The Omega Legacy Chapter 3.5 - "You've Got Mail"


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Chapter 3.5(a) of the Omega Legacy

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The Omega Legacy Chapter 3.5 - "You've Got Mail"

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Welcome back to another fun-filled, jam-packed chapter of the Omega Legacy. Like the cover? I made it myself I will warn you now – the picture size does vary in this chapter, because I realised that in-game, I was taking “medium” sized pictures, rather than large, so hopefully, the pictures will improve in quality too. I’m going to try and write most of this chapter in third person – so you get more of the Omega’s, and less of my witty not so funny remarks, because then plot becomes easier! Yes, I said the P word. Exciting, huh? No… what do you mean no… Oh well…<br />On with the show. As promised, Benjamin and Felicity opened a lovely fruit, vegetable and flower shop.<br />“Those strawberries are fantastic! I really think you should buy some, I grew them myself you know.”<br />“Really? Now, that is tempting…”<br />
  3. 3. Okay, I’m not leaving you to the world of narrative yet. This townie whose name escapes me, was the first customer to buy our ‘reasonably’ priced flowers. If you can call nearly £100, reasonably priced, that is. You can just see the “out of stock” sign on the shelf. The Omega’s are in business.<br />
  4. 4. “Now, let me see. Where’s the 1 button? Ah, there it is. Now, the enter button…”<br />“Please woman, I don’t have all day. I have to be somewhere very important, and you being slow is not helping.”<br />“Sorry. Now, there’s the enter button. That’s…erm…£9 please.”<br />“£9? For a tomato?”<br />“It’s 20% below the normal price Ma’am.”<br />“Well, I never!”<br />“Please ma’am, it’s my first day.”<br />
  5. 5. This is the sim version of my boyfriend. He appeared in the shop, and bought a tomato. Perhaps he was buying it for SimMe, because he hates tomatoes! XD It made me laugh… <br />Enough of my not-funny comments and the shop – let’s head over to the university and see what the kids are up to.<br />
  6. 6. “Are you going to walk around in your pyjamas all the time Cal?”<br />“It helps me get the ladies. And trust me, I want hot chicks.” He laughed, and ran a hand through his hair.<br />“But surely the way to get a lady is her heart, not…”<br />“Woohoo? Oh come on Casp, who are you kidding? I know you want woohoo and lots of it!”<br />“But, how can I break hearts? I want to love, not upset.”<br />“Meh, I’m fine with two-timing. It’s all goooooood with me.”<br />
  7. 7. “Baby, it’s cold outside, maybe I should close the door…”<br />Clover was finding college tough already, and had chosen dancing outside in the snow over studying her degree in History. There’ll be plenty of time to study later, she had told herself. She was quite looking forward to making some new friends, and perhaps being invited to and maybe even throwing some parties. She was sure she was going to enjoy college life, but she couldn’t help worrying.<br />“What if they don’t like me?”<br />
  8. 8. It wasn’t long before she met the infamous Llama, that chose to be like an annoying ghost – haunting the college dorms with it’s lame dancing and cheering.<br />“Gooooverbits!”<br />Clover stifled a giggle. The llama came across as pretty mean, but perhaps he could liven up parties, even if he was very annoying.<br />I wonder what he looks like under the mask! And with that thought, Clover laughed again.<br />
  9. 9. “Clove, can’t you believe we’re finally at college? I think Cody has been looking forward to this day for too long!”<br />“Give him a break Cassie, he is a knowledge sim, after all. Give him the dictionary, and he’s completely happy!”<br />Caspian grinned.<br />“Tell me about it. Hey, how about me and you take a trip to some places on campus, see if we can meet anyone new?”<br />“Sure. Are you looking for another girlfriend? What happened to Woolly?” <br />“-sigh- She moved out. Come on Clove, let’s go.”<br />[Woolly (the ex-placeholder) was Caspian’s first woohoo towards his LTW, in the last chapter)]<br />
  10. 10. At the student centre, Clover met Spencer, who was not a looker.<br />“I hope Ally doesn’t make me marry him…” was her first thought when she saw him, but she laughed this off, knowing that her creator could not be that cruel.<br />She nodded and laughed politely when he spoke, before sneaking off, to buy herself a coffee. This was going to be a brutally cold winter, she just knew it.<br />
  11. 11. Meanwhile, on the other side of the centre, Caspian had gotten talking to another student.<br />“What’s your name sweetie?” He flashed a grin at her, and she swooned.<br />“Robin. And yours?”<br />“Caspian.” He was captivated. To him, she was beautiful.<br />“What a nice name.” She exclaimed. “It makes you sound like royalty. Hey, are your family rich?”<br />“Erm, vaguely.”<br />
  12. 12. “Hey!” Another voice called, after he’d been chatting for so long, Caspian hadn’t realised the sudden darkening of the sky, and the bitter coldness that surrounded him. He shivered. He looked from Robin, to the other girl that had spoken. They looked so alike…<br />“Twins!” His thought spiralled, as his romancing self took hold of him. “The things I could… No, clear your mind Caspian. That’s disgusting! Now, talk to pretty Robin, and ignore the girl waving… Twins…”<br />
  13. 13. The next morning, eager to see her face again, Caspian invited Robin over to his dorms. Was it just him, or did she seem a little too eager to discuss his money?<br />“Yes darling, if I had a job, I could buy you fine things in life, like pearl necklaces, to hang round your delicate neck.”<br />“Oh Caspian. You’re so romantic.”<br />“I try my best.” He smiled sweetly at her. Perhaps she’d be the one.<br />
  14. 14. Hours flew by, and day tumbled into night.<br />“Robin, my love, my dream.”<br />She giggled a girlish giggle, and smiled at him. “Yes?”<br />“I think I’m falling for you. I’m falling so deep, and I can’t stop myself.”<br />“Wow. Caspian, no one has ever said that to me before. And so am I.”<br />He leaned in and kissed her.<br />Nothing could go wrong…<br />
  15. 15. After Robin had left, Caspian took some time to himself, and played darts. He would not be a typical romance sim, like his younger brother. He wanted so much more in his life – a beautiful girlfriend who would become his beautiful wife, and maybe even children one day. His head was spinning with excitement. This was too good to be true.<br />
  16. 16. A few nights later, whilst still in their freshman year, all the children decided to go on an outing together. Calvin had decided that his brother could not be the only one to find someone – although Calvin didn’t want just one person. Oh no, he wanted as many as he could get. He was crazy about girls, and hopefully, they’d be crazy about him.<br />On that night, he met Meadow (no, not thee Meadow!), a blonde who seemed to enjoy talking to him. He thought that perhaps, she would be putty in his hands.<br />
  17. 17. “You know,” He said to another blonde he found, “I think we’d be great together. If you ever need a hug or a kiss, or some loving, just call me. Here’s my card.”<br />She raised her eyebrow, but took the card. He was full of himself, but there was something she liked about him.<br />“Sure.” She smiled. “Bye Calvin, I’ll call you sometime.” She turned and walked away. Calvin let out a low whistle.<br />“Man, I’m good!”<br />
  18. 18. Clover, on the other hand, had joined a blonde guy for a game of pool. He’d seemed quite shocked by this, but warmed to her instantly.<br />“Watch me take this shot Clover. Look, I bet I can pot some of them! Watch!”<br />“I’m watching Victor…” She said, making sure he was so focused on the game, that he wouldn’t notice her looking round the room. She shook her head. Was he trying to impress her? She wasn’t too keen on him, but maybe she’d keep in touch.<br />
  19. 19. Corbin (my least favourite, so won’t feature much…whoops) was busy studying and keeping fit. He couldn’t believe the weight he had put on since moving to university, and if he was going to catch up with his romancing brothers, he needed to lose it. <br />“Come on…” He said to himself, then paused. “Perhaps there are girls who like fat guys…”<br />
  20. 20. Winter was moving in quickly, and with it being cold, no one would venture outside, not even to avoid the Llama mascot’s own renditions of Chopsticks, and his husky singing voice.<br />“It’s cold outside, oh baby it’s cold outside…”<br />It seemed that this was the perfect time to actually get on with some college work – the parties would have to wait until the warmer, summer weather.<br />
  21. 21. She had finished her term paper – finally! Clover smiled to herself. I’m sure you can reward yourself by chatting online.<br />She signed into the College’s message system, and suddenly a message flashed up.<br />Glassesrock: Hey. I’m new to college, not met anyone yet.<br />Clover rolled her eyes.<br />FourLeafedLuck: Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Clover. And you?<br />Glassesrock:Mitchell. It’s nice to talk to someone else. My dorm-mates seem a little strange.<br />FourLeafedLuck:They’re like that, trust me.<br />She smiled to herself. A new friend, perhaps?<br />
  22. 22. Finally, Caspian had sat down to do some studying. He picked up a cookery book, and opened it. Raising his eyebrow, he began to read. This would take forever to learn all of this. And a recipe? He didn’t need to cook whilst in college.<br />Maybe you could cook dinner for Robin He thought to himself. Even this thought didn’t help. This would just take forever.<br />
  23. 23. Robin had surprised him by coming over that day, and they cuddled on his bed.<br />“You’re beautiful Robin – I’ve never met another girl like you.”<br />“Thanks. So, tell me about your house? Is it big?”<br />“Erm, I don’t want to talk about that Robin. Actually, I was thinking we could do something else…”<br />
  24. 24. And they jumped under the covers.<br />[Two things, I don’t know if Robin is a fortune sim – I just thought she seemed a little bit like someone who might be a master criminal... And this is Caspian’s 2nd woohoo!]<br />
  25. 25. “Who’s a pretty boy then? *whistle*”<br />“If I don’t turn round, he will go away… Think of pretty things, like maths and amazing equations, like E=MC2.”<br />
  26. 26. The boys decided that evening to visit sites on the campus, and Corbin was pleasantly surprised to see Adrianna, a student who had lived in the dorms before his younger siblings had moved in. He smiled at her, sinking into the hot tub next to her.<br />“Please don’t tell me you’re just after a kiss…” She raised her eyebrow at him.<br />“Course not – that would be my brothers!”<br />
  27. 27. “Why the rainmac?”<br />“What happens if it rains, dear blondie? Then who would be laughing. Not me!” Caspian laughed. “So, fancy a woohoo?”<br />“Eugh… What do you take me for?”<br />“Erm…easy?”<br />“Seems fair! Invite me over to your dorm sometime!”<br />
  28. 28. Back at the dorms, Clover was attempting to do some research, but her brother’s newest girlfriend was busy playing the piano, without caring about the students who lived there.<br />“Can you give it a rest? I’m trying to work here, please.”<br />“But this is what I do when I’m happy.”<br />“Can’t you do it somewhere else? Or can’t you express your happiness to my brother?”<br />“If that means more woohoo – of course.”<br />Clover rolled her eyes. “That is way too much information…”<br />
  29. 29. “Hey, so I’ve seen you around, and I think you’re pretty cute.” Sadie had walked up to Corbin and said this to him, completely out of the blue.<br />“Oh, thanks.” He said, grinning, and pointing to himself. “I am pretty fine!”<br />Sadie laughed and shook her head.<br />“And modest…”<br />
  30. 30. “So, I think you’re pretty sweet too, Sadie. I’ve seen you walking these corridors…”<br />“Stalking me?”<br />“I didn’t mean it like that!” Corbin laughed. “I just meant that I’ve noticed you.”<br />He looked round, checking if anyone was watching.<br />“I’ll be back in a minute. Meet me outside in two.”<br />Sadie nodded, a puzzled look on her face, but she disappeared off towards the door.<br />
  31. 31. Corbin crept over to Caspian’s room, and stuck his head round the door, checking he wasn’t going to creep up on him and Sadie.<br />“Come on!” Caspian shouted at the screen, slamming his hand down on the mouse and keyboard at the same time. “You did not overtake me! That’s not fair…”<br />Corbin smiled. Younger siblings, what were they like? With that, he crept away ago, and went to join Sadie outside.<br />
  32. 32. Once he arrived outside, Sadie pulled him into a hug.<br />“What took you so long Corbin?” She smiled. “I don’t want this to go too fast, but I’ve never met anyone like you before.”<br />“Neither have I Sadie. Two of my brothers are romancers, but I’ve never been that way.”<br />Sadie let out a little sigh of relief. “I’m glad.” was all she said, before she smiled again.<br />“Close your eyes…”<br />
  33. 33. Their lips met and it felt perfect. Sadie’s lips felt perfect against his, he could feel her soft breath on his face, and his heart felt like it was fluttering. So what if he was a meanie at heart, it didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy his first kiss…<br />
  34. 34. At the same time, Clover was logging onto the computer. She had some work to do, but she really couldn’t be bothered. She’d already had a nap, and although feeling slightly refreshed, she couldn’t help feeling restless.<br />She typed her username and password, and waited for it to load.<br />“You’ve got mail!”<br />Clover paused for a moment, and wondered who could be e-mailing her. She shrugged, before clicking on the e-mail icon and beginning to read.<br />
  35. 35. “To:<br />From:<br />Subject: How’s it going?<br />Hey Clover, it’s me, Mitchell. Just thought I’d drop you an e-mail and see how everything is. I didn’t realise college life could get so hectic. I know you’re thinking that you don’t really know me, cause, well, we’ve never actually met – but surely this is what the college chat is for – making friends who are all shoved in the same boat, without any land in sight!”<br />Clover absentmindedly smiled to herself.<br />“So, how are things? How was your day? For me, there seems to be a lot of work. I’m taking a degree in physics actually – yes, I must be mad! Please reply. From Mitchell.”<br />
  36. 36. Clover hesitated before clicking ‘reply’.<br />“To: GlassesRock<br />From: FourLeafedLuck<br />Subject: Re: How’s it going?<br />Hi Mitchell, it almost feels like I know you, even though we’ve never actually met. Kind of weird, don’t you think? I’m fine thank you, quite tired actually – I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m majoring in History, so I spend most of my time learning about dead people who apparently did important things that I should know about. I like to spend my time making friends, although I’m not sure how good I am at it. And how was my day?<br />
  37. 37. I got a call this morning from my mum and dad, telling me about their new shop – it seems like they’re pretty excited about selling fruit and vegetables, although I’m not quite sure that I can see the excitement myself.<br />
  38. 38. I also met a guy called Grant, who must of thought himself as a bit of a hippy. He seemed nice, and a little bit lost – he was wandering around outside my dorm, muttering about trees. Haven’t seen him wandering around your neck of the woods, have you? He wears a tie-die top and acts as if he has drank about 50 litres of “organic juice”! I have nothing against meeting new people. Please tell me that you’re not really Grant!<br />
  39. 39. I went to Leisure Land as well and met a few new people. I like meeting new people and getting to know them, but sometimes, I think I may be a little bit too shy. You probably don’t think that about me, but this is only an e-mail, isn’t it? I don’t know what you’re really like, and you don’t know what I’m really like. I guess that’s the beauty of it in a way. Someone I can talk to and tell about my day, and you can tell me too. It’s almost like a human diary…”<br />Clover shook her head and sighed to herself. A human diary? Really, she couldn’t believe she was saying this, but it seemed the right thing to say to him.<br />
  40. 40. “I also met a member of the Secret Society – have you seen any of them around college? They wear blazers with a llama on the pocket! They seem like a nice bunch, quite funny actually. The one I met was someone who my great aunt knew in college. The girl seemed a little bitter about her actually, I’m not sure why, she didn’t stay long enough to ask.<br />I think that might be enough of my ramblings, tell me about what you like to do, tell me all about your day  <br />From Clover.”<br />
  41. 41. To: GlassesRock<br />From: FourLeafedLuck<br />Subject: It’s a lazy day!<br />“Dearest Mitchell, it’s my second e-mail of the day and because of the fact that I don’t have class until the late afternoon, I took the opportunity to lounge around in my pyjamas all day and just relax. Don’t you just love days like that? I do, and I’m really enjoying today. The sun is actually shining through the window – perhaps the first glimpse of spring? It doesn’t seem long since there was thick snow on the ground, does it?<br />Write back, Clover.”<br />
  42. 42. “To: FourLeafedLuck<br />From: GlassesRock<br />Subject: How many different names for coffee?<br />“Dear Clover,. Today, I studied, and got bored, so I headed down to the coffee shop. I wasn’t sure what coffee to get as there were so many choices! Wouldn’t it be funny if we’d bumped into each other and not realised it? And I agree Clover, I feel as if I already know you. <br />Have you ever thought we should meet? Because I’d really like to meet you Clover. Mitchell x<br />P.S I love lazy days”<br />Clover inhaled sharply. Was he asking her to meet him? She switched off the computer, worrying.<br />
  43. 43. Clover spent weeks pondering and thinking and worrying about Mitchell’s request to meet. She was starting to feel bad for ignoring his many e-mails that he kept sending to her, but this had been a fantasy friendship for her – someone she could tell all her feelings to without having to worry about what he thought of her. She let out a small sigh, and absentmindedly ran her fingers through her hair. She was trying to way up the pros and cons of meeting Mitchell. She didn’t want a meeting to break her dreams.<br />
  44. 44. She finally reached her decision, telling herself that Mitchell was a student at Academie le Tour, and that the e-mail system was set up in college so that they could meet new people, and life-long friends. She went over to her brother’s computer, logged on, went onto her e-mails and clicked reply.<br />To: GlassesRock<br />From: FourLeafedLuck<br />Subject: Re: Are you ignoring me?<br />“When and where?”<br />
  45. 45. The evening that her and Mitchell were going to meet, Clover stood in front of the mirror, agonising over ever inch of her face. She ran her hands over her hips, smoothing down the skirt on her dress.<br />“Why I am doing this?” <br />She questioned herself, and stared straight into her eyes in the mirror. She smiled, and spoke out loud to herself.<br />“You are being so silly Clover Omega,” She giggled. “You are just meeting and going for a quick drink and a game of bowling, that is all…”<br />
  46. 46. She stepped back from the mirror.<br />“Almost perfect, although perhaps I should do something different with my hair…”<br />She pushed her hair behind her left ear, revealing the silver hoops that her grandma Lily had left when she died. She glanced at the clock. If she didn’t leave now, she’d be late. She took one last look in the mirror and then rushed out of her room, locking it behind her.<br />
  47. 47. The taxi driver was beeping the horn, obviously agitated.<br />“I haven’t got all day…” She muttered, and let out a sigh as Clover appeared at the doors to the dorm, biting her lip nervously. She ran down the steps towards the cab, and jumped in.<br />
  48. 48. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” Clover smiled apologetically at the driver. The driver couldn’t help but smile.<br />“Don’t worry love. First date is it?”<br />“Kind of…” Clover replied without thinking.<br />“You’ll be fine darling, just keep smiling.”<br />Clover nodded at her and fastened her seat belt.<br />“Where to?”<br />“The bowling alley please…” <br />
  49. 49. As the taxi pulled up outside the bowling alley, Clover’s eyes were scanning the street. The light outside kept flickering, and making a buzzing noise. She paid the taxi driver and thanked her, before stepping out into the cool, spring evening. She bit her lower lip, and looked both ways.<br />Was he here yet?<br />
  50. 50. As the taxi pulled away, and off down the street, a voice greeted her.<br />“Clover?” A student, with ginger hair and glasses on walked up to her, and she grinned. <br />“Mitchell?”<br />He nodded enthusiastically. <br />“Wow, after months of just e-mailing you, I’m finally meeting you.” He was smiling, and Clover couldn’t help but feel relaxed.<br />“I know…” Although relaxed, her shyness didn’t help, and she mumbled something about being pleased to meet him.<br />“Shall we bowl?”<br />
  51. 51. “Have you bowled before Clover?” Mitchell asked, watching as the ball Clover flung down the alley went straight into the gutter.<br />“No, if I’m honest. Can you tell?”<br />He smiled, as he watched her. “Only a little.” He’d be looking forward to meeting her so much, and she was perfect. She was friendly and wonderful, and he found that the shyness was really sweet.<br />“Are you not too warm with your coat on?”<br />Clover quickly shook her head. “No I’m fine, it’s a little chilly…”, but really, she thought that perhaps she was a little over dressed.<br />
  52. 52. “So…” After their game of bowling – which Mitchell had won, despite trying to lose on purpose – Clover wasn’t sure what to do next.<br />“Would you like some food?” Mitchell asked her, trying to make her feel less shy. She was so open and free in her e-mails, yet so shy face-to-face. “I’m starving!”<br />“Sure. That’d be really good.”<br />
  53. 53. Once seated at a table, Clover had a proper look at Mitchell, and every time he looked at her, she glanced down at the menu she was holding.<br />She felt slightly overwhelmed by this meeting, but she was glad she’d decided to meet him. He was perfect – so kind and lovely, and he’d been really helpful when she was struggling with bowling, and he even made her laugh by standing with his back to the bowling pins and rolling the ball between his legs, and missing all the pins completely! Yes, she was very glad to be there.<br />
  54. 54. Every time she looked at the menu, Mitchell stole a look at her. She was absolutely beautiful. The golden markings on her skin intrigued him, and they looked so pretty. He could imagine himself being with her, but why would she want to be with a nerd like him?<br />Stop thinking that, He thought to himself, just try and be positive. You’ve only just met, and even if she is beautiful – dating and marriage and babies are certainly not in the equation yet!<br />
  55. 55. “What would you like to eat Clo?” Mitchell asked her, awakening her from the daydream she was having – that involved her and Mitchell walking hand in hand down a deserted beach. Am I falling for him already?<br />“I think the prawns look quite good…”<br />“The prawns for the pretty lady here,” Clover blushed as he said this, “And I’ll have the chef salad please.”<br />As the waiter walked off towards the kitchens, Mitchell said “I love the food here! They make fantastic a good salad, and their milkshakes are yummy too...”<br />
  56. 56. After a twenty minutes wait for the food – “I said the food was good, but nothing about the service!” Mitchell had laughed – they were feeling pretty hungry and started to tuck in to their food.<br />“You know Clover, I’m really glad we’ve met – our first meeting, and yet I feel that I know so much about you…” He looked into her eyes and let out a little sigh. “And I hope this isn’t a little forward, if I say that you’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. I really hope we can be good friends…”<br />Pinch yourself Clover, is he really saying that? Me, amazing? Her heart was thumping in her chest.<br />“I’m really glad we’ve met too, I wasn’t sure what to expect when we were arranging our meeting.” She smiled a smile that melted Mitchell’s heart.<br />
  57. 57. Clover put her fork on the table, about to reach for a napkin, and when she did Mitchell gently took hold of her hand. Her heart seemed to stop, and thoughts were whirling round her head, but she pushed them to the back of her mind, and let herself enjoy the moment. His hand felt soft against her own, and he ran his fingers delicately over the back of her hand, causing a shiver to run down her spine.<br />This meeting couldn’t be more perfect…<br />
  58. 58. After finishing their meal, they got up from the table and Clover began to head towards the door.<br />“Thank you for a fantastic evening Mitchell, it’s been wonderful, I don’t think I can thank you enough.”<br />“It’s my pleasure,” Clover noticed a little crinkle above his nose when he smiled, and she grinned at this, “but do you have to leave now? It’s only 10 o’clock. Are you Cinderella? Do you turn into a pumpkin?”<br />Clover laughed. “I have my final exam tomorrow, I think I need some rest before then.”<br />“Well, goodnight then Clover. It’s been wonderful. I’ll e-mail you tomorrow. Hang on, you’ve got something on your coat…” He muttered, reaching towards her.<br />
  59. 59. He leant in and gently pressed his lips against hers.<br />This is perfection.<br />
  60. 60. Clover glanced at the clock. 6:30am, she might as well get up now before there was a huge rush for the showers. She kicked off the covers and started to sit herself up in bed. She was feeling slightly sick, worrying about her exam. Perhaps she should get in some last minute revision beforehand. <br />
  61. 61. She put her feet onto the shabby carpet and wiggled her toes. She smiled to herself. Had her evening out been just a romantic dream, a longing to meet the mystery Mitchell who she’d been falling for before she even knew him?<br />She blinked as she switched the light on, and pushed her hair out of her eyes. As she did so, something on the table in the corner caught her eye. There was a sticky note, that read “This was left in the lobby for you last night Clover, from Caspian.”<br />
  62. 62. The sticky note was stuck onto a vase, in which was a single red rose. She held her breath, worried that if she breathed out, this would turn out to be a surreal dream.<br />She reached for the card on the flower, and read it:<br />“Dear Clover, I couldn’t stop thinking about you after you left, so I went out and bought this for you. I hope you like it. Like you, it stands alone in its beauty, so beautiful and delicate. I hope to see you again soon, love Mitchell xx.”<br />Clover felt a tear come to her eye, but she quickly brushed it away, and hurried to the bathroom.<br />
  63. 63. After a quick shower, she went into the study room, and making sure that no one was there, she switched on the computer. Username, password, waiting…come on, why won’t you load?<br />Then, she heard the words she’d been wanting to hear.<br />“You’ve got mail.”<br />To: FourLeafedLuck<br />From: GlassesRock<br />Subject: Thank you<br />“I just thought I’d say thank you again for the date. Good luck with your exam today – you’ll be fine. Mitchell x.”<br />
  64. 64. She was on a complete high, just from her meeting with Mitchell and his kind gestures. Nothing could bring her down, nothing could wipe away that smile, not even the rain pouring down outside…<br />
  65. 65. “So, is there anyone you like Cody? I mean, surely there are some girls you’ve seen who you wouldn’t mind a bit of?” Calvin had cornered Cody in Corbin’s room, telling him he wanted an important chat.<br />“Cal, you may be my twin, and I think you’re great, but this does not count as an important chat!”<br />“So there is someone?”<br />“Calvin, shut up! There is no one, I’m finding studying much more important, and I’m enjoying it. Just cause you’re almost failing your art degree.”<br />“There is nothing wrong with an art degree – it means I get to draw naked girls…” He winked, but Cody grunted at him.<br />“Do you have no shame?”<br />
  66. 66. “I’m just concerned for your well-being Cody, so don’t get snappy with me. I just want to know if there are any girls you like?”<br />Corbin sat down at the computer chair. “Knock it off Calvin, he’s said no!”<br />“Cody, look, Corbin has a girlfriend, Caspian sees people, I have numbers! I just wanted to know if you do too.”<br />“No I don’t. Do I need to spell it out to you?”<br />Calvin opened his mouth to answer back, but a knock at the door stopped him from saying anything.<br />“Come in!” Called Corbin, who was looking disapprovingly at the twins.<br />
  67. 67. “Hey baby.” Sadie wandered into the room, smiling briefly at Cody and Calvin, before making her way over to Corbin. She put her hand on his shoulder. “What are you up to?”<br />“These two were just leaving.” Corbin grinned at Cody and Calvin. Cal just had time to wink at him, before Cody dragged him out of the room. Corbin could hear them arguing about girlfriends again as they wandered down the corridor.<br />“I missed you.” Sadie said to Corbin, as she perched on the edge of his bed.<br />“I missed you too. So, how was class?”<br />
  68. 68. “So, Caspian, that’s a lovely name.”<br />“A lot of people seem to say that. But thanks.” He grinned at the girl who’d randomly greeted him on his way back from class. “Tell me about yourself, I’d like to know.”<br />She was a little taken a-back by this gesture, but smiled and nodded.<br />“Sure, how about a coffee?”<br />Uni life is all good so far…<br />
  69. 69. And that is where I leave you lovely people this chapter, with a picture if Felicity looking annoyed at her drink! – there’ll be a chapter 3.5 (b) hopefully out soon, as I’m needing some motivation to actually play. <br />Enjoy, leave your comments and come back for more <br />Ally<br />