Company Profile Arlian 2009


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Company Profile Arlian 2009

  1. 1. Company Profile April, 2009 Contact Information Address (office) 19a Koryun St., VIII floor, Listed and Rated Yerevan City, Armenia, 0009 D.U.N.S. 56-562-9235 (legal )7/4, Komitas Ave., apt. 28 Yerevan City, Republic of Armenia, 0012 Telephone/Fax +37410-562336 +37491-409837; +37491-907905 (mobiles) Email ; Web site
  2. 2. Staff Director Dr. Arevik S. Sargsyan (Mrs.) Deputy Director Arsen S. Sargsyan Chief Accountant Mariam Sargsyan Assistant Lilith Khachatryan Experts/Trainers: Dr. Mary M. Herouni-Sargsyan Souren P. Sargsyan Plus more than 10 part-time and contracted employee Trainers and Experts Main site: Yerevan City, Armenia Main markets: Armenia Year established: 1994 Financial year-end: December Summary of main activities ARLIAN Consulting is one of Armenia's leading consulting Companies providing business services. The Company is fully owned by Dr. Arevik S. Sargsyan. Since the very beginning back in 1994 ARLIAN started to offer consulting services to commercial, state, public firms, as well as private persons. Since 1995 to present new direction of ARLIAN activity was started: training programs design and training courses organizing. Since 1997 ARLIAN started to cooperate with international donor organizations. During hole its historical period significant exploratory activity was done in ARLIAN: some scientific articles were published in English, Armenian and Russian in the different international conferences. 76 % of in-use training programs are designed, tested and adapted and tailored by ARLIAN on the Yerevan SME-s. Programs are designed in the idea that it will be in fact adequate for the present business setting in Armenia. Besides, trainers and consultants of the company are businessmen and women, who have not only training and consulting practice in the real market in Armenia, but their own successful companies as well. During its activity ARLIAN has provided training programs in several cities in Armenia - Gyumri, Vanadzor, Egegnadzor, Ashtarak, Armavir, Masis, Hrazdan, Gavar, Idzhevan, Goris, Noyemberyan, Artashat, Abovyan and Yerevan. The Certificates of ARLIAN Company have got over than 400 graduates. One of the organizers of a Forum and Exhibition of the representatives of the regional SMEs, taking place from 22-24 of September 2000 was ARLIAN Company. Since 2003 ARLIAN Consulting is the member of Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Yerevan City). In 2004 ARLIAN Consulting has become the founder of ”Adults Education and Lifelong Learning” Association. Dr. Arevik S. Sargsyan was appointed as a President of this Association, which is an ordinary member of European Association for Education of Adults. The International Selection Committee of B.I.D., Business Initiative Directions, made up of a group of companies and prestigious professionals in 2004, 2006 and 2008 had nominated our Company for receiving International Quality Summit Award for Excellence and Business Prestige in the Gold Category. Since 2007 ARLIAN Consulting cooperate with number of foreign Investment Brokers, representing Project financing opportunities in Republic of Armenia. Business Strategy and Corporate Philosophy Our Company’s Business Strategy’s main objectives are • To recognize our responsibilities as BSP, • To foster national progress, • To promote the general welfare of society, • To devote ourselves to the further development of Armenia’s business culture. Our Corporate Philosophy (and Motto) is
  3. 3. The Sun gives us the Light, we give You stability At work for a better life, a better Country for all. Our 7 Guiding Principles are • National service through Consulting • Fairness • Harmony and Cooperation • Struggle for betterment • Courtesy and Humility • Adjustment and Assimilation • Gratitude Services provided Consulting activities • Restructuring, Organizational Development and Reengineering Consulting • Human Resources Management Consulting and Recruiting • Financial Advisory and Foreign Investment Procurement • Marketing and Business Plan writing • Investment Project Developing • Marketing and Sales Management Consulting • Market Survey and Analyses Consulting • Sales Personnel Testing and Certification • Consumer Behavior Survey and Analyses Training activities • Training on Personal Selling Skills Development • Training on Sales Management Skills Development • Training on Marketing & Sales • Training on Start-up entrepreneurs and Business Plan writing • Training on Production Management • Training on Human Resources Management • Investments Basics and Venture Financing Key events List of some of the major foreign and domestic Clients • EBRD (London, UK) - Consultancy Contract № C16370/ETCF-200411-02/52 for Armenia: • HayPost (National Post Operator) – 2009 Short Term Marketing & Sales Plan development (annual turnover more than $5M), • “Tamara Fruit” Co. - Post-Investment Technical Assistance - Human Recourses Development, • ARMENTEL (“Bee Line-VimpelCom” – Russia), • ZIGZAG – biggest Retailer Net of Armenia (5 Supermarkets of Electronics and household appliances) – Annual turnover is undisclosed (according independent estimations – approx. $15 M), • ARAY – one of the largest Retailers Net (4 Supermarkets of Electronics and Household Appliances) – Annual turnover - $9,3 M, • CIT – one of the most advanced PC makers – annual turnover - $2 M, • WÜRT, Armenia – biggest Motor oil, instruments, automotive chemicals, components Retailer Annual turnover - $3 M, • CONVERSE Bank – one of the biggest Armenian Banks (authorized Capital Stock - $15 M). Project portfolio (some of related) 1994 1. Agreement on Cooperation with Astgadzor company - VIP Hall in the Zvartnots Airport. 1995 1. PR activity proposal–Noushikyan Association. 2. Researching of the Customer’s Opinion–“Paradise” supermarket (Noushikyan Association). 3. Recruiting and training of Sellers – “Paradise” supermarket (Noushikyan Association).
  4. 4. 4. Marketing research of elite trade companies in Yerevan-Noushikyan Association 1996 1. Developing of the Job Description Instructions for Sellers and Sales Managers in “Paradise” supermarket . 2. Training of the advanced Sellers of one of the ARAY Company’s stores. 3. Training of Selling personnel – Zigzag Company. 4. Consulting on management – Zigzag Company. 1997 1. Preliminary market research - EchoStar International Corporation (Eastern Europe Area). 1998 1. Recruiting and training of Sellers in furniture stores of Multi-Group. 1999 1. Under Global Training for Development “Provider Services Agreement” – AED/USAID Contract No.#FAO-I-00-96-90018-00. : 2.. Training the sellers / corporative a training - “ Lavanda-Holding” 2000 1. Under Global Training for Development “Provider Services Agreement”– AED/USAID: Contract No.#FAO-I-00-96-90018-00. 2. Certification, training and certification of the sellers of firm, corporative training - ARAY Company. 2001 1. Policy Workshop: Gegarkunik and Kotayk Regions/Thachkadzor- ASME/DAI/USAID – Contract No OUT-PCE-I-806-99-00002-00, Order No 806, #053001/01B. 2. National Policy Workshop / Thachkadzor - ASME/DAI/USAID – Contract No OUT-PCE-I-806-99-00002-00, Order No 806, #110701/01. 3. In cooperation with BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & HUMAN RESOURCES INSTITUTE Project on Human Resources Management for EUROSTAN UYUT Ltd. – with the support of Tacis project SMEARM 9801 “Assistance to Post Privatisation and Private Sector Development” SUB-CONTRACTING AGREEMENT (BUS) No: 032/01/047 2002 1. “Business Skills Development for Armenian Agribusiness Women” Workshop/ Tsakhkadzor- ASME/DAI/USAID – Contract No OUT-PCE-I-806-99-00002-00, Order No 806, #SER011002/01. 2. Training “General Management” - IREX Staff . 3. Competitive selection of the experts, recruiting - Zigzag Company. 4. Certification of the selling advisers – ARAY Company. 5. Corporative Training of the sales agents - WURTH Company. 6. Consulting on recruiting of the sellers – WURTH Company. 7. Consulting on Strategic Plan Developing – WURTH Company. 2003 1. “Techniques and Skills of the Sales” training course – representatives of different companies. 2. Strategic Plan Development – ''Vordi Armen'' Company with the BAS support. 3. «Sales techniques» Training Program for unemployed - grant from IIZ/DVV . 4. Reorganization of Human Resources – ''Tsakhkadzor creative house'' CJSC with the BAS support
  5. 5. 2004 1. WED Training Program - Lori region - AED/USAID: Contract No.#EEE-I-00-01-00010- 00Dilivery order No. 001Women Entrepreneurship Development, PTP#111IC03110-114. 2. “Techniques & Skills of the Sales” training course – “Association of Goldsmiths & Jewelers of Armenia” for their Plant’s Top-Managers. 3. Benchmarking Survey of Tourism Services - “Astghadzor” LLC with the BAS support 4. Recruiting of Sales Personnel – BANBER Distribution Systems Company 2005 1. “Sales Techniques” Training for unemployed people – “Employment Service of Republic of Armenia“, Ministry of Finance of RA 2. Improvement of retail sales and distribution polices – CIT Company with the BAS support 3. Human Recourses Audit – Converse Bank 2006 1. UNDP/SME DNC “Start-up Entrepreneurs” Trainings conducted in Sevan and Hrazdan Cities 2007 1. HR Development and Post-investment technical Assistance Program implemented in TAMARA-Fruit Co./EBRD order 2. More than 7 different Investment-ready Business Plans developed for several local Companies 2008 1. Marketing & Sales Short Term plan development for HayPost (National only Post Operator) 2. Financial resources procurement for 3 local Investment Projects (total $175 M) 2009 1. More than 5 (as at 01.04.2009) Business plans’ developed for the local Clients provided by SME DNC in the framework of governmental Financial support Program. Financial performance Year-end December 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Total annual 10’030’000 16’000’000 1’654’000 1’271’100 4’151’100 5’245’700 4’255’000 5’759’720 1’200’000 sales (services provided), AMD