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What does it take to be a leader for health equity?

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  • Organizational supportSenior leadership commitment -- means Board of directors and senior corporate leadershipBudget allocation for smaller agencies, research & staff developmentHuman resource policies & strategies that support health equity activities High quality population data collection & evaluationContribution & adherence to external health equity policy & standards Bridging with the communityBeing part of and accepting Public Health role in community action Partnering and engaging with health equity champions, community organizations and agencies that share health equity values Professional competencyKnowledge about health equity and theoretical frameworks, especially critical social theories (structural view of society/sources of inequality) Inspiring teacherPersonal study and continual updating regarding best practices, research and data Work experience
  • Here is the welcome pageWe have an online community that is informed by community of practice theory. We are in the development stage – and trying out different ways to sharing information and resources online. One example that might interest you is a recent conversation thread about public health leadership for health equity. So that you can do is register, sign up for the community; review what others are talking about; share your own resources and information -- we could even start a discussion thread following this event if you wanted to continue the conversation
  • Health Equity Workshop - Leadership

    1. 1. Sharing your passion for health equity:Building our collective understandingApril 9, 2013Charlottetown, PEI
    2. 2. What does it take to be aleader for health equity?Connie ClementScientific Director
    3. 3. What is public health leadership?Public health leadership is about influence thatmoves individuals, groups, communities andsystems toward achieving goals that will resultin better health.(Betker & Bewick, 2012)
    4. 4. Purpose of the NCCDHLeadership InitiativeTo build public health leadership capacity toaddress the social determinants of health toadvance health equity
    5. 5. Leadership & health equity• Public health leaders play a vital role in advancinghealth equity (NCCDH, 2010)• Leadership is essential to public health’s capacity toimprove the social determinants of health and healthequity• Leadership identified consistently as a key factor(75% of survey respondents, NCCDH, 2010)
    6. 6. Call for leadership• “… high-level leadership in all sectors—health andotherwise—is crucial to reducing health inequalities.”(Butler-Jones, 2008)• Little consensus about effective leadership practices, orsupporting and limiting factors• Shared leadership is key
    7. 7. Leadership initiative activities• Literature review• Interviews with 14 public health leaders• Case studies• Scan of leadership development strategies &tools• Workshops, webinars & presentations• Health Equity Clicks: Community onlineconversation
    8. 8. Literature review findings to date• Little direct evidence that leadership impactsthe social determinants of health or healthequity• Indirect evidence that leadership is anenabler of action
    9. 9. Interview findingsLeadership to address the social determinantsof health requires:• Organizational support• Bridging with the community• Professional competency
    10. 10. Conclusions• Need to develop/ expand leadership competencies ofpublic health professionals to do health equity work• Policy & theoretical frameworks help ensure financial& human resources engage energy and commitmentfor health equity• Passion & moral conviction underlie effectiveorganizational and individual public healthleadership for health equity
    11. 11. Contact UsNational Collaborating Centre for Determinants of HealthSt. Francis Xavier UniversityPO Box 5000 , Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5Email: NCCDH@stfx.caPhone: (902) 867-5406 Fax: (902) and
    12. 12. • Visit• Health Equity Clicks: Community• Health Equity Clicks: Organizations• Resource Library• Sign up for our E-News
    13. 13. Our Online Community47
    14. 14. Resource Library
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    16. 16. Contact UsNational Collaborating Centre for Determinants of HealthSt. Francis Xavier UniversityPO Box 5000 , Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5Email: NCCDH@stfx.caPhone: (902) 867-5406 Fax: (902) and
    17. 17. THANK YOU