HP: HP 3PAR - Storage zrodený pre virtualizované prostredie


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HP: HP 3PAR - Storage zrodený pre virtualizované prostredie

  1. 1. HP 3PAR – Utility Storage<br />31.3.2011<br />Miroslav Franek<br />Storage and Critical servers <br />Product marketing manager<br />©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. <br />The information contained herein is subject to change without notice<br />
  2. 2. Sun<br />Netra<br />IBM <br />SPARC<br />Solaris<br />BladeCenter<br />JAVA<br />System x <br />VSphere<br />SAP ERP<br />AIX <br />VirtualBox<br />Director <br />Exchange Server<br />Silos Everywhere<br />Utilization - under/over <br />Little Flexibility Innovation<br />Many Systems to Manage<br />Different Versions of OS<br />Legacy Equipment<br />Different Support <br />Resources<br />Cost of Operations<br />Manual Processes/ errors<br />XenServer<br />Oracle Database<br />Comverse<br />Mainframe <br />JBoss<br />DB2 <br />Lotus <br />SONAS <br />VirusScan<br />NetApp<br />RHEL<br />FAS<br />SQL Server<br />Veritas<br />SnapManager<br />SAS<br />JD Edwards<br />WebSphere<br />Siebel<br />SANscreen<br />SnapVault<br />NetWare<br />Windows Server<br />SnapMirror<br />Cisco <br />Dell <br />Catalyst<br />MySQL<br />EMC <br />Vmware ESX<br />IOS<br />PowerEdge<br />Cellera<br />Nexus<br />PowerVault<br />Connectrix<br />UCS<br />PeopleSoft<br />Tivoli <br />Documentum<br />SLES<br />VFrame<br />EqualLogic<br />Sybase<br />Ionix<br />IronPort<br />Fujitsu <br />Hitachi <br />ScanSafe<br />Symmetrix<br />PowerConnect<br />HP<br />PRIMERGY<br />USP-V<br />Proliant<br />70% captive in operations and maintenance <br /><ul><li>Rigid & aging infrastructure
  3. 3. Application & information complexity
  4. 4. Inflexible business processes</li></ul>Business innovation throttled to 30%<br /><ul><li>Time to revenue
  5. 5. Cost of lost time, effort, opportunity
  6. 6. Unpredictable business cycles</li></ul>Integrity<br />ETERNUS<br />CLARiioN<br />SMS<br />AMS<br />BladeSystem Matrix<br />PRIMEQUEST<br />SharePoint<br />UDS<br />StorageWorks<br />BladeSymphony<br />IT Sprawl is Taking Business Performance to The Breaking Point<br />
  7. 7. Convergedinfrastructure – foundation for cloud<br />Storage<br />HP Converged Infrastructure<br />Servers<br />A common, shared, modular architecture easy to manage<br />that simplifies, consolidates, <br />virtualizeand automates everything <br />Power & cooling<br />Network<br />Management software<br />
  8. 8. Only HP can bring it all together<br />Servers<br />Network<br />Storage<br />Management<br />software<br />
  9. 9. 5<br />HP Confidential<br />Convergedinfrastructure – foundation for cloud<br />The network<br />Common Modular Infrastructure<br />Sea of Sensors<br />Networking<br />storage<br />Infrastructure Security<br />Common Management<br />servers<br />Bladesystemmatrix<br />Bto software<br />Business Technology Optimization Software<br />services<br />HP Services for Cloud Computing<br />SECURITY<br />
  10. 10. The world has changed<br />Explosive growth& new workloads<br />Virtualization & automation<br />Cloud & utilitycomputing<br />Infrastructure &technology shifts<br />Customers tell us ITis:<br />Infrastructureneeds to be:<br />Too complicated to manage<br />SIMPLE<br />Expensive & hard to scale<br />SCALABLE<br />Isolated & disconnected<br />SMART<br />Inefficient & inflexible<br />SELF-OPTIMIZED<br />
  11. 11. 7<br />Four Storage Considerations For The Cloud<br />Building a Foundation for Private Cloud<br />Enables efficiencies of consolidation while maximizing flexibility <br />Can be integratedwith best-of-class infrastructure<br />Offers SLA resiliency, not simply storage HA<br />Optimized for specific requirements of virtualized computing<br />
  12. 12. Requirement #1<br />Enables efficiencies of consolidation while maximizing flexibility<br />Efficient<br />Multi-Tenant<br />Autonomic<br />Reduce acquisition and operational costs by 50%<br />Increase storage management efficiency 10x<br />The New Tier-1 Storage for Cloud Computing<br />
  13. 13. Requirement #2<br />Can be integrated with best-of-bestinfrastructure<br />Best-of-breed storage combined with<br />Best rack system or blade system<br />Best network system<br />Best security solution<br />Best server virtualization<br />One popular customer-driven blueprint:<br />HP c-Class BladeSystem<br />VmwarevSphere<br />HP 3PAR<br />
  14. 14. Requirement #3<br />Offers SLA flexibility, not just simply storage HA<br />
  15. 15. Requirement #4<br />Optimized for the specific requirements of virtualized computing<br />Increase Consolidation<br />Simplify Administration<br />Maximize Savings<br />Lower Storage Cost<br />Double VM Density<br />Simplify Provisioning<br />Cut storage capacity requirements by 50% <br />Spend 90% less time managing storage<br />Buy 50% fewer physical servers<br />
  16. 16. 3PAR - Efficient – Multi-Tenant – Autonomic <br />Best new technology in the market<br />3PAR Thin Provisioning<br />T800<br />Industry leading technology to maximize storage utilization<br />3PAR Autonomic Storage Tiering<br />Automatically optimizes using multiple classes of storage<br />3PAR Mixed workloadsMulti-tenant<br />Multi-tenancy for service providers and private clouds<br />3PAR Dynamic Optimization<br />Workload management and load balancing<br />3PAR Mesh-Architecture<br />Advanced shared memory architecture<br />
  17. 17. 3PAR Company now part of HP<br />Founded in 1999<br />Utility Storage launched in 2002<br />Thin Provisioning pioneer<br />Publicly traded (NYSE:PAR)<br />Leading market visionary (Gartner) 6 years running<br />7 of the top 10 have chosen 3PAR<br />A standard for VMware in the “cloud” <br />No. 10 (IDC) in WW SAN storage systems<br />
  18. 18. Some of our Europe customers…<br />Internal Service Bureaus<br />External Service Providers<br />Finance<br />Cloud computing / Hosting / Web 2.0<br />Enterprise<br />Government<br />
  19. 19. 3PAR Leadership – Efficient<br />Green<br />Optimized<br />Thin<br />Tiering balances $/GB and $/IOP<br />Reduce power and cooling costs at least 50%<br />Reduce capacity requirements by at least 50%<br />3PAR Customers reduce acquisition <br />and operational costs by 50%<br />
  20. 20. HP 3PAR Thin Technologies<br />Start Thin<br />Get Thin<br />Stay Thin<br />Thin Provisioning<br />No pool management or reservations<br />No professional services<br />Fine capacity allocation units <br />Variable QoS for snapshots<br />Thin Conversion<br /><ul><li>Eliminate the time & complexity of getting thin
  21. 21. Open, heterogeneous migrations for any array to 3PAR
  22. 22. Service levels preserved during inline conversion</li></ul>Thin Reclamation<br /><ul><li>Free stranded capacity
  23. 23. Automated reclamation for 3PAR offered by Symantec, Oracle
  24. 24. Snapshots and Remote Copies stay thin</li></ul>Thin Deployments Stay Thin Over time<br />Reduce Tech Refresh Costs by up to 60%<br />Buy up to 75% less storage capacity <br />
  25. 25. 3PAR Thin Conversion at Case study<br />No budget for additional storage<br />Recently had huge layoffs<br />Moved 271 TBs, DMX to 3PAR<br />Online/non-disruptive<br />No Professional Services<br />Large capacity savings<br />“The results shown within this document demonstrate a highly efficient migration process which removes the unused storage”<br />“No special host software components or professional services are required to utilise this functionality”<br />$3 million savingsin upfront<br />capacity purchases<br />Capacity requirements reduced by >50%<br />Reducedpower & cooling costs<br />Sample volume migrations on different OSs<br />TBs<br />(VxVM) (VMotion) (SmartMove)<br />
  26. 26. 3PAR Leadership – Multi-Tenant<br />Flexible<br />Secure<br />Shared<br />Massive Consolidation<br />Storage can be used across many different applications and lines of business<br />Virtual Private Array<br />Secure segregation of storage while preserving the benefits of massive parallelism<br />Ready for Change<br />Sustain and consolidate diverse or changing service levels without compromise<br />The New Tier-1 Storage for Utility Computing<br />
  27. 27. 3PAR Leadership – Autonomic<br />Maintain SLA<br />Up Fast<br />Respond to Change Quickly<br />Deliver high performance to all applications. Even under failure scenarios.<br />Quickly adapt to the unpredictable<br />15 Seconds to provision a LUN<br />3PAR Customers reduce storage <br />Management burden by 90%<br />
  28. 28. 3PAR Adaptive Optimisation (Optimise)<br /><ul><li>Deliver granular, policy-driven service level optimization for storage
  29. 29. Provide needed Quality-of-Service at the lowest possible cost
  30. 30. For enterprises and cloud data centers</li></li></ul><li>Scale Performance for Mixed Workloads<br /><ul><li>Mixed workload performance ideal for multi-tenant and consolidated environments
  31. 31. 3PAR InSpire Architecture’s massively parallel utilization of system resources
  32. 32. Minimizes contention and assures service levels automatically</li></li></ul><li>HP 3PAR storage<br />
  33. 33. HP Delivers Complete Storage for the Cloud ….Today<br />HP P4000 <br />HP X9000 <br />HP 3PAR<br />HP StoreOnce<br />Scale Out NASStorage<br />Utility Storage<br />Scale Out SANStorage<br />DataDeduplication<br />23<br />
  34. 34. HP shared storage for server virtualization<br />Enterprise Application Consolidation<br />Virtual IT Deployment<br />Data Center Consolidation<br />Remote office consolidation<br />Low cost consolidation<br />Cloud/ Service Providers<br />P9500<br />3PAR<br />EVA<br />P4000 SAN<br />P4800 SAN<br />X3000 NAS<br />P2000<br />All shared storage virtualization certified<br />X9000 Scale-out NAS<br />24<br />
  35. 35. Performance for midrange virtual IT deployments<br />Solution<br />Virtual pools of clustered storage capacity<br />Every node in cluster contributes to performance<br />All disk spindles available to every volume in the cluster<br />Non-disruptive scale of performance & capacity<br />P4000 SAN<br />Scale-out clustered architecture<br />
  36. 36. Performance and application consolidation for enterprises<br />Solution<br />Wide striping distributes volumes across all storage resources<br />Mixed workload support allows different applications to run without contention<br />Mesh-active clustering distributes and balances workloads across all array resources<br />Higher and more predictable service levels<br />HP 3PAR Utility Storage<br />Mesh-active load balanced clustering<br />HP 3PAR Utility Storage<br />
  37. 37. Online<br />P2000<br />X1000<br />P9500<br />X9000<br />X3000 <br />P4000<br />3PAR<br /> EVA<br />Software<br />Services<br />Infrastructure<br />Nearline<br />ESL<br />tape<br />libraries<br />VLS virtual library systems<br />MSL tape libraries<br />EML tape libraries<br />D2D Backup Systems<br />RDX, tape drives& tape autoloaders<br />ProCurve Enterprise Switches<br />ProCurve Wired, Wireless, Data Center, Security & Management<br />B, C & H SeriesFC Switches/Directors<br />SAN Connection Portfolio<br />Business Copy<br />Continuous Access<br />Storage <br />Mirroring<br />Data Protector<br />Storage <br />Essentials<br />Data ProtectorExpress<br />Storage Array Software<br /> Cluster Extension<br />Proactive 24<br />Critical Service<br />Proactive Select<br />Backup & Recovery<br />SAN Assessment <br />SupportPlus 24<br />SAN Implementation<br />Installation & Start-up<br />Entry Data Migration<br />Data Migration<br />Storage Performance Analysis<br />Data Protection<br />Consulting services (Consolidation, Virtualization, SAN Design)<br />Remote Support<br />HP Storage Portfolio<br />
  38. 38. Ďakujem<br />Miroslav Franek<br />Storage and Critical servers <br />Product marketing manager<br />©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. <br />The information contained herein is subject to change without notice<br />