2009 Responsible growth report


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2009 Responsible growth report : more energy less CO2

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2009 Responsible growth report

  1. 1. more energyless CO22009 RESPONSIBLE GROWTH REPORT
  2. 2. Read thisif you don’tknow us(or not well).
  3. 3. RESPONSIBLE GROWTH REPORT 2/6 What are AREVA’s businesses?No.1 AREVA has consolidated its leadership position in its original business of nuclear power while expanding considerably in renewable energies – wind, solar, bioenergies and hydrogen/storage – to become a leading provider of solutions for carbon-free power generation.
  4. 4. 3/6 AREVA / RESPONSIBLE GROWTH REPORT 4/6 What is AREVA’s strategy? How is AREVA pursuing its strategy? RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENTAL To build 1/3 of all new nuclear capacity* PROTECTION and secure the fuel cycle for its present and future customers FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE INNOVATION while continually improving& safety and security. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GOVERNANCE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT RISK MANAGEMENT AND PREVENTION DEVELOPMENT ECONOMIC SOCIAL AND SOCIETAL COMMUNITY DIALOGUE INVOLVEMENT AND CONSENSUS BUILDING EXPECTATIONS COMMITMENT TO EMPLOYEES To become a leading Through AREVA Way, which drives player in renewable energies while improving the group’s sustainable development initiative. the competitiveness and efficiency Revolving around 10 major commitments, of these technologies. this continuous improvement process is at once a state of mind, a goal and a way of acting specific to AREVA.* In accessible markets.
  5. 5. 5/6 AREVA / RESPONSIBLE GROWTH REPORT 6/6What is AREVA’s outlook? And AREVA in numbers*? Demand for low-carbon energycontinues to rise. Energy will continue 43.3 billion euros to evolve and AREVA’s solutions backlog can always be perfected, but they are some of the most effective available today to fight 48,000 global warming. employees 8.5 billion euros revenue 7,000 new hires * 2009 figures, Nuclear and Renewables.
  6. 6. The group and its strategy P. 2 Questions / answers with Anne Lauvergeon P. 3 International footprint P. 20 Today / AREVA’s integrated business model P. 8 Corporate governance P. 22 Synergy and complementarity P. 10 Organization P. 26 Looking back at AREVA T&D P. 12 Financial communications P. 28 Financial highlights P. 14 AREVA Foundation and patronage P. 31 AREVA Way P. 18 Our nuclear power solutions P. 34 Chat / Is nuclear a sustainable Safety P. 50Engaging in dialogue, challenging ourselves, recognizing that we don’t energy source? P. 36 Recycling and waste P. 56have all the answers, but doing all we can to find them: for us, that is also Supply P. 40 Acceptability P. 60 Technological excellence P. 45 Non-proliferation P. 62continuous improvement.For all these reasons, we wanted to share the big challenges ahead of usin our different businesses with our readers. Energy issues will determinethe future of society. Every answer raises a new question, and we’re tryingto offer solutions for each question. It’s a never-ending, all-consuming,continual quest for improvement. Our renewable energy solutions P. 64 Cross talk / How much of the energy Competitiveness and efficiency P. 74 mix should be renewable? P. 66 Responsible development P. 78 Rising demand P. 70 Our human resources P. 80 Discussion / Is gender balance Diversity and equal opportunity P. 90 a reality in the modern day company? P. 82 Hiring and training P. 93 Health and safety P. 86 As contemplated in the development plan announced on June 30, 2009, AREVA put its Transmission & Distribution business (T&D) up for sale. On the whole, the 2009 responsible Reporting methodology P. 96 growth report generally includes information pertaining to continuing operations (Nuclear Statutory auditors’ report P. 99 and Renewables), unless otherwise explicitly stated. Data verified in 2009 at the sites P. 102 Balanced scorecard for sustainable development P. 103 AREVA / Responsible growth report
  7. 7. __ THE GROUP AND ITS STRATEGY Questions / answers with Anne Lauvergeon How do you plan to fund your growth? Anne Lauvergeon__ On June 30, 2009, the Supervisory Board gave Chief Executive Officer of AREVA us permission to give our strategic and industrial partners the opportunity to become AREVA shareholders through a share offering of up to 15% of our share capital. The A new economic crisis investors we chose are impressed with our strategy, our market position and our management. We’re still in unfolded worldwide in 2009. discussions about this with the French State, our main How did AREVA perform shareholder. The French State also asked us to sell our in this environment? Transmission & Distribution division. We had boosted the performance of the T&D business considerably since acquiring it in 2004. Revenue doubled in just five years. AREVA experienced yet another year of income The backlog tripled over the same period. We sold T&D growth, fueled by strong installed base business and for four times more than we paid in 2004 and secured major projects. Revenue rose 5.4% to 8.529 billion euros strong industrial and social commitments from the in the Nuclear and Renewable Energies businesses. buyers. In all, we sold almost five billion euros in assets Consolidated operating income totaled 647 million euros, in 2009, including the profitable sale of our Total and excluding provisions for the OL3 project in Finland. GDF Suez shares. Operating margin was stable at 7.6%. Backlog was up by 2% to 43.3 billion euros, giving us excellent visibility for the next ten years and beyond. We have raised spending on research and development by 80% over the past three years and it now averages more than 6% of revenue. To preserve our leadership position, we must continue to invest and to recruit new talent while maintaining a strong balance sheet.02 AREVA / Responsible growth report 03 3
  8. 8. Questions / answers __ THE GROUP AND ITS STRATEGY With T&D out of the picture What is the status of your and AREVA refocusing on ongoing EPR™ projects? its core business of carbon-free power generating In Finland, construction of the OL3 reactor solutions, can you give us building is 89% complete. The building now stands 58.5 meters tall following placement of the dome in an idea of your strategy? September 2009. The reactor vessel was moved into New countries are interested the reactor recently. This milestone is the symbolic start In the nuclear business, our integrated model in nuclear power. How do to the nuclear equipment installation phase. Electro- – from uranium mining to reactor design and construction you approach these new mechanical systems are also being installed and tested. to used fuel recycling – allowed us to conquer new mar- markets? In France, the Flamanville 3 reactor building has risen 24 meters above ground level. We’re continuing to ket share. It is giving us a strong competitive advantage. Electric utilities want to secure their fuel supplies for the Renewable energies are About 80% of all new reactors will be built in deliver and install components at the site. In China, where the Taishan 1 and 2 reactors are under construc- long term. More and more, we’re signing contracts that stretch forty years into the future. And by the way, sometimes described as an countries that already have nuclear power – the United tion, the first reactor building has risen 6.33 meters AREVA became the world’s largest uranium producer in alternative to nuclear power. States, China, India and European countries. The utilities above grade. The second containment liner has been 2009. Our generation III+ reactors are unrivaled in terms Is that how you see it? that will build them are already AREVA customers. We work closely with them. The remaining 20% of the market installed. Half of the steelwork for the concrete reactor of safety and security. Different customers have different pit has been laid and the corium catcher components is made up of new players such as Jordan, Poland and are being installed. At Taishan 2, the first concrete was needs, and we’re meeting those diverse needs by offer- The world is in the midst of the third energy the United Arab Emirates. These countries are starting poured last April. ing a broad range of products: the 1,650 MW EPR™ revolution. There are several drivers for this, including from scratch. They need an agreement with the reactor, the 1,100 MW ATMEA™ reactor developed in strong demographic growth worldwide, the depletion international community, bilateral agreements, an partnership with Mitsubishi, and the 1,250 MW of fossil resources, proof of climate change requiring independent and capable national nuclear regulatory KERENA™ reactor chosen by E.ON for its medium greenhouse gas reduction, and legitimate aspirations authority, an experienced power plant operator and a capacity range. With four EPR™ reactors under con- struction in three countries, we’re ahead of the competi- for development by the peoples of many emerging coun- reliable supplier of the reactor and the fuel. This is where Safety is one of the concerns tion. In the nuclear industry, growth requires technologi- tries. On the other hand, the world wants more and AREVA comes in. most frequently raised cheaper energy, it wants to pay a predictable price, it cally mature, sustainable solutions for used fuel wants it on a large scale, but it wants far fewer carbon about nuclear power. management. That’s an area where we outstrip the com- emissions. It’s a variation on the “4 factor”: twice as What was your performance petition, having developed a technology to recycle 96% of the materials contained in used fuel into fresh fuel. much energy with half as much CO2. At AREVA, we’re What lessons did you in this respect in 2009? convinced that nuclear and renewables complement Renewable energies are the second focus of our growth strategy. Our goal is to become a market leader by 2012. each other and that there are enormous technical and learn from the bid you lost Facility safety, public and worker health, and We are developing solutions in biomass, offshore wind commercial synergies between these two sources of in Abu Dhabi? environmental protection are absolute musts for us. We energy. We offer customers a full range of solutions for and energy storage. In solar energy, we recently acquired use every tool at our disposal to meet these require- carbon-free power generation. The choice is theirs. And Ausra, a leader in concentrated solar power based in Abu Dhabi wanted a very specific and unusual ments. Our Nuclear Safety Charter lays down our princi- very often, they want both. California. We now have everything it takes to become a deal, based on a single contract with a power company ples in this regard, which apply to every phase in the major international player in renewables. for the life of the reactors – sixty years. AREVA is not in facility lifecycle. An independent inspectorate was cre- that business. It was a difficult and time-consuming ated in 2001 to monitor our operating organization and process to put together a consortium of EDF, GDF Suez share expertise with all our sites. Its annual report is What do you offer them? and Total. We succeeded in the end, but it was too late. available to the public. Our occupational safety perform- This is one of the lessons we all learned together. The ance is improving year after year. Our accident frequency playing field was not really level either. South Korea was rate, which is the number of accidents per million hours A global range of “à la carte” solutions determined to win and ready to make sacrifices in terms worked, is now less than the 2010 goal of 3 announced anchored in long-term partnership. We work closely with of price as well as government financing. The EPR™ in 2007 and in fact came to 2.2 at the end of 2009. By our customers to develop solutions that meet their reactor was designed to meet the extremely high safety comparison, the French industry average in 2008 was objectives of producing clean, safe, cost-competitive criteria of nuclear regulatory authorities in Europe and the 24.2. In radiation protection, AREVA has set a maximum electricity while diversifying their means of production. United States. No matter what happens inside or outside dose limit of 20 mSv per person per year wherever the the reactor, no radioactivity will be released to the group operates all over the world, including countries environment. Our generation III+ reactors are unrivaled in with less stringent regulations, such as Niger and the terms of safety and security. This comes at a cost. United States.04 AREVA / Responsible growth report 05
  9. 9. Questions / answers __ THE GROUP AND ITS STRATEGY Could you comment on your human resources programs? We hired 15,000 people in 2008 and 12,000 What are your strategic more in 2009, half of them in France. In July 2009, we objectives for 2010 and inaugurated the AREVA University Campus in Aix-en- beyond? Provence. Employee training is key for the group. It is vital for innovation and therefore for growth. Customer continued to reduce our environmental footprint. We’ve We want to build one third of all new nuclear satisfaction and successful partnerships flow from it. In cut our energy use by 16% since 2004 at constant reve- In 2007, you announced that April 2010, our commitments and activities in favor of nue. We’ve also cut our individual use of paper by 44% capacity in the accessible market, secure the fuel cycle for our existing and future customers, and expand our health observatories would diversity and equal opportunity earned us the Diversity since that date by raising employee awareness. We renewable energies offering. And we’re right on track be established near your Label of the French standards organization Afnor in reduced our water usage by 41% and non-recycled con- today. There are strong growth opportunities in carbon- recognition of our overall approach to diversity and our mine sites. Where does this best practices in fighting discrimination of all kinds. The ventional waste was cut by 46% through site-based initiatives. free power generation solutions, our core business. Our initiative stand? group actively promotes job opportunities for people with shareholders gave us the means to invest actively on June 30, 2009, confirming their belief in our strategy. disabilities, gender balance and professional equality, These financial resources will allow us to maintain our AREVA signed an agreement in June 2009 social, ethnic, cultural and age diversity, and employment leadership while meeting the growing needs of our exist- with two associations, Sherpa and Médecins du Monde, of seniors. We launched the ODEO project in 2008 with to create health observatories near our mines and to set the group’s European Works Council and the European Could you describe your ing and future customers. up a pluralistic health monitoring group. This organiza- Metalworkers Federation. This project promotes patronage and partnership tion, which is overseen by the countries in which we have professional equality between men and women and employment of the disabled. As part of this ambitious activities? mining operations, is a world premiere. The purpose is to monitor the health of AREVA’s uranium mine workers and innovative initiative rooted in best practices and What does “responsibility” AREVA has taken a patronage and partnership and to study the impact these operations potentially have socially responsible dialogue, AREVA ran an awareness campaign to inform the group’s 50,000 employees in approach that mirrors our business. We identified priority mean for AREVA? on the health of local populations. The group will bear the treatment costs for any diseases attributable to its mining Europe of our equal opportunity commitments. areas that match our strategy and our community involve- operations just as it would under the French medical ment. To cite just two examples, we founded a public We are the market leader. Our first responsibil- health insurance program. The pluralistic group, chaired library in Niger in partnership with the urban community ity is therefore to be a trailblazer and to set an example. by AREVA’s head physician Dr. Acker, is comprised of of Arlit. We supplied the first 15,000 books, mostly for For a group like AREVA, responsibility also means con- children and teenagers, furnished the premises, and fronting post-Chernobyl and post-September 11 reali- 10 scientific and medical experts, half of whom are cho- sen by the associations with the other half chosen by How would you assess funded basic and hands-on library management training ties. We are accountable to our customers, our employ- AREVA. This agreement is a necessary and very impor- your sustainable in France for two young Tuaregs. Closer to home, AREVA ees, our shareholders and our stakeholders. We must tant step in dialogue between civil society and a socially development performance? supports educational programs for underprivileged be above reproach when it comes to safety, security and responsible mining operator such as AREVA. Although children and families offered by the Guimet Asian art ethics. We work only with countries that accept the the process to set up and approve these bodies is some- museum in Paris. In particular, training is provided to United Nations’ full-scope safeguards. And we must Sustainable development is important to us. teachers of students with special needs and volunteers report on our activities. Society is changing rapidly. The times more complex than anticipated, we are following How can we provide carbon-free solutions to our cus- through on the dialogue initiated with the NGOs in 2007 from the “Blouses Roses” association so that they can public wants answers to their questions. Dialogue is tomers if we don’t set an example in our own operations? help others understand and appreciate the museum’s essential, and we engage in dialogue through concrete and making progress in establishing the health observa- AREVA has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 59% tories. We will persevere in our efforts, especially near cultural treasures. activities. In France, we recently completed our fourth since 2004 and produces very few of them today. The Stakeholders’ Session under the aegis of Comité 21, the mining sites in Niger and Gabon. group has offset 100% of its emissions for two years and French committee on the environment and sustainable our biomass operations earned us carbon credits development. In the United States, we launched our first in 2009. We are entirely carbon neutral. We have also consensus building session with Business for Social Responsibility. For AREVA, being responsible is an integral part of continuous improvement.06 AREVA / Responsible growth report 07
  10. 10. Today __ THE GROUP AND ITS STRATEGYAREVA’s integrated businessmodel AREVA’s innovative global offer brings all of its technologies, products and services into SOLUTIONS FOR play. The group is one of the few players capable of serving its customers at every stage CARBON-FREE of the value chain, offering them “à la carte” solutions just right for their requirements. AR ENERGY In nuclear power, AREVA’s integrated model has become the industry standard in a NUCLE POWER GENERATION matter of years. It covers the entire nuclear cycle, from uranium mining to used fuel recycling, including reactor design and related services. In renewable energies, AREVA MINING > offers turnkey solutions that meet customers’ short-term and long-term requirements while satisfying energy demand during baseload or peakload consumption. CH EM IS T TR EN PM E Y LO LU > VE VA DEITE S LE ENER WAB GIE NE RE S E R ENR Nuclear Renewable I ICHMENT > WIND RECYCLING > power energies NT > USED FUEL Uranium exploration, mining and concentration. Design and manufacture of high-powered BIOENERGY SOLAR offshore wind turbines. Uranium conversion and enrichment. Turnkey design and construction of bioenergy Nuclear fuel design and fabrication. power plants. Design and construction of nuclear reactors. Concentrating solar power solutions for power HYDROGEN Supply of products and services for nuclear power generation and industrial steam production. & STORAGE plant maintenance, upgrades and operations. Development of solutions to produce hydrogen TI EL by electrolysis and electricity with fuel cells. ON Recycling of used nuclear fuel. CA FU Project management and support for work < < I ER BR S VI FA in a radioactive environment. CE < S Nuclear site value development. Nuclear logistics. < REACTORS Customers: leading operators of nuclear power Customers: developers of wind farms, operators plants, power generating reactors and nuclear sites. of cogeneration power plants that use biomass, and industry.08 AREVA / Responsible growth report 09
  11. 11. Synergy and complementarity __ THE GROUP AND ITS STRATEGY CO2 EMISSIONS IN GRAMS OF CARBON PER KWHE World – Average CO2 emissions per power source (Source: IAEA, “Nuclear and sustainable development”, D. Weisser, May 2007). The ranges reflect differences in assessment methods, thermal yields, footprint assumptions, etc.BETTING ON NUCLEAR WINDA BALANCED MIX PV SOLAR MINOF CARBON-FREE WOOD MAX NATURAL GASENERGIES or may supplement an existing nuclear power program. FUEL OIL Renewable energies are less complex than nuclear power and their economics are improving continuously. Their use COALGlobal demand for energy will double by 2030. At the same is growing rapidly in Europe, the United States and Asia, LIGNITEtime, greenhouse gas emissions will have to be cut in half. and they constitute solutions for emerging countries. 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000There is no magic answer, but nuclear power and renewable These energies use resources that can be found and used locally: the wind, the sun and biomass. Renewable ener-energies are both essential components of an affordable and gies provide access to electricity in remote areas whilereliable mix of carbon-free energy. contributing to economic growth and social development in rural or economically deprived areas. They are a power- ful tool for sustainable development. … AND WORK SYNERGISTICALLY The synergies between nuclear power and renewable energies are many: they reach the same power company NUCLEAR AND RENEWABLES customers, they require the same project management COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER… skills and the same expertise with key technologies (struc- There is no need to choose between nuclear power and tural design, high temperature steam production, and renewable energies! For AREVA, these two power sources materials that withstand extreme heat and humidity). complement each other. Both must play a part in steering AREVA’s nuclear engineers, for example, helped redefine the global energy mix towards a low-carbon model and the design of the AREVA Multibrid offshore wind turbine. fighting global warming. Each meets different needs. A group of AREVA’s size brings the necessary financial Nuclear power may not be suitable for all countries. It strength for investment in renewable projects. AREVA is requires infrastructure, advanced technology resources also in a position to negotiate procurement terms, lower- and contractors with a high level of expertise. Other car- ing the costs of acquiring materials such as the specialty bon-free power generation sources may be more suitable steels used in manufacturing wind turbines. — AREVA AND DUKE ENERGY FORMED ADAGE, A JOINT VENTURE THAT WILL BUILD TWELVE 50 MW BIOMASS PLANTS. IN 2009, THE TWO PARTNERS ALSO SIGNED AN AGREEMENT TO SELECT THE EPR™ TECHNOLOGY FOR THE US POWER COMPANY’S NEW REACTORS. FACT The temperature is rising on earth. The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published in 2007, shows that eleven of the twelve years in the 1995-2006 reportingperiod were among the warmest on record since 1850. This trend is expected to continue. According to IPCC models, the averagetemperature on earth could increase by 2 °C to 4.5 °C by 2100. Such a dramatic increase over such a short period of time would triggermajor changes in the ecosystem, with damaging consequences for human life and economic growth. Now is the time to act if this scenariois to be avoided, and action must be global. Every country will have to reduce their CO2 emissions through energy efficiency, nuclear power,renewable energies and, longer term, carbon capture and sequestration. Ignoring any of these solutions is simply not an option.10 AREVA / Responsible growth report 11
  12. 12. Looking back at… __ THE GROUP AND ITS STRATEGYAREVA T&D: Strong growtha remarkable success story 2004 Alstom T&D becomes AREVA T&D. 2005 Construction of a plantSix years of efforts on a human and industrial scale bolstered AREVA AREVA T&D and its partner Shanghai and research center Electric (SEC), for example, inauguratedT&D’s market position and improved its economic performance. at Tsinghua University two new transformer manufacturingThe new T&D is ready to help the world manage growing demand plants in 2009, tripling their production in China.for energy. 2006 capacity and strengthening their positions in the exploding market for high voltage and ultra-high voltage solutions in China. Acquisition of Ritz High A BOOMING BUSINESS Voltage, the first of eight AREVA T&D has strengthened its posi- acquisitions to be made tions and improved its economic per- through 2009. 2007 formance in all of its markets since 2004. BUILDING AN INDUSTRY LEADER An ambitious plan was rolled out to Today, the business is expanding rapidly As soon as AREVA acquired Alstom’s boost AREVA T&D’s profitability to the and creating value. Depending on the Transmission & Distribution operations in levels of its main competitors. Driving the sector, AREVA is number one in market Creation of a joint venture 2004, for almost 920 million euros, the plan were redeployment of the manufac- management and grid control software, with Wuxi Aluminium. business was reshaped into an industry turing footprint, process improvement number two in high voltage products, and Seven other joint ventures leader. The goal was to capitalize on the (project selection, project controls, etc.) number three worldwide in medium volt- or strategic partnerships energy markets’ tremendous growth and procurement performance. At the age products. Sales revenue grew from will follow. 2008 as power grids expanded, the need for same time, the group continued to make 3.18 billion euros in 2004 to 5.47 billion when the group was awarded a contract electricity and to offer reliable, efficient interconnections rose, renewable ener- targeted acquisitions to strengthen its euros in 2009. Operating income came to in Brazil valued at 400 million dollars for and environmentally friendly solutions that gies emerged, and the need to revamp position in certain markets, particularly in 561 million euros in 2009, compared with the longest high voltage direct current are helping to improve grid stability and AREVA T&D secures or replace aging equipment became the high voltage and automation systems a loss of 103 million euros in the year the power line in the world. In that same bringing electricity to everyone. When the a strong position apparent. The T&D business added segments, and in certain regions, includ- T&D division became part of AREVA. month, T&D was awarded a 200 million Supervisory Board of AREVA decided to on the emerging transmission and distribution to the ing China, India and South America. Today, with more than 30,000 custom- euro contract in the United Arab Emirates sell the business on June 30, 2009, it smart grid market. group’s solutions for carbon-free power This policy led to the construction of ers in 160 countries, the T&D division’s for 11 gas-insulated substations. brought to an end nearly six years of a 2009 generation, enabling AREVA to expand several new plants in China, in partner- expertise is universally recognized. This AREVA’s T&D business is now able to fantastic human and industrial adventure its offer and conquer new horizons. ship with leading Chinese companies. was underscored in December 2009 support growth in global demand for with AREVA. — In the same month, AREVA T&D signs the largest contract in its KEY STEPS IN THE PROCESS history in the United Arab Emirates and wins JUNE 30, 2009 SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 NOVEMBER 30, 2009 JANUARY 20, 2010 the project in Brazil for SALE The AREVA Supervisory Board asks AREVA shortlists three potential buyers: The bids received represent four times the acquisition AREVA signs an agreement for the longest high voltage OF the Executive Board to put AREVA’s Alstom/Schneider, General Electric and price paid for the business six years earlier. The Supervisory the sale of the Transmisstion direct current (HVDC) T&D Transmission & Distribution business (T&D) up for sale. Toshiba. The group aims to select the buyer based on price as well as on its Board decides to enter into exclusive negotiations with the consortium composed of Alstom and Schneider, & Distribution business to Alstom and Schneider Electric. The group transmission line in industrial and labor plan. which offers 2.29 billion euros in equity value, or 4.09 billion finalizes the sale on June 7. the world. euros in enterprise value. The consortium’s proposal includes economic and social commitments.12 AREVA / Responsible growth report 13
  13. 13. 2009 financial highlights – Nuclear and Renewables – not including T&D __ THE GROUP AND ITS STRATEGY €8.529 bn 8.5 +1.8% BACKLOG RISES TO €43.302 bn The backlog rose to 43.302 billion euros at December 31, 2009, up 1.8% from year-end 2008.+€240 M OPERATING INCOME STEADY OF €97 M REVENUE GROWTH: + 5.4% Revenue from the Nuclear and Renewable Energies businesses rose to 8.529 billion euros, Operating income was up 240 million euros from 2008. Excluding the provision of 550 million euros for 5.4% growth on a reported basis and 4.6% growth like-for-like*. for the OL3 contract in Finland recognized in the first half of 2009, operating income rose * At constant consolidation scope, accounting methods and exchange rates. to 647 million euros, for an operating margin of 7.6%, essentially unchanged from the previous year. REVENUE CONSOLIDATED BY DIVISION €15.59 PER SHARE NET INCOME OF €552 M Net income attributable to equity holders of the parent totaled 552 million euros at December 31, 2009, 41% 40% 19% compared with 589 million euros at December 31, 2008. DIVIDEND OF €7.06 FRONT END REACTORS & SERVICES BACK END (including Renewable Energies) Approved by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of April 29, 2010. WORKFORCE BY REGION TOTAL R&D EMPLOYEES CHANGES SPENDING IN WORK FORCE €816 M 47,817 47,817 45,448 63% 9.6% of revenue 17% + 5% 13% 6% 1% NORTH AND EUROPE FRANCE AFRICA AND ASIA – PACIFIC 2008 2009 SOUTH AMERICA (outside France) MIDDLE EAST 14 AREVA / Responsible growth report 15
  14. 14. 2009 financial highlights – Nuclear and Renewables – not including T&D __ THE GROUP AND ITS STRATEGYGREENHOUSE GASES (GHG) REDUCING THE ENVIRONMENTAL I n 2009, the AREVA group’s direct emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) at constant activity not including T&D (raw data) to produce steam with electric furnaces rather than fuel oil fur- naces. N2O emissions were up 24% at the Malvesi site com- FOOTPRINT PAPER were down 48% compared with 2005. Most of these emissions pared with 2008 as operations ramped up according to plan. at constant revenue – 44% relate to CO2 from fossil fuels (64%) and to nitrous oxide (N2O) An installation on the precipitation facility’s ventilation system to 100 basis points in 2004 (36%). The La Hague site saw its GHG emissions drop 24% in decompose N2O into oxygen and nitrogen is expected to erad- Achieved in 2006 2009, while energy use increased by 2.9%. The plant decided icate these emissions in 2010. Achieved in 2009 CONVENTIONAL WASTE (3) (1) Excluding Eurodif. GHG – 46% (2) Excluding Eurodif cooling systems. (3) Non-recycled conventional waste. – 59% DIRECT EMISSIONS OF GREENHOUSE GASES (GHG) in kt CO2 eq. AREVA IS CARBON NEUTRAL –48% • CONTINUOUS DECREASE IN DIRECT CO2 EMISSIONS. 1,074 904 • EMISSIONS OFFSET BY CARBON CREDITS 756 PURCHASED TO FINANCE ECO-ACT ENVIRONMENTAL AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS IN INDIA, 527 557 BRAZIL AND CHINA. WATER(2) ENERGY(1) – 41% –16% • FIRST CONTRIBUTION OF AREVA’S BIOENERGY ACTIVITIES TO THE CARBON CREDIT SUPPLY. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Offset emissions A REVA has already reached its 2010 targets for an accident frequency rate (FR) of less than 3 and an accident severity rate (SR) of less than 0.15: the FR was 2.21 in 2009 and the – meetings to share experience with the group’s major custom- ers concerning safety management at the large construction sites.RADIATION PROTECTION SR was 0.09. Despite this improvement, the group is sad to report the deaths of Safety is central to the group’s businesses and is one of the criteria used in selecting the group’s subcontractors. A total of 83% of the group’s employees and 93% of the sub- employee or subcontractor, received more than the annual limit seven employees and subcontractors in 2009. To achieve its goal AREVA strengthened its subcontractor selection process at the contractor personnel at AREVA sites received individual doses of 20 mSv. The maximum individual dose measured over a of zero accidents, the group continued to provide tools and take beginning of 2009 by implementing a directive on subcontractor of less than 2 millisieverts (mSv) over a period of twelve con- period of twelve consecutive months was 16.01 mSv per AREVA measures in support of personnel, including: occupational safety management. secutive months. For purposes of comparison, the average group employee and 15.99 mSv per subcontractor employee. – continued training of safety engineers and managers; The Human and Organizational Factors initiative was deployed annual exposure to naturally occurring radiation in France is Employees in the Mining, Nuclear Services and Clean-up busi- – missions to group entities to support them in their performance in the group’s entities. This is one more tool for sustainable around 2.5 mSv. In 2009, no worker at an AREVA site, whether ness units are the most exposed. improvement plans; improvement. AVERAGE RADIATION EXPOSURE OF EMPLOYEES AND SUBCONTRACTOR PERSONNEL in mSv/year EXAMPLES OF EXPOSURE FREQUENCY RATE* FOR WORK-RELATED SEVERITY RATE* FOR WORK-RELATED TO RADIOACTIVITY FOR ACCIDENTS FOR GROUP EMPLOYEES ACCIDENTS FOR GROUP EMPLOYEES 1.22 1.19 1.22 AN INDIVIDUAL 6.60 0.21 0.20 1.04 • NATURAL AVERAGE ANNUAL EXPOSURE 5.18 0.15 AT AN ALTITUDE OF 1,500 METERS: 3.6 mSv. 4.31 0.12 3.48 3.37 0.11 0.48 0.49 0.50 • INSTANTANEOUS EXPOSURE ON A PARIS 0.09 0.39 2.21 TO NEW YORK FLIGHT: 0.06 mSv. Employees 2006 2007 2008 2009 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Subcontractors16 17 * Definitions page 87. AREVA / Responsible growth report