Why is the Library leading on this?

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  • 1. UWE Bristol Why is the Library leading on this?Research data management and the academic library Judith Stewart Research and Knowledge Exchange Librarian judith.stewart@uwe.ac.uk UC&R DARTS 3 28th June 2012
  • 2. Research at UWE Biomedicine and bio-sensing Health and social care Digital creative industries Robotics
  • 3. Who is addressing RDM within the universities? Library Research Office Sarah Jones IT DCC (2012)
  • 4. This led me to think . . . .• Why are we as Librarians leading on this?• And why does this cause surprise among other sections of our academic communities?
  • 5. Why are Librarians taking the lead in RDMprojects?• we are used to asking the questions that establish information users’ needs• we manage information, and understand the dangers of not managing it.• we understand how to ‘curate’ i.e. storing, organising, making accessible and sharing.• We are used to developing and delivering information literacy guidance• We are removed from disciplinary or faculty politics
  • 6. Why are people surprised?• RDM is so much bigger than ‘library’• Perceptions about library in relation to supporting research are mixed• Perception that data management is all about the technical requirements – software and infrastructure• Because research is trendy – and libraries just aren’t
  • 7. Benefits and challenges• Raises the profile of the Library in the institution• Enables relationships across the institution• Shows how the Library is relevant throughout the full research lifecycle• Can be a steep learning curve• Sustainability
  • 8. Managing research data : A pilot Study in Health and Life Sciences http://bit.ly/KvfW1W
  • 9. What is happening/would happen in yourinstitution?• Who is leading on RDM in your institution?• If the answer to this is – no-one, or not that I know of – who do think should?• How could the Library/Information Service take the initiative? Who would you talk to?• If the answer is that the Library service is taking the lead already – who are the other stakeholders in the process?• What single piece of advice would you give to other library services who feel motivated to start shaking the institutional tree about data management?