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Charlotte Crofts: Accessing Cinema Heritage
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Charlotte Crofts: Accessing Cinema Heritage


Published on

Presentation delivered at the ARLIS UK and Ireland Conference, Bristol, 2013

Presentation delivered at the ARLIS UK and Ireland Conference, Bristol, 2013

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  • 1. ‘“Old Wine in New Bottles”: Researching Cinema Heritage Through Pervasive Media’ Dr Charlotte Crofts University of the West of England Accessing Cinema Memories Through Pervasive Media @charlottecrofts Dr Charlotte Crofts Digital Cultures Research Centre University of the West of England (Bristol, UK)
  • 2. The Curzon Memories App
  • 3. The Curzon Memories App
  • 4. The Curzon Memories App
  • 5. QR Codes !"#$%&'$"()*) +$',%)+-&&')*)) .!') Back Row
  • 6. The Curzon Memories App
  • 7. Projection Hero
  • 8. Projection Hero
  • 9. Rebecca Solnit, Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas (2010) “…there were certain things that were meaningful, exciting, strange about San Francisco and about places in general that were better told through maps than through words. For example if I tell you there were 99 murders in SF in 2008, that’s not very exciting, but if I actually show you the maps with the murders mostly on the east side of the city, kind of scattered like buckshot across the geography and you can imagine the particulars of place, and you can see that it happened here, and it happened here and it happened here, it’s much more immediate and visceral and affecting.” Cinema City: Muybridge inventing movies, Hitchcock making Vertigo
  • 10. GIS Map - Know Your Place
  • 11. Whiteladies Picture House
  • 12. Whiteladies Picture House
  • 13. Whiteladies Picture House
  • 14. Lost Cinemas of Castle Park
  • 15. Lost Cinemas of Castle Park
  • 16. The Queens Picture House 1910-1933
  • 17. The Odeon 1938-present
  • 18. “What, the curtains?” VALIE EXPORT Tap & Touch Cinema (1968) Dennis Göttel 2008/nyar/goettel, citing Laura Marks, The Skin of the Film
  • 19. Lost Cinemas of Castle Park
  • 20. Lost Cinemas of Castle Park Olympia / Tatler 1910-1963 Empire Theatre 1893-1963 Kings 1910-1982
  • 21. The Olympia / Tatler 1910-1963 “I saw my first sub-titled picture shortly after I arrived. It was at the Tatler, an art house disguised as an exploitation flea pit near Old Market – a 1939 Claude Autant- Lara comedy called Fric-Frac starring Fernandel, Arletty and Michel Simon. Not long after that I saw my first neo-realist film there, Rossellini's Paisa” (Philip French).
  • 22. Magic Moments
  • 23. Armchair Mode
  • 24. SoLoMo (Social / Local / Mobile)
  • 25. Locative Experience Design •  Emphasis on audio allows location to be the screen •  “Dialectical montage” / frisson between physical location, media content and user interface. •  “Magic moments” (Reid et a.l) – when the app interacts with location •  “Arm chair” mode needs to be equally compelling •  “SoLoMo” - Location-based engagement •  Social media / ability to comment / add memories •  Call to action vs “lost impulse”
  • 26. Future Developments •  Digital Fleapit – portable Projection Hero, Encounters 2013 •  Cinemapping – future collaborations: – Comparative Study of Bristol /Liverpool University, Museum of Liverpool / Merseyside GIS – HOMER / Cinema Treasures / mapping the world •  REACT ‘Objects Sandbox’ 2014…
  • 27. !"#$%&'() *+$''&'() ,--.&'() /0&+#)&1%) 20#"#) 30$"&'()20#) %-%#'2) "#%&'&34&'() 4&'#%$)2"#$35"#3) 464+#)-7)*+#$35"#) ,89:;)<=)(<<>?:19)@A)*B89:9)<C)2D8E:?F)G)2DHI8;EH9<D)H=C<D>D8IBHJ9)
  • 28. Digital Fleapit •  flea·pit n. Chiefly British Slang. A cheap or squalid theatre. •  flea cir·cus n. A miniature novelty show of performing fleas.
  • 29. Dr Charlotte Crofts @charlottecrofts #curzonmemoriesapp #lostcinemas @cinemapping