Debasis micromax informatics ltd is a new delhi


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Debasis micromax informatics ltd is a new delhi

  2. 2. Introduction Micromax Informatics Ltd is a New Delhi, India based Telecom manufacturer and distribution partner to Nokia, Samsung, LG etc for their IT / Telecom products in India. With an annual turnover of INR 5000 million, Micromax has offices in all major India cities and global offices in Dubai and US. Micromax has been making supplies to the Indian GSM operator for their different telecom requirement and is now expanding their product range to the global market. Micromax‟s product comes with a quality seal meaning product satisfaction, high reliability resulting in repeated business. Micromax has their own 24 hour operational customer service centre just in case you need that small bit of information albeit at the wrong hour. Micromax is one of the leading Indian Telecom Companies with 23 domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong, USA, Dubai and now in Nepal. With a futuristic vision and an exhaustive R&D at its helm, Micromax has successfully generated innovative technology that has revolutionized the telecom consumer space. Micromax is on a mission to successfully overcome the technological barriers and constantly engender “life enhancing solutions”. The company‟s vision is to develop path-breaking technologies and efficient processes that incubate newer market, enliven customer aspirations and continue to make Micromax a trusted market leader amongst people.
  3. 3. History Micromax is an Indian Consumer Electronics company located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. It focuses on the manufacturing of Telephones, Tablet, 3G, Data cards and LED Televisions. It has 23 domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong. Micromax started operation in 1991as a embedded software designing firm, but was incorporated as a company in 1998, when it branched out as a distributor of the computer peripheral such as printer, monitor, scanner from manufacturers such as Sony Inc, LG, Dell Corp. In 2008, it entered mobile handset business and by 2010 it became one of the largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company by offering unique affordable innovations. This transformation was steered by four friends who divided responsibilities on functional lines. The company has a 22% market share in the smart phone segment in India As per IDC Asia/ Pacific Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker 2013 Q2 for August 2013. Micromax started their mobile phone manufacturing operations in 2008 when multinationals ruled the telecom industry. With an understanding of the rapidly changing consumer preferences coupled with the use of the latest technologies; Micromax differentiated itself from the other players with its pricing everything started with a truck battery in the year 2007. In 2008 Micromax ventured into the mobile handset market. The brand wanted to create a base before taking on the large players. Hence as a go to market strategy, Micromax concentrated on the rural market first. It was a different move altogether since most of the marketers tend to concentrate on the urban markets and then move to the rural market.
  4. 4. Founder (Rajesh Agarwal , Sumeet Arora, Rahul Sharma and Vikas Jain) Micromax is a challenger brand in the highly competitive market mobile handset market. It was founded by Rajesh Agarwal in 1991. Micromax originally was a distributor of computer hardware. In 1998, three more people Sumeet Arora, Rahul Sharma and Vikas Jain joined Micromax as co-founders. Mr. Rajesh Agarwal handles company finances. Mr. Sumeet Arora is the chief technology officer. Mr. Rahul Sharma is the risk taker with the big ideas. Mr. Vikas Jain handles alliance with other companies
  5. 5. Gaining Market share Micromax has a lot of “firsts” to its credit on their versatile product portfolio. It was the first to introduce: Handsets with 30 days battery backup, Handsets with Dual SIM / Dual Standby, Handsets Switching Networks (GSM - CDMA), Aspirational Qwerty Keypad Handsets, Operator Branded 3G Handsets, OMH CDMA Handsets, etc. With a 360 degree advertising and marketing strategy sketched out, the company has an optimistic outlook for the telecom consumer space. Currently presentimg more than 40,000 stores across the country, the company plans to have av aggressive market incursion to reach out to its customer through 70,000 operational stores in the coming year. One of the major aspect that contribute towards the substantial monthly growth of micromax is its 80% sales in the rural areas. After building a strong presence in the rural market, where the prominence of the both subscribers and operators is rapidly increasing, Micromax is currently the third largest GSM vendor in the Indian market. The company has a 22% market share in the smart phone segment in India As per IDC Asia/ Pacific Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker 2013 Q2 for August 2013. Micromax lunched some of the industry first Innovative devices which help in gaining market share. Micromax has become India‟s third largest mobile brand in a short span of 5 years with the market share of 6.3% after Nokia (38.2%) and Samsung (25.3%). As per records of 2013, Micromax smart phone„s is best selling there after Samsung, in India. Micromax was the first to introduce: 1. First Long Battery Life Phone with 30days battery backup. 2. First Universal Remote Control Phone. 3. First Dual SIM Dual mode active Phone (GSM+CDMA) 4. First Superfone with Gesture Control. 5. First Women‟s Line of Device. Micromax has appointed Hugh Jackman as its brand Ambassador.
  6. 6. Product Some hot product of Micromax.
  7. 7. SWOT analysis Strengths: Micromax is well known brand in electronic market Micromax is in both direct market as well as open market in mobile segment. Collaboration with Aircel, MTS(SSTL),Virgin mobile. Large range of CDMA mobile product from Rs 1,000/- to Rs 14,000/-. Innovative and Featured product. Strong National distribution channels. Effective promotional campaign. Weakness: Micromax‟s late entry in Indian mobile market. Micromax has less service centers compared to other big players. Less investment in R&D as compared to biggies like NOKIA, SAMSUNG. Misunderstanding has a Chinese Brand Poor service after sales support. Opportunities: Tele density is increasing in Indian telecom market. CDMA mobile would pay a major role in rural penetration. 3Gservice availability. Falling ARPU‟s of Indian telecoms. Foreign telecom are coming into Indian market would be opportunity for direct market. Threats: Popularity of GSM mobile. Competitors are focusing only in telecom segment. Entry of foreign player in mobile equipment market Threats from Chinese mobile market and well known players.
  8. 8. Future expectation Micromax has achieved success within a short span of time and hopes to be best in the market in near future by beating Nokia and Samsung down in the track. Marketing strategy As the numbers of mobile users are relatively young, Micromax should change its marketing strategy and will give more focus on this age group Services As Micromax has less service centers compared to other big players, we hope Micromax should come up with some relevant services from time to time differentiate its product and to generate additional revenue. Advertising strategy Micromax should give high priority to customer service and satisfaction as satisfied customers do the best advertisement. To increase the market share As the society always needs new in everything, Micromax should continue with its innovative ideas for making a mobile phone which will be very different from others. Focus on international market Micromax needs to expand to international markets and enter into neighboring Indian countries, South African countries etc. Electronic products Micromax launched a new range of LED Television, home threaters, 3D Blu Ray and Smart stick the Android dongle on 9 th October 2012. Micromax should continue with electronic product, so as to give competition to the market leaders in Indian market first.
  9. 9. Conclusion Micromax is gaining ground at a tremendous rate in the domestic as well as global mobile market. `Micromax showing good sign of grabbing every possible opportunity at its hand (e.g. IPL 2010) If the strategies are implemented effectively, it may clinch up the ladder, to become the leader in domestic market incoming few years.