AR Marketing Conference: Jess Butcher What is the ROI for AR?


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Jess Butcher from Blippars discusses ROI and the value of a share or Blipp. She proposes that great campaigns invest in content, educate, think strategically and use experts. There is expected to be a 300% growth in AR during the next 4 years.

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  • We should use Media examples for each of these.
  • AR Marketing Conference: Jess Butcher What is the ROI for AR?

    1. 1. March 2014 Jessica Butcher Co-Founder & CMO Understanding ROI for AR
    2. 2. AR?
    3. 3. Activate any physical touch point… Packaging In-store Outdoor Print TV In-store MerchandisingOnline Books
    4. 4. Direct Response Real-time content Videos Virtually try- on Photo booths Find a locationSubscription offers RecipesCompetitions Data Capture And many more! ? Into anything a phone is capable of doing With every experience shareable 3D worlds GamesReal-time polls
    5. 5. DEMO
    6. 6. Measure, assess & respond Total number of blipps, unique users, and average interaction time per blipp Real time data How, where and when users interact with your content Personal dashboard Blipps per day Blipps per hour Blipps by location Blipps by marker Click-through-rates & direct responses
    7. 7. Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blippable pack 954,758 267,662 3 TOTAL BLIPPS UNIQUE USERSAVERAGE BLIPPS Blipp delivered: • Exclusive content via 3D animated recipe book • Consumer engagement with daily competition • Downloadable content refreshed weekly Campaign Promotion: • Social media and advertorial Most successful on pack campaign to date
    8. 8. Maybelline Color Show 112,889 57,871 2.1 TOTAL BLIPPS UNIQUE USERSAVERAGE BLIPPS Blipp delivered: • Virtual try on of 40 new nail polishes • Shared across social media Blipp effect: • High average interaction time of 4.2 min • Provided actionable data: • Over 10% of users shared across social media • Great media coverage and high interest from bloggers Blippable ad in Vogue, ELLE, People and US Weekly Improved stock replenishment and informed color choice of subsequent ads.
    9. 9. Justin Bieber Blippable poster and album cover 1,165,272 443,296 2.6 TOTAL BLIPPS UNIQUE USERSAVERAGE BLIPPS Blipp delivered: • Exclusive video content Campaign Promotion - social media, outdoor • Consumer engagement: take photo with Justin & chance to share on social media • Enter competition to win concert tickets • Buy album directly Blipp effect - High popularity among tweens and generated a huge buzz on social media
    10. 10. Wrigley’s 5gum Blipp delivered: • Exclusive game with opportunity to win prizes • Drive to 5gum website Campaign promotion: • In-store, outdoors and social media channels 290,607 31,169 9.3 TOTAL BLIPPSUNIQUE USERSAVERAGE BLIPPS Blippable packaging, posters and POS
    11. 11. Shortlist Magazine Blippable magazine with 20 pages of interactive content 251,655 57,094 4.4 TOTAL BLIPPS UNIQUE USERSAVERAGE BLIPPS Blipp delivered: • World’s first ‘playable’ cover • Video plays • Buy now links • Competitions • Instant vote/polling • Virtual ‘try-on’s’ Most successful interactive magazine campaign to date. Case study - December 201
    12. 12. So what is an AR interaction worth? How can we put a value on it?
    13. 13. 75sec 30sec 30sec 17sec 5sec Blippar TV Radio Press Outdoor Average Dwell Time Split by Type of Blipp Source for other Media Types: ExterionMedia vs. Other Media Types 75 sec Blippar average Dwell Time 54 sec Link only 72 sec Video only 81 sec Game only 74 sec Video + Link 76 sec Win + 80 sec Game + 96 sec Photo Layer + 112 secGame + Photo Layer + • PLUS - It’s active and proactively requested, rather than passive and just ‘put in their path’ • PLUS – the user cannot be doing anything else at the same time Passive / Push Active / Pull Valuing Dwell Time?
    14. 14. Valuing Social amplification? Just entered to win tickets to #BelieveTour thanks @Blippar :-)) @X_me_X_me @tompanuk @blippar #refreshyourfit fingers crossed! @Reesy946 I just entered the unbelievable AR football game off my @pepsimaxuk drink with @blippar @XSwagPrincessX @StylistMagaz ine @Blippar LOVE the Blippar issue! Has created a very unproductive morning in the office – even the boys are scanning the pgs @liz_osachuk Went on Blippar on Mummys Phone. WOAH! You Guys Are Gonna Love Them ;) @SavannahBelieve
    15. 15. Driving value at every stage of the sales funnel Press coverage, social media engagement and potential further exploration of product (e.g. catalogues) New/ exciting forms of engagement (e.g. games, polls, virtual try-ons etc.) Additional content/ information delivered through text, animation, 3D models and video Direct sales channel available e.g. ‘Blip to buy’, m-couponing, driving to nearest store Users can interact and engage with product in new ways post- purchase via Blippar – growing loyalty and increase consumption
    16. 16. Apr-12 FMCG Food On-Pack / OOH = 4x May-12 FMCG Food On-Pack = 6x Jun-12 Entertainm ent On-Pack / OOH = 1x Jan-13 FMCG Food On-Pack = 2x Nov-12 Entertainm ent On-Pack = 2x Oct-12 Media Print = 8x Jul-12 Media Print = 1x Jun-13 FMCG Drinks On-Pack = 1x Jul-13 FMCG Drink On-Pack = 1x Nov-13 Distributi on Retailers Print = 11x Feb-14 Distributi on Retailers Print = 2x Feb-12 Entertainm ent OOH = 8x An example user timeline User interacted 47 times in 12 different months across 4 sectors and 3 media types
    17. 17. Best practices for strong ROI Invest in content • This is what your customers want, not the tech • Create value and a reason to interact Creating a successful campaign Educate • Invite your customers to connect with you • Use clear, bold, & enticing call-to-action Think strategically • Use the the tech to enhance a cross media campaign •Think long-term •Test & learn Use the experts • Check best practice & case studies
    18. 18. Million Blippar users 4.5+ In over 10 million press pages Featured on over 1 Billion SKUs S A N F R A N C I S C O • N E W Y O R K • L O N D O N • M U M B A I 2.5Billio n AR apps downloaded per annum by 2017 Augmented reality is happening… And much more is around the corner… 300% AR growth over next 4 years predicted
    19. 19. Keep in touch • Jessica Butcher Co-Founder & CMO