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2010.05 everything you need to know about social media   russia - raport agencji onboard pr
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2010.05 everything you need to know about social media russia - raport agencji onboard pr


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  • 1. Everything you need to know about social media but were afraid to ask / Russia
  • 2. Contents Chapter 1: About Publicity PR & ECCO 4 Chapter 2: Country Research 6 Chapter 3: Different Social Media Types 8 Chapter 4: Case Study Examples 10 Chapter 5: Online Social Media Tools, Tricks and Listening to the Online 13 Conversation Chapter 6: Popular Blog Tools and Blog Posts 16 Chapter 7: Other Useful Social Media Tools 18 2
  • 3. Chapter 1 About Publicity PR & ECCO
  • 4. About Publicity PR and ECCO Publicity PR have been the exclusive member for ECCO in Russia since 2008. Publicity PR 00 7 (495) 775 1550 ECCO +44 (0)20 7592 3102 4
  • 5. Chapter 2 Country Research
  • 6. Country Research Recent years saw substantial development of the social media in Russia. The process of gaining popularity was very rapid. First Russian social media were launched around 4 years ago. They were started by Russian entrepreneurs as start-up projects. Even despite huge number of visitors they enjoy now they are still are. There is a rumor that none of them break even so far. Some of them started to charge a registration fee from new users, but to no avail. Most popular of them are Vkontakte, MoiMir and Odnoklassniki. When they were started the internationally-known Facebook and Classmates did not have Russian versions. So these two Russian social media were made very similar to their international rivals. Almost all other domestic social media are Russian adaptations of foreign media. Later on the owners and management of international and foreign social media seeing that they loose a lot started Russian versions as well. But it was too late. So Facebook and other international media are not very popular in Russia and the situation is not likely to change. Some experts believe that the international media will buy Russian media to get the good market share. Today there is a kind of after-party for the social media in Russia. They were extremely popular in 2008, than people got accustomed to them and some – even fed up with. Many fishy activities and schemes in the most popular social media make people to start more exclusive, club style media, like, for example, Below top-20 of the Russian social media. The figures shows the ratio of global Alexa Traffic Rank ( to traffic rating of the site in Russia. Percentage shows a share of members from the territory of Russian Federation among the members of the particular media. . 01. Vkontakte,, 30/2; 78.8% It is 30th most popular social media in the world and 2nd most popular social media in Russia. 78.8% members of the media live in Russia. 02. Moi mir,, 31/3; 72.0% 03. Odnoklassniki,, 86/5; 67,5% 04. Youtube,, 4/4; 1.7% 05. Wikipedia,, 6/6; 3.4% 06. LiveJournal,, 78/10; 34.4% 07. Blogger,, 7/8; 1.2% 08. Facebook,, 2/3; less 0.4% 09. Party Poker,, 137/36; 14.2% 10. Ru Tube,, 944/40; 68.6% 11. Dairy,, 1160/41; 82.1% 12. Mamba,, 1421/63; 64.5% 13. Love Planet,, 1678/65; 79.4% 14. Travian,, 1505/69; 70.9% 15. Beon,, 1942/69; 77.6% 16. Twitter,, 13/13; 0.9% 17. Flickr,, 32/21; 1.3% 18. Mir Tesen,, 2015/90; 69.7% 19. MySpace,, 11/5; 0.8% 20. Moi Krug,, 2636/93; 82.0% 6
  • 7. Top 20 present social networks of the general character where people find friends, schoolmates, create diaries, blogs and thematic social networks, video sharing, playgrounds. Source / Russia’s place in the global Internet. According to comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, Russia to have the world’s most engaged social networking audience, with visitors spending 6.6 hours and viewing 1,307 pages per visitor per month. Of the 1.1 billion people age 15 and older worldwide who accessed the Internet from a home or work location in May 2009, 734.2 million visited at least one social networking site during the month, representing a penetration of 65 percent of the worldwide Internet audience. The Russian social networking audience had the highest engagement among the 40 individual countries reported by comScore, with an average of 6.6 hours and 1,307 pages consumed per visitor. Brazil ranked close behind at 6.3 hours, followed by Canada (5.6 hours), Puerto Rico (5.3 hours) and Spain (5.3 hours). “Social networking has become a popular online pastime not only in mature Internet markets like North America, but also in developing, high-growth Internet markets such as Russia,” said Mike Read, SVP & managing director, comScore Europe. “In a country as geographically large as Russia, social networking represents a way of connecting people from one corner of the country to the other. The highly engaged behavior of social networkers in Russia offers significant opportunity for marketers and advertisers seeking to reach these audiences.” Top 20 Highest Engagement Social Networking Country Audiences* Ranked by Average Hours per Visitor* (May 2009) Total Worldwide, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations Source: comScore World Metrix Country Average Hours per Visitor Average Pages per Visitor World-Wide 3.7 525 Russia 6.6 1,307 Brazil 6.3 1,220 Canada 5.6 649 Puerto Rico 5.3 587 Spain 5.3 968 Finland 4.7 919 United Kingdom 4.6 487 Germany 4.5 793 United States 4.2 477 Colombia 4.1 473 Mexico 4.0 488 Chile 4.0 418 Ireland 3.8 462 Turkey 3.7 427 Venezuela 3.7 454 France 3.6 526 Australia 3.4 374 New Zealand 3.4 386 Switzerland 3.2 430 Italy 3.2 39 7
  • 8. * Out of the 38 individual countries currently reported on by comScore around the world. ** Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs. is Russia’s Largest Social Networking Site Of the 31.9 million people who accessed the Internet in Russia in April, 18.9 million visited at least one social networking site, representing a reach of 59 percent of the total online population. The most popular of these sites was Russian-based with 14.3 million visitors, followed by (7.8 million visitors), – My World (6.3 million visitors) and (1.6 million visitors). attracted 616,000 Russian visitors, up 277 percent versus year ago. A Selection of Leading Social Networking Sites Ranked by Total Unique Visitors (000)* (May 2009) Total Russia, Age 15+ Home & Work Locations Source: comScore World Metrix Property Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach of Total Online Population Total Russian Internet Audience 31,907 100% Social Networking 18,877 59% 14,310 45% 7,750 24% Mail.Ru – My World 6,321 20% 1,624 5% 942 3% 839 3% 616 2% 433 1% MySpace Sites 371 1% 214 1% * Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs. Some facts about Internet audience in Russia: > The biggest quantity of Russians with more of two active accounts in the social networks lives in Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Moscow. > There are around 20.5 million Internet users in Russia, that use it on every day basis. > More than 63% of the Internet users watch videos in youtube, rutube and vkontakte etc. > Also it is possible to understand the social status of the user of a network by its accounts (many brands, choosing the audience, create a psychological portrait of the potential customer. For example, in a social portrait of the consumer of Johnny Walker Red Label, it is underlined that it is man, from 22 till 26 years, with the confident vital item, having profile on FaceBook. 8
  • 9. Chapter 3 Different social media types
  • 10. Different social media types / Social Media > > > > Moi Mir > Mir > > > > Love / Blogs > LifeJournal > LifeInternet > Blogspot / Video Networks > Rutube > Youtube > V kontakte / Exchange information > > > Wikipedia / Chats > ICQ > Skype > Facebook > Odnoklassniki > Chat / Professional social networks > B2B Blog > FASHN.ME > > Linkedin 10
  • 11. / Thematic social networks > PartyPoker > PokerStar > 11
  • 12. Chapter 4 Case study examples
  • 13. Case study examples A good example of personal approach shows us This is a social network of Russians that enjoy travelling to different exotic destinations – from Tahiti to North Korea – on their own, without assistance of travel agencies and other related services except that of Expedia and Travelocity. So contrary to the expectations to use this media to promote travel services is a bit pointless. But taking in considerations high income and level of education of the members, their occupations and other elements of social status, it proved to be very effective to promote luxury SUVs, law and dental services, private banking, etc. At first it started on personal level. Most of the members are owners of businesses and top-managers and their family members. So one of them asked who may sell him a brand-new Mercedes with good discount. Another member did it and the discount was very good, but confidential. Later it evolved in a club, that gives you exclusive opportunities and discounts. 13
  • 14. Chapter 5 Online social media tools, tricks and listening to the online conversation
  • 15. Online social media tools, tricks and listening to the online conversation Social media can demonstrate what is being said about your brand, you should also track what is being said about key competitors and topics specific to your business. The basic resources for monitoring situation: > HowSociable? > Integrum > > Google Alerts > Yahoo Alerts 15
  • 16. Chapter 6 Popular Blog Tools and Blog Posts
  • 17. Popular Blog Tools and Blog Posts General blogs resource in Russia is Live Journal ( Blogs searchers: > Yandex > Rambler > Technorati > Google Blog Search > IceRocket > Blogdigger > Sphere > Linkloo > Wikio > menéame > > > gennio > BlogPulse > Bloguzz 17
  • 18. Chapter 7 Other useful social media tools
  • 19. Other useful social media tools – mail service with additional features (photo gallery, agent – chat, share documents, and its own social network MIR TESEN, which is the number 3 in Russia) e with also network tools. (with new option LIVE LINE) 19
  • 20. Copyright © Publicity PR 2010 Design by