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ASV Capabilities Deck

  1. 1. Capabilities Deck
  2. 2. We’re ASV, a full-service events and experiential company with over 26 years experience designing, building and executing immersive B2C and B2B live marketing experiences for agencies and brands. WHO WE ARE A little bit about us, and what we can do for you. We’re passionate, results-driven thinkers and doers who don’t just create experiences, but deliver the RIGHT big impact experience that engages your audience in clever, memorable and unexpected ways. We’re your creative resource, production house, logistical experts and activation arm for turn-key face-to-face marketing solutions. We’re headquartered in Los Angeles with a nationwide network of proven partners and resources. We’re an award-winning, minority owned agency with a personalized, boutiquestyle service model focused on you, your brand goals and your brand vision. 2 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  3. 3. Account Services Technology • Event Creation • Event Planning & Estimation • Resource Management • Client Services • Interactive Consumer Engagement • Social Media Marketing • Lead Generation/Data Capture Logistics OUR SERVICES A little bit about us, and what we can do for you. Creative • Concepts • Renderings • Graphic Design Activation • Strategy • Installation & Dismantle • Event Management • Site Management • Production & Event Services • Transportation Fleet Engineering • Floor Plans • CAD Drawings Wrap-Up • Reporting • Inventorying • Storage Solutions Build • Large Format Graphic Production & Application • Custom Fabrication with Full Wood, Metal & Paint Shops • Vehicle Customization & Wraps 3 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  4. 4. Client Industries & Platforms OUR EXPERIENCE A little bit about us, and what we can do for you. 4 • Automotive • Retail • Education • Healthcare • Technology • Entertainment • Hospitality • Spirits • Sponsorship Activation • Mobile Tours • Luxury Events • Ride and Drives • Trade Shows • Retail Activations • Urban Marketing • Pop-Up Stores • Branding Installations • Graphic Installations • Sporting Events • Music Festivals • Food & Wine Festivals • Lifestyle & Hospitality Events 4 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  5. 5. OUR CLIENTS A little bit about us, and what we can do for you. 5 5 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  6. 6. Imagine Build a display and design a hospitality suite that encapsulates the Lexus brand within the America’s Cup Event, not only as their vehicle partner but also as an Official Sustainability Partner. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Lexus America’s Cup 2013 Create ASV created a display that was anchored around recycled shipping containers and utilizing wind power, both as a design element and a source of generating energy for their space. Wind turbines, solar power and ecocertified products made this installation memorable and environmentally friendly. Go Live! This program activation began on July 4th and ended on September 25th, 2013, with an estimated 900,000 people having walked the pier. It has received immense buzz from attendees and other America’s Cup partners on its progressive, eco-friendly design. 6 6 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  7. 7. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Lexus America’s Cup 2013 7 7 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  8. 8. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Lexus America’s Cup 2013 8 8 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  9. 9. Imagine Create an immersive brand environment that helps engage adults and children with their health in a fun and playful manner, using games to encourage healthy behavior and competitiveness among families, friends and Communities. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Anthem Bring Back Recess Tour Create Working closely with the client, ASV brought recess to the people with fun, interactive recess games, digital photo opportunities, kiosks and a largerthan-life branded Bring Back Recess truck as our main backdrop. Go Live! With over 150,000 participants, brand awareness greatly increased. Both client and brand were extremely pleased with the results. 9 9 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  10. 10. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Anthem Bring Back Recess Tour 10 10 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  11. 11. Imagine Create two unique activation spaces, an under-the-tent lounge and an outdoor drive-in, to drive interest and awareness of the Hyundai brand while also encouraging engagement and interaction with the display vehicles. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Hyundai Coachella Create ASV designed and fabricated music-inspired interactive and static display elements to position Hyundai as a music partner among Generation Y and creative consumers. Go Live! Surpassed client expectations and re-invented Hyundai’s presence at the festival. Both activation areas were a huge hit among Coachella festivalgoers, with guests remaining in and enjoying the space for long periods of time, increasing brand exposure and interaction. 11 11 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  12. 12. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Hyundai Coachella 12 12 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  13. 13. Imagine In partnership with Nissan, NBC wanted to push their hit show Heroes at Comic-Con San Diego while also bringing awareness to the then new Nissan Cube, which was featured in the show, all within a tiny 20’x20’ booth space. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS NBC/Heroes Comic-Con Create Playing off the fun, youthful feel of the Nissan Cube, we created a life sized “matchbox car” display, in classic point of purchase packaging, wrapped in Heroes artwork and placed on the show floor. 4 additional Nissan Cubes, wrapped in custom Heroes artwork, drove around downtown San Diego every day giving away custom Heroes comic books and pushing fans to the booth for a chance to win the 4 custom Cubes. Go Live! The NBC/Nissan booth was a huge hit, with a constant crowd of people interacting with the car and having their badges scanned for a chance to win, while also capturing fan data. Numerous press outlets got footage of the installation and stories about the winners went viral. 13 13 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  14. 14. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS NBC/Heroes Comic-Con 14 14 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  15. 15. Imagine Design a display and provide the program execution for the Paul McCartney 36-city US Concert Tour Sponsored by Lexus. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Lexus Paul McCartney Tour Create ASV designed a 40’ “turntable,” emulating the look of a record player, and customized a one of a kind commemorative vehicle highlighting the attributes of Paul McCartney’s left-handed bass-guitar. A modular hospitality gallery was created, so that it could accommodate each new venue on the tour, where invited guests could experience Paul McCartney’s art. ASV provided turnkey exhibit and event execution for the Lexus VIP hospitality and vehicle display areas, and traveled to each city managing the on-site elements. Go Live! Lexus was welcomed by each venue location and displayed an impactful exhibit. This experience assisted ASV in being the vehicle display partner for the 32-city “As I Am” Alicia Keys Tour for Lexus. 15 15 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  16. 16. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Lexus Paul McCartney Tour 16 16 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  17. 17. Imagine Coming off the enormous success of the 20th Century Fox film “Minority Report,” Lexus wanted to show off the concept car they designed for the film, the Lexus 2054, at the LA Auto show. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Lexus Minority Report Create Within the overall Lexus booth, ASV designed a large, futuristic display that showcased the car and educated fans. Key design elements from the film were used to match the look and feel. Go Live! Hundreds of thousands of auto enthusiasts and Minority Report fans came by to see the concept car and several press outlets included footage of it in their coverage of the show. 17 17 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  18. 18. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Lexus Minority Report 18 18 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  19. 19. Imagine To stir up excitement for the DVD release of Step Up 3, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment wanted to give a live breakdancing demo at the infamous Hollywood Christmas Parade. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Disney Step Up 3 Create ASV designed and fabricated a giant branded boom box, wrapped in custom graphics, that was light enough to move easily, yet strong enough to hold a dance troupe on top. Since the entire street was covered in red carpet we also created a custom dance floor. Go Live! Thousands of fans cheered the live show while several press outlets covered the event. The client was thrilled. 19 19 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  20. 20. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Disney Step Up 3 20 20 Imagine. Create. GO LIVE!
  21. 21. What can we do for you? Shawn Andry 424.205.1414 21