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Qatar and the needs of Arabic PWD_David Banes
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Presentation about Qatar and the needs of Arabic PWD. …

Presentation about Qatar and the needs of Arabic PWD.
ATIS4all First Workshop, 14th and 15th March, 2011. Madrid.

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  • 1. Qatar and the needs of Arabic PWD Rethinking Universal Access
  • 2. Rethinking the issue
    • Traditionally the model has been to see the problem as one of the region
    • This equates to a medical not social model of disability
    • We perceive the problem as being local, not systemic
  • 3. Current model
    • AT industry design and builds for a market, it has to as it must make profit to develop
    • The model has been successful in developing for fixed markets.
    • As a result english speakers and broadly latin based languages use and reuse eachothers material from advice to training to code and experience
    • Non Latin languages are excluded as a result of the model
    • Solution is to attempt to localise and retrofit AT to meet regional needs
  • 4. AT Ecosystem in Middle East is Changing
    • Region is characterised by
      • Variation of Language
      • Variation of Wealth
      • Variation of culture from west – differing principles
    • Region is developing Services
      • Awareness
      • Assessment
      • Training
      • Support
      • Research
    • Examples
    • Mada Center Qatar links with Egypt, Tunisia, UAE, Saudi Arabia
    • Technology platforms are changing from local to pervasive and cloud based
  • 5. Growth in Global Access requires new thinking
    • AT and Accessibility reframed
    • Take account of language and culture – without assumptions and imposition of value judgements
    • Explore definitions where integration of AT enhances existing social roles rather than replaces
    • Found on principle that globally PWD have more in common than differences
    • Start with licences -Open source and Creative commons need to evolve to allow universal use and reuse whilst protecting and financing industry and copyright holders as key stakeholders
    • Entry level concept needs to be rethought as a global issue based on local dependencies not as a universal designed for those countries with long AT history, wealth or infrastructure
    • Based on Universal Access
    • Designed as Vanilla to be flavoured
  • 6. Risks ?
    • Increased fragmentation
    • Increased dependence on Industrial model
    • Creation of a new third world of Digital Societies
    • As global politics shift and evolves it is as much in the interests of developed AT regions to respond as it is of benefit to emerging ecosystems
    • Leads to increased
      • Market
      • Investment
      • Value