited in what they could design by several became known as the Crusades, and tended to gofactors. Examples of these include the fact that the wheel long distances looking for new pubs. Unfortunately thewas square, electricity was something to be avoided, and theme T-shirt was piss poor, and it was too hard to find afinally (and most importantly) no-one knew how to brew a decent drop in the middle of the desert.good beer. Things remained much the same until another majorBut as man evolved, so too did the Engie societies - until source of knowledge was discovered - spirits. The adventthe advent of the Romans and the Greeks and their love of spirits gave rise to a giant increase in learning, whichof sharp pointy metal things and sticking them in other became known as the Renaissance period. Modernpeople, and using sheets as clothes. Although the wonders such as the alcohol powered car and locomotiveintroduction of wine boosted the Engies’ abilities, there were invented, and, with the lack of breath testers, fillingwas still a certain spark lacking. The lack of beer sadly up the jalopy took on a whole new meaning. Fortunately,resulted in the fall of the Roman Empire, as the beer a bright young engineer pointed out that precious alcoholdrinking Gaul and Germanic tribes, aided by their mighty was being wasted on machines that couldn’t really enjoybeer drinking engineers decided to ‘shut the neighbours the taste or other effects, and so petroleum was used toup’ once and for all by having a really big barbeque. power vehicles instead.Around this period Engie societies began to appear in The end of this period saw, in the little known colony ofwhat was to become known as Asia. Evidence of this can Australia, an initial rising of the AUES, which wasbe found in the great Engie scrolls. Apparently a wall- temporarily stunted due to the first appearance of thebuilding event organised by the local Engie committee got great evil – Prohibition. This dastardly law was made bya little out of control after a few too many beers. Neither the evils known as ‘law and order’, to prevent the rise ofside was ready to admit defeat. This epic struggle the great society. Fortunately the population rose up incontinued for many years with the wall getting longer and favour of the good drop and threw down the great evil.longer (which pays testament to the stubbornness ofEngies) until our ancient brethren, the Sciencies, As the Society grew in power and influence, seniordiscovered gunpowder, and the Engies came to realise it members of the AUES decided it was time to elect awas much more fun to blow things up than to build them… president, via a secret ballot. Unfortunately an ongoingas is still evident today in our pubcrawls! argument between the Germans and the rest of the world about who brewed the best beer got out of hand and theIt wasn’t until sometime in the middle ages that the holy Great War broke out, so the AUES election wasfluid, beer, came into greater prominence. This gave rise postponed in favour of a barbeque, which seemed a moreto huge feats of engineering; giant pubs made out of appropriated way to settle the argument.stone and surrounded by moats full of keg dregs. Thereasoning for this is written by the sage Beerscullo in his The issue was finally settled by everyone gettingwritings, which state “ye any invader toppled into thy moat hammered and throwing empties at the Germans. Butwould consume too much libations (beer) and henceforth unfortunately the issue was to come up again severalbe rendered unable to continue fighting, standing, or years later, when a little German brewer with histalking…”. The first pubcrawls also began to be organised trademark moustache found the evil side of engineering6
  6. 6. AUES Hysteresis 2005and after convincing some of his mates ofthe power of the dark side of beer, beganWorld War II. Once again, the AUEScame up with the excellent idea ofresolving the conflict through a barbeque.During the barbeque, one of the moreenlightened members of the AUESbellowed “Hitler’s a D**KHEAD!” andeverybody cheered. Such a bold displaydid not go unnoticed by the world leadersthat were present, who in turn used thiscry to inspire allied troops to victory. Itwas also decided that such argumentsshould never happen again, so thepolitical arm of the AUES, along with theenlightened boisterous chap as leader,became the United Nations, but only afterthe first choice “United Breweries” wasabandoned.In more recent times, the AUES hascontinued to grow in power and influence.While we still undertake historicalrecreations of some our most prominentpast events, such as the pubcrawl (arecreation of the great wall building eventis just a little too daunting), the AUES nowprefers to keep a lower profile. But wecontinue to work behind the scenes, andfew important decisions are made withoutfirst consulting the AUES. It is widelyaccepted that if peace comes to theMiddle East, it will be due, in no smallpart, to the tireless workings of the AUESand its members, and probably involve abarbeque.And so it can be seen that from its humblebeginnings millennia ago, when thesociety for engineers was a mere twinklein the eye of our strange, yet prophetic,forefathers, the AUES has developed intoa mighty organisation. While some maydescribe its operations as bizarre or evencrazy, society in general has come to seethe AUES as a symbol of all that lifeshould be, as a beacon of hope guidingthem away from the rocky shoals of theirpast to a brighter, more interesting future. !Abridged version of Charles Darwin’slesser known work, On the origin ofEngies. Snags are considered acceptable collateral damage 7
  7. 7. AUES Hysteresis 2005 Probably the worst task I have Next year’s T-shirt sales may go even better with the had as president of the AUES acquisition of an EFTPOS machine (onya Bunyip). My this year has been writing this night is too hazy to recall any more for this column. report. I mean, writing is what arts and law students do The term 2 BBQ would have to be one of the BBQ’s of the because they have nothing year. It was an awesome way to kick of a Friday arvo/ better to do. night. The afternoon came into its own when Jules made the controversial decision to drop the traditional beer and Not too many know about this, coleslaw races for some new competitions. This was the but at the start of each year, four first and possibly the last time I saw someone members of the AUES simultaneously knacker themselves on a keg and face committee go down to the SAUA plant into the ground. Bravo Zanker! This, followed by O’Camp. We put it down as a some eager freshers consuming the somewhat ordinary recruitment drive for all the contents of the slops bucket, 10% Tooheys New, 10% freshers, but it is more of an Tooheys Old, 75% water with the rest made up of oldeducation to the recent school leavers to university life, cups and grass. It was Nic Thomson’s quick thinkinguniversity drinking and the institution which is AUES. which made the sale of the “Tooheys Now” a reality.Laura Brooks, Nic Thomson, Ben Ernst and I made thetrek to Normanville this year for a night full of drinking and Many thanks have to go to Jules for his tireless effort indebauchery. After a long night of dominating boat races, bringing back the tradition of the Tug-O-War, and also toreliving pubcrawl tales to the kiddies and watching topless the med prez Claire. Thank you for providing us with thewomen eat CCs and salsa off of each other, it was time best med has to offer, maybe next time… HA! What a dayfor us to find some munchies. Cheers goes to chef Nudge though! I never would have thought the foot bridge wouldfor what was the best tasting 3am nachos and curry I be able to support that many spectators. With the cup fourhave ever had! A good night was had by all. The same hours old (purchased that afternoon), and only in ourcould not be said for the following day at work. One possession for one, the cup met a bitter end (the ground)cannot forget Steveo’s mullet. I’ve never seen such a hitwith the ladies, whoever he may be… Michael Banning doing what a president does.The following week the AUES hosted the O’Week BBQ.Like anyone worth their pinch of salt, I took a sickie fromwork experience to make the event. And what anafternoon it was! With the student union becoming evertighter, there was minimal beer for the wider universitycrowd. Certainly nothing like the glory days! And so themaths lawns were packed with pickled engineeringstudents, the way it should be. Special mention must bemade of Simon Mason. Simmo was the only one to kickon late into the night with me on the Barr Smith lawnshurling abuse at med students as they turned up forSkulldug. Some ex-committee did turn up a bit later whena Skulldug cup robbery attempt was made, howeveralcohol got the better of us. The only major casualty of thenight was an esky, so if anyone found a blue 50L eskycan you let me know… Simmo?Following strong T-shirt sales (thanks to all in thecommittee who sold shirts) the pubcrawl was shaping upto be a great night. The unprecedented 900 shirts made amockery of beer service in Adelaide, even with two pubshaving specials at any one time it was hard to get to thebar! Special thanks must go to Amelia for convincing thepubs that a max of 200 were on the crawl and forconvincing the Crown and Anchor to let us return afterwhat happened all those years ago. It should be notedthat the AUES is attempting to keep up with technology.8
  8. 8. AUES Hysteresis 2005and did not fair well, cheers Simmo. Even with the win inthe Trans-Torrens tug cup, the day was not entirelywithout fault. A combination of keg and gas supply issuesput a premature end to the free beer, not a proudmoment. Congratulations must go to the engie team forputting runs on the board where it counts, andcommiserations to the ladies on the east side of FromeRd.Only weeks later on a warm sunny Monday morning, Iarrived at uni to be met with an endless array of banners.Election week was here again. This year however, wecame prepared… we had the Party Party! With the aid ofthe civil engineering print quota the Party Party had anunlimited budget for the campaign, and the Party Partydelivered all week—whether it be free goon sköls witheach T-shirt sale (good effort Hilary), the pollie games orBen Baker’s inspirational thrusting in the vote countingroom. Not only did the Party Party poll well, we absolutelydominated the pollie boat races. People are right when Introducing:they say politicians have no balls. Well done, Party Party! TMthe only political party to achieve 100% kicked out status!Only two weeks later, it was the AUES cocktail night, a TOOHEYS NOWnight of somewhat better dressed drunkenness. Arrivingfashionably late I was impressed with the level of Tooheys NOWTM! Perfect for those afternoon“merriness” already achieved, and the amount still to be barbeques, just when all the other beer hasdrunk. The crowd was charging through the suppliesthough, I have never seen that much vodka go so run out!quickly… impressive! You know the night is getting on abit when the “I was really drunk one night with this guy/girl Best served lukewarm in large bucket with aI was keen for and I did this…” conversation starts, sprinkling of grass to overly keen freshers!congratulations Jakin on your conquests. The unleashingof the “engie surprise” was nothing compared to the “Xansurprise”, that is one big cocktail for one big man, I am Tooheys NOWTM! Proud sponsors of theunsure of the exact mix, in fact I am pretty sure Xan only Australian National Keg Stackingadded the mixers to give it different colours. Thanks mustalso go to Jo for your guide on how to pash, not much of Championshipsan audience outside, though.Unfortunately, at the time of printing the quiz night was inthe future. This is a bit of a shame, as some of thefunniest things happen when you have a competition for Banning Loves to SPAM The Yahoo Group [engie] is the main form ofthe questions and a separate one for the amount of correspondence with our members. Only the AUESalcohol consumed by the table. I fondly (and partly) President can send messages to the list. This year thereremember my first AUES quiz night, I will never forget the has been a surge in the number of emails sent out by ourlook on this guys face when mid pash his pickup purged. I SPAM-loving president, Banning. Banning has sent morelook forward to this year’s event. emails than any other president since the list was created in 2002. Banno, you are even impressing NigerianOn that note, I think it is time I thanked those who made bankers and penis enlargement companies, good work!this year possible. Cheers Jules for your drive in bringingback a bit of history in the Tug-O-War and the printing of 8 Averagethis publication. Thanks Alvin for putting this publication 7together, you did a great job considering the B-grade 6 Banningcontent. Despite the best efforts of the committee, it is 5Laura who has kept us in the black. Thanks, Laura. Thank 4you to the rest of the committee for all of your effortsthroughout the year, your contribution has made 2005 one 3of the most successful years of the AUES. ! 2 1 Michael Banning 0 AUES President J F M A M J J A S 9
  9. 9. AUES Hysteresis 2005Once upon a time, the AUES existed for the sole function I promised myself a few months ago that I wouldn’t writeof creating events worthy of write up in an annual one of those “it is late and the publication is going to printpublication called (you guessed it) ‘Hysteresis’. By the soon” style editorials. Well, it is late and the publication is80s, the AUES had seemed to forgotten their purpose, going to print soon.instead organising events for the sole reason of having agood time. And what dark times they were (you remember Firstly, did you notice that Alvin’s editorial is first? Hethe hairstyles). As of this year, Hysteresis had not been thinks he’s special just because he does the layouts.published for 25 years. When I was younger I used to watch the BBC show PressWhat you are holding in your hands (or other Gang, I think that’s what inspired me to revive and editappendages) is the product of the sweat and blood of a Hysteresis this year. However, unlike Press Gang, I didn’tquarter century of AUES committees. Well, not literally, get my own desk, there wasn’t a cool sound track and Iunless you got a faulty copy where I stabbed myself with didn’t have any lackeys to boss around (except Alvin).scissors trying to open a box of magazines (here’s a tip -don’t use scissors to punch holes in cans of pineapplejuice). Despite not being worthy of a children’s television program, the process of putting together this publication has been a positive experience. Get advertisers, getEvery year since I’ve been at Adelaide University, the articles, layout pages, print – putting together a magazineAUES has struck me as having some of the best social is simple in theory, but there has been a lot of runningevents on offer, usually characterised by ungodly around and some minor hassles. The cover, for example.amounts of alcohol. This was truer this year more than Initially I wanted a cool fractal image, so we contacted aany other, with the usual fantastic barbeques, the Party fractal artist from the web about getting one: US$200.Party Party, a successful cocktail night and the revival of Then Alvin wanted an image of a bio-luminescent deepthe Tug-O-War. The crowning glory is naturally the largest sea denizen, so we contacted an image site about gettingpubcrawl on this side of the world (it was good to return to one: £150. We ended up getting Frank the Jellyfish for athe Cranker, after having been banned for several years fiver, and he waived the royalties, this made our budgetdue to numerous thefts, including a hot water service). look a lot better.What better way to punctuate a fantastic year than with apermanent record of all the events? A little piece to takehome, read, shove in a box, dig up in 30 years and This publication is for all engineering students, designedremember that you once knew how to have fun. to showcase some of the important events other than the thousands of hours staring at a computer in the CAT suite. We hope you like it.Of course, the AUES can only do so much, so Hysteresiscontains contributions from many areas of Engineering.Who knew this much went on at the Uni? Special mention Cheers must go to Alvin for being a graphics guru, forgoes out to everyone who contributed fantastic articles. making all the pages look good and for doing a hugeThanks to the enthusiasm of these writers, I’ve gone from amount of behind the scenes work. Many hours spentworrying about lack of content to wondering if it’s all going laying out pages, editing images and digitallyto make it in. I should also apologise for what I’ve done to manipulating the images within this publication for his ownthem. entertainment. This paragraph had to be written or Alvin would have just added in his own. He’s dodgy like that.Particular thanks should go to Julian, who passionatelyspearheaded the return of Hysteresis (without which I That is all. !wouldn’t know the meaning of the word hysteresis) anddid a great deal of organising for the magazine. Or Julian O’Sheaperhaps I shouldn’t thank him, because he came ‘round AUES Publicity Officer, Hysteresis Editorand forced me to watch Press Gang for 28 hours. Thanks to Anna, for being so beautiful ● Thanks toIn conclusion, a short list of overused words in Hysteresis: Banning for leading a great year of AUES ● Thanks todebauchery, party (which appears over 100 times in just everyone who submitted articles, particularly those whoone article), drunk, thanks, scull/sköl, engineer, 1337, wrote good articles ● Thanks to the Department, SchoolsJulian. ! and Clubs Association for their assistance getting this published ● Thanks to our advertisers, for their support ● Alvin Chan Thanks to Google images ● Thanks to Frank the Jellyfish. AUES Publicity Officer, Hysteresis Editor10
  10. 10. Orientation week 2005, was held from 21st-25th of AUES Hysteresis 2005 bombarded with paper balls and an exchange of words. This was then followed by a shake of hands and a “good onya, mate, good prank” chit chat from the meds and the whole thing seemed to be over… But wait, there’s more… Throughout the afternoon there was an unpleasant odour surrounding the tent. “What’s that smell? Did someone fart?”, said Melissa. “Wasn’t me! Must have been Ben”, said Nina.February. For the AUES this is always a busy time and Later in the arvo, Lisa walks up and says “Eww, thethis year was no different. The whole week was spent Torrens is so smelly today!”. “Oh, is that what it was? weselling pubcrawl shirts and signing up members new and had thought the boys had been farting again”, saidold. This year we aimed to get more of the first years to Melissa.sign up so that they could enjoy a number of years asAUES members. After a few hours, the smell was getting worse. “Oh my gosh banning what did you eat for lunch? That smell isMonday morning, our troops arrived bright and early and shocking”. “Why are you blaming me it wasn’t me!" said9 am. For some of our committee that meant they had to Banning.come out of hibernation a fair few hours earlier than theyhad been for a number of months. However, after our When it came time for us to tidy up and pack up the tentearly enthusiasm as the week progressed this 9am start we found a surprise….A brown paper bag whichbecame a little difficult. It saw us progressively setup later contained a smelly brown solid. Yes, you guessed it, ain the morning due to the tiredness that was setting in nice little package you get when nature calls. “Bloody Medfrom our long days in the heat and the late evening of Students!” !socialising and drinking. Melissa HamannWith a record 850 pubcrawl t-shirts to sell this year we Not the O’Week BBQhad a lot of work to do. However, the AMSS (Medstudents) also had their own ‘Skulduggery’ event beingheld on the Friday evening of O’Week, hmm competition!!With the cost of the t-shirts for their event, the numerousamounts of advertising and it being weeks before ourAUES Pubcrawl, the meds were taking away from ourusual O’Week rush for AUES Pubcrawl T-shirts. Notpleased with this and the bragging of the meds sayingtheir event would be bigger and better than our ownevent, Julian O’Shea decided to take the problem into hisown hands.Jules, being our publicity officer, replicated the ‘AMSSSkulduggery’ posters - but instead advertising ‘AUESPubcrawl’. These posters were placed over the meds’O’Week tent and it took them about half an hour beforethey noticed that they weren’t what they appeared to be,When this was discovered AUES members were Hysteresis How To: Use the CATS Elevator after hours The elevator in Engineering South is disabled for after-hours access to level 3. It is theorised that it was set up this way to teach students to find an engineering solution to a simple problem. Well we found the solution – here it is! (This also works for creating an express lift.) 1. Enter the lift on (or take it to) the ground floor. 2. Press the button for level 1. 3. While the door is shutting put your hands on the inside door as it closes. 4. When to elevator starts to go up, pull the doors (as if to open them) 5. This causes the lift to stop and reset (which involves going to level 3). 6. Press the door open button (as it wont do this automatically). 7. Get out the lift and spend the next 8 straight hours at a computer! 11
  11. 11. AUES Hysteresis 2005On Wednesday, 6 July, 2005, representatives of theAUES, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and YoungEngineers Australia (YEA) held a one day pilot programentitled "Building Blocks: Uni for Young Minds" at theUniversity’s North Terrace Campus. The program,sponsored by Snowy Hydro, is based upon a highlysuccessful European program entitled KinderUni piloted Grange Primary School students attaching ligaments and muscles toby the University of Tϋbingen, Germany. Sixty Year 6 and their wooden legs.7 students from Grange Primary School and West LakesShore Schools were invited to attend. accompanying practical display involved using anThe key goals of the program were: experimental drop tower to show the effects of • to promote engineering as an exciting career path, weightlessness in microgravity conditions. This was done • to promote engineering as a discipline of great by viewing video footage from a wireless camera benefit to our local and global community, displaying the changing value of a mass on a set of particularly in sustainable development, scales as they were dropped. Students also viewed graphs of the changing mass recorded during the drop. • establishing the relevance of primary school learning, through maths and science, to The day established the pilot program as a complete engineering, success. Responses from a post-event survey completed by 54 of the attendees indicated that 47 (87%) thought the • encouraging students interest and future self- day was better than an average school day and none driven learning into engineering, and thought it was worse. All 54 (100%) students answered • promoting the importance of problem solving and that they now have a better idea of what engineering is teamwork skills. and 37 (68.5%) view engineering as a fun and exciting career path (only half of the others (16.7%) did not whilstThe day began with Tim Nelson (Biomedical Engineering the other half were unsure).student from Flinders University) presenting a lecture on Due to the success of the program, all three of thethe biomechanics of the human knee. The presentation involved parties, AUES, EWB and YEA, would like to seeentitled “Stiff, Squishy and Spongey” was followed by a Building Blocks continue in future years. We plan topractical component which involved the students expand the program to involve a greater number ofattaching masking tape ligaments and rubber band schools, especially as we are aware of a number of othermuscles to a wooden leg, mimicking the function of a real primary schools that were keen to attend this year’shuman knee. program. ! Laura BrooksThe second presentation, given by Dr Anthony Parker(Academic Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computerand Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide)concentrated on both the qualitative and quantitativebenefits of wind power to society in comparison to non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels. Thecorresponding practical session required the students tocalculate the amount of carbon dioxide emissions savedby the generation of electricity from a wind farm asopposed to electricity generation from burning fossil fuelssuch as coal or natural gas. The students used real worlddata from South Australia’s first wind farm, Starfish Hill,located on Cape Jervis.The final presentation, given by Dr Gerald Schneider(Aerospace Engineer and Senior Lecturer at theUniversity of Adelaide), focused on the terrestrialsimulation and biological effects of microgravity. The West Lakes Shore School students receiving assistance with their wind farm calculations12
  12. 12. AUES Hysteresis 2005 Engineers Rock! (Paper and Scissors)The blood-sport of Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) is onewhich is played socially often, but rarely competitively.This year, for the first time a South Australian RPSTournament was run. A group of hardened engineeringtypes and passionate RPS players took up the challenge.The four qualifying heats ran on Friday nights from the 1st– 22nd July at pokie-central: Skycity Casino. With only thetop two finishers from each night progressing onto theState Final it was a hard-fought campaign. Theengineering squad had some success with Ben “The The Engineering State Finalists. Back (L-R): Peter ‘Fists o’ Fury’Paperboy” Baker comfortably winning heat three. Also, in Mathews, Ben ‘The Paper Boy’ Baker, Lachy ‘Origami’ McFarlane,the final heat, with the momentum building towards the Brendan ‘Paper Man’ Gordon. Front: Xan ‘Bunyip’ O’Shea, Julian ‘Rock Star’ O’Shea and Hilary ‘Soft Rock’ Schultz-Byard. Absentstate final, the squad was in its best form with a top three (getting a final rub-down): Paul ‘Paper Shredder’ Pincusfinish – Peter “Fists o’ Fury” Mathews overcomingBrendan “Paper Man” Gordon in a close match (Julian opening match of the night, seems he“Rock Star” O’Shea coming third in the heat). Of notable was distracted by the multitude of RPS groupies. Of themention one of our team, Hilary “Soft Rock” Schultz- final four, engineering students had taken three of them.Byard, was given a yellow card and an official warning On one side of the draw was The Paper Man againstafter he threw an offensive ‘up-yours’ style scissors at an Origami. What Origami lacked in top level play he madeopponent. For the remainder of the season, and to this up for in raw talent, taking the match off his engineeringvery day, Hilary is known as the bad boy of South kin to make the State Final. On the other side of the drawAustralian RPS Rock Star lost the match in the final throw, a devastating result. In the play-off for 3rd place the Paper Man cameIn the build-up to the State Finals the organisers of the from behind to win, despite Rock Star having three matchevent raised the number of finalists to 16 (the top eight points – seems the Paper Man’s strategy of ‘Scissorsqualifiers from the heats + eight wildcards). Due, in a Never Wins’ had some merit.large part to the charismatic nature of engineers, thesquad was offered a wildcard place. Skills gained from The final match was extended length format being best-Management and Professional Practise for Engineers of-five, best-of-five. Origami was competing against somewere implemented and we convinced them for an guy called Matt. There was silence in the crowd as theadditional four wildcard spots. It was shaping up well for two competitors made their throws which becamethe team – with a hefty eight man squad for the big deafening applause whenever Origami (the crowdtournament. favourite) made a winning throw. The game was close throughout – going to the fifth. Sadly for all engineers andFriday 29th of July: State Final Night. The turn-out by the for many in the Skycity crowd Origami went down in acrowd at the Balcony Bar (Casino) was huge. Brendan truly nail-biting final few throws. Overall – 2nd, 3rd and 4th‘Paper Man’ decided that a suit with Morpheus style – not a bad night for the Engineers. See you RPSing insunnies would give him the psychological edge in close 2006! !matches. Specially crafted shirts with RPS slogans were Julian O’Sheaworn by some of the squad members including such linesas “Run with Scissors” and “Follow the Paper trail”. Paul‘Paper Shredder’ Pincus got beaten by a girl in the Strategies from the top RPS players in SA “Scissors Never Wins.” – Brendan G., 3rd Best RPS player in South Australia. “The skill in RPS is not what to throw but when to throw it. You see, a Rock is a poor option against Paper – but if your opponent throws a Scissor it really is a great strategy” – Ben B. “Run with Scissors. Scissors wins or draws to two thirds of all possible throws.” – Hilary SB “The number of opening throws is limited only by your imagination; however Rock, Paper and Scissors are the most common.” – Anon. Paper Man (left) laughs in the face of a focussed Rock Star in the 3rd/4th place decider. As we all know Paper (Man) beats Rock (Star). 13
  13. 13. AUES Hysteresis 2005 SCHOOL OF Chemical engineering Anne Philcox, Handoko Putra and Gideon Kuncoro have returned to the School to undertake postgraduate studies. Thoa Nguyen and Henry Huang were awarded It has again in 2005 been a year scholarships to undertake postgraduate studies at the full of challenges but in meeting University of Cambridge. We wish them well. Chemical those challenges we have Engineering students from all four levels of the program generated significant featured strongly in the annual round of Dean’s Merit achievements and highlights. Certificates for outstanding academic achievement. The School maintained its strong The annual Plant Tour was a great success, with thirty- commitment to and involvement in two Level 3 students, accompanied by Dr Yung Ngothai, the CRC for Clean Power from Dr David Lewis, Ms Elaine Minerds, and postgraduate Lignite. Individual staff have student, Ms Kyleigh Victory visiting seven Southmaintained existing research programs or developed new Australian processing sites. The group were taken onones with other researchers in the University of Adelaide tours through National Foods, Port Pirie Smelter, the NRGand with industry, research institutions and universities in Power Station at Port Augusta, WMC’s Olympic Dam,Australia and overseas. Such collaborations serve to Santos’ Port Bonython Liquids Processing Plant, ACIdiversify and strengthen our research activities and Glass Manufacturers, Coopers Brewery and to finish off aprovide access to equipment and facilities not readily quick trip to Wellington Hotel to sample some of Coopersavailable within our School. Dr. Peter Ashman took Fine Ales.Special Studies Program (SSP) leave in semester 1, A/Prof. Dzuy Nguyen took SSP leave over the whole year, We have continued with our annual undergraduateand Professor Keith King took several short periods of student satisfaction survey that was initiated in 2000. ItSSP in semester two. Two of our postgraduate research enables us to gauge student perception of our teaching,students, Stephen Pahl and Oenone Macintyre, also services and facilities and it provides us with valuableundertook periods of study leave away from Adelaide to feedback on which to act as we continually strive to makedevelop their research skills and take advantage of improvements, subject to financial constraints wherespecial facilities and equipment available in selected relevant.institutions overseas. Three of our postgraduate students,Richard Muhlack, Samuel Phua and Tim Ballantyne were We have put considerable effort into recruiting local andsuccessful in winning prestigious fellowships and prizes. international undergraduate and postgraduate students.The research grants, publications and projects Our current mix of local and international studentsdocumented in this report demonstrate the strength and generates a stimulating multinational learningdiversity of the research activities of staff and environment that is appreciated by all.postgraduate students. This has been maintained despitethe ever-increasing demands on staff time of so many The School is committed to excellence in all its activitiesother commitments and the intense competition for with special emphasis on an enjoyable, motivational andresearch funds. safe working environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. The examples of the activities,We continue to attract undergraduate and postgraduate affiliations, collaborations and achievements of the Schoolstudents of exceptional quality and within each cohort a for 2004 demonstrate the exceptional quality of thesignificant number of females. The very high quality of the undergraduate and postgraduate students and underlinegraduating class of 2004 was reflected by the significant the readiness, dedication and commitment of thenumber awarded Honours and their achievements in academic and general staff in meeting the challenges,winning many scholarships and prizes. Special known and unforeseen. !congratulations to Thoa Nguyen who was awarded a Professor Keith KingUniversity Medal, a just reward for her outstanding Head of School (Chemical Engineering)academic performance throughout the undergraduateprogram. Four of the 2004 graduating class, Hugh Jones, The third year chemical engineering plant tour. 15
  14. 14. AUES Hysteresis 2005In 2005, CHEMS achieved something great; for the first students being offered interviews and employment with thetime in recent memory we managed to fill all the positions companies that attended. We were lucky enough to haveon our committee before the end of first term. In fact, due many companies attend the evening, including Santos, SAto our highly successful Fresher’s BBQ in week one, we Water, KBR and Adelaide Brighton. The night ended inrecruited two very enthusiastic first year representatives true CHEMS style with an exit to the city, cheese plattersand lots of new members who were only too happy to and all! Thank goodness for those Ian Wark carry bags.enjoy the complimentary BBQ. After last year’s hugely successful Quiz Night, the CHEMSThis year we were clever enough to have voted a member committee was determined to make this year’s event evenof the extended Cooper family onto the committee, the bigger and better! Bigger? Well, we didn’t quite beat theresult being that the beer for our BBQs was 100% 120 people who attended last year, but we compensatedsponsored by Coopers Brewery; thank you Joe and thank with the brilliance of the MC. Better? Yes, indeed. Withyou Dr Tim. The success of our four BBQs this year can so many fantastic prizes, the committee was struggling tobe partly put down to the plentiful supply of Dr Tim’s give them away by the end of the night. It was notTraditional Ale, but credit must also go to the fantastic uncommon for a carton of beer to be bestowed upon awork of the committee members who ensured that all the participating table for absolutely no reason at all.necessary coleslaw, hash browns and students arrived atthe designated location as required. The biggest and best CHEMS event is yet to be held at the time of writing. That is the Annual Dinner and AGM, the2005 was also the inaugural year of our mascot, best opportunity all year (other than the Plant Tour) to getExchanger Man. If you’ve seen any of our posters this drunk and dance the night away with your lecturers. Thisyear you would recognize him as the process flow diagram night combines drinking, voting, speeches, drinking,symbol for a heat exchanger – with some added features dancing, eating and drinking to produce what would be anincluding eyes, a mouth, legs, a cape, and on formal unforgettable night, if only you hadn’t enjoyed the drinkingoccasions, a suit jacket and bowtie. quite as much. It seems to be a mystery how the votes are tallied up amongst all this mayhem and debauchery, but honestly, that’s really not at the top of your mind whenThe acclaimed CHEMS Industry Night was held earlier in you’re in the middle of a four-hour drinks package. Thisthe year than previously in order to beat the closing date event is also an opportunity to say farewell to the final yearfor many graduate job applications. Although this meant students and wish them well with their relocation to thethat the new committee had to swing into action early in real world. Definitely, this is an event not to be missed. !first term it proved to be a change for the better, with many Sally Kernich16
  15. 15. AUES Hysteresis 2005Each year, the Chem-E-Car project is availableto third year chemical engineering students whowish to take part. In groups of four, the studentsmust design and build a model car that ispowered and controlled using chemicalreactions. Each of the cars compete in the localChem-E-Car competition.The Chem-E-Cars are not allowed to usemechanical brakes, electronic timing devices, orspark based fuses. They must be small enoughto fit inside a shoe box and have a total worth ofunder $500 each.One hour before the competition starts, thedistance that the cars must travel (between 0and 30m) and the load that the cars will have tocarry (between 0 and 500g) is announced. Inthe hour before the competition, the teams dofinal tests on their cars to determine how best toachieve the desired distance. The object of thecompetition is for the cars to stop as close tothe desired distance as possible, but the speedof the car is irrelevant. Each team is allowedtwo attempts at stopping as close as possible to the target The winning WINNING TEAM ‘05distance with the best of the two runs counting as that Chem-E-Car Michael Taitteams final distance. In the local competition, if the car entry. Katherine Jenningsgoes too far past the target distance and hits the wall ofthe room where the competition is held, then the car is Candeece Fallandallowed an extra run. This is due to the space restrictions Paul Hughesat the venue for the local competition (room N218). electrochemical cells to using a combustion engine toThis year, four teams took part in the local competition, drive the cars. Regardless of how sure each of the teamswhich was sponsored by Santos. The designs varied from were that they could make their designs work effectivelyusing pressure driven steam engine type systems to while still on paper, everyone learned (or relearned) first hand that Murphy’s Law never fails, as anything that can possibly go wrong did go wrong. Each of the four cars performed well at the local competition with comparable results from most teams. In the end, the competition was won by ‘The Purple Cobras’ whose combustion engine driven car stopped the closest to the target distance after some rushed repairs (Murphy strikes again). The winning team will be heading up to Brisbane in the September break to compete against other teams from across Australia and New Zealand at the annual CHEMECA conference. ! Michael Tait Not the winning Chem-E-Car entry. 17
  16. 16. AUES Hysteresis 2005It appears that many on the 2005 School of ChemicalEngineering Plant Tour have mysteriously fragmentedmemories of the five day journey. Being the only person onPlant Tour who did not drink alcohol (this includes oursupervisors) it is up to me to recap the whole thing.It seems fitting, then, that our first day was focused onvisiting operations in the heart of the South Australian wineregion. This included an in-depth wine tasting at RowlandFlat Winery. The wines were described as ‘fruity’, ‘ochre-like’ and (my favourite) ‘keroseney.’ Of course, theprocesses at the place were interesting, too. After severalhours of bus driving we made it to the safest place in theuniverse (Port Augusta – or Port Aug’utta as it isaffectionately known). The cabins were warm enough andhad fridges sufficient to hold large amounts of booze. Thenext day we ventured to Port Augusta Power and had quite tour of the mine. But we were able to see some verya view of the town from the upper heights of the station. intriguing unit processes. We returned to Adelaide andAnd we received free pens. Next was Port Pirie – and the went our separate ways. Friday, however, we were allZinc Lead Smelter. Changing into Oompa Loompa back on our big bus and off to Gropep and (my personalcostumes, we were able to look around their copper and highlight of the tour) National Foods’ Salisbury Milkzinc refining plants. The smell never left any of us – despite Plant. It was here that two urban myths were crushed:how much some drank to try and forget it. We were NO, the number at the bottom of Farmer’s Union Icedprovided with gas masks though, it should be said. Coffee has nothing to do with the concentration of coffee (it is merely a marker to show which packingBack at Port Augusta that night, fun was to be had. A free machine was used); and the generic brand milks (e.g.barbeque supplied by the School of Chemical Engineering, Woolies) are made in the exact same way as namebut cooked by us (slave labour), was eaten in no time. brands (Pura Milk). Oh, we were treated to freeThen the drinking, card playing and late night talks began… samples, too. Let me tell you, a FUIC tastes 10 timesand went on and on and on. The ramification of this was a better when you have just seen the process it has gonevery quiet bus on Wednesday and, thus, a very happy Dr. through. I doubt, however, it would taste as nice if youAshman. It was on this day that we visited Santos’ saw the cow it came through.Fractionation Plant in Port Bonython. We were also treatedto a tour of OneSteel’s Whyalla Steelworks later in the day,in which our friendly tour guide made sure we got goodphotographs. In fact, he almost demanded exactly when wetook them, and what of. We departed to Roxby Downs andarrived after picking up 5 very large pizzas to take with usto the caravan park there. Enjoying our drinking, pizza,more drinking, double beds and Foxtel, it was frankly quitehard to leave the place.Alas, we had to visit Olympic Dam. It was raining, whichwas very rare, meaning that we could not experience a full So Plant Tour 2005 was an amazing success. A huge thanks to Mary Barrow for her hard work behind the scenes, as well as Dr. Chris Colby. Our bus driver did not participate in the wine tasting, and for this we are thankful. Credit must also go to Louise Schwarz and Candeece Falland for designing the highly fashionable Plant Tour T-Shirts. Of course, last but not least, many thanks to Dr. Peter Ashman and Andrew Wright for keeping us amused and on time. ! Aidan McClory18
  17. 17. AUES Hysteresis 2005 This year the YEA ran a series of workshops called “Job YEA-SA has had quite a Search Boot Camp“ with the Australian Computer Society busy year this year! It all (ACS) focused on Jobs and Job-hunting. There were 6 started late last year with seminars in all; Applications and Resumes ran in March, the idea of dedicating 2005 Intro into Interviews in April, Interview case studies in as the Year of the Young May, What Employers Are Looking For in August, Engineer. After a long Workforce Reality in September and Job Options in drawn out process, the October. We have had some great turnouts and lots of National Council approved positive responses so we are considering making this an and 2005 was made the annual event, so if you missed out there might be next Year of the Young year. Engineer! This is the first time Engineers Australia This year, YEA also extended its arm our to some has dedicated a year and regional areas thru The Snowy Hydro Regional could be the last. Ambassadors Program. This involved a small group of young engineers visiting secondary schools in Whyalla,The year kicked off with the division’s annual dinner held SA, in April. The young engineers gave presentationson the 23rd of February at the Observatory function centre. and participated in discussions aimed at exposing theThe dinner was traditionally the division AGM, but this profession of engineering to students, parents andyear they separated the 2 in an attempt to get more teachers. The program, which was funded by Snowyattendees. Instead, the dinner was used as the state Hydro, received high praise from other YEA committeeslaunch of the Year of the Young Engineer and as such, around Australia.the Division sponsored a heap of young engineers toattend the dinner, with a lot of students from Adelaide uni. There were 2 events held on campus in early August- the Future Pathways Talks and a Formula SAE meet andIn early March, a busload of Young engineers ventured greet. The Future Pathways Talks are where graduatesout to McLaren Vale in search of Goon and Coon from the Uni come back and do a little presentation on(Cheese and Wine). The tour was run by the Blessed their experiences at uni and where it has lead them today.Cheese company and departed Adelaide at 10 am. The Adelaide Uni had talks on Monday 1st August, with threefirst winery was Wirra Wirra Vineyards. There, we gorged speakers: Kim Farrant, Matthew Hochman and Ben Misenourself on Cabraliete Goats Cheese and Adelaide Hills and was attended by about 50 students. On the 4th ofSauvignon Blanc 2003. The next stop was Pertaringa August, the YEA and Mechanical College ran a joint eventwhere McLaren Vale Bonfire Block Semillon 2002 and on the Formula SAE (FSAE) vehicle. FSAE is a final yearJersey Milk Gouda were on the menu. After lunch, and a project in the Mechanical department whereby studentsbit of sobering up, it was time again to work out the liver at fabricate an open-wheeler racing vehicle from the groundThe Woodstock Winery with Coterie Grenache 2002 and up, and incorporates such things as suspension and18-month-old Cheddar. The last winery of the day was chassis design, engine management and drive trainKangarilla Road where we feasted on all the left over development.food, including a rich Adelaide Blue vein cheese and aMcLaren Vale Zinfandel 2002. Finally, before we departed Engineering week this year was held from the 22nd to theMcLaren Vale, we had to do the mandatory stop off at 26th of August and was sponsored by AustralianMedlow Chocolates- just in case we hadn’t pigged out Submarine Corp (ASC). The highlights of this week wereenough! the launch of the infrastructure report card, Careers Night and the ASC Networking night. Monday was the launch ofA few weeks later, a former YEA-SA president, AUES the infrastructure report card with a press conference incommittee member, Bachelor of the Year Nominee and the morning, which summarised the report and followedBanksia Award Winner, Nick Palousis did a presentation by a Luncheon at the Hyatt. The Careers Night was heldof his work with The Natural Edge Project (TNEP). The on Wednesday where 8 graduate engineers addressedpresentation was on sustainability, particularly focused on 80+ high school students and spoke about there disciplinethe role of engineers and sustainable engineering of engineering and what type of projects they are involvedsolutions. For some background, TNEP is a not-for-profit in. The last of the highlights was the ASC Networkinginitiative comprising young engineers and scientists with a Night on Thursday. As the event was predominatelypassion for achieving a sustainable future. Hosted by sponsored by ASC, it mainly appealed to mechanical,Engineers Australia, TNEP is engaged in a number of electrical and structural undergrads and was wellnational and international projects with a wide variety of attended.organisations including the QLD-Environment ProtectionAuthority, The United Nations and the World Federation of For future events and other info, come visit YEA-SA atEngineering Organisations (WFEO). 2005 further marks sa.youngengineers.com.au. !the release of TNEPs flagship publication "The NaturalAdvantage of Nations". For more information please seewww.naturaledgeproject.net. Peter Marzec 19
  18. 18. AUES Hysteresis 2005 Secretary’s Report engineering students signed up for our committee. This year level had the largest number of members which is a good sign for the future of the AUES over the next 4-5 This year’s committee has years as these young engineers venture through their been very hard working and years at uni. A summary of membership breakdown can have spent many hours be seen in the table to the left. The survey datum was bringing you the events that taken from 399 members who included their year level on you as well as ourselves have the membership sign up form. enjoyed immensely throughout the year. The committee all This year in the AUES we worked on signing up many first worked very well together and year students (and other year levels) to APESMA and there was a lot of team spirit IEAUST (Institute of Engineers, Australia). As both of which made our job very these memberships are free for all students it was enjoyable. beneficial to all students. APESMA and IEAUST both being professional organisations give students an insight Throughout the year, the into the engineering world, future job prospects,AUES committee have had in excess of a dozen meetings engineering talks and work experience offers.from which I have collected minutes. At meetings, wealways had over three quarters of the committee present Throughout the year, the AUES have been involved inwhich shows the enthusiasm for the duration of the year organising and running many social events for all of ourremained high. Not only is it committee effort that has members. These include the famous AUES pubcrawl,made the AUES successful once again this year, but also BBQ’s (O-week, term 2, tug-of-war and Party Party Party),our members. cocktail night, quiz night and a Hysteresis launch. All events were a lot of fun and were very memorable forAUES Membership In 2005 we have had 538 both committee and AUES members. registered members which makes1st years 41% us one of the largest clubs in All in all, the 2005 AUES year was a huge success and2nd years 19% Adelaide University. The summary the best of fun, and I have enjoyed being a part of it. !3rd years 23% of the AUES members for this year Melissa Hamannfinal years 17% shows that 164 first year AUES Secretary20
  19. 19. AUES Hysteresis 2005 conjunction with International Women’s Day. One of the Womens OFFICER Report main purposes of this event was to provide a forum where women in engineering can meet each other and interact The role of the women’s officer etc, because there arent that many of us. Held in the within any organisation is often union cinema, showing Mona Lisa Smile and If These considered to be quite Walls Could Talk, the turnout to the event was low in controversial, given that the role comparison to other AUES events, however given the seems to relate to no more than lack of time for promotion and it being the first time the half of the members of the event was held this was understandable. All who attended organisation and in many cases the event enjoyed the popcorn, dips platters and less than that. However, despite its champagne, that was provided for a $2 donation which controversy, it is a role which is went to Catherine House, a women’s shelter in Adelaide. I central to the objectives and think that given appropriate promotion and word of mouth purposes of the AUES, in encouragement, this could grow to be a staple event in particular objective 3.1.1 – To the AUES calendar. promote the welfare and furtherthe interests of the members of the Society and 3.1.5 – To Having started the year with the intention of runningencourage better formal and informal relationships several women’s events, I have been amazed at howbetween members. quickly the year has gone past. In the remainder of 2005 and in 2006 it would be great to see women’s forumsAn important function of the Womens Officer of the AUES held, where female speakers from industry are encourageis providing situations where women in engineering can to share their experiences in the workforce and theinteract, because for some women it can be quite different paths that are can be taken as a woman indaunting to be in such a male dominated environment. engineering. Another issue that has come to my attentionEstablishing links with other women in a similar situation is the lack of promotion of engineering to female highwho might not be in the same tutorials, lectures or school students. I think that encouraging female studentswhatever can be really valuable especially when these to select engineering as a career path is a role that thelinks are between women in different years of their AUES can play, in particular the AUES Women’s Officer,degree. Also for first years, it can be quite reassuring to in conjunction with the Engineering School and industrybe able to participate in womens only events especially if groups such as IEAust and APESMA.they have come from predominantly female environments(eg an all girls school), as these events tend to be a bit I have enjoyed my year spent as Women’s Officer of themore relaxed. AUES and wish the best of luck to the new Officer Bearers and next year’s committee. !In order to provide such an environment, the inaugural Jakin RavalicoAUES Women’s movie night was held this year in AUES Women’s OfficerThe first year at university can be quite students; the sheer number of studentschallenging for students, particularly in a volunteering themselves as tutors ensured Quote of the Daydemanding degree such as Engineering. that there were sufficient tutors to cover allHence, the AUES and the Faculty of courses every day of the week. TheEngineering, Maths and Computer feedback received was, as always, mixed. “...be aware that inSciences had, until 2002, implemented a Some students used the service regularly the past AUES hastutoring scheme, where 3rd and 4th year whilst others didn’t use it at all. run barbecues thatstudents made themselves available to have becomeassist first year students with their studies in Most tutors felt that they were able to assistparticularly challenging Engineering the students with the majority of their unruly andCourses (such as statics, dynamics, problems, but sometimes the students disrupted lectureselectrical systems, logic design, would have a question the tutor was unable in adjacentprogramming and process systems). to answer, resulting in frustration for student buildings, so any and tutor alike. However, feedback disturbance will notThe first semester of 2005 saw the indicated that overall, the scheme ran smoothly with students and tutors both be appreciated.”reimplementation of this scheme, but thistime we tried to improve the program by benefiting, and it was definitely more Engineering Headrectifying problems which occurred in the effective than in past years. Hopefully we’ll (via email)past. Greater volumes of advertisement be able to fine tune it for 2006! !ensured that all first years were aware ofthe scheme; name tags and posters were Laura Brooksused to differentiate tutors from other 21
  20. 20. AUES Hysteresis 2005historysisIn 2005, the AUES has been reviving some of its history.This year marks the resurrection of this very publication,printed for the first time in twenty five years. We crushedthe Meds in the revival of the trans-Torrens tug-of-war,again an event not seen in decades. Even theengineering song of many years gone by was broughtback and sung in high spirits at the annual cocktail night.With this in mind enjoy this trip back in time and enjoysome engineering antics through the ages.Earlier in the year an interested few of the currentcommittee met with some past legends of the AUES, 1971 AUES Prez Wayne Groom meets current Prez Michael BanningDavid Gray (Hysteresis editor 1971) and Wayne Groom(AUES president 1971). This social gathering over lunch spectacular AUES successes for 1971”, looking back Iwas a great opportunity to hear about their time at would say that it is one of the most spectacularuniversity and the tales of the engineering society of the engineering society successes of all time! This stunt1970s. This year’s committee gained an enjoyable and occurred in the early hours of Friday morning of Proshinteresting insight into the history and traditions of our week, during an era where Prosh was so big that thesociety. Wayne and Dave got the opportunity to hear how police made frequent passes of the university at night tothe society they were once an important part of has grown ensure no pranks were being performed. The car wasand changed. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for all towed from its secret North Adelaide location, withconcerned! Engineers find an innovative solution to the parking problem onSomething we all enjoyed - Wayne brought along some Victoria Drive.news clipping from the local papers of this era (includingthe Advertiser). Wayne and a friend were running in theStudent Representative Council elections (now theSAUA). As part of their campaign they hired a stripper toperform a strip on the Barr Smith Lawns and promotethem! The media interest was high but this didn’t doenough for his campaign however, as he wasn’t elected.It is hard to talk about great events of the AdelaideUniversity Engineering Society without talking about theGreat Car Hang of 1971 when a group of engineeringstudents managed to suspend an FJ Holden underneaththe university footbridge. The Hysteresis report states“Operation Bridge-hang must rate as one of the most New and old AUESers collide22
  21. 21. AUES Hysteresis 2005engineering students lining the streets looking out for the student protests. A group of about fifty or so studentspolice presence. The car was pushed down the grassy marched on parliament house, carrying placardsslopes and under the footbridge. A hand crane (borrowed protesting about the disruptive nature of studentsfrom the engineering department) lifted the car off the protests. They carried down a large wooden temporaryground then the entire contraption was pushed into the stage where they could stand and yell their message tocentre of the bridge, the chain was attached and the car the cheering crowd. The premier at the time (Steele Hall),released and allowed to hang in all its glory. A truly great who wanted to be seen in touch with young people cameengineering feat and a great success for the AUES! out and addressed the small but vocal crowd, from on top of the temporary stage. Whilst this was going on, and theIn the late 1960s and the 1970s protests were real reason behind all of this, two engineering studentscommonplace, Vietnam, police brutality and others. In this were hidden inside the stage and were quickly digging atime a group of engineers organised the protest against hole in the pavement and cementing a toilet bowl! When it was dry enough the protest dispersed, the stage was 70s style tuggin’ taken away leaving just the cemented toilet. When civil engineering lecturer Dave Walker was younger he and his friends would try to squeeze in a quick beer between lectures (in the ten minutes of time). This would involve a run to the Richmond Tavern, a quick pint and a run back. Soon enough this had become a full blown race – the Dave Walker Richmond Run. The rules were the same, but had official timing and monitoring of the beer skölling. Some of the best times were well under the ten minutes required – 4 and a half minutes. Now, isn’t history fun? ! Julian O’Shea The lecturer Stephen Kaneff drove a small MG sports carElectrical Departmental Anecdotes that was very noticeable in the elec eng car park. In the early 1960s, a group of undergrad students, as a prank,Eric Willoughby was a lecturer within the school of managed to get the car into the first floor of the Engineeringelectrical and electronic engineering in the 1960s, he North building and parked it outside the Chapman Lecturetypified the eccentric academics who are a source of theatre. Kaneff was not amused. The ringleader of this stuntmany university legends. was a mechanical engineering student: Jack McClean.On his way home, each evening, Willoughby would starthis car and then realise he had forgotten something in In the mid-1970s, whilst Bob Bogner was Dean, thehis office. Often he would leave his car running as he cleaners in the Engineering North building kept finding useddashed inside. On one occasion the police came condoms in the secluded thirdknocking on his office door—Willoughby had left his car floor and sent a complaint torunning outside for two hours! the Dean to get this stopped.Eric Willoughby once turned up to a morning lecture In a beautifully understatedwith two ties knotted around his neck. His lecture style euphemistic style Bob put up aconsisted of him holding chalk in the right hand and a notice on the landing that read:board eraser in the left hand—as he wrote with his right “The 3rd floor area may behand he would simultaneously be rubbing out with his used only for authorisedleft hand. university purposes.”Around 1966, the very first prospective femaleundergraduate student approached Willoughby to see if A visiting European intern student from Germany, Stephanhe would consider a girl for an EE degree for the very Enderling, would often work in the Biomedical Engineeringfirst time. Willoughby replied: “I don’t think it is a good lab very late at night and then roll out a sleeping bag to getidea as we don’t have any female toilets here.” a bit of sleep on the floor. Early one morning Stephan was rudely woken at 5am in the morning by an angry securityIn the early 1960s, after Stephen Kaneff delivered a guard. “What’s the problem?” asked Stephan innocently.lecture on squirrel cage motors, the undergrad students The guard informed him that he was not allowed to sleep indecided to play a joke on him. The next day Stephen the lab because it scares the cleaners—as they thoughtKaneff received a call from the RSPCA saying he had there was a dead body on the floor. So, the next daybeen reported for cruelly caging squirrels. Stephan promptly put a sign on the lab door saying: “Students are not dead, they are just asleep.” 23