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The orange Wallet in English

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Orange wallet English

  1. 1. Whichplatform forORANGEa communication toolfor those who need itWALLETthescheme90mm x 60mm (shown here reduced size)A singleticket topleaseORANGEWALLETInserts for yourThe ‘Orange Wallet’ is one of a range ofcollaborative regional projects funded by the WelshGovernment as part of the All Wales ASD strategy.It is intended to help people, especially those onthe Autistic Spectrum, to cope more easily withpublic transport.The project is based on schemesalready running in Devon and Pembrokeshire.With grateful thanks the following organisations fortheir support and input.Is this thetrain toORANGEWALLETtheschemeIs this thebus to
  2. 2. The wallet is a communication tool, which canbe used by people who sometimes finddifficulty communicating their needs to staffwhen using public transport. The walletcontains space for the user to insert writtenand/or visual prompts to show staff.Staff in public transport services across Wales willbe trained to recognise the wallet and will knowto be patient and provide appropriate help. Thewallet will be recognised by staff across all ArrivaTrain Wales lines and by major local bus servicesincluding First Cymru, Stagecoach, Cardiff Bus,Newport Bus and Arriva Bus.The Wallet does not provide freeor discounted travel.Further information and templates to insert inwallet can be found other local authority web sites.ORANGEWALLETtheschemeORANGEWALLETHow to obtain anORANGEWALLETHow to use yourWho is it for?The orange wallet has been designed for peoplewho would like support to communicate with staffwhen using buses or trains, especially those withan Autism Spectrum Disorder.If you would like to have an Orange Walletyou can get one from the following places:The Vale of Glamorgan CouncilCivic OfficesHolton RoadBarryCF63 4RUTel: (01446) 700111The County Library BarryKing SquareBarryCF63 4RWTel: (01446) 422425Penarth LibraryStanwell RoadPenarthCF64 2YTTel: (029) 2070 8438Llantwit Major LibraryBoverton RoadLlantwit MajorCF61 1XZTel: (01446) 792700Cowbridge LibraryOld HallHigh StreetCowbridgeCF71 7AHTel: (01446) 773941What is it?It is a wallet that contains plastic pockets.Thepockets are designed to hold words and picturesthat will help you to communicate your needs totransport staff. The words and pictures areinterchangeable.In an emergencyIt is advisable to have details of the person youwould want to be contacted in an emergencywritten in the wallet.The wallet can be shown to amember of staff to indicate that help is needed.Any other benefits?The Orange Wallet does not provide any financialbenefit or priority over other passengers. Itspurpose is to support communication.How to create words and picturesThere are templates available that you can use, oryou can create your own pocket inserts by cuttingpaper to 90mm by 60mm size.How is it used?You can show the wallet and inserts to staff tosupport your communication or when you needhelp. Transport staff are aware of the orange walletscheme and will realise that you need support.