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  • 1. Day 1 – Working scene, school SHOT NUMBER SHOT TYPES CAMERA MOVEMENT DESCRIPTION 1 Establishing shot Tilt Building 2 MS side angle Protagonist sitting in front of an computer, typing 3 OSS Typing 4 CU on face P looks at the computer 5 CU on keyboard Track Typing 6 MS side angle P shuts down computer 7 POV P shuts down computer 8 LS rear angle Computer shutting down 9 Close up on off-button P turns the computer off 10 MS Tilt P stands up 11 CU on bag P takes bag 12 LS Pan P walks 13 CU on door handle P opens the door 14 MS P walks out of the door 15 MCU front angle Dolly P walks 16 POV Handheld P walks 17 CU on feet Track P walks 18 MS rear angle Dolly P walks 19 CU on door handle P opens door 20 LS P walks out of the main door, bad weather
  • 2. Day 2 – Taking-pictures-scene, Town SHOT NUMBER SHOT TYPES CAMERA MOVEMENT DESCRIPTION 1 MS Antagonist stands behind a corner holding a camera in his hand, taking photos 2 POV Pan Protagonist talking on the phone 3 OSS A, camera in his hand, in the background the you see the P 4 LS A sits behind a hedge, camera 5 POV Pan P walking and chatting with a friend 6 MLS A stands behind a post box 7 OSS A takes pictures, in the background protagonist 8 POV Pan P walking 9 LS A follows P
  • 3. Day 3 – Dark-room-scene, at Megan’s SHOT NUMBER SHOT TYPES CAMERA MOVEMENT DESCRIPTION 1 MS rear angle Antagonist sits in a dark room staring at a wall all over with photos, dark lighting, just one lamp and candles 2 MS rear angle Tilt A sits a looks at the wall 3 CU on face A looks around 4 MS 360 A sits and looks at the wall 5 CU on pictures Track Pictures of the protagonist on the wall 6 CU on hand Follow A reaches for tablets 7 MS side low angle A takes a tablet 8 ECU on mouth A takes the tablet 9 CU on one photo Pan A takes a photo of protagonist 10 OSS A looks at the picture and puts it back 11 POV Handheld A reaches for a knife 12 MLS rear angle Takes knife stabs it into photo of protagonist 13 Low angle Stabs knife into picture 14 CU on photo Knife was stabbed into protagonists heart 15 LS A leaves his house
  • 4. Day 4 – Kidnapping scene SHOT NUMBER SHOT TYPES CAMERA MOVEMENT DESCRIPTION 1 ELS Antagonist walks into a park, Protagonist walks into the same park 2 LS rear angle P walks 3 CU on feet Pan P walks 4 ELS high angle P walks 5 CU on feet rear angle Track P walks 6 MCU on face Handheld P walks 7 OSS Handheld P walks, A sits on a bench, reading a newspaper 8 POV Pan A follows P with his eyes as she walks past 9 LS P walks past antagonist 10 ELS A stands up 11 POV Handheld A stands up 12 LS Pan A starts following protagonist 13 CU on face of protagonist Handheld P walks, A follows 14 LS A follows P 15 CU on feet A follows P 16 MS Pan A puts a tissue on mouth of P 17 ECU on eyes A puts tissue on mouth of P, P looks scared