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Astra at a Glance 9 march 2011


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Subscription television in Australia at a glance.

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Astra at a Glance 9 march 2011

  1. 1. Subscrip on Television Australia Q1 2011 Foxtel/AUSTAR STV markets People, Media & Communica ons Popula on: 21.4 million Median age: 37 Occupied dwellings: 8+ million People per dwelling: 3 Household television ownership: 98% of the popula on Subscribers (Homes): 2.3 million People with STV: 7.2 million Subscrip on TV: 34% of the popula on IPTV providers: Less than 5 Average me watching TV each day (STV Homes): 279+ minutes Average me watching TV a day (STV Homes): 55+ yr olds – 352 minutes 25-54 yr olds – approx 294 minutes 18-24 yr olds – approx 207 minutes Mobile phone ownership: 22.12 million (more Broadcast & Narrowcast than one mobile for every person) Internet subscribers: 8.4 million Broadband Internet Subscribers: 7.3 millionSubscrip on television : FOXTEL, AUSTAR, OPTUS &TransAct Subscrip on Television DemographicsCommercial TV: Nine Network, Network Ten, SevenNetworkRegional TV: Prime Television (affiliated with Seven), 44.5% of STV homes have more than threeMacquarie South Cross (affiliated with Ten), WIN televisions per household.Media (affiliated with Nine) and Imparja Television The highest propor on of STV subscribers (35.5%)Public broadcasters: ABC, SBS live in two person households.Community television: 82 licensees 73% of grocery buyers from STV households areOpen narrowcas ng services: 1,764 licensees female and 39% of those are aged between 25 and 49. One Third of Australians have Digital TV & Na onal Broadband Subscrip on Television STV 100% digital migra on completed 2007 FTA digital television commenced 2001 NBN build commenced 2010 Analogue spectrum switch-off date pending 2013 NBN due for comple on pending 2017Sources: Australian Bureau of Sta s cs, : ACMA Communica ons Report 2007-8, OzTAM Universe Es mates Quarter 1, 2010, Media Brands, Mul Channel Network,
  2. 2. Subscrip on Television Australia Q1 2011 Australian Content Viewing Share by Genre Estimated Viewing Share By Genre for Subscription Television $541.4 million invested in 2009 Weeks 1-52 2010 Consolidated 26% investment growth from 2007-2009 News 3% Other 5% Kids 13% Music 3% Employment Figures Sport 11% Documentary 11% Movies 10%Total Males 2,452.3 Total Females 2,190.3 Lifestyle 9% Light Entertainment 24% Drama 11% Original Produc on: New to Air and Currently in Produc on Source: OzTAM, Weeks 1-52 (2am—2am) Consolidated. Es mates based on individual channel ra ng “other” includes channels not broken out by OzTAM• Park St and Mardi Gras special (Arena) Top Rated Original Produc ons• Balls of Steel (Comedy Channel)• Cricket Superstar, Project Runway S3, Rove LA, Slide, January—December 2010 Got to Dance and Da ng in the Dark S2 (FOX8) Title Network Reach• Spirited S2 (W) Selling Houses Australia The LifeStyle Channel 3,648,656• Kalgoorlie Cops and Tough Nuts w/Tara Moss (Crime Come Dine with Me Australia The LifeStyle Channel 2,769,746 & Inves ga on Network)• Tony Robinson Digs Australia and The Irish in Australia’s Next Top Model FOX8 2,320,581 Australia (History Channel). Football Superstar FOX8 1,408,127• HARDTalk with Stephen Sackur (BBC World News)• Rocket Compulsion and Australian episodes of Shark The Contender Australia FOX8 1,204,198 Week (Discovery Channel) Sa sfac on Series 3 showcase 1,179,671• The Jesters S2 and Tropfest (Movie Extra) Tangle Series 1* showcase 981,918• Tim Winton’s cloudstreet and Tangle S3 (Showcase)• MTV News with Erin McNaught and Ruby Rose hosts Tangle Series 2 showcase 495,294 Fashion Week (MTV) Source: OzTAM, STV Na onal, Weeks 1-52 2010; Includes Plus2 Viewing *Figures from Oct 09• Snaptoons Australia (Cartoon Network)• As the Bell Rings, Random Dares and What a Life Subscrip on Television & Free to Air (Disney Channel) Audience Share• Camp Orange S7 (Nickelodeon)• Selling Houses Australia Extreme, Mark Berg’s Fishing STV & Commercial TV Networks’ Share of All-TV 1994-2010 Total People, 2am-2am Metro Markets Addic on S2, Grand Designs Australia S2, Donna Hay: - 100 Fast Fresh and Simple, and Reloca on Phil Down 16.4 17.4 Under S2 (The LifeStyle Channel)• Australians Exposed, Trinny & Susannah’s Australian 75 21.9 Makeover Mission (LifeStyle YOU) 30.7FOX SPORTS channels: 1,000 hours of local produc on, 50 21.526,000 hours per year and 20 live hours per day. 31.1 15.6 25 20.4 23.6 0 1996 2010 STV Ten Nine Seven ABC/SBS Source: OzTAM 2001-2010 Weeks 1-52 Source: ACNielsen 1994-2000