Reed Expositions France optimises the presence on social media thanks to AT Internet’s BuzzWatcher solution.


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Reed Expositions France belongs to the Reed Exhibitions group, the world’s leading events’ organiser. In addition to the company’s corporate site Reed Expositions France operates and manages 43 web sites dedicated to its clients’ events. After purchasing BuzzWatcher in 2012, Reed Expositions now has a fully integrated solution to monitor all of its actions on social media.

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Reed Expositions France optimises the presence on social media thanks to AT Internet’s BuzzWatcher solution.

  1. 1. Reed Expositions France optimises the presence of its 40 client brands on social media thanks to AT Internet’s efficient and effective BuzzWatcher solution. Reed Expositions France Online Intelligence Solutions C a s e s t u d y
  2. 2. 2AT INTERNET / CASE STUDY / Reed Expositions INTRODUCTION Reed Expositions France belongs to the Reed Exhibitions group, the world’s leading events’ organiser which is present in 41 countries, staging over 500 events. Reed Expositions France organises 60 trade and consumer events (Batimat, Documation, Salon du livre, Fiac, …) covering 18 industries. In addition to the company’s corporate site Reed Expositions France operates and manages 43 web sites dedicated to its clients’ events and 3 portals representing a total of 47.6 million page views in 2012 (OJD certified data*). Thanks to Reed Expositions’ online activity and the development of its online products, the company is enhancing the profile of its events. Reed Expositions offers made-to-measure services such as pre-registration, an exhibitor and visitor extranet for event preparation, an online technical guide, appointment making services, and has updated its site with new content such as an online directory, a showcase, the latest exhibitor news, a forum etc., allowing participants taking part in trade shows to keep in contact, encouraging exchange within their professional community. The company’s e-business department has been using AT Internet’s Analyzer solution since 2006 to track its corporate sites and client brands. After purchasing BuzzWatcher in 2012, Reed Expositions now has a fully integrated solution to monitor all of its actions on social media. * The OJD is a professional French association whose role it is to certify the broadcasting, distribution and listing of newspapers, periodicals and other types of advertising channel. CHALLENGE The company’s e-Business unit works with all of Reed Expositions’ different departments. The e-Business unit contains a production service which creates trade show websites, an online marketing team which works on developing the company’s online strategy in co-operation with the “event” brand, and finally a performance team which Hubert Brousseau, Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring Manager, is part of. Client Reed Expositions Industry Event organisation Seller AT Internet In figures • 18 industries • 1.3 million visitors • 43 verbundene Websites • 47.6 Millionen Page Views Solutions • BuzzWatcher Essential • Analyzer III Benefits • Measuring ROI on all social media activity • Web and social analytics on the same platform • Improved client knowledge Contact Hubert Brosseau, Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring Manager C a s e s t u d y “We work with brands that are very active on social media. Our ability to interact on all channels is an overriding challenge.”
  3. 3. 3AT INTERNET / CASE STUDY / Reed Expositions He explains that: “Up until then we didn’t have a buzz monitoring tool, yet all of all our brands were present on social networks. With the BuzzWatcher solution, one of the major goals has been to determine ROI, not only thanks to traffic volume data, but thanks to other tangible elements such as retweets, brand quotes, followers etc.” In terms of e-reputation monitoring, Reed Expositions France has clearly identified the following goals: • Measure the impact of actions on social media by calculating ROI to justify its marketing choices (ad purchase, display budget, community management, etc.). • Improve client knowledge by creating regular reports as well as occasional audits for major events. SOLUTION After selecting different service providers to choose from, Reed Expositions France chose AT Internet’s BuzzWatcher as its monitoring solution. Hubert Brosseau explains: “In addition to the power associated with integrating the e-reputation tool into the web analytics tool, and being able to cross traffic volume data with social analytics data on the same chart, the AT Internet sales offer was very competitive indeed.” Quick to set up After a test period was carried out on a sample of client sites, it only took three weeks to set up the BuzzWatcher solution. First of all, an AT Internet consultant presented the detail of the functionalities to future users. The consultant then accompanied the marketing team to configure the different sites (choice of keywords, exclusions, terminology, etc.). Reed Expositions France wanted to have all of its customer data in the one BuzzWatcher account for an overall, centralised view of the data. Regular reports: extremely useful for marketing managers The first step in using BuzzWatcher involves removing “noise”, qualifying data (with the notion of sentiment in particular) and categorising articles which are relevant to the brands analysed. At Reed Expositions France, the articles are processed internally by an e-marketing assistant. This task, known as media curation, makes it possible to create daily and weekly reports which are sent automatically to marketing and Online product managers. “Our initial need was to show the impact of our presence and actions on social media.” “We have been convinced by the multi- product dashboards which make it possible to cross Internet traffic data with social analytics.”
  4. 4. 4AT INTERNET / CASE STUDY / Reed Expositions Targeted ad hoc studies for major events The e-Business team carries out complete “e-Reputation online Buzz” audits thanks to data provided by BuzzWatcher. Before carrying out this type of study and analysing the results, Hubert Brosseau insists on the importance of preparing and defining KPIs. The long-term objective of this report is so that it can be integrated into a job-specific dashboard, created with the Business Intelligence solution used by Reed Expositions. This link was made possible thanks to AT Internet’s API. THE RESULTS We have seen that BuzzWatcher is very efficient and effective for reporting and analysing long cycles, for creating detailed assessments, explaining traffic peaks or for detailed comparisons between traffic data (traffic, page views, visitors, etc.), and social data. Reed Expositions highlights the many advantages of using the monitoring solution: consolidated results thanks to a multi-support tool (blogs, news sites, video platforms, social networks etc.), the logic of the interface and how the results are presented. Already satisfied with the work carried out by the AT Internet teams and the Analyzer solution, Hubert Brosseau, E-Business analyst, confirms that the multi-product dashboard feature available with BuzzWatcher has been a considerable asset. In his opinion, this analysis “makes the figures talk”and also allows him to document the data accurately. “With BuzzWatcher we now have a professional monitoring tool which allows us to get consolidated data for all channel types.” E-reputation study - Reed Expositions France – 2013
  5. 5. 5AT INTERNET / CASE STUDY / Reed Expositions Other significant results for Reed Expositions France include: - Identifying influencers on specific domains. Reed Exposition has created the Top 20 influencers on Twitter as well as a ranking list for these Opinion Leaders. - The sentiment analysis, which has allowed the company to get feedback from visitors to find out what they liked or didn’t like in terms of the organisation and the content used in trade shows. This analyses has also seen new needs arise (for example the need to have a mobile application) or has identified technical problems (such as the e-tickets working incorrectly). - In terms of ROI, Reed Expositions has been able to see that 3.7 million tweets were shared for one event which would have represented an investment of 11,100 Euro if a display purchase operation had been undertaken (a cost% of 3 Euro). “BuzzWatcher gives us the tools required to determine the ROI for channels which, up until now, were difficult to measure.” Benefits • MeasuringROIonallsocialmediaactivity • Webandsocialanalyticsonthesameplatform • Improvedclientknowledge
  6. 6. Bordeaux (HQ) / Paris +33 (0)1 56 54 14 30 London +44 (0)20 3178 5356 Madrid +34 (0)911 105 829 München / Hamburg +49 (0)89 / 324927-0 São Paulo +55 11 3192 3991 About AT Internet AT Internet is one of the world’s major players in Web Analytics. Its decision-making solutions and services provide companies with an integral analysis of their performance and presence on all online digital platforms: the web, mobile and social media. The strength of AT Internet technology and the quality of its customer relations are recognised worldwide. AT Internet has more than 3,500 clients all over the world from all sectors. The company, which has more than 150 employees, is present in 20 different countries through its subsidiaries and partners. About Reed Expositions Frankreich Reed Expositions France organises 60 trade and consumer events covering 18 industries: Art, Broadcasting Television, Boating, Books Publishing, Building Construction, Communication, Environmental Management, Food Service Hospitality, Franchising, Healthcare, Homestyle, Information Technology, Interior Design Climate Control, Jewellery, Manufacturing, Marketing, Safety Security, Transport Supply Chain, and Travel. It is a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading event organiser. Contact © 2013 AT Internet. DE.CL.3-000001090 Online Intelligence Solutions