ARworks Olympics and UEFA in AR


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Some ideas, using Augmented Reality technology, for the communication of the two biggest sport events of 2012 for ARworks.

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ARworks Olympics and UEFA in AR

  1. 1. The London olympics and the UEFA European Championship are the biggest sport events of 2012. In the following you’ll find communication ideas, using AR and QR smartphone technology for these events.If you’de like to use any of them, please contact us, so we can modify them to perfectly suit your needs. Arworks Ltd. Szabolcs Budaházy +36 30 99 00 336 Vasile Hodorogea (Romania) +40 744 88 41 41,
  2. 2. Augmented Reality (AR) summary• AR is a digital content, appearing on the live camera picture – mostly on smartphones or web cams• The content can be text, picture, video, 3d model, animation, etc• The content can be linked to a certain picture, to a GPS co-ordinate or placed around the user
  3. 3. Concepts/IdeasYou’ll find the detailed description of four ideas of ours- if you’d like to know what’s behind the other concepts, please, contact us.
  4. 4. Collector UEFA Stadiumpanorama Euro Team member 2012 Stadium show
  5. 5. Collector• Virtual, branded footballs, shoes and shirts are placed on thousands of GPS co-ordinates of the country. These are visible on the live camera picture if the soccer fan downloads the app. Everybody will see 2-3 objects within 100 m.• Players can collect these items buy clicking on them – the objects will be seen in the “warehouse” of the app.• If somebody collects 6 items and go to the shop, he will receive a gift – or can use the earned discount on purchasing.
  6. 6. TEAM MEMBER• Looking around with the smartphone in the pub, famous, virtual soccer players appearing among the guests – and they are ready to be photographed.
  7. 7. Concepts Olympic Navigator Olympic Binocular Expo HoloCardOn theTrack Olympics Collection Collector Multimedia Promotion Packaging Superstore
  8. 8. Olympic Navigator• With the special Olympic Navigator fans can see the cities of the previous games on the live camera picture of their smartphone with the distance and direction of the locations. The exact venues of the London Olympics are on the screen as well and they will be able to check the track of the Olympic Flame, too.• Any brand visual or product can be integrated in this virtual world of the Olympics.• The full 2 or 3 dimensional map of the Olympic park can be seen under the feet of the user – just as a carpet. They can select among the 5 pre-defined points on this map – to choose from where do they want to look around.• The Navigator, which will be communicated throughout the world, gives numerous opportunities for marketers to connect themselves to the Olympics.• Forms of branding – The app can be started by having the company logo on the camera view – and clicking on it – Sales locations (shops, dealerships) are also visible in the live camera view (not just the Olympic cities) – 3D products, product logos are also appearing on the smartphone – Banners/logs are continuously visible on the screen.
  9. 9. Olympic Navigator - screenshot Video:
  10. 10. Holocard Collection• When buying a product, customers will receive one of the 30 different design small paper cards.• If the customer holds the paper in front of his/her smartphone, running the branded application, the animated Mascot of the Olympic, Wenlock will appear on the card. On each card, Wenlock will perform a different sport. If a customer registers in the game, and use 10 different cards, he will receive a gift.
  11. 11. If you’de like to use any of them, please contact us, so we can modify them to perfectly suit your needs. Arworks Ltd. Szabolcs Budaházy +36 30 99 00 336 Vasile Hodorogea (Romania) +40 744 88 41 41 Arworks projects: AR solutions from the world: