The City of Lahore


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Lahore is known as the heart of Pakistan.

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The City of Lahore

  1. 1. A legend based on oral traditions holds that Lahore was known in ancient times as Lavapuri, City of Lava in Sanskrit (Lava is also referred to as Loh). Raja Loh wasson of Sri Ram Chandar Jee, the hero of Mahabharta, who established the city in his name.¹ The period of Raja Loh is told around 1200 BC. Claudius Ptolemy (90 AD – 168 AD), a Greek astronomer and geographer, has mentioned in his renowned work Geographia, an area as Labokla. In his maps,Labokla was situated on the route between Indus river and Palibothra or Pataliputra The city of Lahore(Patna), in a tract of country called Kasperia (Kashmir), described as extending alongthe rivers Bidastes or Vitasta (Jhelum), Sandabal or Chandra Bhaga (Chenab), andAdris or Iravati (Ravi). Wilfred and Kingham both endorsed to the theory of Labokla being the old name of Lahore².One of the oldest documents that was written about Lahore anonymously in 982 AD is called Hudud-i-Alam³. It was translated into English by Vladimir Fedorovich Minorsky and was published in Lahore in 1927 AD. In this document, Lahore is referred to as a small shahr (city) with impressive temples, large markets and huge orchards. It refers to two major markets around which dwellings exist, and it also mentions the mud walls that enclose these two dwellings to make it one. The original 2 document is currently held in British Museum.
  2. 2. Origin & History One of the oldest historical references about Lahore is found in Tareekh-ul-Hind written by Abu-Rehan Al Beruni (973 AD – 1048 AD), who traveled to India in1017 AD. In his book, he remembers Lahore as an area not as a city whose capital was Mandhor kor.Hazrat Ali Hajvery (RA), (990 AD – 1077 AD), who preached Islam in Lahore, has also mentioned the city of Lahore in his book Kashf-ul-Mahjuub. Abul-Farj, who was a poet in Ghaznavi period has written the name as Loha-wr. An Iranian The city of Lahore scholar Tahir Marozi of 11th century in his book Nazhat ul Mushtaq Fe Akhteraqul Affaq has mentioned Lahore as Laha-wr. Ameer Khusro (1253 AD – 1325 AD)in his first mathnavi, Qiranus-Sadain that was completed in 1288 AD, has written the name as Lao-hore when he portrays the attack of Mughals. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the famous Chinese traveler Yowang Chowang has mentioned the city Lahore as the great city.In net shell, the following variations of Lahore (city name) existed in history books:Lavapuri, Labokla, Loha-wr, Laha-wr, Lao-hore etc., etc. Further, the referencesmentioned in this short presentation establish that Lahore existed more than three 3 thousand years ago on the face of earth.
  3. 3. Minar-e-Pakistan The city of Lahore4
  4. 4. The city of Lahore 5Shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajvery (RA)
  5. 5. Allama Iqbal International Airport The city of Lahore 6
  6. 6. Railway Station, Lahore was started in 1859 under the directions of Sir John Lawrence, the then Chief Commissioner of Punjab (1858-1859) The city of Lahore 7
  7. 7. Wapda House The city of Lahore8
  8. 8. Lahore High Court The city of Lahore 9
  9. 9. State Bank of Pakistan The city of Lahore 10
  10. 10. Qaddafi Stadium The city of Lahore11
  11. 11. Gymkhana Cricket Ground, established 1885 The city of Lahore 12
  12. 12. National Hockey Stadium, Lahore isconsidered to be the largest in the world. The city of Lahore 13
  13. 13. Summit Minar The city of Lahore14
  14. 14. The city of LahoreSunset shot at Shalimar Gardens 15
  15. 15. Shalimar Gardens The city of Lahore 16
  16. 16. The city of Lahore 17Shalimar Gardens
  17. 17. The city of LahoreLahore Museum, established 1864, shifted to this building 1894 18
  18. 18. Shahi Qila The city of Lahore 19
  19. 19. The city of Lahore20
  20. 20. The city of Lahore21
  21. 21. The city of Lahore22
  22. 22. Tolinton Market The city of Lahore23
  23. 23. GPO Building, Mall Road The city of Lahore 24
  24. 24. Jahangir Tomb The city of Lahore25
  25. 25. Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh The city of Lahore 26
  26. 26. Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, Lahore The city of Lahore 27
  27. 27. Saint Anthonys Church, Lahore The city of Lahore 28
  28. 28. Cathedral Church of Resurrection, Lahore The city of Lahore 29
  29. 29. The city of LahoreLahore Stock Exchange 30
  30. 30. The city of Lahore31
  31. 31. A view on Model Town Link Road The city of Lahore 32
  32. 32. Masjid Wazir Khan The city of Lahore 33
  33. 33. The city of Lahore34
  34. 34. Baadshahi Mosque was built in 1673 AD. The city of Lahore 35
  35. 35. The city of Lahore 36A view of Baadshahi Mosque from Alamgiri Gate
  36. 36. The city of LahoreA view of Baadshahi Mosque from an arch in Lahore Fort 37
  37. 37. The city of LahoreMausoleum Allama Muhammad Iqbal 38
  38. 38. Shaikh Zayed Hospital The city of Lahore 39
  39. 39. Services Hospital The city of Lahore 40
  40. 40. Punjab University, Established 1882 The city of Lahore 41
  41. 41. Punjab University, Established 1882 The city of Lahore 42
  42. 42. GC University, Lahore The city of Lahore 43
  43. 43. University of Engineering & Technology The city of Lahore 44
  44. 44. The city of LahoreLahore University of Management Sciences 45
  45. 45. Government Islamia College Civilines The city of Lahore 46
  46. 46. National College of Arts The city of Lahore 47
  47. 47. The city of Lahore48
  48. 48. The city of Lahore 49Quaid-e-Azam Library
  49. 49. The city of LahoreWahga Border, Lahore 50
  50. 50. The city of Lahore51
  51. 51. The city of Lahore52
  52. 52. The city of Lahore53
  53. 53. The city of Lahore54
  54. 54. The city of Lahore55
  55. 55. The city of Lahore56
  56. 56. The city of Lahore57
  57. 57. The city of Lahore58
  58. 58. The city of Lahore59
  59. 59. Lalik Chowk The city of Lahore60
  60. 60. Ravi River, Lahore The city of Lahore 61
  61. 61. The city of Lahore62
  62. 62. References1. James Taad, 1883; Kanhya Laal, 1882; Sir Richard Temple, 1884; Tahqeeq-e-Chisti, 1867.2. The Comparative Study of India by Wilfred, pg. 20; the The city of Lahore Geography by Kingham, pg. 225-228.3. Hudud-e-Alam, The Regions of the World, A Persian Geography. 63
  63. 63. The city of Lahore A presentation byAhmad Tariq Bhatti Lahore. 64