Digital measures tutorial 1


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Digital measures tutorial 1

  1. 1. How do I use Digital Measures?
  2. 2. Logging in Click on this link: https://appsrv.pace.ed u/digitalmeasures/ and login to Digital Measures using your Portal Username and Password. Or, login to your Pace Portal account and click “digital measures” under Faculty Resources.
  3. 3. First Step- Managing Activities Click on the right hand sidebar “Manage Your Activities”. You will see a list of underlined areas. These are the headings you will be working with to complete your profile.
  4. 4. How to enter fields Click on the underlined area you would like to add data to, for example “Awards and Honors.” Then click on “Add a New Item.”
  5. 5. How to enter fields cont’d Complete the blank fields and then click on “Save and Return” to save your changes. If you are adding multiple items in the same category, choose “Save and Add Another.”
  6. 6. How to update pre-entered informationDigital Measures comes preloaded with Bannerinformation, to change or update this information: Login to Click on the Edit Your Info tab and click Display Name Editor and enter your username and password to edit your display name Click on Profile Editor to edit secondary campus, primary/secondary building and room number, cell phone numbers, etc. If other information is incorrect (division/department/job title) please enter a request at the Help Desk: a After White Pages has been updated, contact Academic Technology so we can refresh this information
  7. 7. How to upload full text articles First, click on “Intellectual Contributions.” Scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Store File.” This allows you to browse your computer for the full-text of the item. Be sure to click on “Save and Return” to save your full text article!
  8. 8. How to print out a copy of yourCV At the bottom of the “Manage Your Activities” page you will see tabs that say: Rapid Reports, PasteBoard, Hide Click the Rapid Reports tab
  9. 9.  A box will appear allowing you to request a specific report (i.e. Awards and Honors, Publications) or an entire CV (select “Vita” in the dropdown) Specify a period of time (i.e. 1990-2012), select the file type and click Run Report
  10. 10. How to update Faculty Activity Report (FAR) information FOR LUBIN ONLY Under the “General Information” tab, click “Faculty Activity Report – Narrative Questions.” Then, click “Add a New Item.” The ten questions will appear. We suggest typing your answers in Microsoft Word first, and then pasting them in to the Digital Measures form. The calendar year is 2012. Next, click “Save and Return.”
  11. 11. How to print the FAR information FOR LUBIN ONLY On the lower right hand corner of the screen click “Rapid Reports.” Use the dropdown menu to choose “Faculty Activity Report.” Pick a date range and click “Run Report.”
  12. 12. Need one-on-one assistance? Dr. Beth Gordon Klingner (914) 773-3563 Samantha Egan (914) 773-3664 Megan Burke Video Help Faculty-Staff Guide