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Mobile career apps

  1. 1. Mobile is the new InternetAre you ready this time?
  2. 2. 5.7Billion mobile phonesubscribersOver one Billion are already smartphone subscribers(have you engaged with your full audience potential?) Source: Global mobile statistics 2012
  3. 3. Over 25 billion iPhone apps downloaded. How many of them were yours?(still not engaged with your full audience potential?)
  4. 4. 77% ofJob Seekersuse Mobile JobSearch AppsIs your brand available/visible?(still not engaged with your full audience potential?) Source: Career network
  5. 5. It’s not too late! Expert help is at hand(Time to be engaged with your full audience potential)
  6. 6. Welcome to our worldDeveloping world class, award winning, innovative,mobilerecruitment apps is our expert specialty
  7. 7. You will be in good companyInvesting in the right mobile recruitment modelfor your immediate business plans and future strategy.
  8. 8. Why is Mobile soimportant today?
  9. 9. By the end of 2013 research shows us that 50% of all internet traffic will come from Desktop PCs and 50% will come from Mobile phones! And by 2014 it is expected that mobile internet traffic will exceed desktop traffic.Source: Morgan Stanley
  10. 10. Do you know how many people are viewing your careers website via a mobile phone?
  11. 11. Simply click on Mobile and then overview to see how your mobile traffic is growing.If you use Google Analytics you can nowtrack users that visit your site via a mobile
  12. 12. As well as building Mobile apps we also owna UK job Search Engine.
  13. 13. On average our site receives around 350,000 users every month.These are the percentage of users that visited our site via a mobile phone 2010 2011 2012 2.93% 8.56% 21.12% By the end of 2012 we expect our mobile traffic to be 1/3 of all our traffic
  14. 14. This is the experience a jobseeker wouldsee if we were not optimised for mobile
  15. 15. Here is what the jobseeker sees today, thesame great jobs just much easier to use.
  16. 16. Did you know that: Google and othersearch engines are starting to rankcompanies with mobile optimised siteshigher in its mobile search results thanthose without?
  17. 17. Currently there are 2 different waysthat mobile traffic is calculated.
  18. 18. Last year: more time was spent using mobileweb, this year apps have overtaken mobileweb.Make sure: when you are considering a mobilesolution that you try to do Apps and a Mobilesite to maximise the full potential of Mobile.
  19. 19. “Whats most remarkable about this paradigm shift”, says Flurrys CharlesNewark-French, “is how quickly it came about. In less than 3 years, mobileapps, and primarily those on iPhone and Android, now surpass bothdesktop and mobile Web use.”
  20. 20. 77% of job seekers are using Mobile – here’s how they are using it The #1 Reason Being able to job Job Seekers Use a Job Search App Quickly react to new search anytime, job postings anywhere People are relying more and more 23.79% on mobile devices 36.27% to interact with the world around them – and that 22.29% trend extends to the job search 77% 17.65% process. It is a discreet way to I dont use a mobile search for a job job search app Source: Career Network – Mobile Jobs App Data and Poll Survey•According to comScore the UK has 2.8m jobseekers a month accessing job listing from a mobile device, with 67% looking daily.•The KPCB Meeker report shows that smartphone USA market penetration is fast approaching 60% and the signs of growth arenot slowing. For reference traditional Internet has just passed 80% market penetration.•In the UK there are 39m 3G subscriptions which are more subscriptions than households.
  21. 21. We can design and build your native apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry and Mobile optimised HTML sites.We are the worlds leading provider of Mobile Career Apps and Mobile Career Sites.
  22. 22. The design and features of a typical corporate app
  23. 23. Home page with navigation, latest video and latest Tweets Twitter and Facebook can Load screen, appears for be fully integrated in to theabout 2 seconds whilst the app app loads.The design and features of a typical corporate app.
  24. 24. Video playlist can also be fully integrated into the apps Jobseekers can respond Blogs are a great way to Twitter, follow or re for the jobseeker to tweet learn more about what others thinkThe design and features of a typical corporate app.
  25. 25. Job Results, those in grey text means we have already viewed that job Job search with Job View the full jobAlerts for new job roles description.The design and features of a typical corporate app.
  26. 26. Learn section allows jobseeker to find out more details about the business View jobs on a map One of the screens from taken from your search the learn section, results BrandsThe design and features of a typical corporate app.
  27. 27. This cool feature saves the details of each search created by the jobseeker. Then when a new job goes live that matches the saved search the phone is sent a notification alerting the jobseeker that there is a new job available!Probably the most relevant and important feature of the app is “Job Notifications”
  28. 28. Matthew Jeffery’s fromOur Clients Autodesk:“The innovative and collaborativeindividuals that make up the ATTB team Arie Ball and Anthony Scarpino from Sodexo:make them an ideal partner fordeveloping mobile recruitment solutionsfor your business.”Anthony Scarpino“Allthetopbananas are pioneers in the Kat Drum from RIM:recruitment mobile app industry. I wouldrecommend their services to anyonelooking for a mobile solution fortheir business.”Kat DrumJust some of our other clients that you will Chris Hoyt from PepsiCo:know
  29. 29. Case study• PepsiCo launched their Apps at the start of March 2011. The following stats are from the first 60 days from the Apps going live. It was a soft launch only in the US, with the Apps only being featured in only 2 places; on their careers website and in the App stores.• They had received over 3500 downloads of their app’s, these had come only from the App stores and their careers website.• Out of the 3500 downloads, 85% of the candidates had PUSH Notification job alerts set up on their device for targeted jobs they are interested in.• When tracking the candidates that came from their Apps, they have hired 2 new employees and have 10 in the recruitment process. Again, this was within the first 60 days of launch.• Apart from the job search section, the Connect section which includes their social media, video and blogs content were the most visited areas.• Because of the initial success from the Mobile Career App’s Pepsico will very soon be launching a huge marketing campaign to promote their Mobile Careers solutions. We are also launching their Mobile HTML Site very soon.
  30. 30. Case study• Sodexo launched their Apps into the US market in March 2012.• They launched on the iPhone, Android and iPad platforms and offered the unique feature allowing users to choose what type of candidate they were e.g. current employee or looking to work at Sodexo for the first time.• The App allows candidates to search for jobs and also use their current Sodexo profile to apply for vacancies within the Apps.• Within the first 5 weeks of the Apps being promoted only on their Career Site and the App stores, they had received over 1300 downloads of their Apps.• From the 1300 downloads Sodexo had received 5 brand new hires directly from their Apps.• Sodexo also allow candidates to view and engage with their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  31. 31. Platforms and packagesChoose from the following platforms; iPhone, Android, iPad, Android Tablets, Windows,Blackberry & Mobile Optimised SiteGold package x 5 platforms £22,000 year 1 - each additional year £8000Recommended platforms: iPhone App, Android App, Mobile site,iPad App & Android TabletsSilver package x 4 platforms £17,500 year 1 - each additional yearRecommended platforms: iPhone App, Android App, Mobile site & £6500iPadBronze package x 3 platforms £12,500 year 1 - each additional year £5000Recommended platforms: iPhone App, Android App& Mobile SiteFor more than 5 platforms please speak to your sales contact
  32. 32. All you have to do nowCall one of our dedicated expert advisors on:0844 800 1616 or email