Higher Education in Nepal Roundtable Discussion March 7, 2013

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Speaker: Higher Education in Nepal Roundtable Discussion March 7, 2013

Speaker: Higher Education in Nepal Roundtable Discussion March 7, 2013

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  • 1. Role of UGC in HE1University Grants CommissionNepal
  • 2. Introduction• After the adoption of multi-university concept aneed was felt to establish a regulatory authorityin higher education and UGC came into being.• It was established under the UGC Act approved• It was established under the UGC Act approvedby the parliament on November 22, 1993 as astatutory, autonomous body.2
  • 3. The Roles assigned to UGC1. Funding the universities2. Facilitation through coordination3. Regulation by providing guidelinesregarding national prioritiesregarding national priorities4. Promotion and support for qualityenhancement.5. Advise the government for policy mattersand establishment of new universities6. Student services3
  • 4. Organisational structure of higher education systemBPKIHS NAMSMOHPAHSMOEUGCTU NSU KU PU PokU LU AFU MWU FWUKIHSMOF4Affiliated campuses(1012)Constituent campuses(90)Centrally managedcampuses 15AutonomousCampus 3Decentralized campuses42Community CampusesPrivate CampusesMOE= Ministry of Education; UGC= University Grants Commission; MOH= Ministry of Health;BPKIHS= Biseswhor Prasad Koirala Institute of Health Science; NAMS= Nepal Academy of Medical Sciences; PAHS= Patan Academy of Health SciencesTU= Tribhuvan University; MSU= Mahendra Sanskrit University; KU= Kathmandu University; PU= Purbanchal University; PokU= Pokhara University; LU= Lumbini University; AFU=Agriculture and Forestry University; MWU= Midwest University; FWU= Far west university;
  • 5. UGC StructureThe overall authority of UGC system lies with the Commissionconsisting of eleven members1. Chairman2. Executive Member Secretary3. Member of National Planning Commission (SocialSector/Education Desk) (EO)Sector/Education Desk) (EO)4. Vice Chancellors (2)5. Secretary, Ministry of Education (EO)6. Secretary, Ministry of Finance (EO)7. Distinguished professors/ educationists (4)All the members are nominated by the Council of Ministers upon therecommendation of MOE.5
  • 6. UGC works through Councils andCommitteesUGC has 5 different permanent committees to make policydecisions1. Research Council2. Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee3. University Coordination Committee3. University Coordination Committee4. Academic Committee5. Scholarship CommitteeAlmost all committee members are drawn from seniorprofessors from different universities, few selected fromgovernment officials.6
  • 7. Support systemUGC has different task based committees to undertake itsday to day responsibilities:1. Project Steering Committee2. Research Evaluation Committee3. Quality Assurance and Accreditation Technical Committee3. Quality Assurance and Accreditation Technical Committee4. Reform grants committee5. Publication committeeBesides the system is run by small number of professional staffs.7
  • 8. Highlights of UGC Operations• Allocating grants(nine universities, 400 community campuses forcurrent expenditures and infrastructuredevelopment)• Formulating HE policy• Formulating HE policy( Redirecting thrust, establishment of newuniversities, regulating affiliations, controllingquality and financing HE )• Setting criteria, norms and standards of highereducation• Funding research and academic enhancementactivities• Managing HE data and publishing annual statistics8
  • 9. Continued ..• Advising government for establishing newuniversities• Coordination among the universities andgovernment.government.• Managing student grants9