2010.04 everything you need to know about social media czech republic - raport agencji onboard pr


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2010.04 everything you need to know about social media czech republic - raport agencji onboard pr

  1. 1. Everything you need to know about social media but were afraid to ask / Czech Republic
  2. 2. Contents Chapter 1: About Czech PR & ECCO 3 Chapter 2: Country Research 5 Chapter 3: Different Social Media Types 7 Chapter 4: Case Study Examples 9 Chapter 5: Online Social Media Tools, Tricks and Listening to the Online 11 Conversation Chapter 6: Popular Blog Tools and Blog Posts 14 Chapter 7: Other Useful Social Media Tools 16 www.czechpr.cz 2
  3. 3. Chapter 1 About Czech PR & ECCO
  4. 4. About Czech PR and ECCO The company Czech P.R. was founded in 1995 as the Czech agency focused on public relations services. The agency has been focused on the area of corporate PR, specializing in companies from industry, commerce, banking, finance and the service sector. The agency has been a member of the ECCO network since 2005. Czech P.R. work offers an individualized and customized communications strategy, which effectively combines our capabilities with the needs of our clients. This is the true key Czech PR to a successful agency-client partnership. From our perspective, communication is a 420 224 210 206 completely individualized product, which varies on a case-by-case and also client-by-client www.czechpr.cz basis. PR programmes are agreed and discussed thoroughly in close cooperation with clients with view to a long-term business relationship between the client and the agency. The agency has been involved in the following corporate sectors: finance – telecommunications – industrial manufacturing sector (engineering, power supply, mining, electrical engineering, chemical industry, beverages industry) FMCG sector – pharmaceutical sector – education – information technologies. ECCO +44 (0)20 7592 3102 www.ecco-network.com www.czechpr.cz 4
  5. 5. Chapter 2 Country Research
  6. 6. Country Research According to the latest SEKV (Structural Exclusive Continual Research) research carried out by SPIR (Association of for Internet Advertising, Czech Republic), Czechs are spending 609 minutes weekly (i.e. 87 minutes daily) on average on the Internet. Users aged between 25-44 are spending less time on the Internet than before, by contrast the age group 45-54 is spending on average 66 minutes more and groups of 55 years old and over 51 minutes more. There is a growing tendency to use internet just for entertainment, 37% of users are using internet just for entertainment. / Facebook Czech internet is visited by 6,829,580 users monthly (NetMonitor 09/09), statistics state that Facebook is used by 1,718,180 users living in the Czech Republic”, elsewhere we can find number of 700,000 users. The age group 15-24 is the mostly represented among the Facebook users. 51% are men and 46% are women. 92.1% speak Czech, 5.5% English, 0.7% Slovak, then German, French and Russian. The largest Facebook Czech site has 181,148 fans. The largest Czech Facebook group has 140,998 fans. The most used Czech application has 227,608 users. The first report analyzing the demographic structure and habits of Czech Facebook users prepared by Buzzboot Corp will be published in February. / Twitter There are no exact numbers of Czechs using Twitter, it is estimated that there are between four and twelve thousand users. www.czechpr.cz 6
  7. 7. Chapter 3 Different social media types
  8. 8. Different social media types Czech Social Networks Lide.cz traditional social network – 1,917,621 monthly users (Net Monitor) Spoluzaci.cz network connecting classmates – 207,000 daily users Libimseti.cz dating network – 150,000 daily Wikipedia www.cs.wikipedia.org 140 000 articles were published in Czech language in October 2009 Podcasts Podcasts are not used very often in the Czech Republic. Only four radio stations, including the national Czech Radio, use podcasts. The Certificate European Podcast Award in the category NATIONAL WINNER was in 2008/2009 was given to www.hrej.cz/podcasty which is the gaming server of Level a magazine focused on PC games. Social bookmarking www.jagg.cz www.linkuj.cz www.cjn.cz Virtual worlds Czech Radio joined in 2007 The Second Life project (www.secondlife.cz). YouTube Number of Czech users is not known. www.czechpr.cz 8
  9. 9. Chapter 4 Case study examples
  10. 10. Case study examples Twitter in the company communication – case study of Czech division of Vodafone www.slideshare.net/betkaweinfurt/twitter-ve-firemn-komunikaci-091118 Use of a company blog is never ending story for mBank. http://vimeo.com/7798849 Facebook, Twitter, blog – good servant or a bad master by ACTIVE 24, Pan-European web hosting provider. www.hosting.cz/2009/12/video-facebook-twitter-blog-dobry-sluha-nebo-spatny-pan/ Typical Czech beverage brands have the top places in the Facebook groups. First two-non alcoholic Cola drink Kofola has 167,037 friends. For the brand Kofola and 97,942 friends signed for the group Kofola from the tap. Third most popular group is the traditional Czech beer Pilsner Urquell with 46,418 friends. www.czechpr.cz 10
  11. 11. Chapter 5 Online social media tools, tricks and listening to the online conversation
  12. 12. Online social media tools, tricks and listening to the online conversation We didn’t discover any special Czech version of standard global tools. Google offers a standard portfolio of its services in the Czech Rep., some if them in the Czech language. www.czechpr.cz 12
  13. 13. Chapter 6 Popular blog tools and blog posts
  14. 14. Popular blog tools and blog posts Czech Blogs There are a few really influential blog servers on the Czech Internet where the real opinion makers contribute. The first one is part of the web site of leading Czech business daily Hospodarske Noviny (http://blog.ihned.cz). There also exists a special section for company blogging. For example the mobile phones operators, CEZ (the Czech dominant electricity producer) and IT companies belong to active bloggers. The second most influential blog server is Aktualne.cz (http://aktualne.centrum.cz/blogy- a-nazory) – there are also many influential bloggers including many politicians, such as the Czech president Václav Klaus as well as many respected economists & specialists. Another interesting blog area is also on the web of Respekt weekly (http://blog.respekt. cz), this blog is focused on culture, politics and on global culture. The precursor of today’s Czech blogs was “the internet daily” www.neviditelnypes.cz established by popular Czech Journalist Ondrej Neff in 1996. On the Czech Internet, there also exist many blogs for individual users – www.blogujte. cz; www.blogger.com www.czechpr.cz 14
  15. 15. Chapter 7 Other useful social media tools
  16. 16. Other useful social media tools One Interesting blog area is also on the web of Respekt weekly (http://blog.respekt.cz), the blog is focused on culture, politics and on global culture. www.czechpr.cz 16
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