POWER POINT Presentation of the Dental Healthcare Project

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A POWER POINT Presentation of the Dental Healthcare Project.

A POWER POINT Presentation of the Dental Healthcare Project.

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  • 2. IMPORTANCE OF ORAL HEALTH Oral Health is a very important component of general health. The impact of oral diseases ranges between severe illness affecting different organ systems of the body to creating a considerable impact on quality of life. Dental problems can limit our dietary and nutrient intake.
  • 3. MISSION To provide basic dental treatment to the poor and needy people living in rural areas with a fully functioning Dental Clinic setup opened in the village with a Dentist and supporting staff. The Project aims to provide necessary dental care and medicines to the people at subsidized costs thereby reducing the high cost of dental care and medicines.
  • 4. THE REAL PICTURE I have seen from close quarters while workingas a consultant with a Charitable Hospital in therural sector, the day to day hardships borne by thepoor people in receiving quality dental caretreatment. The government primary medical healthcenters are mostly without a dental surgeon andthe private clinics are inaccessible because oftheir high costs which the patient cannot afford topay.
  • 5. The poor patients are left to the mercy of theQuacks (Unqualified Professionals) to do the jobthat a qualified dental professional would havegiven to his patients. The poor people have no choice and thus fallprey to these quacks with disastrous consequencesto their oral health
  • 6. PLEDGE
  • 7. THE BLUE-PRINTA: My proposal envisages to engage thePanchayat in the villages so as to make them partnersin our program. This will help us in getting land/roomfor a Dental Centre to start out dental treatmentservices to the targeted section of society. 1. A Cluster of 10 villages is to be taken to start a Dental Centre, thereby covering a minimum of 10 villages.
  • 8. 2. It would be a NGO’s and the Cluster of 10 villages’agreement with the involvement of all theStakeholders. This will help us in getting land/room onLease/Rent for the Dental Centre. Also it will help usin getting various government clearances as regardsto electricity and water connection.3. NGO’s can help in arranging a full Dental ChairUnit and dental equipments for basic dentalprocedures. Example : Filling of teeth(temporary &permanent), Oral Prophylaxis , Complete and PartialDentures, Extraction of teeth, Dental X-Rays,Removable Orthodontic Appliances etc
  • 9. 4. Recruitment of a Dental Doctor willing towork in the rural hinterland to serve the society.5. Recruitment of a Dental Assistant to bedone from the local population who will help intaking care of dental emergencies afterdoctor’s duty hours.
  • 10. 6. Local Donor NGO’s and Influential People residing in the Cluster of 10 Villages can be persuaded to contribute generously for this cause.7. International NGO’s and Donor Countries like USA, Great Britain, European Union & Japan can be approached to contribute for this Program.
  • 11. TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITYThis Project will be transparent and accountable to its various stakeholders by the following proposals – Checks and Balances to stop any misuse of funds. Involvement of local people and Village Panchayats in every step of the program. Involvement of Donor NGO’s at the local level for proper implementation of the program.
  • 12.  Monthly Audits to see the working of the Dental Centre with regards to 1. How many patients treated and their monthly treatment plan. 2. Verify the above claim by meeting selected patients through a random sampling. 3. All Complete Denture Cases to be verified every month by personal physical inspection and taking their photograph with thumb impression/signature for official record.
  • 13. This is my blue print to roll out an effectiveprogram of dental health services across thevillages .This program can be effectively rolledout across the length and width of state/country in a phased manner. I have made my presentation and now Iawait the response of the stakeholders in thisnoble endeavor.
  • 14. Prevention is better than cure
  • 15. Thanking you for sparing time and lending a patient ear.Global Oral Health Foundation SocietyE-mail : gohfs.nsr@gmail.com