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Dec 2008 Presentation Getting Beyond "Maybe" Mangement Indecision
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Dec 2008 Presentation Getting Beyond "Maybe" Mangement Indecision



Presentation from Ted Myers, President & CEO of Digital Lightwave to ASQ Section 1508 on Dec 8, 2008

Presentation from Ted Myers, President & CEO of Digital Lightwave to ASQ Section 1508 on Dec 8, 2008



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Dec 2008 Presentation Getting Beyond "Maybe" Mangement Indecision Dec 2008 Presentation Getting Beyond "Maybe" Mangement Indecision Presentation Transcript

  • Getting Past Maybe Handling Indecision Presentation by: Ted Myers, President & CEO Digital Lightwave, Inc.
  • Affected by Indecision?
    • You at times have been stuck in maybe?
    • You have been affected by the indecision of others?
  • Affected by Indecision?
    • Affects our personal and professional lives
    • Affects the quantity and quality of our productivity
  • Decisions, Decisions
    • Everyone is confronted with many decisions daily.
    • Most decisions happen so fast; the action is immediate.
  • Decisions Lead to ACTION
    • Decisions lead to ACTION
  • Decisions – Ways to Fail
    • Make a wrong decision
    • Make a right decision too late
    • Make no decision (stuck in “maybe”)
  • The Way to Succeed
    • The way to win is to make the correct decision in a timely fashion.
    • No decision at all can be worse than a non-optimum decision.
  • The Nature of Indecision
    • Data in opposition and balanced
      • Solution: Unbalance the equation
  • The Nature of Indecision
    • Uncertainty – Insufficient Knowledge
    • Solution: Get the knowledge
      • Study
      • Consult an expert
  • The Nature of Indecision
    • FEAR
  • The Nature of Indecision
    • Sometimes you know the answer, but can't confront  'pulling the trigger '.
  • The Nature of Indecision
    • Solutions:
    • Train yourself to confront more and more on a gradient.
    • Over come fear by drilling the situation:
      • Create the situation with a co-worker or family member.
  • The Nature of Indecision
    • Rational vs. Irrational Fears
      • Rational fear
      • Irrational fear
      • Ask yourself “Is my fear rational?”
  • The Nature of Indecision
    • Personal abberations:
      • Indecisiveness can be due to a personality type.
    • Solutions – Avoid this personality if you can.
  • Another Tool...
    • Simplify the problem
      • The complexity of a problem is proportional to the number of solutions.
      • Eliminate some of the solutions and simplify the problem.
  • Who Suffers Indecision?
    • Ourselves
    • Subordinates
    • Superiors
  • Who Suffers Indecision?
    • Handling Subordinates
    • Determine which malady they suffer :
          • Uncertainty
          • Fear
          • Personality Type
    • Apply the same solutions
  • Who Suffers Indecision? (Subordiates)
    • Have them write a proper proposal:
      • Outline of the situation
      • Collection of pertinent data
      • Presentation of data and salient facts
      • Their recommendation for your approval
  • Who Suffers Indecision? (Superiors)
    • Can be difficult and frustrating
    • Handling indecision from superiors
      • Help your boss – Write a proposal as stated above
      • If that fails, use “tacit” approval
  • Who Suffers Indecision? (Superiors)
    • Old Adage:
    •   'It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission'
  • Tolerance of “Gray”
    • Tolerance of levels of gray in decision making---
      • Engineers work in black & white
      • Many business decisions have levels of gray - many unknowns
      • Incomplete data
      • Tolerance for 'gray' will grow
  • In Summary
    • Identify your situation and handle it.
    • You will get better with more experience
    • Take some responsibility
  • In Closing...
    • Hope this helps you become more decisive and productive
    • You may make some mistakes, but you will boost productivity overall
    • Final Thought ...
  • In Closing...
    • “ The only people who never do anything wrong are the people who never do anything.”