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  • 1. B2B publication editors and Second Life A match made in virtual heaven.
  • 2. First, what is Second Life all about? It’s a platform, not a game. But it has a game aspect to it.
  • 3. There’s little convergence between what is being sought by “residents” and what is being sought by the business community. But that’s not the problem critics say it is.
  • 4. Why SL is important to B2B publication editors
    • The companies you cover are migrating to the platform in a big way
    • You can add value to your readers by leveraging the platform yourself
  • 5. The companies you cover are…
    • Linking to the 3-D virtual environment directly from their Web site
    • Ignoring the game aspect of SL, and thereby making the platform an adjunct to their public presence
    • Opening up enormous possibilities for communication
  • 6. How? By …
    • Showcasing products and services (Coldwell Banker’s virtual tours)
    • Hosting meetings (AssociationWork’s virtual meetings)
    • Hosting interactive events ( Books for Soldiers’ virtual reunions)
  • 7. Add value by leveraging the platform yourself by hosting…
    • How-tos
    • New product showcases
    • Interactive forums
    • Each of these provides you with content and visuals for magazine features with lots of Wow! factor
  • 8. Hypothetical Building Magazine feature
    • Installation of different types of roofing material
    • One house, half a dozen types of roofing material, one interactive program
  • 9. Why being SL literate is increasingly important
    • Teenagers are big on virtual worlds and will bring them to the business world whether you like it or not
    • The 3-D virtual platform represents a genuine leap in technology that creates new types of ways to engage with your members
  • 10. Thank you!
    • Robert Freedman, author, How to Make Real Money in Second Life (McGraw-Hill: 2007)
    • Available at amazon.com , barnesandnoble.com , borders.com , olssons.com , powells.com , target.com , and booksamillion.com