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Power Point Simple Past Tense

Power Point Simple Past Tense

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 2. DEFINITIONAt One Particular Time In ThePast, This Happened. It BeganAnd Ended In The Past.
  • 3. FORM OF PAST TENSEEnglish Has Two Types Of VerbsIn The Past:-Regular-Irregular
  • 4. REGULAR VERBRegular Verbs Are Verbs That End With –EdExample:Simple Form Verbs: Past Tense Verbs:• Walk Walked• Study Studied• Cry Cried• Live Lived• Work Worked
  • 5. Rules For Adding –Ed:• Add –ed to most verbs• Drop the “e” and add “ed” to verbs that endwith “e” (smile= smiled).• Change the “y” to “i” and add –ed to verbsthat end with a consonant and “y” (carry=carried, study= studied).• Double the consonant and add –ed to verbsthat end with one vowel and one consonant( drag= dragged, stop= stopped).
  • 6. IRREGULAR VERBIrregular Verbs Are Verbs That Don’t End In –Ed……..Sometimes With Irregular Past Tense Verbs You Have ToChange The Vowel To Make The Verb Past Tense:Become BecameGive GaveDrive DroveForget ForgotGo Went
  • 7. Other Irregular Verbs Have A Different Kind OfChange…..You Need To Memorize These!Teach TaughtBring BroughtLeave LeftHear HeardBuy Bought
  • 8. FORMULA IN VERBAL1. Positif (+) : S + V2 + O/ComplementExample:1. Sarah Invited Me Last WeekS V2 O2. I Went To Jakarta YesterdayS V2 O
  • 9. 2. Negatif (-) : S+Did not+V1+O/ComplementExample:1. Sarah Did Not Invite Me Last WeekS Did Not V1 O/Complement2. I Didn’t Go To Paris Last JulyS Didn’t V1 O/Complement
  • 10. 3. Introgatif (?): Did+S+V1+O/ComplementExample:1. Did You Travel By Boat Last Holiday?Did S V1 O/Complement2. Did You See Any Dolphins?Did S V1 O/Complement
  • 11. FORMULA IN NOMINALThe First, You Must Remember About That:Subject tobeIShe WASHeItYouThey WEREWe
  • 12. 1. Positif (+): s+was/were+...Example:1. I Was Hunger Yesterday2. We Were Noisy In The Classroom LastMorning3. You Were Present Account Of Healthful
  • 13. 2. Negatif (-): s+was/were+not+...Example:1. I Was Not Hunger Yesterday2. We Were Not Noisy In The Classroom LastMorning3. You Were Not Present Account Of Healthful
  • 14. 3. Introgatif (?): was/were+s+...Example:1. Was I Hunger Yesterday?2. Were We Noisy In The Classroom LastMorning?3. Were You Present Account Of Healthful?
  • 15. TIME SIGNAL1. Last YearEx: I went to Yogjakarta last year2. YesterdayEx: Dini went to my home yesterday3. Last WeekEx: I fineshed my worked lasr week4. AgoEx: She taught English three days ago5. Once upon a timeEx: once upon a time, there was a horrible monstercalled grendel.
  • 16. THE MOUSE,THE BIRD AND THE SAUSAGEOnce upon a time a mouse, a bird and asausage form a partnership. They keep housetogether, and for a long time they live inpeace and prosperity. The bird’s task was tofly into the forest every day to fetch wood.The mouse carry water, make the fire, and setthe table. The sausage did the cooking.
  • 17. THANK YOU